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This Master is seeking to own a true slave for 24/7 permanent relatonship. The slave will be desirous of total subjugation even to the point of becoming a non person.
Voice Verification

Unfortunately, there are many males here pretending to be females. So, before I invest more time with a 'female' at initial contact, I require at least a voice verification.

In its next message to Me, either offer Me its phone number or request mine, slave.

To elaborate a bit, I really do not care if My slave property is male or female. I do not care if the prospective "female" is actually a male that has made contact with Me. I understand how a slave could be so lost in its desire to feel the control of a Dominant that its imagination could take to the point of deception. To Me, that just means the prospective slave property is deeper in its need to serve than most.

The best thing would be for any pretender to confess and seek atonement at the outset of the process of becoming My total slave property.

All relationships start somewhere.  In the complicated connection made between individuals both come with some kind of internal evolution taking place.  If both waited until that evolution totally complimented each other, I doubt many connections would be made.


Come as you are.  Bring your desire.  Feel it grow or not during the time I have allotted for trial.  Feel your internal response to the experience of being totally owned.  Then decide if you are free to give.  Be assured, I am free to take.


Master James

The ritual for asking to speak

I get questions from slaves frequently. Many slaves seem to think it is a slave's entitlement to ask questions of a Master at any time in any fashion. This is a false assumption to make with Me. Below is the ritual a slave must follow if it desires to speak when in My presence. A slave that wishes to ask Me a question on line should at least observe the ritual as best it can.

The ritual for asking a question (or being allowed to speak for that matter) of Me when it is My presence is to kneel and put its lips and tongue to use on My shoes. Then while it kisses and licks, it waits for Me to acknowledge it. This may take a while as what ever I am engaged in is more important than the slave's request for recognition. Should I tire of its presence I may dismiss it with a word or a, maybe not so gentle, kick to the side of the face. The slave must wait at least 15 minutes before attempting to get My attention again. its question must have some value to what I care about, or, the slave will be punished.

If slave should intrude on My time on line to ask a question that is answered in the writings it can find herein it risks being blocked.

I was just notified by My car dealer that it was time to take My van in for service. What a drag. That means two or three hours out of My day just to keep that damn thing in shape. Where is My slave?

My next car with be an electric vehicle. No service is required for it. Cheaper and more convenient. Gotta love it.

Simple Life For A slave

Written by submissive4dominant

its a simple life for a slave. it is removed from the trails and tribulations of the world, it just has one focus, one thing to concentrate its attention on…Master. it can only do its best to follow every order to make life for Master as comfortable, pleasurable and easy as possible. Master has to think, it just has to do. 

it has spent the day cleaning, preparing food, working out to make its body attractive for Master, meditating and focusing on how it can be a better slave, maybe practising a new skill it has been told to learn. A text alerts it to the fact that Master is 5 minutes away so it pours His favourite wine and kneels by the door, head bowed. 

What happens next will depend on Masters mood. Mostly He will grab the wine, dump His briefcase for the slave to put away and slump onto the sofa. Unless ordered otherwise, the slave will crawl over and carefully remove Masters shoes and give Him an expert foot rub, whilst Master drinks and comes down from the stresses of the day. Of course if it has been a particularly bad day Master might need a different form of attention, need to get rid of His frustrations before He can truly relax. A slap to the kneeling slave as He comes in is the signal that it should go and position itself below the frame, offer its body for Master to release His tension on. 

Yes, its a simple life. the slave just needs to live in the moment, it never knows what to expect, doesn’t need just accepts, just obeys. Will it be slapped, will it be stroked…it doesn’t matter each comforts it, lets it know it is fulfilling its purpose in life. 

Gratitude and Adoration

slave needs to Iive in a world of gratitude and adoration. The more it emphasizes those two mental attributes, the happier it will be accepting its true slave self.

My training will help it develop these two alternate mental states, slave.

slave knows no gender, has no expectations, lives to please its betters, keeps its Owner always in mind, knows and expresses gratitude among other things.

The slave reading this probably feels inadequate with out the ability to ever 'measure up.' And, well it should. However, I have never found a slave that adequately fills the above list of particulars. So, I expect to devote much energy and time to training; maybe a life time.

Do not worry about coming to Me as a finished, accomplished slave. Rather, come to Me with an abiding need to be subsumed in devotion and service. Everything else can follow.

Master James

My size 16 shoes are worn out and quite filthy.

I am retiring the shoes shown in My profile picture. The size 16 shoes are worn out and quite filthy. I figure them to be 'tongue ready.' At least ready for some slave that desires such.

I was just going to dump them in the garbage. After the first natural impulse to discard the foot wear, I thought maybe some freak would want them. I have never done anything like this with past worn out shoes. So, this is the first time. Here goes; I will give them away under the following circumstances.

  • The most interesting requester will receive the shoes.
  • It will cost Me nothing to make the 'gift.'
  • I will leave the offer open for 30 days from May 24, 2023.
  • Applicants for the shoes must send me a message telling Me why they want them.
  • Applicants must tell Me how they might use them.
  • Applicants must offer to cover any expense and make the transaction no bother to Me.
  • Since this is My first time with this, the above conditions are subject to change as I may see fit.

One of the options for the shoes is to let the rare online connection with a slave prospect have them to use while practicing the 'permission to speak' ritual. So, I may decide to use them in that fashion rather than give them to some freak. So, no applicant freak may get the shoes. Unfair? it might think. There is nothing fair about being a slave or freak for that matter.

I am interested to see what happens.

Master James

ps I am starting to look for walking shoes and boots. The only problem is I wear size 16 and styles I like are almost aways out of the size.

