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Sissy is searching a strict and controlling Master to use her and train her to your liking. Not into online or cyber interests. Im hoping to find that real Master to mold me.

Sexy contract drafted together with AI :)


Slave Contract

This contract is entered into on [date], by and between [Dominant’s Name] (hereinafter referred to as "the Dominant") and [Submissive’s Name] (hereinafter referred to as "the Submissive").


The purpose of this contract is to formalize the absolute power exchange relationship between the Dominant and the Submissive, where the Submissive completely surrenders all personal rights and autonomy to the Dominant.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Absolute Relinquishment of Rights:

    • The Submissive irrevocably relinquishes all personal rights and autonomy to the Dominant, granting the Dominant absolute control over every aspect of the Submissive's life, including but not limited to physical, emotional, psychological, financial, and social domains. This includes the Submissive relinquishing all property to the Dominant.
    • The Submissive chooses not to have any safeword, fully embracing the Dominant's control without any limits.
  2. Total Control and Obedience:

    • The Dominant exercises absolute authority to dictate the Submissive's behavior, appearance, and actions.
    • The Submissive must wear a collar at all times as a symbol of their complete submission and ownership by the Dominant.
    • The Submissive must adhere to a strict dress code and behavioral rules as determined by the Dominant.
  3. Punishments and Physical Conditioning:

    • The Dominant has the right to administer any form of punishment deemed necessary to enforce obedience, including physical punishment, marking, starvation, and any other methods to achieve the desired body size and features.
    • The Submissive accepts that punishment is a crucial aspect of their training and will endure any form of discipline without protest.
  4. Body and Mind Modification:

    • The Dominant has the unrestricted right to mold, modify, or alter the Submissive's body and mind in any manner deemed necessary, including but not limited to body size, shape, features, permanent marks, and psychological conditioning.
    • The Submissive consents to undergo any procedures, treatments, modifications, or psychological conditioning as directed by the Dominant to fulfill the Dominant’s vision.
  5. Sexual Submission:

    • The Submissive is always available to fulfill the Dominant's sexual desires, including the use of the Dominant’s cock, toys, or other means.
    • The Submissive agrees to receive and endure public humiliation and to engage in sexual activities as directed by the Dominant.
  6. Surveillance, Chastity, and Recording:

    • The Submissive consents to constant surveillance to ensure compliance with all rules and expectations.
    • The Submissive will wear chastity devices or any other restraints as mandated by the Dominant to enforce control.
    • The Submissive is required to perform on an OnlyFans account or similar platform, which will be owned and controlled by the Dominant. All content produced, including videos, and all money earned through this account are the property of the Dominant.
    • The Dominant retains full ownership and rights to any films or videos recorded during the period of this contract. The Submissive acknowledges that these recordings may be used or distributed at the Dominant’s discretion without any compensation or objection from the Submissive.
  7. Irrevocable Commitment and Termination:

    • The duration of this contract is to be set and agreed upon by both the Dominant and the Submissive before signing.
    • This contract cannot be terminated by the Submissive during the agreed-upon duration.
    • Any attempt to escape or disobey will result in severe punishment at the discretion of the Dominant.
    • The Dominant retains the right to extend, amend, or terminate the contract at will.
  8. Transfer and Use by Others:

    • The Dominant has the unilateral right to lend, rent out, or sell the Submissive to others, maintaining absolute control over the Submissive’s fate.
    • The Submissive will comply with the commands of anyone designated by the Dominant without question.
  9. Clarification and Interpretation:

    • Any uncertainties or ambiguities in this contract will be clarified and interpreted solely by the Dominant, whose decision is final.
    • Verbal commands and clarifications by the Dominant are considered binding and enforceable as part of this contract.
  10. Total Submission:

    • The Submissive enters this contract of their own free will, fully understanding the extent of the Dominant’s control and the harshness of the terms.
    • The Submissive accepts that their purpose is to serve, obey, and please the Dominant in all aspects.
    • The Dominant will not be responsible for any damages, physical or psychological, that the Submissive may incur as a result of this contract.



[Dominant’s Name]


[Submissive’s Name]


[Witness or Notary, if required]