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I seek one genuine woman! Hello, Im a SWM, here for the fun, companionship, possible LTR, FLR, FLF (friendship) or more with a special Lady. A regular person with a bit of a hidden naughty side, comfortably settled here in my anonymity. But, I would reveal all to the right woman. I'm switchable, prefer to sub but we all get into certain moods from time to time.

Perhaps, if you are local, we can explore friendship or a relationship outside the confines of BDSM, though I have many kinks and interests there. As a well rounded person, I have many other interests including camping, exploring the outdoors, road trips, books, get togethers, dining etc. A FLR is a possibility. We would have to explore and define what exactly it means for us.

I am looking for female play partners, online, phone play or ideally just one woman for a special relationship.
I can give more details to anyone that wants to know.
If you are interested, Id like to hear from you and begin a dialogue.

Would any Ladies (biological females) be interested in chatting once in a while? Just exchange some messages from time to time, or more if we feel it.  It gets boring coming out here and seeing the same people but having no interactions with any of them.

I think 24/7 is asking a lot of someone. I personally, would get bored doing the same thing all the time. Maybe 1 or 2/7? lol.

But if I met the right Lady, a relationship would be conceivable. Just realize, that I need my free space and time.

I guess this is the type of thing you discuss as you go on together.

At this point, I think I'm just looking for casual relationships / friendships. That can change as the situation warrants. Being a  Domme, Femdom is not required but certainly intriguing if you are. Location doesn't matter either unless something 'in-person' is in the mix.

Most any store you go into now asks you to take a survey when you leave so they know how they can improve. A lot of websites, social media groups, blogs etc, will belittle someone leaving who dares to give feedback about just why.

"It's not an airport, you don't have to announce your departure".

Those kinds of snarky remarks and the childish attitudes of the users,  are often the main reason someone will decide to cease participating in any particular group. Apparently, those managing these sites don't really care why people stop coming back.

I myself don't announce my leaving or the reasons for it, I just go. Sometimes I'll check back in a year or two to see if that bunch of people still exists online and often it is gratifying to see that my judgment was correct and the group is dead or almost so.

Now, I'm not planning on leaving CS, but I would like to give some feedback if the owners ever read these journal entries.

This site is nearly stagnant and I think the long wait to approve a new profile or change an existing one has a lot to do with it. It's a huge turn-off and block to new members, many of whom will leave if they're not able to participate quickly and will probably forget they even created a profile here after a couple of weeks.

So, it's the same people here every time. Nothing against any of them, but if they weren't interested in me the last 25 times I was online, I don't think they are gonna leap to to get to know me anytime soon.

We need new blood here to keep things moving or CS risks becoming another uninteresting, moribund website.

Okay, it took a long time for me to get there but it's been said. Back to surfing.



Wow, saw a new user on here, the first in a long time.....but nope, wrong, it's a very old profile not updated in 9 years.
Perhaps the person was simply checking in, maybe they are a regular but haven't actually made a change to their profile or posted on their journal since 2015, lol.
That would include their pictures then. lol.

For whatever reason, some people separate sex and BDSM. If they are operating professionally, I can understand they wouldn't want to be considered prostitutes. I for one am not interested in meeting them.
Amateurs, don't have that problem. In fact, for many of us, the two are intimately intertwined. BDSM without the reward at some point can be pointless. Some aspect of BDSM IS our sex life or a big part of it.
If you disagree - and some will and will try to put me down for it - you just be you and let me, be me.

Thank you. 

I'm open to exciting conversations with singles and couples.
Say hi.

I'm not seeking the professional Dominatrix or the self-appointed Domme. I'd rather have the enthusiastic amateur looking for her person, with complementary interests, measuring happiness not by material things but with time spent together.