Effort and Results

There are at least two parts to a slave's existence.  Effort and results.
1. Effort is up to the slave.  At all times the salve must exhibit, even live in, effort.  Always doing the best it can with whatever resources it has, mental or physical, to achieve total involvement in the work assigned it.  This effort goes beyond duty, it is life incarnate for slave.  Nothing in slave's cognition takes priority over effort to please its Owner.
2. Results are the province of the slave's Owner.  In fact, results have nothing to do with slave except how the Master may determine.  To judge results is God like.  slave is only related to God through its Owner.  It may well be slave has experienced life without an Owner.  This 'Ronin' state is the worst possible existence a slave can have.  One of the reasons for this is the freedom the slave has when it has an Owner that takes possession of determining the quality of results. As the Bible indicates the only man (person) free of God’s judgement is a slave.  Thus the slave needs to live in gratitude for everything.  This grateful slave state can never be 'assumed,' but, must always be expressed outside slave's brain in every thing it does and says.  Living in gratitude helps slave apply itself to effort at hand.

Slippery Feet

In the shower this morning, I became aware of the lack of feasibility of soaping the soles of my feet. I mean, slippery feet would lead inevitably to a crash.

That is where a slave comes to service. Before the delightful tending to My feet with warm water, soap and oil; before the tongue worship; after the ritual request to speak; before the satisfying engagement of eye contact over My toes with the lapping slave as it concentrates with adoration on the removal any dirt and smudges that may be on the soles of My feet; comes the anticipation of pleasure at the sound of warm water being poured into the wash basin that will be used as I recline in comfort.

The glance into the eyes on those times its eyes are visible as it labors up and down My soles when, in paroxysms devotion, it applies its tongue to the cleaning project. For Me, not infrequently, pleasure bordering on ecstasy.

And so, after I grant permission for slave to humble itself and order a refreshment, I settle back in My recliner to wait in happy anticipation the humble slave, that has become devoid of self; that is self respect, self care, self concern, self aggrandizement certainly, and has become nothing other than an appliance for My pleasure to provide the ablution with exaggerated care to My feet.

After it has finished the cleaning it will perform the permission to speak again, but, this time kissing a licking clean feet. Once I grant the honor of speaking to its better, it will express with emphatic enthusiasm gratitude for the opportunity to provide its Master with pleasure.

Life as it should be.

Master James

Sadly my iMac has crashed causing loss of all the unsaved data. I have taken my iMac to a recovery.  They took a nominal fee up front, but, told me there would be a $2,800.00 fee if they recovered the data, but, no fee if they failed.  I had them go ahead. They turned out to be a front, agency. I told them to proceed with the recovery.They kept it for a while then wanted an additional $500.00, over and above the amount they promised to not exceed, to continue with the rescue effort.   I told them to return my hard drive to me.  Now I am looking for an honest data recovery service.   Does anybody know of a reliable honest data recovery service?

Difficult, But, Entertaining.

Every once in a while, I have a cunt slave spend the day with their nipples dragging on the floor with every thing they do. it, the slave, is punished if it is found violating the contact order. Yes, it is difficult and, toward the end of the day, painful for the slave. Nevertheless, I find it entertaining, consequently worthwhile.



How long does it take to inspect a piece of meat?

I will start this little entry to My Journal with a quote from My writing about the first meeting with a prospective slave property, “Inspection may take just a few minutes. How long does it take to inspect a piece of meat?”

This sentence was intended to address what I hope to find in a slave’s mentality. I want a slave to approach its possible future life as a piece of property as though it were on the auction block. When it is on the block, what ever trauma it experienced in the process of ending up naked on display available to the highest bidder, is not on evidence. Such trauma, or in the case of My inspection, is irrelevant to the ongoing process of slave acquisition. What I care about is the slave’s sacrifice to be exposed to My inspection with hope, but, maybe without expectation that it will become My property. Much like the slave on the auction block, to be viewed and passed by, rejected, by many and bid on by few up to gaining residence with a previously unknown Owner.

A word about rejection. (Forgive My digression.) Many slaves that are into humiliation as an element fueling their need to become ‘less than’ have discovered rejection as an incredibly powerful humiliation and, therefore, a delicious element in the humiliation paradigm they inhabit. Others fear even the thought of rejection as the ultimate sanction from a Superior. Rejection bights deep and hurts in a long lasting fashion for many slaves. Some slaves think rejection is the worst form of punishment.

The thing is, when I wrote the ‘piece of meat’ comment I did not expect that I would reject a prospective property at one look. The comment was more allegorical of the feeling a slave may have of being exposed on auction than actually running the risk of being immediately rejected. And then it, the piece of meat inspection and rejection, happened.

I have inspected many slaves. I have delved into their mouths for teeth and brain for thinking. I use exhaustive questioning at times, but, always with the idea that this particular ‘meat’ would be what I am looking for. But the most recent inspection was different.

My first look at the prospect caused Me to utter, “it is an ugly fucker, isn’t it?” Brutal and ‘unfair,’ might be the assessment of a casual observer. However, it was a truth spoken by Me to engender a response from the slave that would tell Me much about its attitude. The response it gave, “yes, Master,” was encouraging to Me. Nevertheless, My desire to own this particular piece of chattel went down hill from that instant on.

I had picked it up at the airport. Driving to a restaurant for the initial part of the inspection, I always do the first face to face to face in a public place, I kept glancing at it. Each glance made Me feel more ill at ease. Until, I gave up on the restaurant idea and pulled to the side of the road. Looking it squarely in its eyes, I told it there was no way I want it and that I was taking it back to the airport.

Yes, something happened inside of Me. I am not able to describe it other than it was the opposite of ‘love at first sight.’ Yes, it did not take that long to look at a piece of meat and reject it.

Yes, I am a sadist. However, I am not sadistic without bounds. I am not attracted to killing or snuff fantasies. Nor, I am interested in severing limbs or causing bodily injury that might require anything but most minimal medical attention.

With this ‘piece of meat’ experience I have found a new limit to My sadism. I did not enjoy rejecting it. Actually, I felt a slight tinge of remorse later when thinking about what My behavior. So, it turns out I have psychological bounds as well as physical to My sadism.

Any thoughts, even negative, the reader may have on My little incident would be appreciated.



