Hetero Male Submissive, 56, Ontario, Canada 
G'day dear female reader,
I am Andy, 57 years old and originally from Germany,
retired and traveling around the world.  
I am able to stay for longer on almost ever country on earth, when I want to stay in this country.
I love nature and animals, but most of all
serving and spoiling my female leader and beloved partner,
honoring and respecting her the way she deserves.
But I like to be out with you just as vanilla-like, holding hands, teasing each other and laughing away from the DS.  If I overdo it,
then the look of your eyes will tell me that and I remeber where my place is.
Unfortunately, that has never really worked out in my life so far.
Back then, there weren't the opportunities that there are today
to look for like-minded people around the world and somehow
you were still far too young
and sometimes thought that it was just a phase,
that it wasn't normal, that it would pass.
But it didn't pass and so I always had relationships in which
I was never really happy and when I tried to ask my partner whether
she might want to take on the role of a mistress, it was always
dismissed as perverted and I have always doubted
whether I was really normal.
I can still remember exactly how jealous I was every time
a friend told me how jealous his girlfriend is. I secretly wished that
my girlfriend is jealous too, that maybe she would slap me
if I was late come home, or that she'll spank my ass
so I can always feel her, or maybe she'll put a chastity device on me
after kicking my testicles when I go wirh friends,
just let me know that I'm hers.
I'm not the man for 24/7.  
If I have to, I can assert myself very well,
but I don't actually want to have to do that all the time
and in a relationship I don't want to have to assert myself at all,
I would like,
No I need to be guided and educated according to your wishes,
but I certainly won't always just say "yes" to everything, that's not my nature.
I think more than level 2 is not working for me.
You may also need to convince me that I'm wrong every now and then.
I would like to give the woman at my side a better life
by pampering her as much as I can. 
I can cook, clean and give amateur moderate massages.  
I think ahead and I am an acceptable craftsman.
It makes me happy when I can make a woman happy,
it's the same with sex.  
It has always been important to me that women have pleasure.
My pleasure is when the woman has fun.  
It's not important to me at all that I come.  
For me, sexual fulfillment is when I can make a woman happy.  
If at the end she allows me to do it myself in front of her eyes
then I will be infinitely happy.
I also love having to endure pain for you,
but I will never try to do bad work just to hope to get a punishment.
On the contrary, when I'm doing my job, I'm sometimes very dominant
because then I get upset, I concentrate on my work and want to do it
as effective as possible. 
If you wants to reward or punish me, in whatever way,
you will find a reason for it.
I don't want to be made submissive by punishment, I like it much more when you enjoy inflicting pain on me, when you enjoy watching me whimper under your hands, which in turn can of course be used as a weapon  to make myself submissive, but only to a certain level and of course only out of love, passion and devotion.
I've worked very hard physically all my life and so my back and knees
are no longer as healthy as I would like, I have to lie down 1 to 2 times
a day and take painkillers
I can hardly do any sports anymore.  
I can swim and I can do light fitness training and go on a ergometer,
so it would be very helpful if you helped me do that every day.  
Unfortunately, I'm a bit too lazy on my own and can't get off my ass
But I like to ride a motorcycle and also like to go camping.
Hiking isn't really my thing because the bumps are too hard
for my knee joints.
I'm more a beach vacation person. 
Due to this physical impairment, you obviously have to take into account
how you want to punish me physically;
I need it to be a little more comfortable during the session.
I like to take on household chores, especially the more unpleasant ones like cleaning the toilet, cleaning the floor on all fours, carrying out small repairs on the house or apartment and taking care of technical things.  I love cooking for you and pampering you with culinary delights, but due to health reasons I will never be able to do all the work that needs to be done around the house.
I would be happy to offer my broad shoulder and take you in my arms,
support you, give you comfort and hold you,
because no woman can always be 100% strong.  
In these moments she needs a strong partner and that is me.
I'm not a quiet mouse, I like to make jokes and
I'm sometimes cheeky, but never maliciously cheeky.
I would like to apologize that some of this reads a bit strange,
English is not my native language.

in devotion
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