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I am Me. In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine, because I alone chose it -- I own everything about me my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions, whether they be to others or myself. I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears. I own my triumphs and successes, all my failures and mistakes. Because I own all of me, I can become intimately acquainted with me. By so doing, I can love me and be friendly with all my parts. I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and other aspects that I do not know -- but as long as I am friendly and loving to myself, I can courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and ways to find out more about me. However I look and sound, whatever I say and do, and whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time is authentically me. If later some parts of how I looked, sounded, thought, and felt turn out to be unfitting, I can discard that which is unfitting, keep the rest, and invent something new for that which I discarded. I can see, hear, feel, think, say, and do. I have the tools to survive, to be close to others, to be productive, and to make sense and order out of the world of people and things outside of me. I own me, and therefore, I can engineer me. I am me, and I am A Master has pride, but never arrogance.


## What do I expect? These are some but not all qualities of what I would want in an ideal sissy sub or owned bimbo sub wife:

A genuine desire to be molded into the perfect bimbo wife, both in dress, manner, and

servitude to her Master/Owner.

- A pliable mind that is open to direction, training, behavior modification, and 


- A subservient attitude marked by a willingness to accept orders and commands.

- Her primary goal in life is to be the perfect bimbo wife existing solely to please the 

  man who owns her. She is incomplete until she is owned and wholly possessed by a 

  Dominant man: her body, mind, heart, and soul belong to him. 

- At home, she is the perfect subservient wife. In public, she is a bimbo beauty who is 

  proud to be shown off as she walks arm-in-arm with her Master. She has the ability

  and willingness to perform domestic chores at home, regardless of how menial the 

  task is.

- Openness to sexual service, whether provided orally or anally. Her mouth and ass 

  belong to her Owner, and he uses them whenever and however he wishes. She only 

  has sex with her Master unless he diraspects her to have sex with others who he 


- Her sexual service is never withheld and is available 24/7. She will sexually satisfy 

  her Owner at all times, as well as anyone he diraspects her to sexually satisfy.

  She thrives in knowing that she is a wanton sexual slut and always strives to honor 

  her Master when servicing his friends. 

- Willingness to have her limits tested and expanded, always with the goal of pleasing

   her Master, however, he chooses to use her. Openness to whatever kink her Master 

  desires to explore with her, knowing that he will always keep her well-being and 

  physical safety in mind. Accepts whatever devices or natural s her Owner 

  inserts in her ass, whether at home or when out in public. 

  This can be anything from butt plugs to secured dildos to an anal hook. When she 

  purposefully breaks one of his rules, she may have a shaved ginger root in her ass 

  for an hour or two or be given a huge enema which she will be forced to hold in with 

  the aid of an inflatable butt plug.

- Will be pierced in her nipples and elsewhere if her Owner wishes.

- After one year of being owned and having performed faithfully to her Master's&n

A Veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including, their life. That is beyond honor and there are way too many people in this country who no longer remember that fact. Copy and paste this to your journal if you are a Veteran,... know a Veteran, Love a Veteran or Support the Troops! May God Bless Them All!!


Profile updated today, waiting on approval!


“I am Me. In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine, because I alone chose it -- I own everything about me: my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions, whether they be to others or myself. I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears. I own my triumphs and successes, all my failures and mistakes. Because I own all of me, I can become intimately acquainted with me. By so doing, I can love me and be friendly with all my parts. I know there are ects about myself that puzzle me, and other ects that I do not know -- but as long as I am friendly and loving to myself, I can courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and ways to find out more about me. However I look and sound, whatever I say and do, and whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time is authentically me. If later some parts of how I looked, sounded, thought, and felt turn out to be unfitting, I can discard that which is unfitting, keep the rest, and invent something new for that which I discarded. I can see, hear, feel, think, say, and do. I have the tools to survive, to be close to others, to be productive, and to make sense and order out of the world of people and things outside of me. I own me, and therefore, I can engineer me. I am me, and I am Okay.”

I've been called a scammer when my profile clearly states what I don't seek!

Read my profile completely and correctly;

What I don't seek

I have no interest in people who do not take the time to create a profile or do not have even one photo. I understand that it may be difficult to post face photo, but you could always post a photo that explains you in some way - if you cared about your profile in at least some shape or form!