Now this might seem contradictory, given I like assertive women but I'm not looking to be bossed around all the time, dislike being bitched at, and would rather not deal with any woman who is constantly in a foul mood and needs to take it out on someone else. Sure, once in a while, for fun is acceptable but calm, even-tempered, and balanced is the personality type I seek. Add in loving and supportive; something too many 18-year-old pro-doms seem not to understand. And I'll keep money out of it as well, thank you.

I am more than willing to exchange messages, chat or hold phone conversations with Ladies on here even if we aren't interested in or in a position to meet in R/T. 

Do they make flavored ball gags?
I haven't had an opportunity to find out.

I'm open to More than my profile says but it takes forever to change a bio here so let this journal entry be official notification of that fact. 

This site seems to have become the website of nothing happening. No one wants to chat, no one wants to interact at all. 
I understand if you aren't interested in meeting a person or maybe they are too far away, but since you are here, why not chat a bit, exchange a message or two? You might make a friend.

There is a perfectly good messenger service here, but I don't mind using gmail either...

The Women here are inundated with unwanted messages. For that reason, I won't initiate contact.

If you would like to know about me, see if we have kinks in common, you'll have to start the ball rolling yourself. It really isn't that difficult.

You won't be one amongst dozens of other messages I receive, I promise you.

worshipru123 -Michigan

To be honest, I kinda thought sites like this would have seen a surge of new members and activity with everybody being confined (during covid) and all. But, it seems things went the opposite way. By and large the 'adult' sites went dead. Now though, things are once more picking up.

worshipru123 -Michigan

To be clear, I am a male seeking females.

I've noticed a few men looking at my profile and once in a while they send me a message.

No offense, but I'm not interested.

I remember this site from the Collarme days. It lost a lot in the transition to here and the last couple of years it has proven to be a clunky, slow, difficult platform to use. But I see improvements and if they can get more kinksters onboard it could really be something.

Merry Christmas. Alone this year? Me too, say hi. We can chat if you want. :)

The same people are on here every time and I include myself. I don't have any problems with that but I have pretty much interacted already with anybody of possible mutual interest here. We need new blood, ha ha.
Time for a recruiting campaign.  

I have found reading other people's journal entries interesting. Often times they are furthering their profile by asking for someone local to contact them.                                                   This has given me the idea that LADIES from anywhere should feel free to message me here for general conversations, erotic chat, phone talk or future considerations.

I get the fact that if you don't ask for it, it is harder to find. But some people are so particular about the it they seek, that they don't give others with similar but not the same exact specifications, an opportunity. 
On this site, we aren't given a lot of choices as to the role we put on our profiles. Using myself as an example, I have changed my orientation from dom to sub to switch hoping to find a woman I am compatible with because I feel the person, not the role is more important. If we get along otherwise, she and I can decide which role is best for US. So many filter out potential partners for really minor reasons. It must be nice having the luxury of so many people desiring you, that you can cut some of them off without further consideration.


I guess it doesn't matter, who is going to even read this?

Just because I don't have pictures here doesn't mean I don't have pictures.

My profile speaks for itself. All that aside, I wouldn't mind just finding a lady friend here to talk with once in awhile. 

I don't want to be funneled into a particular role, power exchange, kink etc.  I'm quite versatile. Whatever works for us, what we decide is 'our thing' is what I am ultimately seeking.

Same with age. In general I prefer someone older, mature but the dynamic of how we get along is what really matters in the end. Age is just a loose indicator of our progress in life with references to various experiences that we may have in common.


I was just taking a look at some of the interactions I've had with people on here. Quite a few were at the beginning of the pandemic and many of them haven't been here since then. I hope they made it okay.