Slave's Supplications or devotions

Slave's Supplications or devotions:

  1. I beg you to use me for your pleasure. I desire nothing more than to be an that you can use for your enjoyment at any time. I beg You to allow me to please you.
  2. I beg to be made to live to worship you.
  3. Make me give you thanks when you honor me with punishment at your hand. My real punishment is having failed, and having disappointed you I would not deserve your attention.
  4. My body and mind are your property, now and until you may decide you have no further use for me. I beg you to make me feel your ownership of me everyday.
  5. Please, make me feel Your power over me, and Your total control of my life.
  6. I submit willingly to your power and domination. Please, make me feel my submission and your control throughout my day.
  7. I want to obey, serve and please you. Please allow me the privilege of calling you Master.
  8. I realize my sexuality and my orgasms are now your property, allowed to me as a special gift. I beg you to punish me severely if I ever have an orgasm without permission.
  9. I choose willingly to be treated as your property. I beg you to own me utterly and completely.
  10. I beg you to make me behave, and be a good boy/girl. Please allow me the privilege of your discipline when I misbehave.
  11. I beg you to control my clit/cock. When I may touch it, when it may be excited and when it may come. I know my cock/clit now belongs to you.
  12. I beg to be your property. Please help me become your greatest treasure.
  13. Living in Your Grace, my Master my God.
automatic dishwasher

Ingrid Bellemare from her book "Owning and Training a Male Slave".

“Having a slave is like having an automatic dishwasher: set it up and make it do the work. It is there to serve your needs. If something is not working right take corrective action until it's fixed”



In My search for a total slave, I have had several make a "Friend" request of Me.

I tire of explaining to each and every prospective pieces of chattel that I am not looking for a 'friend.' Indeed a slave of mine would never be a friend, buddy, lover or social equal of any kind.

To illustrate, I explain that if I walked into a public Men's room and surveyed the line up of porcelain urinals I would not be looking for a 'friend.' Nor would I expect to treat any of the appliances like a lover.

In fact if the prospective slave were kneeling with its mouth open in the line up of other urinals, I may choose to ignore it for any of a number of utilitarian reasons, like maybe its face was particularly filthy with urine, ejaculate or even human waste and covered with flys.

And, speaking of human urinals, I do like to hear effusive gratitude for the slave's opportunity to be of service to a Better, but, a sign above it, if speech were impaired by say a spider gag, would work as well.

Master James



A book could be, should be, has been? written on the subject. However, in this little piece I am going to address those that masturbate to My writings. 


First thing I want those that engage in the practice of jacking off while reading or chatting with Me to know is your behavior is OK with Me. Whack off to your hearts content. Edge yourself. 


Some few might even have a cock sucker serve you while you peruse My site. Go for it. Good for you.


Sorry, I have not included female pussy players up to this point. Yes, I know you are out there. Same for you; enjoy.


Here is what I would like you to do. Tell me. I know some are to embarrassed to shy or, maybe, to selfish to share their activity with Me. Get over yourself. Do you really think you are all that much that you cannot share?


Ok, enough shaming. One of the adverse effaspects of your spanking your monkey is when you come and the subspace disappears from your head you just drop any communication you are having with me. Do you think that is fair to me? No. No it is not.


Here is what I would like you to do. Just tell Me of your activity when you begin. What are you afraid of? I am not going to reach through your screen and slap you. (Hum, that is an idea, though.) No, just let me know so when you lose sub space and want to leave just say so. That way, you do not feel like you can not return out of embarrassment or what ever self involved feeling might make you reticent.


Anyway, if you tell me of your forbidden(?) activity we might both enjoy it.


I hope everyone has good sex. Except those poor bastards that become My slave property, but, that is another story.



An important message follows this little plea for help, so, read on after this paragraph.  My old iMac has been opened and the hard drive taken out and tested.  The current tech can not download the data from it.  I understand there are others that might be able to.  My plea is help in finding some one.  Do you know of anyone or service accomplished in such a data rescue?



I have tried to inform prospective slave property what life as My chattel could be like.  I have put time and effort into describing what an accomplished slave might experience using examples to help make clear My desires.  The reader might do well to appreciate the fact that I am not trying to 'groom' anyone with false images of what might be.


However, as I read all I have written I fear I have misinformed about My expectations.  A read of all contained here in might well lead a prospective slave to discouragement with the thought it could not ever become what I portray.  I do not want any prospect to be discouraged with the thoughts of failure.  I do not expect anything like an accomplished slave property to start with.  Instead, I look for a slave type with a desire to become totally emotionally attached with Me and desirous of pleasing an Owner as a slave.  Nothing more.  


In fact, many slaves will never become all I might desire.  That does not mean I would not want to own it.  Actually, I enjoy the process of training even if the results may not be all I might hope for.  The effort and dedication of a slave to that process is a treasure to me, not necessarily the results.


Here is an example of what I am trying to express: I have preferences with regard to the physical attributes of My slave property.  Although I am prepared to work with time and effort to make changes in the slave to make the property more desirable to Me, some changes are impossible.  An example might be the length of a slave tongue.  I want a long tongue to come from the mouth of a slave for certain services.  Very few slaves are so endowed.  There is little that can be done to lengthen a tongue, although the effort to do so can be rewarding, at least to me.  Does that mean I will not take to property a slave with a deficient tongue? No, certainly not.


The same is true of a slave that can not emotionally or mentally quite measure up to some of the wilder desires I have.  Does that mean I will not take to property slave with a deficient mental attitude?  No certainly not.  As with the tongue example, the effort of the slave property to gain a more pleasing, to me at least, mental attitude is rewarding and a treasure to me.  


So, the slave prospect that is reading this should take heart and not become discouraged at the prospective future.  Rather, it should try to live in the current moment, allow the feelings that are natural to it to manifest inside it's head and heart allow the subspace it so dearly needs to flow through it and enjoy that feeling as it reads.  


Communicating with Me.


Prospective slave property may want to go out of their way to show respect for Me as its potential Owner. So, how to show respect?


