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If you have something to say it should be more than three words. Do not send me a chat invite if I have not had a conversation with you prior. If I am really interested in getting to know you we will talk.


Eclectic, classy, fun loving domina.....a Goddess in every sense of the word. I am NOT a Prodomme nor interested in an online situation. real time ONLY.....lets clear that up right now! Dont waste time begging when you can be worshipping and sharing quality time. Retired Navy Woman who knows how to give orders and discipline errant men. I seek quality above all else. from broadway theater and opera to art and motorcycles deep intellectual discussions on life world affairs travel, photography......they are all parts of My personality.....I expect My property would be as diverse as I. I also expect that you have looked at My interests. Now I am subject to arbitration though (winks) if it is something presented in an interesting manner! Originally from NY, I do try to get back to the city as much as I can.....I need that recharge of culture and activity*

NO I am not interested in satisfying someones cravings.NO I am not interested in fulfilling someones fantasy.NO I am not a prostitute. I am a Woman who is dominant and enjoys it.Not interested in circle of friend invites. Do us Both a favor.....dont waste time pretending or talking about something you have no true wish to pursue. Why play the games when No One will win? Trust Me, you have much more to lose than I do.....after all, you have been deprived of the company of an elegant, intelligent Dominant.

I do have a submissive however I am looking for another.....

3/28/2024 4:11:27 PM

 not seeking at this time. Also I do

not answer no caller id calls 

11/20/2023 6:20:15 PM

Orlando continues to have a markedly high number of HIV diagnoses, much like Florida as a whole, and the area is struggling to get care for those who need it, according to newly released analyses of 2021 data.

That year, 618 people in metro Orlando were diagnosed with the human immunodeficiency virus, which can cause AIDS, bringing the total number of HIV-diagnosed people in the metro area to 14,298.

Florida— with 5,000 new cases each year over the last decade — has among the nation’s highest rates of new diagnoses and hasn’t seen much of a decline even as the U.S. saw an 8% decrease over the last 10 years. Orlando’s rate of HIV-positive residents is higher than Florida’s average and almost double the national average, according to data released Nov. 14 on,

 which visualizes HIV’s impact using data from state and city health departments compiled by researchers at the Emory University 

Take care of yourself. Don't be a statistic

10/30/2023 6:16:46 AM

Where are the sub dentists?

10/26/2023 11:15:39 AM

It's been a while since I've had a hungry  between my legs. I need to make up for that

8/30/2023 7:26:18 PM

I am fortunate my area did not have any of the massive damage that others have it


8/28/2023 7:40:39 PM

Be safe, everyone

8/2/2023 3:07:57 PM

travel ending this week

will respond then


6/26/2023 3:35:19 PM

Planning on visiting Charleston, Savanna, Virginia, DC MD and Jaxsonville mid July to early August. Prepping the fifth wheel for the trip😈

5/24/2023 2:25:28 PM

rest in peace, Tina Turner you were my idol, my hero a woman of strength and conviction. You helped me realize I could be just as sexy old broad, as I want to be. I channel her, and I put on my stockings and heels singing with the angels, my queen.

5/17/2023 1:52:05 PM

I could use a hungry mouth right about now

5/5/2023 7:46:02 PM

I recently had some medical issues they caused me to have unexpected surgery. I am not going to be seeking anyone for the next six weeks.

3/15/2023 8:08:37 PM

I do appreciate the time you take to write to me however, if you do not live near me, it is a waste of time. I repeat I am not an online player.

3/14/2023 8:07:57 PM

Can't wait to go to megacon

3/6/2023 12:53:27 PM

been a while since I have fed someone. Hungry yet

3/6/2023 5:25:20 AM

Woke up this morning with a powerful urge to spank someone. It's been a while since I've had someone over my lap. Are you ready to volunteer?

2/25/2023 7:23:02 PM

I had a lovely time in Atlanta, but all good things must come to an end. Flying back home to Florida tomorrow.

2/17/2023 4:27:07 PM

Looking forward to Atlanta next week

12/31/2022 4:34:05 PM

Looking forward to being in Atlanta to attend a vanilla convention for a week in Feb. looking for a guide


11/25/2022 5:07:46 PM

 Going to enjoy 5 day cruise next week. Service at sea😈

11/12/2022 8:00:45 PM

hoping my Florida friends did not have major damage with a hurricane. I was fortunate this time with small branches down serving larger ones that we had from ian. I will be attending a vanilla conference near the end of February.

