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I am a Mistress/Domme currently without a full-time sub. I do have a nesting partner that is a switch/sub-leaning/vanilla/bi cis male and yes, he knows I'm seeking a sub and is VERY supportive. He is just not into BDSM as much as I am and understands this and the fact that I am poly. I may like the option of incorporating him into play, perhaps someday, but that is not my primary focus. My primary focus is a true D/s relationship with a sub who wants that too! I want a sub who understands that every relationship takes work, is a learning process and doesn't run away like a scared child when there are issues. I want an adult who is willing to have a conversation about problems, and if we decide they aren't fixable, work together to part ways. Just because I am the dominant in the relationship, that doesn't mean I don't require and value your input! This is a dance for me. Yes, I lead, but we both need to be doing the same dance! If you only know the Renegade and I'm doing the Jerk, we may have some problems. 😉 So effective communication is imperative! Trust me, if you don't know the right steps, I'll guide you...</> I would be most interested in a bi/poly sub (any gender/non binary or identity), transgender mtf or ftm, a loving, verbal, sexual middle/older little with a playful bratty side, a slutty sissy boi or gurl/cross dresser, very versatile subs with interesting kinks (cbt, chastity, impact, bondage, medical, pet, fisting etc.) or a true slave (rarer than a unicorn). The more attributes you have and the more open minded you are, the better. (If you lean a little different and feminine, chances are I will enjoy you, although a very submissive, masculine true slave would be interesting too. 😏) I like to play 100% emmersive play, within your boundaries, to create a D/s environment that includes all the senses. My voice, the room set up, the under-track music/sound, the equipment, my touch, my eyes, a whisper, caress, a slap, a tug on your leash, the scent in the room, my intoxicating perfume strategically applied so you catch my scent as I instruct you to worship me, my hand cupping your chin to find your eyes...are mine loving blue? Wild green? Or steel gray?? Want to find out?? Hmmmmm?... I believe in a healthy vetting period before accepting and playing with a new sub; so, be prepared to be vetted if you are interested in becoming my sub. That does NOT entail YOU TELLING me everything YOU want done to YOU and then in the same sentence, TELLING me you are a sub 🤣. (Silly child, tricks are for kids...hmeep hmeep) You will need to be prepared to get to know me as a human first, and you will need to open up to me totally as well. However, that doesn't mean I ask YOU a bazillion questions; I want a conversation. I am very complicated and complex and yes, probably a little crazy...who isn't right?? My vanilla side is VERY different from my kinky side, yet we are one in the same nonetheless. My vanilla side is very laid back, silly at times, very playful, extremely sarcastic, loves loud music, dark humor, history, science, anything outdoors, can be quiet and reflective and also a social butterfly...I'm a "read the room" and adapt to the situation kind of person and always underestimated. 😁 As a Mistress, can be very seductive, strict, and at times vicious; however, I also listen and believe I am very fair and caring, but if you try to feed me bullshit, you will not care for my response. Trust me, I know bullshit when I see it, and I will call you on it. Just be honest, don't shut me out...TALK TO ME and we will get along great. 😉 I am exceptionally creative and can come up with very exciting and interesting scenarios...far beyond porn 🥱. I also believe it is my responsibility to be very in tune with my sub’s needs as I assimilate my interests with my sub’s. I am extremely open minded, and because of that have a lot of fetishes, interests and kinks, but I do NOT expect my subs to like or be into everything on my fetish list! I understand that subs are very different, with different desires, motivations, interests and boundaries. I recognize their differences and respect and see them as individuals. I very much believe in the following hierarchy: sub’s needs Domme’s needs Domme’s desires/sub’s desires (I believe our desires become one with my guidance and under my control. ) My ideal sub would be intelligent (educated or well-read), energetic, eager but not pushy, challenging but never disrespectful (I do appreciate a clever brat. 😉) , loyal, with high morals and willing to serve. You must also respect my other relationships. I take my responsibility seriously, and want a sub that takes their submission seriously as well. As I said, I do enjoy a brat, but not a whiny baby! I want a thinking, independent sub, who needs and wants discipline, (Unless you are a true slave, then your limitations would be throughly discussed prior to contract.) and a strong Mistress in their life. I am very much into mind-fucking and total domination, you allowing me to take total control to put you deep into subspace and that complete power exchange. I would say TPE is my number 1 desire. (I will definitely get in your head…😏) I am considering a 2nd, kink-based household to have a live-in, D/s relationship, play spaces, community-based entertaining, discipline, protocol, mixed with, fun, culture, travel, kink events... If this sounds like you, and are interested in a true Domme/sub relationship, send me a respectful message introducing yourself. (Please include your name!) A well-written. well-thought-out message will definitely capture my attention.