Here are a some guidelines:

  1. In each and every sentence addressed to Me slave should include the honorariums Sir, Master or both.

  2. Capitalization as demonstrated in this message should be observed, while, using lower case for any reference to it.

  3. To ask Me a question is allowed only with My permission. Since we are not face to face, it may beg permission from Me to be permitted to ask a question. No matter My response, it should always expressed gratitude taking My time begging for permission. There is a ritual for a slave to observe regarding getting permission to ask a question when in My presence.

  4. Gratitude is essential in growing proper mind set in a slave. it should never miss an opportunity to express gratitude.

  5. Flattering Me is encouraged. Repetition of the same flattering phrases is not.

  6. It must read all of My writings. 

  7. It should expect to travel to Me for inspection.


Until it have been inspected and taken to training, it has free choice, without recrimination, to observe the foregoing guidelines, or not. Without recriminations means its lack of following the guide lines will not keep it from having a successful inspection and entering the trial period.

Dinning Out with slave

I expect My slave was excited. At least I was hoping it would generate expectations in its little brain. it had not been fed solid food in the last ten days. it was being treated to My lose weight regime. Yes, it had lost a little, but, far from the goal I had determined for it.

Outside its cage I had enjoyed leaving pizza fresh from the oven in order that it might enjoy its denial. Actually, I doubt it was ‘enjoying’ smelling the pizza while slowly starving. What it enjoys is not an issue of My particular concern. Needless to say, I enjoyed its discomfort. In its journal it was recording dreams of gorging itself on delicious pizza. So, I offered a torture by way of tantalus for My pleasure.

In any case I watched its face closely as I announced it would be accompanying Me out to dinner. it had just finished its required ten miles on the tread mill and was sweating profusely. I let it catch its breath and cool down to the point of an onset of chill. I took a bight of a large corn-beef sandwich while its eyes devoured the sight of My pleasure. I slowly chewed the sandwich while My slave involuntarily chewed nothing but saliva.

When it seemed to be at the point of crying with the frustration of dental and hunger, I swallowed to clear My mouth and, negligently dropping the half eaten sandwich on the floor, I began to speak.

“Slave, tonight it will accompany Me to dinner out. I will allow it to wear ladies panties, the tight little boy shorts and a T-shirt. it will play chauffeur to the restaurant. it will sit on its hands and not speak without a nod of approval from Me. Before I go out to eat, I will beat it in order that it might keep its servile position in life firmly in its mind. I grant it the opportunity ask a question now about tonight’s adventure. Remember, any answer including punishment for any impertinence I perceive must elicit profound gratitude from it. Ask now, slave.”

Poor thing, it could not resist the crying need it felt for, at a minimum, the prospect of receiving food. “Master will it be fed tonight?” To which I responded with a series of face slaps. At each it did as it had been trained and forced its face up to face slapping position with its eyes firmly fixed on mine. No matter how hard I struck its impertinent cheeks it thanked Me profusely for a number of things. The ‘things’ included that it was receiving attention from a Better, it had the opportunity to serve, that it was learning etc. 

Later that day, still wondering if it would be fed, the slave although in advanced years of age was dressed much like a little boy included Buster Brown shoes was kneeling by the front door waiting to drive Me to My repast. 

As I approached the door ready to leave My residence, I thought I heard My slave properties stomach growl its protest at the lack of something to digest. Darn if I thought I heard the same little growl as I passed it through the door it held open to the interior of My car. I gave it the destination from My comfortable seat. I suspect the slave was pleased to be driving rather than locked in the trunk of the car as it usually was.


It did a competent job of driving, holding the door for me at the entrance of the restaurant and then parking the car. I enjoyed the sight of it running back to me to open the door of the eating establishment. When I announced My name we were conducted to a both. My slave used a handkerchief it carried for just such occasions to wipe down the seat I was about to occupy. As I sat, it waited at the ready should I require anything else in the moment.

When I was comfortable, I took a moment to survey the table. The linen tablecloth was spotless and was not overly starched. The flatware was sterling, the plates were all porcelain and the glass all crystal. It pleased Me to see such an elegant setting before me. All the while My slave property maintained a standing posture ramrod straight with eyes focused on My face waiting for instructions.

I casually looked at My adoring chattel and nodded slightly. At this indication from Me it took its seat on its hands.

The reader may skip the following digression. Sitting on one’s hands sounds simple enough. However, hand sitting is far from comfortable. The reader might like to try a little experiment and spend some time sitting on hands for a while. The longe one sits in that fashion the less comfort afforded. Further, there is the question of palms up or down. Up or down question in My realm depends on the surface the ass is to rest on. A hard surface with palms up leaves discomfort to mount slowly to the ass while the back of the hands almost immediately suffer from the weight of the sitter and the hard surface the knuckles and back of hand are pressed into. A soft cushion, such as the current eatery provided would receive the back of the hand with grace and ease. However, if the hands are palm down, the soft surface causes the hands to bend backward and over time gain certain agony to the sitter. Guess which way My slave property had been trained to orient its palms?

Water was in each of the crystal water glasses provided. There was a carafe of H2O on the table as well. I sipped My water while I perused the menu. My slave property kept its eyes on My face should I require anything, even as its thirst remained unquenched. I discarded the wine list. My drinking days are long past. However, I was aware My slave was a drinker (the reader should note the past tense.)

The waitress arrived to collect the order. She enquired about drink preference. Noting My decline and nothing by way of speech from My companion, went on to the food question. My order was rather simple, a crab cocktail, followed by a caesar salad, main course of prime rib. 

“And for the gentleman?” enquired the wait person after turning to face it. 

I watched as My slave’s face reddened ever so slightly. I looked forward to reading its journal entry regarding this whole dinner, especially, its reaction to the “for the gentleman” inquiry. I sadistically savored its quandary of imperative sustenance need and secure knowledge it was to have only what I allowed.

“You may bring one dry piece of toasted white bread, please.”

With a very well, Sir, she turned to place the order with the cook.

“it may have a sip of water, slave.” Of course My slave property could not resist taking more than a sip. It even allowed some liquid to dribble down its chin as it downed half a glass. “Remind Me, slave, to beat it severally for taking more than a sip and for removing hands from under its ass without permission.”

