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Well hello and welcome to my profile, i am zero, a single male submissive (yes, another one) f
Hetero Male Submissive, 41,  Angus, United Kingdom
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Well hello and welcome to my profile, i am zero, a single male submissive (yes, another one) from and living on the East of Scotland, in a small town. i am a very friendly and outgoing person (a lot of people are quite surpriised when they find out im submissive, most expect me to be Dom) i am 62, fairly well built (an ex rugby player) and i have a few tattoos and a few piercings, both of which are gradually increasing in number (tastefully). i am only working part time, so am not wealthy but i get by. i love motorbikes and dont really need an excuse to hop on mine and take off into the countryside, taking photos as i go, Hopefully shell be back on the road by the end of the month.Another great passion of mine is for music, most of my favourite artists fall into the rock, metal, punk and industruial but i like a bit of everything. i am available, for hire, as a DJ, i can play most types of music, as well as Djing the aforementioned genres, i once opened for Carl Cox here in Scotland and have played just about every style of music throughout the different club nights, events and functions ive played.

And now to the reason were all here, the kinky stuff. ive been on and off the UK scene for a few years now, long enough to make some very good friends and know who to be wary of (which is not many people). i am straight however i have been struggling with the idea of submitting myself to a Male for some time now but im finding it hard to take the first step (which is a shame as there are Some on here who i know would be a lot of fun to scene with). i think id like to try with a Domme Couple first of all, most Men i have discussed this with would rather i took the plunge (literally) and anal is something i really dont enjoy (despite trying, several times, i like the idea of it but cant get beyond that it seems).

My personal life is insanely complicated, though single i am still involved with my ex on some levels and that is not likely to change anytime soon. She knows about my involvement in the scene (and in fact she was the one to suggest i look for play as my kinky side is a MAJOR part of who i am) she just doesnt want to know about it.

submission aside im happy to chat to pretty much anyone, so if you feel like dropping me a line, go ahead punk, make my day )

i didnt want to say anything but its come to the stage where i have to. i am not interested in signing up to any cam sites, even if you claim theyre free (yeah right!). I am not interested in Financial slavery, blackmail or phone sessions. If you are outside the UK and have no intention of moving here, seriously, im not gonna be able to submit to You properly, am i?

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Journal Entries:
1/29/2014 11:58:08 PM
Well, that's it, am done with vanilla women, these ones that you meet through normal avenues and say they like kinky sex and turn out to be lying. Off to the local Munch next week and looking properly on the kink sites now, any recommendations?

6/9/2012 2:21:56 PM
i've been having a busy old time of it lately, just spent a fortnight in darkest Leicestershire, working as Site Crew at the Glastonbudget Festival, this my 2nd night back, and now I'm shooting off to the Rockness festival near Inverness. i do love my work though, which is a bonus. So, if all goes well, when i start getting paid for my hard work in July, i'm going to make an appearance at Violate in Glasgow, it's been too many years since i've been to a public event!

4/6/2012 10:29:41 AM

well i finally got round to changing  my profile to reflect the fact that i was in a relationship and then, this morning, it all went tits up and i had to re-edit my profile. Well this time i'm done, i'm staying single for a while. The worst thing is, with the full moon, i feel SOOOOOOOOOO incredibly submissive, all i want is to be bound, deprived of my senses and abused something awful! This sucks!!!

1/19/2012 11:38:10 AM

This site should change it's name, perhaps something like wannabefinancialdommesRus, it's getting ridiculous, where are all the geniune people hiding? Too many youngsters pretending they're Dommes to get guys to buy them things, i'm close to deleting my account it's that bad

8/17/2011 11:04:00 AM

i'm just curious, am i the only person who, all of a sudden, seems to be getting a lot of profile views from american sub females in their early 20's who only ever have one profile pic?

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