Hello to all of you who actually take the time to read my profile. Please, IF you contact me, don't just send me a one liner; I will not respond. Send me a real introduction to you as a person, not just you as a sub. Be prepared to contact me directly via text! I WILL NOT do secondary texting apps anymore!! Do not ask! I will not try to vet you through this site, email, fetlife or anything other than direct text. Get a burner number and a VPN! It isn't hard! Also, be prepared to send me real world pictures, you gardening, you going on a walk, etc. , be prepared to voice verify and video chat verify within a few days. You must also be prepared to travel to Parkersburg WV for a public, vanilla, in person first meeting. 

I will discuss fetishes, interests, desires before we meet because this is a sex based relationship; however, I will NOT dominant, sext, role play, cam or DO anything sexual to you virtually until AFTER we have met in person and you become my sub! You ask, you will be blocked! If you want pics, go to my fetlife. I have over 120 posted and I post new pics regularly. A real sub will not hesitate to follow my requests and tbh, I'm not interested in you if you're not prepared to show me you in fact are real, committed and will show up, day after day, and not just when you're horny.

What I desire from a D/s relationship

First, I have a nesting partner. Our relationship is totally separate from what I seek, but it would be equally important to me and you must be willing to accept that I am poly, but very demisexual.


With that being said, I want 2 separate households that I will go between equally. The one I currently have and Mistress's household, 24/7, D/s, kinky household with some vanilla elements incorporated. I want a second household within 15-20 minutes of downtown Parkersburg, WV, very private, complete with dungeon, medical room, sensual play space and outdoor play areas. I envision this home to be a place to host munches/events/small parties but also very private with a vanilla facade. I would like 2-5 acres and a big sound house/farmhouse to remodel to suit my needs. This will not be immediate and a rental situation will be necessary initially with the intention of find and establishing a permanent kink home.


I prefer a sub leaning slave but I am not seeking a sub/slave that only wants 24/7 chastity. I enjoy edging, ruined orgasms, forced masterbation, post orgasm torture, etc. I am extremely sexual and want to use my submissive sexually always under my control.

I am actually fairly flexible as how I want my household structure. I am equally fond of the following in no specific order:


A 1950's household

A Mommy/little or middle, but I'm not into diapers, breastfeeding (I'm almost 59 and milk hasn't filled these titties in years 🙄) cribs or high chairs. However, playing with toys, structured bedtimes, structure and a firm hand, kids movies, playing at the park, amusement parks, stuffies and all things child-like I'm very open to. But I would want a sexual little/middle.

A sissy submissive but understand I will NEVER use humiliation or degradation as it relates to being feminized. Any speech or play surrounding the theme that women are weak, pathetic, powerless, less than, etc. will NEVER be used! It is a privilege for me to show you the beautiful world of women and I will not tolerate this type of play. If you wish to escape your traditional alpha male role to explore your feminine side and want to walk in my shoes for a bit, that I will definitely do. I would love more males to understand how wonderful and freeing it is to be female. If you crave humiliation and degradation there are so many other ways of accomplishing this without degrading myself and women in general.

A true slave with all the discipline and intensity as outlined in Ingrid Bellamare's book Owning and Training a Male Slave, however, as I've stated before, I will remove your cage to use you as I desire sexually and put back you back in chastity when I'm not using you.

Also know, I have a good income but I am not independently wealthy by any means and I will not support you financially. You will need some source of income. If you work remotely from home or outside the home, second or third shift would be ideal. I would also consider a porn-based subion service as means of earning your keep.


Finally, I want an optimistic, positive, drama free and happy individual who also will accompany me on trips, attend conferences and kink events, and engage in "vanilla" activities as well. I am a whole person and want you to be as well.

I am NOT a Pro Domme, but I use an app for texting called Telegram.  It is a free app. If you think it's a scam Look IT UP! Also, I'm not interested in games. If you are not sure if you're submissive, please don't bother contacting me. I am not intestered in "trying" to see.

 I am also on Skype and fetlife.  Atomteacher for both. If you are local or willing to relocate feel free to send me a respectful message. I will NOT dominant you online, sext, role-play or watch you jerk off on Skype.  I will NOT send you pictures, videos or provide you material to masterbate to! There's plenty of porn online, use THAT not ME. I want a real person, a real D/s relationship! Please don't waste my time! 


I require daily contact to properly vet you. If you are too busy to send me a text daily, then you are too busy for me. If you can watch YouTube on toilet for 20 minutes then I really think you give me that much time daily through the vetting process.