One of the things I lost when My Imac went tits up was a collection of stimulating material that was done in the UK under the name of Bitch Slapped.  I would appreciate receiving any replacemt pictures and vids.

Master James

A small disaster has occurred in my life. My Imac has quit on me. All it displays is a circle with a diagonal slash through it.


All of my files for the last 5 years have gone with the Mac. Can anyone help? I have taken it to a technician. This ‘expert’ has given up hope. He is so discouraged that he has stopped answering my text messages. Or maybe he has been revolted by some of the stuff he has seen on my other computer.

Anyway, lots of S/m pictures and stories are gone. 

I would be willing to pay someone to rescue my files. Are you the one? Do you know someone?


Ann's Deep Rub Facial

The following is part of a much longer story I have written. I will not be presenting it here as much of it would not pass censorship.


At the back door there was a note “I am in the study. Make me black tea and bring it, with cream, to me.”

My face flushed with excitement. I made the tea and took it to the study. I stood there, in my short little pleated cheer leading skirt and sweater, looking for a place to set down the tea and condiments.

MRS. MARQUIS, who was reading, did not bother to look up. After a while she indicated the little table near her. I moved the little box aside and sat the tray down. MRS. MARQUIS appraised what I had done and commented that it would take a while to train me properly. While I remained standing she indicated I should pour her tea with an impatient gesture of her hand. Then she added cream to her tea and then stared rather contemplatively at my chest. After a while she spoke.

“Are you ready for another test?” I answered in the affirmative. “You will go to the hall closet and bring me one of the pairs of riding gloves you find there. Make sure it is the oldest most beat up of the lot.”

There was riding equipment in the closet. Including riding boots, crops and a couple buggy whips. The gloves were laid out on a rack. It took just a second to find a pair that was a little scuffed. All the others looked new. I returned to MRS. MARQUIS. I offered her the gloves.

“Put them on me, stupid.”

It was very strange to put gloves on another persons hand so I fumbled around a bit.

“Don’t you think it would be easier if you knelt?”

“Yes of course,” I said as I sank to my knees.

“You are not very good as a supplicant. But then you have had no training. Would you like to learn more about yourself and service?”

“Yes” I was stammering again.

“Well we shall begin. You have offered, yesterday, to endure discomfort for my pleasure. What would please me now would be to slap that insipid face of yours. Put your hands behind your back Grab opposite fore arms. Arch your chest forward. Hold your face up. Very good. Now I will slap your face from side to side, by the way, you should know that I am using old gloves because you are not worthy of the new ones. I would not want to scuff a good glove on your face. You will return your face to a forward looking position quickly after each slap. Are you ready?”

I stammered a “yes”.


My face stung furiously after just the first slap. But I brought it back to the ordered position.

“Quicker” was the order.

Again the slap. I learned to keep my mouth shut when my teeth cut the inside of my mouth. I returned my face to the requisite position, only to learn that I was not fast enough. I got quicker, in spite of the pain, so quick that she could swing as fast as she wanted. My eyes red from tears. But before I lost clear vision I could see the look of extreme pleasure on her face. This slapping continued for what seemed an eternity.
When she stopped my ears were wringing and my vision red. My face felt like it was covered with Deep Heat Rub. I was sobbing. She pulled me to her. Close to her. As I knelt, she pulled my face to hers and kissed me gently on the lips. Later she put my face to her breast. I knew my tears were leaving dark spots on the garment she wore.

“There, there my little bitch it is not so bad now. Is it?”

Wake up

The day has been long and tiring. you get the last seat on the bus. you are grateful for the opportunity to sit. your legs are tired from the day.

At the next stop several people get on. One old man ends up standing in front of you. you glance at him, but, try to ignore the old codger. Vaguely you hope his grey beard does not shed on you.

Somewhere deep inside you a disquiet disturbs your comfort. you raise up and offer the old guy your seat. Other people on the bus admire your generosity. The old guy sighs as he carefully lowers his creaky body into the space you have left him.

A lady sitting across from you says, "that was a nice thing to do."

It was, but, that is not why you sacrificed. No, and not because you were thinking of one of your elderly parents. No, this was not a 'nice thing to do.' This was in compliance with your inner need to serve and suffer. you have a slave heart.



The integrity of the Master differs from that of the slave.


A Master’s integrity is a gift He gives Himself.


A slave’s integrity is a gift it gives its Master.


One of the elements of integrity concerns behavior when no external observation is possible. The Master’s concern is how He conducts His affairs when He and His conduct may remain anonymous. When He conducts Himself correctly He can view Himself with humble respect.


If the it breaks slave rules, whether observed or not, must report such sin to its Owner. The Owner decides how the slave may be viewed. Part of the report of slave’s failings should include begging for the opportunity to gain atonement in whatever fashion the Master may decree. The slave does not indulge itself with concerns about how it may view itself. it depends on Master’s judgement for all and everything, except as Master my decide.


The slave’s integrity is measured in how well, quickly and adequatly it reports transgressions to its Owner.



The picture for the following scene deion next week shows the soles of My shoes and a call bell in My hand.


I have just returned from walking on a very popular board walk along puget sound. The only problem with this wonderful stroll is the filth left by dogs on the boards. 


People love to walk their dogs where they can also enjoy the vista of sound and mountains. However, people do not love to clean up after their animals. 


Now I am home. As anyone can see I have rang the hand bell to call my slave. 


Does the reader consider itself a slave? If so, the above view is what it gets when it answers the bell on its knees as it should. Looking up it sees the soles of my shoes. 


Tell Me, slave, how does it feel looking up? 


Is it hesitant? 

Who’s time is it anyway?


I would not take to property any slave that was not totally My property.


On more than one occasion, I have had prospective slaves misunderstand time. The slaves in question have offered non specific time instead of a definite time I directed. 


Some slaves are journalling at My request. I direct them to make daily submissions to Me at a specific time each day; a time of slave’s choice. Many respond by offering a non-compliant time. They might offer to obey direction for journal submission the morning or evening of each day.