Some of you that view my profile, I've tried emailing you with the results saying;


A Veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including, their life. That is beyond honor and there are way too many people in this country who no longer remember that fact. Copy and paste this to your journal if you are a Veteran. I served 1979-1994!
Have Settled In St. Louis, Mo.













== Results from ==
100% Owner
100% Dominant
100% Degrader
100% Rigger
100% Sadist
100% Master/Mistress
100% Primal (Hunter)
93% Daddy/Mommy
91% Voyeur
54% Experimentalist
47% Ageplayer
45% Non-monogamist
37% Exhibitionist
3% Vanilla
0% Switch

The Difference between a Dom and a Master


In the BDSM venue there are Doms and Dommes, which refer to a male and female "Top", in relation to a "bottom" or "sub". The difference between a Dom and a Master is profound and absolute. A Dom only appears to be in control of a situation, in reality he is not. The BDSM venue uses "safe-words" by which the sub (submissive) may indicate that what the Dom is doing is unacceptable, hurting, or just simply something that the sub does not wish to do. As a Master, there are no safe-words. The Master is truly in charge, in all particulars. The Master owns the slave, the Master makes the decisions, the Master commands, and the slave obeys. There is a vast difference here in the level of power which a Master wields, versus a Dom, and so there is a commensurate level of responsibility that a Master has, which a Dom does not. A Dom is only pretending to be in control, to satisfy sexual appetite, while a Master actually is in control, satisfying not only sexual appetite but emotional and spiritual needs as well.

A Master owns the entire slave, not just its time in bed. He owns its body, its mind, its emotions, its very soul, and yes, even its thoughts. His ownership is total and absolute, its belongs to him. Likewise, his responsibility is absolute, and it is critical that the Master be both honorable, and intelligent. A stupid man cannot be a proper Master to slave, he would not understand the fullness of his responsibility along with the power. The slave's very life is in the hands of the Master.

This is also why you will see, from time to time, a seemingly amazing amount of contempt from True Masters for BDSM Doms. This is because the Doms pretend to the control and power and responsibility of the Master, yet they are just puppets of the submissive, who actually has the last word.



Pleasing Black Men ONLY!


Black Man can never be denied sex.


When meeting or dating Black Men underwear of any sort is forbidden.


Black Men NEVER wear condoms.


Always defer to the intelligence and desires of Black Men. Seek their advice on all matters first.


Black Men always have first rights to Black Women.


In the presence of Black Men a white boi must first ask their permission to serve Black Women.


If a Black Man consents, a Black Women may request the service of a white boi at anytime. No denial can be given.


In sexual meetings always present yourself to a Black Man on a hands and knees position unless otherwise requested.


Always have a Black Man climax inside your body. Black Sperm should NEVER touch the floor or ground. Any Black Sperm that may "leak" must be gathered by hand, consumed or saved. NEVER wiped with a towel or tissues.


Always clean a Black Man after he has climaxed with your mouth first and then with a warm towel.


Always disrobe first and dress last in the presence of a Black Man.


Always thank a Black Man or Black Women for the honor and pleasure of serving them.


If you are meeting a Black Man for the first time at his home or your home you must offer to disrobe and allow the Black Man to review your body. If he chooses for you to disrobe it is his right to either continue with the date or meeting once he as examined your body. If he does not approve of your body and decides he wishes to leave you will thank him for his time and apologize for not being physically appealing to his Black Eye. DO NOT offer sex or your body if the Black Man wishes to leave. He will make the decision on your body NOT you. It would be an insult to offer him services if He is not pleased with your physical appearance.


A Black always reserves the right to offer your services to another Black Man or Black Women. If the Black Man chooses to offer your services to a white man you must comply. This service to the white man is only done out of respect and to honor the Black Man's request, no OTHER reason. If possible the white man should not climax inside your body. Cleanup with a towel or tissue is permissible and preferred. Do not offer you mouth for cleanup.


In a serious relationship a Black Man has the right to examine, criticize and demand alterations to your body. These may include weight gain or loss, tattoos, piercing, shaved or non-shaved pubic hair. The Black Man may also request changes in hairstyle, makeup, clothing and general overall appearance.


If possible, you should remain naked in the home of a Black Man. Only dressing to leave the home. If being naked at all times is not possible you should be naked when the Black Man is at home.


In a serious relationship oral sex should be given to the Black Man when he first awakes, when he arrives home from work and before going to sleep. There are other times during the course of the day services may be requested but the three times listed above should be performed routinely and without being asked.


