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Looking for a sub/ slave for real life fun. Turning life long desires into moments of reality, that's what I am after.

I be wanting to give kinky task but I don't have anyone to give them to yet

I've been reaching out to more people irl and making some connections. Over the weekend there was a very impromptu long edging session with one of my friends.

It was insane because I didn't expect anything and he surprised me by having so much restraint while also being bricked up for several hours. There wasn't any heavy handedness or stripping in fact we were clothed the whole time.

Being ace and also a domme I very much do not cater to sexual gratification or allow people my body.

Nearing the end I allowed him a boob grab which lead to me squirting milk all over my shirt....he  ruines  his shorts 🥰

There was about an hour of after care talking about boundaries and trauma and him opening up about himself and thanking me for letting him be vulnerable with me. I also got to take a short nap and decompress from that. He offered to treat me to dinner the next day but I had other plans 

I really value being able to be a safe space for people who don't hold entitlement over my time or body.  I really enjoy using sessions to address frustrations and emotions for people.

I think one of the hardest parts for people who are interested in me as a domme who are strictly online or faraway is that I am very extroverted

I check messages and forget to reply . I do a lot in my vanilla life and I'm moderately popular. I just went to 2 birthday parties, I have another next week. I go to bbqs, camping, raves, hiking, etc.

And I'm also very involved in my local community.

Speaking of hiking I had such a nice conversation with a pup about work out routines and how I enjoy a lot of scenery where I am and would love to one day take him on a walk 💗 very sweet.

But all of that to say: as much as I get hundreds of messages and would love to get to everyone, I am very picky with where I put my time as a Goddess. As well as aware of how many people want my attention. That is just the nature of the lifestyle 

But I hope you all keep your faith. Perhaps get in your knees and pray your Goddess will rescue you from your day to day life.

I'm still looking for a  experienced sub/slave. 

Is anybody into Anr? Send me a message 

I am a Cultured creative Sapiosexual Goddess who thrives on stimulating conversation, traveling, hiking, swimming, trail running, working out, kayaking, boating, taking walks on the beach, viewing art, attending comedy events, and soaking up adventurous moments. I live a very active lifestyle without social media, news, alcohol, and mundane things that are designed to shift our focus.