That broad a time frame may be convenient for the slave. A non-specific time may work well in their life. 


The basic problem is the idea that the slave has the option to arrange its life for its convenience. The slave seems to hold the belief that time belongs to it to manage. A total slave owns nothing, especially time. Time is one of the many things that are in the province of its Owner. Having it operate as a supplicant on My time frame teaches it the lesson about, “Who’s time is it anyway.”

Humiliation at the ding sound from the bathroom.


it might come to love the sound of a bell ringing, slave. I have a desk bell located by each toilet in my domicile. (it may have seen such bells on registration desks of motels) I tap the top of the bell plunger to call the current serving urinal slave from wherever it my be.


Ding. And it comes running to serve as urinal. This ‘ding’ sound may come to live as an ear worm in its head.


Master James

Entering pictures on this site is problematic.  Those curious might visit My profile on Fetlife,


Acceptance instead of expectation.


The following was found in a journal of a German slave with a user name of “foreverslavery” on Collarspace. I have not received a response to my request to use the passage. I suspect a large part of it was written by someone else.


In any case the writing displays a characteristic I want in a slave I would own. That characteristic is a mind set of living in acceptance rather than expectation.


The road to discontent is paved with expectation. 


Slavery Truth


Many ask if slaves truly exist. In the way a dictionary and history define slavery, no they do not exist in most modern countries. (Though there is some contention that slavery rings do still exist in secret) Most people in civilized countries generally agree that the legal ownership of another human being is immoral and thus make it illegal. However, in the world of BDSM, one will find that some of the people involved call themselves by many different terms; one of these is the term "slave". Of course, this often raises the question of how is a slave different from a submissive. This question often is met with outright hostility, disbelief in the existence of slaves and the thought that the words slave and submissive (as nouns) are interchangeable terms within the context of BDSM. Many will not agree with any of those thoughts, and I am one of them. I have spent a great deal of time talking with slaves in the honest attempt to better understand them, their lifestyle choices, and judge for myself whether or not this is a healthy variation to the BDSM lifestyle.


    To the question of whether or not slaves exist inside of BDSM I say that yes they do. They may not be the largest group, but there are quite a few. Do slaves differ from submissives? Again, my answer is yes they do. Slaves tend to differ from submissives by the way they think, act, submit and their expectations.


    A slave tends to think more along the lines of black and white. They have very little room for leeway or shades of gray in their lifestyle choices. They do not seem to expect much leeway in the reaction of their dominant either. By this I mean, if a slave is feeling ill and thus doesn't complete all their usual daily tasks, they will expect the dominant to react with the usual punishment. A submissive may be more inclined to expect leniency from the dominant because they were ill. A slave thinks in terms of being owned, not in terms of submitting. To them, being in a collared relationship means they are owned, and often this translates into the statement that they do not have the "right" "choice" or "option" to walk out if the relationship goes bad. This does not mean a slave will accept an abusive relationship, though their tolerance limits for what is abusive and what is not seem to be higher than those of a submissive. This belief in ownership stems from a strong commitment on both an emotional and mental level to the dominant. There is a level of acceptance of the dominant's behavior that can be more intense and widespread than many submissives would allow. For example, a dominant wants to bring in a third to the relationship. A submissive may demand certain criteria be met before they allow ( yes, allow) such to occur, whereas a slave may say "It is not up to me, if this is what Master wants, so be it" and quietly accept this new change. To some this kind of thought process is considered wrong or somehow brought out by abuse, but this is not necessarily true. A slave thrives on the absolute fact, that they literally have no control over the relationship or what will occur within it, whereas a submissive often retains some level of control in the relationship. The thought process focuses solely on what would make the master/mistress happiest and how the slave can be most pleasing to them. Subs tend to think of themselves and their own pleasure in addition to that of their dominant. Slaves work very hard to put themselves second in all the things and their owners first. To them, this is what comes with being a slave and submitting completely. Slaves put forth a lot of effort in achieving an inner peace with their chosen position. With this peace comes acceptance of themselves, and a quiet sense of contentment. They view pride, arrogance and other such emotions as negative and unbecoming in a slave.


    A slave's behavior is different from a submissive as well. If you listen to slaves talk about their behavior (or watch them), they often speak of being quietly accepting, in control of themselves at all times, formal, and other such things. There seems to be more focus on how the slave behaves at any given moment, with less leeway. In many slave relationships, the slave is required to use an honorific at all times, and couldn't conceive of calling their master/mistress by any other name. Most slaves find yelling, tantrums, fits, or any other out of control behavior on the part of a slave to be reprehensible and deserving of severe punishment. Slaves put a lot of emphasis on their behavior and how they react to their dominant. They hold themselves to a high level of self-control. They require of themselves to have a pleasing demeanor as much as possible. They see no room for bratting behavior, any form of topping from the bottom, or any other form of manipulating the dominant. They see bratting as topping from the bottom, whining, cajoling or making requests after the initial denial as manipulative behavior that focuses on the slave's needs/desires instead of the dominant's and thus not proper. They look down on any behavior that is perceived as designed to force the dominant to meet a need of the slave, rather than the slave focusing on the dom's needs. A slave will strive for perfection within themselves in completin

Master does not chat with prospective slave property before inspection.


Exception: I will offer a picture of Master and the opportunity to ask limited questions to potential slave property that completely fill out My questionnaire. it may request the opportunity to complete the questionnaire any time after a firm date and time for inspection has been established.


Some slaves may find the questionnaire too invasive. In the process of taking a slave property into My domain I will sooner or later know everything about it. It is just a matter of timing: tell Me now or tell Me later.

Send its email address when requesting questionnaire.  I prefer to use email for this exchange.


Reading all the material Master has here on offer will divulge much about what slave may expect as property.


Would I trust the word of an addict? No, of course not. I would trust an addict will be true to its addiction and use reason, including deception, to maintain its drug supply.

But, one might say, we are not addicts here. We are into Domination and submission. We have fetishes. Not drug use.