10/5/2022 7:25:16 PM

Thank you to all for your concern. The medical issue is taken care of. I also want to thank my friends for their thoughts during the hurricane we had some tree damage, but our division lost power for four days. Luckily, we had a generator which we used during the day.


8/31/2022 7:22:54 PM

I'm not looking for anyone at this time. I have some medical issues that require my attention


7/17/2022 9:13:31 AM

Time for a break and do a little rving, enjoy the Doobie Brothers in Michael McDonald's concert

6/2/2022 12:47:09 PM

i found the useful mouth

5/26/2022 1:16:17 PM

He texted her that he was leaving his house now. She smiled to herself thinking about the treat That was coming her way. This one was exceptionally talented in the area of oral service and she planned to take advantage of that every second of this visit. When he arrived and open the door she sat waiting watching him undress as soon as he closed the door. She saw he was already wearing his chastity device which pleased her immensely he showed her some toys that he had brought the chinstrap dildo catching her eye. She certainly wanted to try it out but her desire to experience that mouth again was overwhelming. Just put those down she said don't worry about a collar and cuffs come with me. The boy followed her eagerly ready to do her bidding

5/26/2022 1:13:27 PM

Youngens pass them by but I’m here to set you straight on a few things. First of all mature subs are not in a rush you I like a chefs choice at an exclusive restaurant where only a few are allowed to dine. They savor You as if you were a ridiculously expensive champagne. They can sense your reactions much faster as they’re concerned about your pleasure and in doing so they receive pleasure. So I don’t miss out on a tongue fest because it’s not the dick you want

4/24/2022 9:10:40 AM

I'm looking for a cocksucker with in my area to service my sub

I live in the central Florida area

4/17/2022 7:55:30 AM

Happy Easter 

happy Passover 

peace out

3/16/2022 12:47:10 AM

Let me make myself clear on this no profile equates to no response from me

3/11/2022 12:20:17 PM

Just a question for those without profiles when you go out to the bar or the club or the dance or just socialize do you not introduce yourself to people? What do you think your profile is? Just a thought

1/30/2022 6:23:22 PM

Congrats to the Bengals. 

12/25/2021 10:29:09 AM

Merry Spanksmas

12/18/2021 6:11:30 PM

why do people who do not know you make igorant comments (Dominants included) ignorant you have nothing to do

12/18/2021 8:48:18 AM

Will be in Phoenix for a week attending a covention in Feb

12/12/2021 12:12:37 PM

im upgrading my disciplinary tools.  ordered an engraved leather belt, a new spreader bar with cuffsand some new paddles  cant wait to test them out

11/5/2021 3:31:15 PM

Today I received the ultimate gift. A friend who is Sub made a collapsible frame for me that's almost like a Saint Andrews cross and it's collapsible we tested it out in my RV and it does everything I want and more


3/25/2018 10:53:50 AM
The future of America is in the hands of the young people wo Marched for the Lives.  Well done.
3/23/2018 9:47:49 AM
It is so interesting how many people here use STOCK PHOTOS for their profiles..why?  
3/20/2018 5:43:38 PM
Too bad cowards send you insulting emails and block you so you cant respond.  Big man on the keyboard........
2/18/2018 10:50:05 AM
Black Panther is an outstanding movie.
2/16/2018 9:00:55 AM
one of the most interesting channels on the internet/cable/satellite service is VICELAND.  Lately I have been following a show featuring a sex writer and former prodomme called SLUTEVER.  I love it
2/14/2018 8:28:00 PM
condolences to those families in Parkland!  I cannot imagine how the students who attended that school are suffering.....
2/9/2018 2:55:07 PM
spent a lovely day relaxing at the beach.....
now all I need is some massaging of my feet....
1/11/2018 12:23:34 PM
I am not interested in being in anyone's Circle of Friends
12/14/2017 7:19:48 PM
I am NOT interested in castrating anyone
I am NOT interested in blackmail.
I do not want your boss, parents, etc emails

Go to a scammer that will use you
10/22/2017 5:41:52 PM
a bit of playtime in Harpers   very enjoyable (for me) lol
Enjoyed some time in Delaware as well.  In Virginia for a couple of days, then motoring on to North Carolina (Cherry Point) for five days   Might there be some quivering Marines who could use a good spanking????
10/17/2017 7:13:21 PM
Been enjoying the self directed American history tour
been to D.C., Annapolis Niagra Falls Gettysburg  next up Harpers Ferry
9/19/2017 2:17:02 PM
I will be in the Virginia Beach area from Wed till Monday and may consider one for service during that time....
9/18/2017 6:03:08 PM
Power on the road finally. First stop on the rv relaxation tour..Charleston SC. Enjoying some hospitality. Looking forward to being in Virginia Beach area for a few days later
9/12/2017 4:06:28 PM
Power out still but having generators is a blessing.  I dont run it 24 hours....that would be too much gas.  Fortunate that with all the tree damage nothing hit the house or rv.
9/7/2017 4:38:06 PM
generator primed and ready
everything prepared

