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You text me to tell me that you have arrived. I tell you to come up the walkway and ring the doorbell.

My sister answers the door and escorts you to the bedroom. She announces you and I tell you to come in.
My sister closes and locks the door as she exits...
I am sitting in a room filled with candle light.......I tell you to remove all your clothing and come stand before me.

I tell you to kneel and bow your head. I ask do you think you are worthy of serving me pet?

You reply I will try my Mistress.

I place a leather collar around your neck and connect the leash........I want to see how well you follow directions and respond to me.

Any hesitation or lack of asking for clarification by raising your hand will require punishment. Understand Pet!...........yes Mistress.

I grab your leash and bring you to a standing position.

There will be no eye contact until I allow, nod if you understand.
After you nod I snug up on the leash and pull you close.

I grab your semi hard pussy cock and begin to slide my hand up and down the shaft slowly.

Your body is tense and I can tell you are not at ease.

I apply a small amount of oil to the head of your pussy cock and begin to stroke the head between my thumb and index finger while applying pressure on the balls. I spread my legs apart and pull you closer.

I pick up my breast and slide them up and down you cock.

I then let the head dart in and out my mouth. I then begin to lick around the head and underneath the shaft. You let out soft moans.

I put a leg up on the bed and tell you to lay over my leg. I bring your cock back between your thighs.

I spread your ass cheeks apart and drip some oil down the crease.

As I slowly manipulate your cock, balls, and the circumference around your anal orifice.

I ask you questions and get to know you a little better since we are now in the presence of one another.

I tell you that I am going to insert a butt plug to further relax you.

I insert the plug slowly with a twisting side to side motion.

Take deep relaxing breaths pet.

I tell you to turn on your back and then to a sitting may now make eye contact.

I pull you to me with the leash and lick around your lips and then begin kissing and sucking your tongue while stroking your cock.
I grab the humbler and place it across the front of your thighs and lock your balls in between.

I stand in front of you and grab your leash pulling it between my thighs.

I lean over, holding onto the arms of my wheelchair I pull your face to the crack of my ass.

Pet spread my cheeks and lick my pussy and ass until I start to lick and suck like a good pet.

I tell you to tongue fuck my pussy. I rub my beautiful ass up and down your face, pulling your leash so I can bury your face against me and telling you to make me cum you dirty little slut.

I turn around after cumming several times. Your face is glistening wet with my juice.

I kiss you sucking my juices off your tongue. I unlock the humbler and tell you to stand and lean over the bed.

You have been a very good pet thus far so I need to see how you react to kings...

I take my leather wrapped cane and give ten licks.

Your face turns red and that ass tenses up.
Very good.

I like how you absorbed that little bit of pain.

I keep you leaning and I remove the butt plug and inset a 6 inch prostate stimulator.

I slowly begin fuck your ass as I jack you off...........after teasing fucking your ass and stroking your cock....I ask you.

Do you want to cum you say yes please Mistress...............I respond NO...................................WOW!

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6/14/2023 8:32:21 PM

I'm looking for someone real, for real-time training only.


Training will start once we have met face to face.


We will meet face to face after a period of a month or two of getting to know each other's behavior and characteristics.


If you are insecure and not for real, please do not waste my time!!

3/15/2023 8:46:41 PM

I got told I was too critical by a sub that I was talking to


We had been chatting for a couple of months and I wanted to know what it was that he knew about me. 


And that was the only thing he could tell me.


This so-called sub did not know anything about me at all


It was very disappointing to learn that we had wasted each other's time


So please do not message me if you're not truly interested in getting to know me and meeting in person....

I'm very honest and you never have to wonder about what it is that I'm thinking and if you feel that is critical so be it!! 


2/10/2023 2:56:58 PM

I truly need my dedicated, focused, and ambitious pet to take care of me

12/24/2022 10:04:17 AM

Happy and Safe Holidays Everyone!! 💜

8/6/2022 3:05:15 PM

What bad boi needs a spanking in the 76013 area???? 

8/5/2022 3:56:53 PM

103° sitting here outside under the shade of my pergola. With it being so hot will it make it much nicer is to have my slave gently fanning me and serving me a glass of tea!! 

6/4/2022 10:55:30 PM


Tossing and turning. I just can not seem to fall asleep! I am hot so I get up and take off my t shirt. I am lying back in bed with the light beaming off my clock.......I am not worried about the time cause I can stay in bed all day today.....I try to deflect my thoughts from this apparent hot flash.....I drag the sheet down and an instant sensation is felt as it flows over my back arches in response and I become very moist from that simple act......I push the sheet down over my naval and let it drop between my thighs........OH MY it is hot!

I am aroused and I am not sure other thoughts are on my mind except for me thinking about my body.......I turn on my side and the moisture has flowed between my ass cheeks........I rub my bottom and as I slowly spread my pussy starts to pulsate and the moisture is thick and very warm......I slide a finger between my cheeks and run it around my warm, so moist....WOW


6/3/2022 1:20:16 PM


I awaken to your gentle licks upon my labia what a way to start your day!!!!

