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Cuckoldress Seeking...

You Monogamous, Me Not so Much

The Cuck:

First and foremost, if your understanding of a cuckold wasis garnered from its portrayal in pornography leave now!

Preference for matriarchal cultural descendents. Looking for something long-term with marriage possibilities, that means an ACTUAL emotionalphysical relationship.

Bluegreen eyes andor accents are definite bonuses, so you graced fellas go ahead and skip to the front of the line...

Im NOT looking for a complete pussy, if I wanted that Id just go and be with a lesbian. The following adjectives should NEVER accurately describe My cuck to be Coward Lazy Impotent You should have dominant tendencies whenwhere it matters (example you should be kicking someones ass for me, not vice versa). I want a grizzly bear towards everyone else (about me) and a teddy bear towards me (I run this) realizing that it is exactly what keeps me coming home to you.

If you know deep down you cant realistically handle a Dominant womans temperament (smart-ass mouth, sassy ways...) or your emotions, do not waste our collective time. Let that salty dispositionacrid indignation keep you warm at night.

The Subs: Collecting

**If you dont explicitly identify as an alphaswitch with submissive tendencies towards Women ONLY, you could never be the type of cuck I seek! So do NOT waste My time with a plea! If you just want to be My bitch, then just apply as My bitch... nothing more.**

The Slave: Still Looking

Looking for an actual, REAL live-in slave preferably TPE/domestic. I will pierce through the bullshit, so do not waste My time with international and/or disingenuous replies.

I make My own Vanilla

***Shea Said So***

When vanilla provides an influx of obedient & compliant males, while Collarspace subs/slaves can't even walk and chew gum at the same fucking time.🪤🪤🪤

When you decide to approach me for consideration and I trial you, your role & goal is to acquiese to MY lifestyle/desires. 


That "previous training" is moot to me. I give subzero fucks about what's easier for you & how you used to do things.

If you're just chasing the feeling you had with someone/something else then you're an addict, shifting the ideal from tacitly serving to satisfying your own urges and desires-- hence why you perpetually fuck up this elusive dynamic you long for. That will never be worth my time and/or effort.


It is MY WAY, no fucking 'or' involved... ever.

I will always remove what you think you want/wanted for what I know you need/needed.


~The Universe ~



Touche' Universe, Touche'....

When I say I'm just (insert name here) until I decide how I feel about you, I mean it. I'm not giving you that impromptu public dungeon session you're manipulating for upon meeting. I'm much more subtle & vindictively deliberate in my mindefuckery.

An apex predator stalks, studies, & exploits her prey before ever exerting excess energy on the strike.


The only option you will ever have is to EARN ME.

So if/when W/we meet in person, you do know that I can SEE you... right?

If I'm 5'6" & looking DOWN at you when you're " 5'8"  " that math ain't mathing & you initiated trust issues from jump. In THIS WORLD of O/ours sharing THEE most intimate desires, THAT'S the hill you choose to die on???

When will you nobodies learn that I'm indifferent towards your mere existence?
If I catch 'em young, they're much more malleable.
Houston subs: I need a pack mule sub to come and move some things for Me ASAP. Do NOT send Me that worthless ass 'if I were near you...' message.
I need a competent & consistent domestic/pet-sitting sub... you'd think something so simplistic would NOT be comparable to selecting a neurosurgeon, you'd be wrong.
I swear this site devolves (read basically a piece of shit) almost daily; maybe that's karma.
Dedicated mani/pedi sub where are you?
Some of you subs/slaves are quantum uselessness; you figuratively and quite literally eat shit, yet believe there is a solitary sole in the space continuum that gives any fucks about your "opinion".

Hahahaha... I type this through tears!!!
How I do love the entertainment the keyboard gangsters provide Me; if I were to ever cross your path in REAL LIFE you would ball up smaller than the bitch slit between your legs...
**Lessons in Kink Decorum 101**

This list is far from comprehensive, but let's get some things straight.

•Watching 50 Shades of Grey does not make you a dominant or BDSM expert.

•If you contact a Domme, logic would dictate that you have a well composed/thought out message, clearly outlining how you wish to be of service. *Notice I said how you wish to be of service... to HER!* As a submissive your expectations/desires are moot until validated, at Her leisure, by the Domme.

