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Time for a change

Sane, sensible educated individual looking for similar to explore in an unhurried fashion.

I've been around for a while, know where to draw the line and how to push limits.

Keen to get to know people first then move to more hands on. Not a race, not looking to collect pics but merely for adults of a certain persuasion to share time and fun together.

Drop me a line, be seeing you.

Consider the distance to travel to the West Midlands. If you are many miles away it is unlikely you will be invited unless you impress me.

Is being honest worthwhile?

So once again I find myself questioning my upbringing, use of manners and being open and honest.  A good conversation started but as normal soon stalled due to my honesty in the questions being asked. 

Why is it that people are here looking for certain attributes in both a person and scenario and as soon as the finer details are discussed then it all comes to a stuttering halt?

I have no issue with people being reticent to give out too many details too quickly, but it seems the conversation starts with a full decriptive dump of what the other person wants. Little time spent getting to know the person before you and so when the finer details are discussed then it all becomes an issue. 

Hence, is it worthwhile being honest?  Let me know your thoughts. 
Be seeing you. 

What is wrong with people?

So once again I find myself here, trying to fathom out what has happened. A certain someone from here has decided that after a protracted conversation my being polite and making sensible concessions is my being not what they seek.

Honestly. This is who I am, manners cost nothing yet form the basis of my being.  I use them in everyday life and conversation and they have served me well.  Yet here once again I am faced with them being seen as negative.

Where are the people on here who want to be treated like real human beings, with respect, honour, and morality?

If my being me and using manners is going to offend then step away. If my asking questions is not for you then don't approach. If I want to build trust and you don't then look elsewhere.

Rant over!

Deleted unread

Why of why do people do this? They invite contact and then when a respectful message lands they simply ignore it.

Maybe my use of manners and proper language are the stumbling blocks, who knows?

A fun time had ...

So I have managed to get my things together so to be able to get out and spend some time with someone I have not seen in a long long time. 

A pleasant evening and one I hope to be able to repeat, to build upon and to take forward.

Such fun to let the old me out for a glimpse of what it has missed.

You know who you are, a big thank you!

And so another one slips by ...

So what is it with people?  You start down a path on the journey to engage someone new, a person with ideas, ability, experience and the resources to make happen what they seek.

You spend several frantic weeks bringing it all together and then ... it all falls apart.

A submissive who seeks so much and yet when it comes to the point of putting in to practice all that has been discussed they simply turn and run. A conversation ensues, they return, we start once more and at the renewed point of contact the very same happens.

Now I am not foolish enough to realise this happens but this person is not a player but a real known individual, scene aware etc etc. 

Why do I pick them I wonder ???
So what is it with people from the USA viewing my profile?

Not sure if this is limited to me but I get so many people from the USA viewing my profile yet no contact, no hello or even a reply to my polite messages to them.  

Is this some scam to inflate the number of people that are visible on here?
So you want to be blackmailed ??

Its an interesting concept and one that few people carry through, let me give you a recent example ...

So someone from here contacts me and we start to chat, nothing major and certainly no plans for what is about to unfold. Said person starts to outline the desire for blackmail, to be placed in harms way with information provided and to be be offered no way out.

Now said person also offers that all the information is ready and is willing to exchange it after said person is ready to move forward.

Should I be surprised then that once the conversation is far enough forward that I know where and when this person works, at what position in the company and who its manager is that suddenly said person has a change of heart?

"Oh but I dont want to continue this" is very quickly at the forefront when said person realises that fiction has become hard fact and a huge hole has been dug ...

You have to wonder the sanity, let alone stupidity of some people!
Time for a change ...

So after several months of things being stored away, I am again looking for a sub and a new play space ...

Any takers?
So all good things come to an end, or so it is said. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances I am taking a taking a few steps back and putting everything in to storage.

Thee is too much hurt, pressure and lack of time available to do anything else for now.

Lets see what the future brings ...
So back on course. The person who blocked me is again talking so all good there ...

Has restored my desire and faith to continue here.

Thank you, you know who you are!
Got a mail today from a person who I have met and wish to do so again. I am away at present and said person has taken this lack of communication as a sign I do not wish to meet again. Quite hurt by that as cannot reply as now blocked as cannot defend myself or my actions. So do I cancel the plans and orders aced for kit I was going to subject this person to ?? I will go and ponder ..,

Spoke to a lady on here today in a short but respectful conversation.


Whilst we have decided not to continue the conversation and make no further advances it is reassuring to know there are people out there who can be kind, respectful and with manners who equally understand what they want and respect the choices of others.


I wont name said person but hope she finds this reassuring ...


If only more people could be like this.

Why is it so difficult for people to add a location on here?


Yes it is a pet hate but makes life so much easier to judge and decide if a message is worthwhile simply by knowing a few basic facts.


Not exactly ASL as once was the case but might make things easier for some!

So why do we bother?


So once again a time to reflect once more on my being here ...


I do wonder sometimes why I try to kid myself that people want to meet when they cannot make commitment.  Yes I appreciate life does get in the way at the last minute but how difficult is it for people to be open and honest?


I also seem to be having a run of sending polite and sensible messages as a means of introduction, only to get them deleted unread or completely ignored.  How difficult is it for society to not be so rude and brusque?


I wonder if anyone out there has the answers ???


Until next time, be seeing you