In a serious relationship you are NEVER, EVER to ask for sex. Your pleasure is received from pleasing your Black Man. If he wishes to perform oral on you and make you climax that is his wish NOT yours. If you need to climax and the Black Man does not need service you request the permission to pleasure yourself. It is the Black Man's discretion whether or not you may pleasure yourself and if He does grant permission, it is also His discretion to decide whether or not it be performed in private or before him.


In a serious relationship if you and the Black Man have careers and work outside the home you may be allowed to wear underwear. This is still at the discretion of the Black Man but unless he denies that right you may wear under garments. A waste chain inscribed with words chosen by the Black Man should be worn beneath your cloths while at work. In lieu of being allowed to wear underwear, the waist chain will serve as a reminder of your service to the Black Man


In any relationship with a Black Man a white boi should attempt to recruit other white bois/women to serve the Black Man. A white boi's goal is to please a Black Man with his body but it also means having other white bois/women do the same. The Black Man's pleasure is paramount.

How To Make A BBC Slut


I frequently receive requests from a hubby/boyfriend as to how to turn their wives into BBC sluts and always my answer has been, if you as the hubby/boyfriend can not convince her, how then can I as a total stranger help?!

I received this document from one of the groups I belong to and I want to share it because in my opinion, it provides a detailed blueprint as to how one may accomplish their stated objective.

Whenever I receive information about any subject I am curious about and wish to explore, I am like a sponge, I soak up ALL the info I can and then wring out that which does not apply to me and my specific situation. So if this subject is of interest, then I would recommend that you use those parts that fit your situation and discard those that do not apply.

Remember be careful what you ask for, cause you just may get it!

If you really want your wife/girlfriend to be a slut for black dick, you have to take it slowly, but HAVE A PLAN!!

One of the most successful methods is to begin to frequently bring home videos that exclusively have interracial content in them. If you want to be successful at this manipulation don’t start showing her an aggressive group of black guys gang-fucking a white slut! You should work your way towards that though, over a period of several weeks, since it will give you a bench mark of how far she is turned on by the idea, and also depend on whether your ultimate goal is turning her into a total slut for black dicks. But what ever your boundary is, you need to start off slowly and remember to approach the situation in a jovial fashion. Joking her along about “How about having a black guy then” and seeing what her reactions are etc.

When you first begin and you’re watching an interracial scene in a video, it’s very important to let her know how much it turns you on, not by telling her, but by showing her! Assuming that as you watch the videos, you’ll make love to her by kissing and caressing her, slowly, make sure her pussy gets wet as you play with her. Then begin to eat her pussy more aggressively as interracial scenes are showing. And when you strip and fuck her, try to make sure that you fuck her harder and deeper than you do when you’re not watching an interracial video.

Let the way you ‘work her’ while watching black men using white women leave her in no doubt that seeing that pretty white whore doing black dick really makes you hot and results in her getting better sex. Then make sure that when you make love without the interracial videos that it’s not as pleasurable for her.

If you do this right, she’ll be suggesting or begging that you watch interracial videos on a regular basis. As time goes on and you know she has got the connection between the level of satisfaction she gets when watching interracial videos. That’s when you begin to show her more explicit videos, eventually involving multiple black dicks, gangbangs, anal and some serious whoring for black guys by white housewives!

It would be a good idea at this point or earlier if you think she’s ready for it, that you introduce a large, thick black dildo/vibrator into the love making, so she gets to feel what big black dicks are like. But for Christ sake, when penetrating it first off, do it slowly and carefully, maybe lubricating it with saliva or lube jell. You don’t want to put her off the size, because this could go against you in the later stage of actually suggesting she try black!

It’s important that when you use the black dildo/vibrator you do everything to see that her pleasure is increased, including bringing her to multiple orgasms with the dildo, your cock and
your mouth, until she can’t stand it and pushes you away!

The next step is a little more difficult, but by this point you should have found a way to verbalize how hot it makes you feel to see the white sluts in the videos with black dicks. Then as you’re making love and using the black dildo on her, you should let her know that you’ve fantasized of seeing her in that situation with a real black dick. Try and say it in a ’matter of fact’ style.

