Vertical Line



mortepixie - photo 1
I'm submissive... No, i won't call you Sir, Master, Domdaddysuperstar, etc just because it's the name you have on here. I'm blunt, outspoken, wild, etc. I'm also kind, have manners, know how to carry on an intellectual conversation, etc. As for what I'm looking for... Nothing. What will be, will be. Laugh, dance, enjoy those thunderstorm, be wild, let the tears fall, have those adventures... most of all just Live! Pixie.

Difference between ownership and play...mentality. 

The fool isn't the one willing to embrace the unknown blindly..

The true fool is the jaded one who chooses to reject it because of the past.

Your future shouldn't be dictated by your past. 

The past of pain,  sorrow, bad experience, etc  teaches much..

But never let it teach you.. not to Live for tomorrow. 

my amusement grows with each passing day at what some "think" my submission should look like.  

I'm outspoken, blunt, intelligent,  don't kneel to everyone,  etc. 

Ohhh no,  that means I must not be submissive, etc. Heh,  no. It means,  I'm Not the type of submissive You can handle.  I'm not looking for you though.  I'm looking for HIM. The One who knows the value I bring,  because when I kneel,  it's because a Leader stands before me. when I become fully submissive. Until then.. deal with the woman only,  the person i am,  because that is who i am,  to everyone else. Only one gets my full submission. 


In darkness I have fallen but a shadow of a woman.  longing for truth in the arms of a stranger. hidden beneath the depths of such darkening layers. I seek what is there, calling on the edges of my awareness, like shadows dancing upon the glen, will this madness end, I do not know,  I am lost in the ever changing vortex that has shrouded me in it's swirling mystery, it is a dance perhaps more erotic than that of lovers entwined for this dance is the dance of life.


There is so much beauty in this way of life,  so many different paths. Each unique to the relationship, the two or more involved in that relationship. The mental bond,  growth, strength, etc. That is so enticing,  enthralling.. it whispers, calls to you,  makes you crave that touch,  that sensation.. sliding across your mind, long before that touch,  feel on your body.  That is where it begins for Me... before the body is ever touched.. the mind first must be teased, stroked,  beckoned,  whispered to.. controlled.. after that.. the body is but an instrument to dance for you.