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Im divorced, no baggage, ddf, light social drinker, non smoker, youthful and lighthearted. If you can make me laugh you may go to the head of the line. If youre a sp a n ker you will definitely bypass some of the interview process. Im a sapiosexual and demisexual. Not looking for a hook up but not looking for serious either, at this time.

Im interested in finding someone LOCAL who is smart, funny, articulate, intelligent, a good communicator who is an experienced Dom or, at the very least, sexually dominant and likes kink. I enjoy someone who is confident (not cocky), competent, successful, perceptive, kind and gentle when the time arises but strong and in control other times and knows when to be which. You are unmarried, unattached, honest, youthful, trustworthy, light social drinker, non smoker and would only use a maga hat to wipe your ass.
6/24/2023 7:03:29 PM

Birthday coming up soon. Never got the bday spanking I yearned for last year. Perhaps this year???? {#emotions_dlg.spanking}Currently accepting applications. Lol{#emotions_dlg.kiss}

2/9/2023 4:06:15 PM

Funny how things always seem to unfold just the way they're supposed to. My sage words for the night.. 

1/28/2023 8:26:31 PM

The thing I love most about CS is that I've had many meaningful conversations with long distance men here.  It frees me to tell them exactly how I feel with no judgment because they understand. And I know there is very little chance we'll ever meet. It's nice to make authentic connections. I've learned so much and made friends I can turn to with questions or dilemmas. I know CS has it's moments but I enjoy the comraderie. Stop by and chat. I can always use the companionship. 

12/29/2022 7:31:50 PM

Santa never did stop by long enough to give me a good spanking. 😢😢😢

Perhaps he'll make it up to me on New Year's Day???? 


12/27/2022 10:00:04 AM

I've decided we're all here to feel like we matter. 

12/25/2022 5:17:27 AM

Freezing my nuts off here in Ga. Ooops I mean titties!!!!{#emotions_dlg.tongue_out}. 1° with the wind chill factor. 🥶

12/17/2022 7:13:19 PM

I've been a fairly good girl this year. Maybe Santa will bring me a Christmas spanking. Or a bad girl spanking... whichever he thinks I deserve{#emotions_dlg.cheerleader}

12/7/2022 1:23:11 PM

So glad Ga didn't elect that moron!!!

9/11/2022 11:38:25 AM

WOW!!!! Just WOW!!!! Made  a small change on my profile and it was approved immediately!  My mind is blown!!! 


7/23/2022 8:34:01 AM

Finally going to get a belated birthday spanking.  Happy, excited and nervous...{#emotions_dlg.jumping}{#emotions_dlg.spanking}{#emotions_dlg.mrpuffy}{#emotions_dlg.cheerleader}{#emotions_dlg.kiss}

7/6/2022 10:50:02 AM

My birthday is tomorrow.  Wish I could get a birthday spanking!!!!{#emotions_dlg.spanking}

7/1/2022 6:53:53 PM

Either the men here are not reading profiles but I've been very specific about not wanting to interact with married or attached Doms.  It's not a moral issue so you can keep your thought to yourself. I put that there for a reason. Please don't waste either of our time.  

2/2/2022 5:54:23 PM

Need a major attitude adjustment very badly. 

 Age: 33
 Los angeles, California