There are online dictionaries and a person can easily do a google search to understand what dominant and submissive means. When someone sends me a message that makes me believe they may be a non-English speaker in a foreign country wanting to meet me or just can't read, I'm going to have fun with that.
Has anyone seen an Australian movie called 'The Book of Revelation?' It's pretty hot, most of it though I thought it sputtered out towards the end.
I was just thinking back to the 90s, and Yahoo. You could cruise the user profiles, chat with someone in the rooms, share your kinks, play various online games and even meet if you both agreed.  Yahoo sure went from something similar to facebook and down the tubes to almost nothing. Talk about self destruction.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!
Definition of irony: A picture of a woman on CS with implants belittling a man with a small package.
Please fill out the 10 page questionnaire and write a 400 word essay on Why I like the Metric System before contacting me. :) 
Toilet sex is just nasty.
If a Mistress or Dommes doesn't care about the feelings or desires of a sub/slave, why would you expect them to care about you?

Makes me think you only care about the financial aspects.
Why do people feel the need to flip us off in their pictures, are you trying to prove you're tough or something? I mean if you knew me then I would understand why you would flip me off, but we're strangers! lol
What's with all the harsh, angry Dommes anymore? How about a smile once in a while. Sure, some people get into the abusive FemDom but a lot also enjoy a playful Domme with a sense of humor. One who is not angry at the world and trying to take it out on someone. 
If you want to make me your bitch, at least you can be pleasant about it. :)
Of course I have limits, the most important one is privacy. After that many of the other limits go away.
Apparently CS is short some categories, specifically Single men pretending to be Domme lesbians and Single men pretending to be a couple
Being a sub is just a heck of a lot more fun in my opinion than being a dom. I've done both and even tried the switch thing. All strapped down, maybe a ball gag shutting me up, body stretched out in a very exposed manner. The mystery and anticipation of what happens next is exciting. Of course its play for me and not a lifestyle, which probably eliminates a lot of potential partners but on the other hand they would not likely be good matches anyhow.
Not that my opinion matters a whit or that this is an important subject but I usually just block anybody posting a pic of them flipping off the viewer.
I don't see what politics has to do with this site. Some ignorant people seems to think that only people that think like them can be here and be freaky.
When it comes to race play, clearly some people need sensitivity education.
I can't complain about other people's pictures on here since I have none of my own but landscapes, really? I guess I'll try that and see how well it works.
It is always pretty funny to see a schlubby looking fat guy with his poor quality selfies partnered up on a "couples" profile with a model-like woman. She is sporting some very professional looking photos and the home interior backgrounds don't match at all. His poses in front of a trailer bathroom mirror look nothing like the palm tree dotted pool or ocean side where she is posing. Who exactly does he think is going to want to meet him when "she doesn't like to talk on the phone"?

There are some RT unusual pairings though aren't there.
Aren't there any Dommes on here that can read a profile and follow directions? jk :)
This IS about sex for some of us. if you don't feel that way that's fine. You don't get to dictate to everyone else what it has to be for us.

This of course means NO PAY FOR PLAY! I'm looking for a play mate for a play date, not a business proposition.
If a fetish has a name or label applied to it then it probably also has a set of prescribed terms and conditions as to how it is to be done.
Don't you think that takes the fun out of it?
I love when words in red show up on the left side of my screen. A surprise waiting for me to open it. What might it be?
Does anyone know of any good, sexy chat lines? Studio 55 shut down a while back and was replaced by something ridiculous. There are others I've tried but none are really any good anymore and are infested by too many pedders and other sick fucks. 
I have to laugh when I see a profile listing the fakes on here. It would be easier to list the real ones I think.
I've noticed some people have a very narrow view on getting to know others here. I mean they want to chat now and meet in an hour and if that isn't convenient they move on and you never hear from them again. That raises my suspicions. Wouldn't you think a genuine person would want to take their time to get to know someone first? Makes me think there is scamming afoot. 
I just have to say this, ladies, you need to realize that with us older guys it sometimes takes a bit longer for things to get going. If we are with you it's because we find you attractive so don't take it personally if the plumbing doesn't get hard instantly. In fact your flipping out over it and getting all upset and making a big deal out of it is guaranteed to be a turn off and spoil the fun. Don't do it. Just get down to the kinky business at hand and things will happen as they should and you'll be glad you kept your cool.
Respect works both ways, don't you think?