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I am looking for a LTR 1950s relationship with woman.

One who, while aged by time on the outside, is still young a heart and can giggle and laugh as easily as she did when she was a young girl.

She should have a love of life, of learning, and for exploring.
She should want to try everything once and go everywhere possible to see what is there, rather than be content to sit in a chair and read about it.

She should be level-headed, and mature in her demeanor and attitude towards others.
She should wear fools well, as there are many of them in life and so cannot be avoided.

She should take herself seriously, but not take herself so seriously that she cannot laugh at herself. Self-deprecating humor will usually win over every audience, defuse tense situations, and keep ones ego in check.

Marriage is not out of the question, but it is not a current question and is for significantly later in the relationship.

I want to find someone to live the rest of my life with. To learn with, to grow with, and to experience life with.

Interests in bondage, orgasim denial, flogging, cock worship and Breast play.
No blood, needles, or brusing, nothing so serous, I'm not a Sadist.

In every relationship each person must grow and lean with the other. I am open to other experiances to enjoy with you. I seek to have a full life, and to fulfill yours.