Don’t look for her agreement at all at this stage just let her know it’s a fantasy of yours. She might not respond verbally at this stage, but you can be sure the train of thought will run through her mind. She might even say she could never do that! It will take a little time, even some time, but if you’re patient and continue to see that the only time she is totally satisfied is when you’re watching interracial videos, using the black dildo and talking about how much you’d like to see her with the ‘real thing’. Eventually she’ll get comfortable with the idea and start fantasizing about it herself. Encouraging her to use the big black dildo/vibrator when you’re not around might help reinforce the fantasy.

Joke about the situation to her, pass comments to her while in the car and in town when seeing a black guy. Let her know it’s a bit of fun but it’s a real turn on for you. Getting visibly hard through your trousers in these situations will do the most to convince her, this isn’t just fantasy for you and her in the bedroom, that its reality. Really turns you on to the idea of seeing real black guys with her.

Talk to her and continue to tell her how much you’d like to see her do it, and ask her to admit that she’d like it. If she says she won’t do it, or doesn’t respond after a few weeks of super sex and multiple orgasms, you should just stop and leave her ‘high and dry’ and not bring her to orgasm. If she asks what’s wrong, tell her that you really had hoped she would share your fantasies and when she is so firmly opposed, it turns you off. It won’t take long until she will tell you what you want to hear and begins to really fantasize herself!

By this time you should be seriously thinking about bringing the whole experience to fruition. This will involve some deep subtlety and manipulation followed by swift decisive and forceful action to secure your new lifestyle (and by this I don’t mean getting some black guy to rape her!).

Introducing her to interracial swing sites on the net, placing ads informing of possible sexual liaisons between your wife and black guys at some future date, letting them know that at this stage although committed to the idea that you both are going easy until you’ve found the right guy for her first black experience. Get her to chat personally and privately to a black guy, you’ve vetted and therefore he has got to first base. Let him know what maybe in the offering so that he can happily help manipulate and seduce her on-line. Helping to reinforce those desires that have found a newly opened door in her mind. Remember she doesn’t have to know that you’ve been contacting any black guys, just let her get talking to some you’ve vetted privately in a chat room on Yahoo or Excite. This can bring pleasures on all of its own, but don’t get stuck at this stage too long or all those willing black guys might just ditch the wanton whoring bitch.

Go easy to some extent, swap photos, test his/their legitimacy, posit questions on his/their sexual likes and dislikes, get to speak to him/them on the phone, meet in a public place, take the wife/girlfriend out for a prearranged drink etc.

The rest you can only dream about now, but in the future it could be your reality.

The only thing I would warn guys about is to not pursue this unless you’re really sure you want your wife/girlfriend to be a whore for black dick. Like any extremely pleasurable experience, it will be very difficult to give up once she has tried it and I guarantee that she will find it pleasurable beyond belief, as only a black man can make a woman feel. A return to anything else (on average shorter and thinner) seems mundane and she won’t be able to stop after she’s had a thick black dick in her pussy. You will have a fully-fledged slut for black dick for the rest of your life!

But if you’re really sure this is what you want then do it and do it now without delay!

It takes some planning and a little work, but the first time you see a black guy strip your wife/girlfriend, work her nipples and clit as he undresses her. The first time you see the nervous look in her eyes and hear her whimpers as she looks for your approval, knowing she’s so turned on that she couldn’t stop anyway....

The first time you see a black hand slip up your wife’s/girlfriend’s milky white thigh under her skirt to her soaking wet and aching pussy and finger her within minutes of meeting her in a dark restaurant or hotel bar. The first time you see her on her knees as that thick black dick glides past her lips and you know it’s her greedy mouth’s saliva making that black skin glide and shine.....

The first time you see that long, thick black meat sliding into your wife’s/girlfriend’s open cunt, being thoroughly soaked with her cum as you watch her eyes roll back into her head as he brings her to multiple orgasms like you could never do, and the first time you see her take a long thick black dick in her mouth, pussy and ass at the same time, begging them to fill her with their potent black sperm......

The first time you watch her dress to go out, knowing she’s dressing like a total slut because she’s going to get that black dick that she’s been thinking about all day......

The first time she comes home at 5 a.m. thoroughly fucked, worn and aching from thick black glands and coated in dry cum all over her and you put your hand under her skirt and feel the soaking wet panties she put back on to keep the massive amounts of cum from running down her legs which had been dispensed by swollen oversized black balls, once full with their extra heavy loads of powerful sperm.....

The first time you smell cum on her face, her mouth, her hair, her tits and you know she’s been whoring all night....

The first time you see her in a bar being passed from one black guy to another as they dance slowly with her, running their hands all over her on the dance floor and every guy in the place knowing your wife’s/girlfriend a whore for black dick.....