Be safe everyone
7/26/2017 2:52:10 PM
Let me define cool

It is self confidence
It is intelligence
It is defiance
It is discipline
It is humor
It is being individual

It is not "impressing" anyone.  It is not my job or ambition to impress.  It is my task to guide any individual I choose to be at the peak of his or her service.  It is not my task to make you fear is your task not to disappoint me that would make me remove you from service.  

7/21/2017 4:35:54 AM
If you are more interested in following OJ than the direction this country is going in we really have no conversation.  Reality ......
6/18/2017 11:25:00 AM
happy father's day to all
6/15/2017 1:41:00 PM
I am so looking forward to spending time traveling across this country beginning in September to November....Domination cruising near you!
6/12/2017 6:16:50 PM
saw Wonder Woman shero

5/26/2017 2:43:33 PM
Before you take that sip of adult beverage
Before you fill your plate
Before you run into the water at the beach

Remember what Memorial Day is all about
Take time to honor those who sacrificed for freedom

5/10/2017 4:05:39 PM
someone asked me if I spank online.......Really?
I can't feel your cheeks getting warm
I can't see your bottom changing color
I can't feel you wrigling on my lap.

Get real.
4/25/2017 3:23:44 PM
excited about planning a cross country trip out New Mexico, Utah way with quite a few other states along the trip this fall
4/18/2017 9:40:32 AM

I am NOT a switch
I am NOT interested in being dominated AT ALL

4/18/2017 9:37:08 AM
from someone I have never spoken to who calls themselves a dominant.  obviously they did not read my profile which clearly states I am DOMINANT

I lead you into the hotel room, as soon as the door closes, I shove you against the wall. Then I run my fingers all over your upper body. Do I find you wearing a bra?

an alleged dominant

3/29/2017 12:47:32 PM
It really makes one angry that Congress and the idiot president actually repealed internet privacy to the point where providers can sell off our inormation/history......
3/12/2017 1:55:20 PM
watching the Michigan Wisconsin game....nail biter.  I love college basketball
2/12/2017 10:14:37 AM
looking forward to spending a week in Savannah.....and poentially being served
1/14/2017 7:08:29 AM
How seriously do you think I am going o take you when the first thing in your email is "I would love to lick your wet pussy'?"  

I'm sure that is the way you introduce yourself in the vanilla world....
1/13/2017 4:04:03 PM
I am not an online dominant period
1/1/2017 10:13:47 AM
I will be in Savannah Ga the end of February for a week and then in St Augustine the week after....enjoying life
12/24/2016 6:51:19 PM
May 2017 bring you the collar you seek
the spanking you deserve
the service you crave

Happy Holidays to all
12/7/2016 5:49:57 PM
looking for a foot servant....skilled in pedicures and foot worship
10/7/2016 3:10:09 PM
This storm was nothing to sneeze at. I will have to replace my roof and clean a lot of tree damage. No power but thankfully I have a large generator and will be in my rv for a bit Thank you for the good wishes
7/26/2016 5:01:19 AM
Michelle Obama's speech last night simply shows how powerful a strong woman really is.....
7/11/2016 3:20:54 PM
the beaches of Pensacola are lovely.....especially after one has given a very hard spanking to a deserving sub.....chuckles....I enjoyed the opportunity to see if I could make his bottom more colorful than the sunsets here
7/7/2016 9:45:34 AM
On my way with my rv to spend ten lovely days in Pensacola.....
7/5/2016 4:17:01 PM
Looking forward to some beach time in Pensacola.....
7/3/2016 5:42:12 PM
I am not interested in looking at your ass or cock unless I tell you.
6/28/2016 4:38:58 PM
As a sports fan, I was sad to hear of the passing of two great coaches in different sports...Pat Summit the winningest coach in the NCAA with the Lady Volunteers of Tennessee and Buddy Ryan who made the Chicago Bears winners and my brothers favorite team..the Eagles......
6/19/2016 4:41:26 AM
Here in the Orlando area it has been a very trying week....the senseless murders of the young singer from The Voice after she finished her show here, the unimaginable killings at Pulse a local gay club and the horrific snatching of the toddler by the alligator.
6/15/2016 3:12:52 PM
I do not participate in circle of friends. I don't believe in advertising my friendships. They are very personal a to me
6/14/2016 6:40:24 PM
Evil comes in many forms and unfortunately in a place where people were free to be themselves....loud hearts go out to their families
6/10/2016 4:52:04 AM
Taking a few days in July to visit the pensacola area....
4/30/2016 12:38:55 PM
Just returned from a few days in Jacksonville....great to see some of my old Navy shipmates and see all the thick rope (wink)
4/25/2016 6:12:56 PM
Just got a bigger RV and taking a short road trip for a few days relaxation in Mayport a.k.a. Jacksonville
4/14/2016 7:12:33 AM
I always find it interesting that young male dominants seem to think they can make anyone do what they want.  This Miami dominant said I would look good with my head in a toilet licking his sperm.....I'm curious (a) how he thinks he is going to get me to listen to him (b) what makes him think I would be with a twit and finally (c) how he just showed how ignorant he is in the ways of seduction.....