I'm the extraordinary experience that your body, mind, soul, and spirit crave! You've found what you've been missing! Are you ready for a different experience?!~~. Or will you cling to what you've been used to and wonder why you keep getting the same results? That's called Insanity! Don't be afraid to try something different. You Will Like It.

~~~Energy is Everything~~~
Be My Sub
Let's explore Boundaries Of Pleasure~
Your credentials, accolades, and worldly materials mean absolutely nothing to me. What does your Energy say? If the vibe is right and you are open to sexually experiencing new things without hangups, we 'might' can embark upon some wonderful adventures together and create memories that last a lifetime. It's sure to be a pleasureful adventure for the both of us.

 hey there tell me about you non sexual turn ons! We forget about the way sensuality ties into more than physicality but is also psychological. What are things that snap your attention that you were surprised about?

Happy 4th of july

Do you want to online chat ? Message back and forth for months ? Are you a snowflake ?

If so ....Then your best bet is to pass by this profile!

Are you 100 % serious ? Are you able to relocate if you aren't in my state ? Do you have serious life skills or willing to learn? Do you mind not being the only male I own ?

I'm not on here looking for a boyfriend

I'm warm hearted and cold-hearted. I'm a sensible and sane person. I'm easy to talk to . I don't like talking about useless stuff. I've been in and out of this lifestyle for years. I'm not NOT interested in fulfilling your sexual fantasy. I'm honest and looking for loyality and honestly.

Before you attempt to write to me re-read and understand this profile, even if it's just a little understand.

I prefer a straight male, but if you like being a sissy as well I'm ok with that. However it's not about you , seriously it is not about you .

If you want things to always be about you and what you want then don't bother with me.

  1. I am not your Chocolate Queen, Domme, Mistress, Baby, princess  etc. I don't know you. I don't do random terms of endearment when there is no relationship established.
  2. You may address me as Ms.cherry when messaging me.
  3. If you are a person under the age of 26  DO NOT. JUST DON'T.
  4. Refrain from messaging me about things you want to do to me, or things you want me to do to you.I DO NOT CARE. Keep your fetishes and imaginary expectations to yourself. People don't have to participate in your fantasy because your dick jumped at my photos.
  5. Thanks for he compliment 

I'm not interested in messages of what you want me to do to you


I can't believe it's random men on here asking women to stay with them lol 

I'm still looking for a new sub for everyone who's asking!

I should probably upload more pic on here I have so.many!

My view on men’s roles.

Men are fun. I love spending time with them. What’s even better is that the worse I treat them, the more they love me. It’s like the ultimate hack.

To me, men fall into two different utilitarian categories:

  1. Almost Equals:  like I said almost!!!!!men whom I fuck, often those in the top 10% of the universal cock size range. I do not date these men and simply meet them to have a good time. It is important to note that I do not submit to these men. 
  2. Inferiors: men whom I cuck, use as subs/slaves those in the bottom 90% of that same range. You are in my life for the purposes of being my cum rag,  card, and emotional tampon. I stir something inside you and make you feel more alive, even in slavery.

Note how there is no superiors category. I do not believe that there is a man alive or dead who is superior to me. Women create life, men are that life, therefore man is product of woman. You cannot be superior to me because women make life. You know I speak the truth.

I have a very creamy pussy today!! Just making a mess! 

Must be from the baby bump 

still looking for a sub/slave

  • IF YOU can't send a pic ....PLEASE DON’T WASTE my TIME. No shade nor judgement, but I prefer to interact with open, confident, sincere energy and the fact you see me and I see nothing but your dick or no pic doesn’t sit well with me at all.
  • COME CORRECT IN MY PMs-"hey sexy", "how are you", "hi", "what/how are you doing?" and anything similiar as your initial message will be ignored.  let's be honest, you really don't care about my response, it's just your basic way of getting the convo started. It's a waste of my time .So please do yourself a favor and come correct, or just don't.
  • Unsolicited dick pics will be ignored and you'll be blocked. If I wanna see your dick, I'll go to your page. If they're not available, and I still wanna see, I'll ask. 
  • I DO NOT CARE IF YOU WANNA TASTE ME, TOUCH ME, want to get strapped...used as a toilet...forced bi aspect..WANT ME TO SIT ON YOUR FACE, The answer is no!! 
  • If you simply want to be a Good sub and serve I might have use for you 