The first time you see your wife/girlfriend enter a room full of black guys because she’s being whored out by a special black guy who really knows how to please her.....

The first time you watch her get fucked all night long, guys cumming in her and on her....

The first time you watch her begging for more and more black dick as guys tease her with the tips of their giant black manhood’s, putting them at the entrance to her pussy, then withdrawing them again and again while she begs for them to fill her.....

The first time you fuck her after she’s been fucked by a big black guy and your inadequate cock feels even more so because of her stretched hole....

The first time you hear her admit over and over that she’s a total whore for black dick, then you will know all your efforts, time and care will have been well worth it!

Once you’ve had these experiences, then you can write and tell the world what a lucky guy you are and know that you are envied by so many others out there who don’t have your courage
or who are married to women that will never live up to their fantasies! Or those who are too wimpish, limpish or racially challenged to make their fantasies their realities.

It’s worth it. You know deep down that your second best to any black man is no contest. If your cocks hard now, take it out and have a look, hold it and tell me, do you really think you’re a match for black dick? Look at its length, can you really say its long enough? Look at the head, can you really say it’s big enough? Feel your girth, come on is that really thick enough? Cos you now it ain’t no match, no way.

Does your wife/girlfriend really think your big enough, come on.... Big enough compared to what, another white man, yeah sure! But let her try a hand-selected (for size) BLACK GUY! Now that’s the real contest!

This is not meant to degrade anyone but a tool for you non-black guys that have the fantasy of a black guy with your woman! But remember the age old proverb “Once you go black, you do not go back!”

Use this information at your own risk, the group and owners advise that we assume no liability for the actions regarding the use of this information. Basically, if you lose your significant other to be used like a cum receptacle by one or many long and thick big black cocks, we warned you it might happen.

Difference Between a Submissive and a Slave

Many have written articles about this subject and the views aren't always the same. BDSM has been around for quite some time and some definitions have been developed to describe someone's role and point of view. It helps to define roles, as it helps people who are looking for a partner to distinguish exactly what would turn them on and also restricts the number of possibilities to interact with. Unfortunately there has been a disturbing trend to use definitions loosely or to disregard them completely, adopting the stance that each person determines who or what they think they are. Therefore some people call themselves slaves when they are definitely not and some call themselves submissives, while they are in fact slaves. I have tried to avoid writing on this topic, as the word slave could attract different types of searches that I do not want to be associated with. These searches are the ones looking for non-consensual slaves that can be forced into servitude or slave trade, that in my opinion is detestable. I wanted to distance myself from that before I even defined anything. If you wanted to find anything like that, then you may as well go elsewhere, because this is focused on consensual slavery.

There are several distinctions and differences between a submissive and a slave. I will take the term submissive first. A submissive is a person with an intense desire to serve that does so under some conditions. The conditions would typically include terms of service, length of service, which areas of the submissives' life the dominant does not get to control, what the hard and soft limits are when they play or just interact, and of course the safe word. In many ways the submissive controls play. Hard limits are activities that a dominant will not be able to indulge with the submissive. Hard limits broken would lead to the end of a scene, relationship or arrangement and a serious breach of trust. Soft limits are limits that can be broken, but only after it has been discussed with the submissive. These are things the submissive is not excited about doing, but will try if it seems to excite the dominant or causes some latent excitement and fear in the submissive as well. The safe word ends all play. The dominant has free reign as long as he or she stays within the set limits.

After a scene, many submissives go back to controlling their own lives. They slip in and out of the role of submissive in most cases. They continue to make their own decisions and even in a 24/7 situation will continue to control those areas of their lives that are off limits to the dominant. A submissive submits every time a scene starts or some activity where the dominant has been given control commences. The choice is hers or his every single time the dominant requires submission. A submissive can walk away from a scene because something is not working for them and completely slip out of role whenever they feel the need to discuss something about the situation with their dominant. This does not indicate a lack of the need to submit or serve though.