You assist me with my toileting dressed me and then you take me to the kitchen..... you bring me my cup of coffee and a slice of raisin toast..... you get in position on all fours so I can put my feet up while I browse the net and enjoy my coffee and toast.

I  enjoy rubbing my feet on your naked body, my feet across your balls and your lil pussy cock. You are very easily stimulated with my every touch. I do enjoy arousing you💦💦💦💦💦! I rub my foot under your belly and to the Head of your cock you are dripping my pet👅

I command you to turn over on your back...... lying flat as I drip some  butter near your navel.....I rub it through your thin hairy patch with my toes and then down to your cock with a nice even spread

You like that don't you my pet....... I think to myself will I allow you to cum today....... spreading the butter  of your dick and feeling  it throb and get harder with my every touch makes me very moist......... I outline your lips with my big toe and then tell you to lick it........ I lean over taking the spoon from my coffee and rub it on your balls and I notice your cock is so hard for me but I need you to relax so I give your balls a nice little slap with the spoon.......... you let out a moan. I run the spoon up your shaft to the head of your cock moving it slowly in a circular motion then back down the shaft to your balls with another 4 slaps I then lean back and relax and allow you to lick all the butter off my foot........ my nipples are very hard and I can't resist caressing them as you clean all the butter off my foot like a good pet......... your tongue sliding through each of my toes making my nipples hard..... I'm  rubbing them and and my pussy is so moist and throbbing........ I take my cup of coffee and drip a little bit of the warm tasty liquid on my nipples.......slowly I lick my hard nipples! Gently pinching and pulling them. I bring my nipple to my mouth and slowly  suck off the sticky sweet warm coffee........Oh yes my pussy is throbbing and I know I'm about to sucking my toes and rubbing my foot like a good little pet....... make me explode my pet...........WOW


5/26/2022 2:37:12 PM



I raise my leg and pull the leash placing your face up against my mound.  You can feel the warmth as I grab the back of your head pushing your face up into my pussy.


I tell you to open your mouth so you can taste my sweet nectar.


You love that taste your nasty little slut!


While holding your leash tight I tell you to lick me slowly and then tongue fuck me till I tell you to stop!!


Moving my hips from side to side slapping you with my thick thighs........I pull you in closer



I cum so hard I fart in your face and you never miss a lick.


I grab your chin and bend over to lick my juices off your face.


I slap your face!!


Then push your head back and straddle your face so you can continue to please me.


Finger my ass while you tongue fuck me!!!!...................WOW

5/21/2022 3:17:35 PM



Looking for the strength and depth of penetrative flow


A kiss that melts me and opens the faucet of pleasure and warmth


Your hands run over my body and I feel your intent of premeditated lure


The arch of my body signals you to proceed


Enter I crave you with every breath


Thrusts of euphoria and the pounding of waves allow me to erupt 




5/13/2022 8:43:34 PM


Need me to rub your belly????

Feel the warmth of my lip and gentle flow of my breath

As I softly kiss around your naval

My breast slide over your penis. You feel the warmth of my breath

It's hard and pulsating
I can  feel it throbbing

Tell me that you want me

I stand and allow you to undress me

I push you back on the bed

Leaning over you, looking into your eyes, I place a kiss on your head

So nice and hard

I must taste

Pulsating in my mouth

Leaking a juice so sweet

I crawl on the bed and pull you on top of me and tell you

Put it inside me now!!!

I am so aroused I cum quickly

Working on my next explosion

Grabbing you and pulling you deeper inside me

I am taking every inch of you

My breast are bouncing

And you gentle hold them down as you suck pull and bite my nipples

I tell you not to move

I just want to feel myself grinding on you

I cum again

So nice and hot as it squirts all over us both

I slap your ass and tell you fuck me hard

We repo to a scissor position

My knee bent to my face as you lean in for leverage

I rub my clit as you are pounding my pussy

I cum again

I tell you to take your cock out and rub my juices around my pussy and ass

I make you stand and I suck my juices off your cock and balls

I play with your cock rubbing sucking and stroking. Massaging your balls, so very hard

You moan and you want to grab my head and I tell you not to touch

Edging you and then easing off

I slow the licking and sucking down

You have some much sweet juice just leaking I allow drops on my breast

I rub the head over my nipples covering my breast with your juice

I think shall I let you cum?  

You say oh yes mistress please let me

Are you going to be my good boy

I do what you'am please

I turn and get on all four and tell you I want you to cum in my ass

You enter very slow and gentle

We get into an intense rhythm

I can feel all of you

I tell you to tell me what you want

I want to cum in your ass

Tell me again

I want to cum deep in your beautiful black ass

Harder and faster

Baby make me feel it!!

You know I am fixing to explode as you feel my body tremble

Are you going to cum with me

Oh yes mistress may I

Oh yes we erupt together

All nice hot and sweaty

As I allow you to just relax on top of me and let your juices drain in me

I then tell you to come lay beside me

As you lay beside I rub him slowly until he falls asleep

Are you nice and relaxed my pet........WOW


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