•If your communication capacity is limited to "hi" and/or "hi miss", you lack the complexity to be of service to Me. ~Furthermore, do NOT contact Me on social media without reading this post in its entirety & said name of post should be your opening line of text to prove doing so.~

•That "I used to be a Dom and now I'm a sub" bullshit has never worked, never will.  If you have/had substantial submissive tendencies, you can't just suppress those innate qualities. It is the same with being dominant; taking command is about realizing that your sense of emotional direction is better-suited for your dynamic more so than  that of your counterpart.

•W/we need some sort of BDSM dictionary or reference material on the home page because it seems like many fail to understand many distinctions & terminologies (i.e.dominant, dominate, switch, topping from the bottom, etc...) within this subculture.

•When you type "Imnot like other subs/slaves", you are in fact just like every other sub/slave.

•For the love of Gawd CHECK YOUR GRAMMAR/SPELLING! W/we are all guilty of the OCCASIONAL grammatical error, but if reading your message is like deciphering Morse code you gave zero fucks about how you approached Me, and so I will reciprocate in kind.

The next time you get your ass handed to you by aDomme (exhausted by the time wasters), or better yet BEFORE making contact, remember these basic lessons in kink decorum. ~Because SheaSaidSo
What kind of "dom" uses a ruse or flat out silly shit to get attention? One with a pussy deeper than the Atlantic ocean that's who. I'm finding that 'male dominant' especially here is an oxymoron, because most of you are just bitches.
Some boys are quick to proclaim their eagerness to be cuckolded... then reality sets in, you would ACTUALLY become a cuck. It's an insult to your own intelligence to think you would successfully top from the bottom & change My mind. Silly asses, tricks are for kids. I only make this dominant shit look easy.
A stable of livein bois is becoming more and more appealing to Me everyday. 
By now I would assume everyone in modern society realizes the importance of first impressions; so few of you make any sort of attempt at making said impression a positive one.
What is with all of the 50+ "cuckolds"? Is that your retirement plan or what... ?
So should I be amused or annoyed when you message as a "dom" & then suddenly have an epiphany then message as a sub... ?