Now we turn to the slave - the consensual slave. The slave gives up all rights to make their own decisions, becomes the "property" of a Master or Mistress, takes on the limits of their Master or Mistress and does what is asked of them regardless of their feelings about it. Sometimes a slave will give up all rights to property of their own and will continue to work for the household, having to ask permission to use any money they earn. Slaves earn privileges and do not have rights. A slave submits once - when the collar is placed around his or her neck and when something is difficult, has to ask for help to accomplish it. Slaves are not kept in basements or locked away forever. They are strong people who have an intense desire to please another human being and now has the freedom to live that desire and not have to submit to anyone else but those chosen by their Master or Mistress. Taking on the limits of another means that slaves have to ensure that the limits of the dominant they are talking to matches theirs, as their only choice is choosing the dominant. It is responsible to make sure that the person does match them or their preferences.

Can a slave be sold to another? No, most Masters or Mistresses would never do that. Remember this is consensual slavery, a 24/7 arrangement with one person fully in control and another person obeying all the commands and wishes expressed by the other because both of them want this. There is often a lot of love involved in this type of relationship as well. There are mock slave auctions that are used as fund raisers in the community, and slaves would go and serve another man or woman for the evening, but they always go back to the person they chose to be with. Can a slave end a relationship? Yes, they can petition their dominant for release and no responsible dominant would say no if nothing could be done to heal the relationship.

The difference between the two does not make one better than the other. I have seen countless submissives that serve as beautifully and perfectly as some slaves do and prefer not to be called slaves because of the negative connotation to that word. I have also seen many wannabe slaves struggle until they eventually found their place as submissives. It is difficult to devote one's entire life to another person but it is also incredibly rewarding.

Gag Reflex


Open wide and saturate the throat
Are you wondering how to get some mind boggling, satisfying, spectacular throat, or how to give some, without you or your partner gagging? Why do most people gag, and give up hope on orally pleasing their mate? Sometimes they feel it's hopeless. if the object doesn't fit, some feel they must quit!! Well, people, I want you to take an objective point of view when attempting to pleasure and gratify your mate orally.

Difficulty: Moderate
Things You'll Need:

A willing mouth
An open mouth
A saturated mouth
A tooth brush
A willingness to want to pleasure your mate
Stimulating techniques

Step 1

First, understand that your gag reflex is a reflex action. Find out where your gag reflexes start. Starting from the tip of the tongue, to where you first begin to gag, is how far it stretches. Once you can put a finger on that, (no pun intended) you can begin learning how to control it.

Step 2

The gag reflex is a contraction at the back of your throat which stops objects entering the throat except as part of normal swallowing. But, you can re train your reflexes, so that your mate will obtain the utmost pleasure. Sometimes you may have the feeling of loss of control and panic. Don't panic. Remember it's training your reflex and tongue to do something different then normally.

Step 3

Here's how to make it so you never upset your partner by gagging again; You will slightly enhance something you already do everyday! Brush your tongue right where your gag begins. People you will gag. It will be nasty, not for long, but just think of the many compliments you will get! Spend about 10 seconds brushing that area (and gagging), and call it a night.
Repeat the process over the next few nights in the exact same spot. You'll notice you gag less each time you do it.
Increase the brushing area. Once you can touch your toothbrush on that spot without gagging, it's time to move the toothbrush further back. Try brushing increasing the brushing behind where your gag used to begin. This is your new starting point. Repeat the process as you did in the first spot.
Continue moving the brush further. Each time you move the toothbrush back, your gag has been desensitized in the previous spot. Keep moving it further and further back until you've reached the furthest visual point of your tongue.
Be persistent. This whole process should take approximately a month to complete. When it's all said and done, you should be able to take in more than 6 inches, and an object may reach the back of your throat without you gagging.
Once you have practiced, keep the lips, and throat moist. Now that you won't gag, your partner will immediately notice the change!
Remember, practice makes perfect. Don't do something you feel uncomfortable in doing. This is for those wanting to spice up their love life, and make sure they are pleasing to the fullest capacity.

Step 4

Finally, After controlling your reflex, you can then move to technique. Usually a person can't become good at performance because he hasn't controlled the gag. The ability to evenly saturate your mouth without any saliva spilling over is what will glorify your partner. Moisture, plus, gag control=Happy partner! But most of all, communication is the key to a good relationship, Use your mouth in every way, that's what is there for!

Alternate methods:
A few weeks ago my dentist was working a wisdom tooth and had to put a pad way in the back of my throat.
I started to gag and he said: curl you toes. So I bunched them up in my shoes and did not gag
Connection to the gag reflex via the feet?
Distraction so I would not gag?
Don't know but it worked. Let me know if it works for you while putting someone's meat in your throat.

Never stop breathing through your nose while no mouth breathing is going on!