You feel as if you're caught in the sticky web of a venomous and POWERFUL Black Widow spider. You want to escape... But you can't. And at the same time - You don't want to. You know those deadly, sharp fangs just may be the end of you... But your curiosity is at it's peak. Will She really eat me alive? You wonder... How powerful can She REALLY BE? Your heart beats rapidly at the thought of 'The Black Widow' - You can feel your heart in your throat. Beads of sweat drip down your pathetic little face! She's coming closer... And closer.... Too close for your comfort! And as she crawls to you with those poisonous sacs prepared to BITE - You realize.... Everything's OK. This is where you belong. The Black Widow didn't drag you here! YOU were the one eyeing the web! YOU were the one who felt it was 'safe' to enter, fully aware of the "could be's" and "probably so's". YOU were the one who entered on YOUR own free will! This wasn't a TRAP. You stumbled across Her web FOR A REASON. Her fangs are closer to you now as you again realize - Your "free will" is now Her's. The Black Widow is your new MASTER!
It's time.

Time for the BITE. You close your eyes as you find a mental place of relaxation. You're ready! You've eyed The Black Widow's nest for far too long... You've witnessed what She's done to those prior to you. Curiosity lured you in. Jealousy of the "others" may have also played a part. You've yearned to know what THEY felt while they were with HER. And now here's your oppurtunity... You're ready to DIE at Her fangs and be BORN AGAIN to serve Her. This is your new life - In Her web, catering to Her needs. This IS afterall, HER WORLD. And you were just a lost soul trying to find your way......
You've found it now.. You've found yourself! You've found that your way is HER way!

And all it took was a PAINLESS bite from The Powerful Black Widow.

If you can't send a picture don't write me

Mhhh dang' had one of the most hillarious and fun session with my new slave🤣🤣
Extreme cum denial and edging..
Till he started begging for mercy, he is an obedient one though...
Well his pathetic cock is locked using the Cellmate 2 ... I have complete control over him, he has no means of escape, and unless i unlock it he can never get out
Lol am really enjoying this, he's litterally my prisoner

Guys be like, “men are visual creatures.” Ok mr, than why do you look like that?

Maybe a lotta fellas don’t have mirrors at home.

I had to be honest with a male  yesterday and explain to him that a lotta times the women THEY WANT, that don’t want them, might not be due to their financial status.

A lotta times us women might not find you physically attractive (men never wanna consider this).

Although your grandma and momma been telling you how handsome you are your whole life (they’re supposed to BTW)

That doesn’t mean that women who you cross paths with on a daily basis look at you and think,
“yea, I’d like to feel his penis inside of me, or be romantically involved with him”.

This explains why it’s some not financially stable men that stay with a fine ass Boss Chick. Some men can get outta prison Tamar and be living with lawyer in her water-front condo & driving her Benz truck within a week.

I am seeing alot of messages pertaining to play scenes. I mean if that's what your in to then fine. But no one can play a scene 24/7. So what are you the rest of the time? Vanilla? It kinda sounds like church people who are only religious on Sunday and back to their deviant self the rest of the week. If all you enjoy is play scenes then you are a bottom. Not a submissive or especially not a slave. If you judge a Domme by the size of her toy bag then you are a true bottom. The major difference between a submissive and a slave is the word no. A slave never wants to say no to anything asked, But he knows in his core that he can trust her Be who you are, but be real.

Officially 27 weeks pregnant 






Good Morning 🍒

Male submissives are beautiful and desirable creatures, and it is absolutely tragic when they do not know their own desirability because they are forcibly taught, not just by mainstream society but by the BDSM community, that they are not desirable, that they can not possibly be objaspects of desire

I am not dominant because I hate men, but because I love and desire men enough to want to own them. I cherish and appreciate submissive men for their beautiful masculinity. Submissive men just gets the pussy juices flowing for me. Their yielding excites me in a primal way. Their desire to please, to be pursued, to be attractive for me, the object of my fierce and hungry gaze, is what pushes my buttons. I certainly respect people who are wired differently. I just won't date them.

I'm an ebony goddess currently looking for a sub/cuck to train to serve and worship me. Communication , trust and eagerness to learn, obey and serve are a must! Catch my attention, keep my attention and crave my attention. I will love to make you my personal slave, be under my feet , worship me. Lot of fun and let's explore our kinks together.

I love to tease, to train, and to torture.

I want my subs undivided time, adoration, attention, energy, and lavish worship.

I have zero interest in fulfilling your fantasy.

I am a true dominant woman and this is all about me and my pleasure, happiness and gratification; should you manage to enjoy yourself while I am whipping you into shape, or using and abusing you, then that is okay...but never will be of concern to me.

I’m in search of a male submissive/cuck who is reliable,  independent, sane, I’d prefer someone who is service oriented as well as having masochistic tendencies


I would prefer someone with some kind of experience 

If you can't send a picture just don't write me!!

Thank you everyone for all the compliments.I can't reply to everyone individually but I did see them.

When sending me a message introduce yourself and make it interesting enough for me to spark up a convi!!