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Hogg now comes in pandemic sizes.
Age 60 Height 62 Weight 220. Submissive caucasian male in search of Sir to submit to. Looking for Sirs within a 150 mile radius of zip code 28379 that are interested in meeting for real time sessions

Sadly the following gift card scam is the most action I ever see after joining these types of websites for the past decade 

I'm happy to know how serious you are to explore this fetish life style. I shall be taking you stage by stage to make sure you understand all about what I'm requesting from you and what you need to know about my lifestyle. Reading your response let me understand more that you are not a novice but you still require some training in this lifestyle.

I will be more than happy to train and transform you to the best of your ability to serve dominant. I shall be discussing with you list of my kinks, rules and regulations which are mandatory whenever you meet any dominant.
Before that,i have listed below questions i will want to know about you and it is as follow :
1) What do you do for a living ? Do you think your work can prevent you in anyway to explore your fetish side.
2) Have you any fetish or kink you have always wanted to explore before now .. i like you to share with me if there is any ?
3) Do you think you are ready to explore this lifestyle with me on a serious level of commitments, and if you pass your 3 task are you ready to be my collared slave?
4) How old are you presently ?
5) Do you think you can ever get so deep with fetish activities?
6) How can you describe your personality ?
7) What could be your hard limitations ?
8) When you write me a message try to be more polite to include your initial below your message,that shows some respect.
9) Include your picture ?
10) Were do you live presently ?
11)Hope buying the fetish materials for your training session will not be a problem for you ?
12) Once you are ready to serve and train under my command as your dominant master, you should be ready to deactivate your profile from " website " .. Agree or disagree?
I hope to read from you soon.