Well, here is the thing about addiction. My body does not care where the drug it wants comes from. Like if I were into sticking needles in my body to deliver any one of many legal or illegal drugs my body would not care about legal niceties. Any old drug source would work.

A drug that works inside the body is almost always one the body creates naturally. The needle merely delivers higher concentration or more frequently than my body can provide. In other words, there are basically only two delivery systems. One from outside the body and one from inside.

Well, how about stimulating the body to create its own drug with out the use of a needle. We do that all the time. Not infrequently referred to as satisfying emotional needs. Serotonin, adrenalin and oxytocin to name a few. Can one be addicted to the internally created drugs? Well, that would explain things like infatuation and love. In fact addiction is used by nature to help insure the survival of the species. Adults must attach, or become addicted, to offspring in order to insure the progeny survive and become, hopefully, useful members of society. 

How about long distance runners? What kind of high do you suppose they are chasing?

What happens when one is ‘addicted’ to sub space? All the hallmarks of addiction are present. Increasing stimulation, or altering tolerance, of the feeling of submission both in intensity and frequency is needed to achieve ever deeper and more desirable sub space. Withdrawal occurs when the stimulation is not available. What stimulates? How about humiliation? But, most prevalent, masturbation and fantasy are the ‘needle’ that causes the body to deliver the desired result.

Now a rational person would know without any reminder from me that fantasy is not truth or reality. But, the subspace addict tends, in an increasing fashion, to live in the fantasy. Fantasy, because of the social sanctions and false ‘sex images’ delivered by ones environment (more about social influence below). An outside observer might well say the afflicted person is lying to itself. Maybe.

The subspace addict must live to some degree, greater for some; less for others, in a real world. You know, wife, kids, boss, minister, parents, siblings and most painfully of all a world steeped in bias, prejudice, beliefs and simplistic thinking. How does one do that? Why the subspace addict becomes adept at presenting a, hopefully, believable facade. But, the inner self is crying out for its drug. So, the addict lives in internal conflict. That of between what it is and what it thinks it should be. That of trying to resolve reasonable needs of real world with the emotion of inner needs. Good luck.

Actually, emotion always wins if the contest prize is about serenity. There is no serenity as long as the emotional needs are not met. Good luck.

But, this much too long essay is titled ‘honesty.’ Why is all the above relative to honesty? Well, as a Dominant I search for a submissive, actually I search as an Owner for slave property. Anyway, the prospective property lie to me. They are so conflicted that they get tangled up in their minds about all the overwhelming reality their fantasy does not consider. They say one thing, but, are unable to deliver when reality bites. 

I require a slave property show up in person for an initial ‘inspection’ before I get mired in explanations examples and details of life as My property. As a practical matter, if I engaged each and every ‘slave’ that contacted me in their fantasy or in their fear or in their inner conflict, I would have no time left in the day to live a life. The slave must conquer its fears of real life consequences and physically commit to an action: that is show up.

Many say they will, but, fail to show up. Did they lie to me? Not in my book. They were honest to their ‘addict.’ They just lost their ongoing battle with their accommodation to the ‘real’ world. They will probably go forward in their life, steeped in conflict, with thoughts of what if and what could have been and self recriminations. In other words no serenity.

Do I think less of them for not showing up? No. They are flapping around like a recently landed fish dying on the dock. I pity them. I wish I could do more to help them deal with their inner conflict. 

I do try.

Service person

I was out walking along the board walk that runs in front of my condo along Puget Sound. This mile long walkway is busy with pedestrians many with their dogs getting their daily exercise in a rather spectacular setting: delightful.

Anyway, most all one might encounter are vanilla types or if they are into D/s not ‘out of their particular closet.’ Most are older with various infirmaries, but, ambulatory. Many have dogs that are poorly trained. Dogs that jump at passersbys or are otherwise ill trained. Occasionally, there are service animals providing protection, direction and confidence to their owners. Rarely, there are guide dogs seeing for their blind wards.

Behind me, as I walked, trialed, one and one half step and slightly to my left thank you, my slave property. it walked, as it should, with its eyes focused on my heels with its mouth firmly shut. When I stopped it stopped, as it should maintaining its distance and focus.

I was stopped by a chatty elderly woman, vanilla no doubt, that wanted to engage in ‘pleasantries’ for her, no so much for me. Anyway, I put some effort into agreeing it was a beautiful day and dog owner should be more careful to pick up after their mutts etc. 

Breaking my boredom she asked, “and who is this with you?” It then dawned on me what her reason probably was for interrupting my walk. 

“This is a service person in training.” I said without prior intent or particular consideration for all honest things in my life.


“What in the world is a service person?” she demanded.

“Well, (have you noticed how much BS is started with ‘well?’) there are people in the world that have various chronic afflictions that need careful monitoring. Everything from sleep walking to certain types of epilepsy to cardiac conditions etc. Some people have combinations of these afflictions. Although dogs can be trained for some situations training a dog for combinations gets impossible. And so, humans of a certain type are trained to the task.”

She was not particularly impressed with my creative explanation, although I confess I enjoyed it a lot. “So what do I call you?” she addressed my slave. Now it knows it does not interact with others without my express permission. So, it looked at me with the ‘what do i do now’ look.

“You will have to excuse my trainee for not responding. Just like the service dogs you might encounter, it (I did slip up with that ‘it’ she was vanilla after all) needs not be distracted by attention from others. You know like petting or talking to it (oops again).”

With that I continued on my way with slave in trail. As I walked I was designing T shirts that proclaim service person in training for it and service trainer for me or some such variations.

Anybody know where I might get T shirts custom printed?



Induction or Trial Period

 After inspection there may be a trial period.  This is a time when the prospective slave property experiences what being My property entails. That is slave may leave at any time up until commitment. 

This trial period lasts until either Master or it decide to leave off or slave commits to becoming My chattel.  In terms of time, the induction may last one day or up to 6 months.  As stated above, at any time during the trial period either may terminate the process.  During this time slave may exercise choice.  While after commitment, slave looses any opportunity for choice except as the Master may allow.