Domme is in the details, dumbasses.
Bonus points to the forward-thinking sub who had the good sense to repost & abides by... **The Women's Rules** 1. The Female always makes THE RULES. *2. THE RULES are subject to change without notice. 3. No Male can possibly know all THE RULES. 4. If the Female suspects the Male knows all THE RULES, she must immediately change some of THE RULES. *5. The Female is NEVER wrong. 6. If it appears the Female is wrong, it is because of a flagrant misunderstanding caused by something the Male did or said. 7. If Rule #6 applies, the Male must apologize immediately for causing the misunderstanding. 8. The Female can change her mind at any time. 9. The Male must never change his mind without the express written consent of The Female. 10. The Female has every right to be angry or upset at any time. *11. The Male must remain calm at all times, unless the Female wants him to be angry or upset. 12. The Female must, under no circumstances, let the Male know whether she wants him to be angry or upset. *13. The Male is expected to read the mind of the Female at all times. *14. At all times, what is important is what the Female meant, not what she said. 15. If the Male doesn't abide by THE RULES, it is because he can't take the heat, lacks backbone, and is a wimp. 16. If the Female has PMS, all THE RULES are null and void and the Male must cater to her every whim. (Doesn't this go without saying?) *17. If the Male, at any time, believes he is right, he must refer to Rule #5. Now... do you want to be right, or fucking happy?!
You're opinion does not matter to Me, unless you do. See how that works?
Curious feature, that HISTORY button...
If you ask Me if you're too young/old, you fucking are.
He was oh so close to being clyde to My Bonnie; and then, he just gave the fuck up... if you're not willing to work really fucking hard for Me, then you don't deserve Me. If you don't know that clyde was Bonnie's bitch, you should do your research.
I can't decide which I love more, blue eyes or red hair...
We need an 'un-view' button...
Doms/bulls make the best cucks. So, it seems that this quite provocative statement needs a bit of elaboration; a dom/bull will fuck and fight like a champion to keep his Partner coming home to him. ALWAYS bringing his 'A' game. For a Domme like Me looking for an authentic relationship, what more could I ask for?
Can someone tell Me the significance of deleting & recreating your account/profile to have a "new" join date? Did you honestly think that We would not notice? Do you know what a "new" profile says to Me? It's says you're insecure, insincere, and full of shit.
A domme friend of Mine just got a no limit slave. An executive by day that comes straight home to climb in his cage. Complete and total dedication to her; never even a hint of rebellion or insubordination... Now I know what I want for Chanukkah and/or Christmas.
The most promising subs always seem to end up having the attention span of a toddler.
The CUCKOLD Marriage Contract of Vows This contract forms a binding agreement between the two parties named below in respect to their Cuckold Marriage: Hot Wife (Wife) Cuckold (Husband) Without abstention both parties have, by means of performing the Cuckold Marriage ceremony, agree solemnly to comply with the following set of vows. Section 1 Cuckoldry (1.1)* The Hot Wife will reserve the right to pursue and undertake extramarital affairs. (1.2)* These extramarital affairs can be of a heterosexual or homosexual nature. (1.3)* The number of partners is not limited in anyway. (1.4)* The selection of a partner is the sole responsibility of the Hot Wife. (1.5)* The cuckold must be informed at the beginning of the extramarital affair. (1.6)* All details of the extramarital affair must be conveyed to the cuckold. (1.7)* The Hot Wife reserves the right to terminate the extramarital affair at a time of her choosing. (1.8)* The Hot Wife when in the company of extramarital partners at all times must pay attention to the use of contraception. (1.9)* All extramarital affairs must be covert at all times, except from the Cuckold. (1.10)* A safe system must be arranged for the emergency contact between the Hot Wife and the Cuckold at all times during an extramarital affair experience. (1.11) The Cuckold must carry out tasks as detailed by the Hot Wife during any extramarital affair experience. (1.12)* The Cuckold must never undertake any activity that could be construed as attempting to facilitate an extramarital affair between himself and another. (1.13) The Cuckold may be allowed heterosexual or homosexual experiences as deemed appropriate by the Hot Wife. (1.14)* The Cuckold shall never join the Hot Wife and her partner, unless expressly approved to do so by the Hot Wife. (1.15) On occasion the Cuckold may appeal to postpone an encounter between the Hot Wife and her partner under special circumstances. (1.16)* Although the postponement of an encounter may be accepted by the Hot Wife, she has no duty to cancel any arrangement between her and her partner on behalf of the Cuckold. (1.17) During any extramarital affair experience taking place within the presence of the Cuckold, the role of the partner will be decided by the Hot Wife as she deems fit. (1.18) The cleaning of the Hot Wife and her underwear following an extramarital affair experience is the duty of the Cuckold. And is to be done in a manner decided on by the Hot Wife. (1.19)* The Cuckold will give the Hot Wife cunnilingus prior to the commencement of an extramarital affair experience. This will signify the official beginning of the experience. (1.20)* The Cuckold will offer the Hot Wife cunnilingus following an extramarital affair experience. This will signify the official end of the extramarital aspect of the experience. Section 