I have been asked to clarify induction.  Please excuse the redundancy.

During the period of induction, aka trial, slave may leave at any time.  Or, Master may dismiss it any time.  There are no conditions for termination of trial; no reason is needed.

If during that trial period if both agree slave may become total chattel property of Mine.  

Notice, choice is available to slave up until both agree differently.


Reason vs Emotion

Many answer My profile with uncertainty about what and who they are. A few have even suggested (demanded, can you believe?) I kidnap them, confine them, torture them until (guess what?) they become what they actually need to be: a total slave. 

More frequently, the neophyte slave wants Me to convince their reasoning self that they actually need to be what their emotional inborn self wants and needs. Engaging in dialog with this group leads to exhaustion on My part and ultimate discovery by the struggling slave that “we do not fit” or “it can not quite give up its current existence.” They are trapped in their own internal conflict that I would be hard pressed resolve for them. 

On the continuum of living the reality and harboring dreams, fantasies and in born desire those described above are in the middle. Probably, as might well be depicted under a bell curve, that would be the 80% occupying the center range. My guess is about 10% of those with inborn need to submit will live their lives, probably with nagging discontent and frustration, without ever confronting that need. It is the last 10% of the population that I want to find. This last little group are slaves that have accepted what they are. Most likely, if they think about why they are what they are, they will consider themselves ‘born slave.’ Probably only 5% of that 10% will successfully arrive for my inspection.

So, in terms of what I do here, the slave the responding to My profile should not expect chat or kidnapping. But rather, be prepared to sacrifice enough to travel to Me for the possible start of a lifetime of what they were born to do: service.


Chastity strictly speaking is a state of being. The connotation is concerned with purity. In olden times a chaste person was assumed to be free form venereal disease. Further it was thought that person would also have certain character attributes. That their thinking was free of prurient interest was a major attribute. In other terms they did not sexualize things or people.

An individual in locked in a chastity device without orgasm will over time gain the same state of innocence. So yes, My slave property will be kept in chastity. Once this state is entered the slave will find a peace and contentment it may not have recollection of ever entering in its past existence. For some, it will be a state of serenity. Will I allow slaves to live continuously in such bliss? Not likely.

This state of being occurs over time in males after castration. This return to the innocence of prepuberty is the basis for My considering chastity as a form of castration if but temporary and reversible.

Interestingly, if a chastised individual is allowed the pleasure of orgasm and ejaculation it will, over time, return to the sexually obsessed state it may have had prior to the period of denial. This phenomenon marks one of the differences between castration and chastity. The period of time differs from one to another. My experience indicates about six months.

Freeing a slave from whatever sex centered ideation it may have leaves its brain available for service to its Superior Owner. This, of course, is a desirable thing. Therefore, most all of My slave property will be locked in chastity. slave’s period of denial, at least for the first couple of weeks, can be a grueling torturous event. Locking a slave’s cock in an inflexible irremovable cage will over time result in changes the Master finds most desirable.

At least initially. Locked up some ‘male’ penises will try repeatedly and with marginal success to gain erection and relief for its swollen prostate. its mind will become fixated on sexual things and frustration. it may well experience actual pain and mental distress: true anguish. This period may last days or weeks. Sleep for a few nights may be very difficult. Nights will be spent awake, or semi so, with the sexual ideation and unfulfilled need for sexual release. The discomfort of the slave is one of many things that can bring pleasure to Me as a sadist.

After the slave has served Me the blissful state of prepubescence I will start the whole process over again. Milking probably without orgasm will occur. A period of time will elapse with regular sexual release until its old way of thinking with its penis will be established. At some point in time after the establishment, the old chastity cage will be locked on it and it will start the delightful, at least delightful for Me, process over again.

Yes, chastity will occur for female slave as well. Mechanically, with some differences as one might expect.


Maintenance Beating

There has been an on going discussion about maintenance beating.  Generally, I adhere to the idea of that in order to keep the slave's mind right.

Of course, regular maintenance beatings are seperate and apart from punishements that may have been earned by the slave.

Certainly, when intially entering My service daily maintenance beatings are necessary to promote acculturation.  Service to Me requires a greatly reduced ego in the slave.  That energy that was once selfe centered in the slave must be redirected to My benefit.

Thing is, the slave that I desire wants exactly the same thing.  However, not infrequently its social adjustments have included messages about itself that contradict its inborn nature and it lives in conflict.  To the degree that conflict is resolved to that degree it finds peace and fullfilment.

There is the issue of pain sluts.  These masochists crave punishment.  With this type I do have alternate means of ego right sizing.

On an ongoing basis maintenance beatings will most likely be the rule in My house.  The frequency and intensity of the beating will be tailored to My desires, not the slaves.


The first step in the process of a slave becoming My property is inspection.  I have been asked many times what is involved with inspectuin,  Here it is:

Inspection is its opportunity to demonstrate its desire to become nothing but slave property: an it.

Inspection may take just a few minutes. How long does it take to inspect a piece of meat?

What will happen at inspection depends on how it pleases Me. it may be sent away with nothing more than a casual viewing. it may be offered the opportunity to demonstrate its desire to become nothing.

At inspection, it may leave at any time without any restraint. In other words it will still have choice.

However, if both Master and potential slave property agree more may take place. For example, Master may take the time and trouble to explain the process by which the slave becomes property. The slave may have the opportunity to ask questions.

Further activities may, or may not, follow.

Acculturation or Training

After inspection there will be a time of acculturation or training. During this time either Master or slave may part company without any reason needed. This period of time may be as short as one month or as long as one year. For slave it would be a great time to discover what it really is and what life style resonates with its innerself.

This morning as I was taking My first piss of the day, I realized I had no slave's mouth to receive My golden nector.  Seem like a shame to Me.

Certainly, one of any slave's many duties should be as a human urinal for any and all of its Betters.

There is something quite charming in the way a slave's eyes bulge as it tries to keep up with the golden stream.  Especially, when the its lips form a seal around the Master's prick.