2 Finance (2.1)* The Hot Wife will have full control of all household finance. (2.2)* The Cuckold will only have access to finance as the Hot Wife sees fit. (2.3)* The Cuckold will be allowed a nominal weekly allowance as agreed by the Hot Wife on a weekly basis. Section 3 Intercourse (3.1) Intercourse between the Hot Wife and Cuckold will take place in a manner decided on by the Hot Wife. (3.2) The Cuckold must submit to any sexual advances by the Hot Wife. (3.3) The use of a harnessed dildo will facilitate the penetration of the Cuckold by the Hot Wife in order to maintain a gynosupremacist relationship. (3.4)* Both the Hot Wife and the Cuckold must maintain a high standard of hygiene at all times. (3.5) The Cuckold is responsible for the cleaning of any apparatus used during intercourse. (3.6) The Hot Wife will allow the Cuckold to orgasm once for every five orgasms she has experienced. (3.7) The Cuckold must at each session offer cunnilingus to the Hot Wife. (3.8) The Cuckold is responsible to the supply of all absorbent materials to be placed within the vicinity of the bed. (3.9) The Cuckold may only ejaculate on approval from the Hot Wife. (3.10) The method of disposal of any spilt semen is at the discretion of the Hot Wife. (3.11) The Cuckold may not be permitted to request sexual intercourse. (3.12) The Cuckold may not be permitted to have an unauthorized erection. Section 4 Chastity Enforcement (4.1)* The Cuckold will wear, when deemed at all times, his chastity device as supplied and fitted by the Hot Wife. (4.2)* The key to the chastity device will be held only by the Hot Wife at all times. (4.3)* An emergency key must be available within a sealed envelope crossed with the Hot Wife?s signature. It can only be used in dire emergencies. (4.4) Removal of the chastity device is at the discretion of the Hot Wife. (4.5) Extended removal time will be issued as reward for good behavior (4.6) Extended attachment time will be issued as punishment. (4.7) Whilst in chaste the Cuckold must remain prepared to submit to any intercourse. (4.8) Whilst not in chaste the Cuckold may not masturbate unless expressly ordered to by the Hot Wife. (4.9)* An initial maximum chaste period of three days is to be observed. With extended periods thereafter, at the discretion of the Hot Wife. Section 5 Ownership Rights (5.1) The Hot Wife may commission a tattoo upon the Cuckolds body stating her claim to her possession. (5.2)* The Cuckold will not argue with the Hot Wife. (5.3) The Cuckold will not raise his voice to the Hot Wife. (5.3) The Cuckold will not criticize the Hot Wife. (5.4) The Cuckold will not break promises to the Hot Wife. (5.5) The Hot Wife has possession of all the Cuckolds innermost fantasies. (5.6) All material items within the household, which were budgeted for by the Hot Wife, are the possession of the Hot Wife. (5.7) The Hot Wife may order the Cuckold to wear anything at her own discretion. Section 6 Domestic Duties (6.1) The Cuckold will carry out with immediate affect any domestic duty as requested for by the Hot Wife. (6.2) The searching for all Cuckold Marriage apparatus to be purchased is the duty of the Cuckold. His findings must then be recommended to the Hot Wife. (6.3) The Cuckold is responsible for the cleanliness of all Cuckold Marital apparatus. Section 7 Punishments (7.1) All punishment will be administered by the Hot Wife, or a partner acting on behalf of the Hot Wife. (7.2) Punishments are at the discretion of the Hot Wife. (7.3) Punishments can take the form of any of the following (in reverse order of severity): Extra domestic duties -- Extra jobs or a higher standard of workmanship will be expected. Whipping -- To be administered using the riding crop across the buttocks whilst the Cuckold bends forward against a wall or over a piece of furniture. Given in groups of six, the number of groups depending on the severity of the crime. Extended periods of chaste -- Up to two week extensions can be placed on the chaste period. Denial of witness to extramarital affair activities. A punishment to be carried out during an extramarital affair experience. Humiliation ? The Cuckold will spell out his limits to the Hot Hot Wife in the beginning of the cuckold lifestyle. This can renegotiated at any point by either party in the relationship. Humiliation can includes but no limited it the following activities: The sexual ridicule of the Cuckold in front of the partner. The Lover humiliating the Cuckold with the Hot Wife?s permission. Preparing the Hot Wife for her lover. Preparing the Hot Wife?s Lover for her. The enforcement of feminization or homosexuality, photographically recorded for future use. Cuckold financing the Hot Wife?s dating activity (paying for hotel rooms, meals, drinks, activities etc.) Whatever the Hot Wife?s decided within the pre-defined limits. (7.4) All punishments must be real and not role-play. Suitable restraint must be issued. Section 8 General Rules (8.1) All vows not annotated by * are punishable offences. The remaining are contract compromises and will, therefore, result in the termination of the agreement (8.2) The Hot Wife is responsible for the composition of a crime and punishment charter, detailing the consequences of breaking each vow. (8.3) The Hot Wife is responsible for the imposition of a safe word system during punishments. (8.4)* The agreement is binding whilst resident in the family home or during vacations within a hotel or similar rented accommodation. The aforementioned vows will take effect from the date of the Cuckold Marriage ceremony. The date for this being Signed in agreement Hot Wife________________________________________ Cuckold______________________________________ Dated:
You know... spell check is so utterly important, yet completely underutilized.