keep on dreamin twit
4/10/2016 4:37:49 AM
I decided that I want to travel a bit more...I just sold my boat and buying a smaller one.  Traded up for a bigger RV since I plan on taking some time to travel this summer....
Be Domme...will travel****
4/2/2016 11:17:09 AM
My spanking bench is truly a wonderful much I enjoy having one connected to I love watching you squirm attempting to get away from my hand or instrument of correction.....
3/29/2016 3:35:19 PM



This is what I received from a Florida submissive who is an idiot.....childish 
3/21/2016 1:33:42 PM
I had a "so called" Dominant ask me if I had pictures of my tits.....Go to Mardi Gras.
3/7/2016 1:43:41 PM
I received my spanking bench and I absolutely love it. The workmanship is superb. I will post a picture of it later.
3/5/2016 4:42:26 AM
so much leather at Bike Week*****
2/29/2016 1:06:05 PM
The bench will be delivered to me this weekend....of course the deliverer will be the one to help me to test it..After all, he does deserve some reward for his efforts!
2/24/2016 2:19:57 PM
an excellent article
2/3/2016 1:16:55 PM
Excited about a custom built spanking bench being built for me.....can't wait to test it out!
1/31/2016 8:24:46 AM
Don't you find it interesting that someone who claims to be "really rich and have two hedge funds" can't appreciate honest comments and can only respond with insults?  Says a great deal about their intelligence.....
1/9/2016 3:35:02 PM
Yes...the boat and corvette are well as a fifth wheel rv......I like to travel
12/28/2015 2:07:54 PM
May 2016 help you find what you seek.......or She may find you
12/14/2015 12:01:31 PM
getting ready for the holidays and all the joys spanking can bring to those who deserve it......
11/17/2015 4:39:59 AM
I was happy to have a reunion with a submissive I have not seen for a few years.....outstanding food and exquisite service....nothing could be better*
11/11/2015 2:09:08 PM
Happy Veteran's Day to my fellow vets, their families and their owners
11/7/2015 8:05:40 AM
Why is it that people don't seem to understand that one or two words in an email do not a conversation make?  It tells me you have nothing to say....
10/23/2015 2:58:23 PM
Be safe...Hurricane Patricia is nothing to play with....
10/4/2015 5:04:54 AM
Don't send me photos of your ass. I will let you know when I want to see it
9/27/2015 12:54:54 PM
DO NOT send me emails about playing online.....I am real time ONLY
9/24/2015 5:48:57 AM
so far it has been a lovely birthday....and it is early morning!
8/23/2015 1:00:54 PM
I am sick and tired of people asking for pictures in fetish clothing.  If that is all you care about, there are plenty of sites where you can look at.  Clothing does not make the woman Dominant.....
Understand it is her magnetism, her personality, her charisma.....her mentality....her CONFIDENCE that makes her sexy and desirable.
8/7/2015 5:44:40 AM
Do you really understand the transfer of power?  It is more than just saying it, more than writing words.  I consider it a privilege....a responsibility that merits careful consideration and treatment.   Make the right could change your life.
7/31/2015 9:07:00 AM
I have been requested by a slutwife to assist in the training of her cuck hubby.....I must say I am thoroughly enjoying the task....
7/26/2015 2:10:08 PM
I must agree with a comment I saw on a submissive's journal today.  When taking selfies be aware of your background.  Your mirror reflects your dirty room, dresser covered with clothes and clothes on the floor......who wants a sub or slave who can't keep their house clean?
7/22/2015 4:21:47 AM
Some people are just incredibly stupid to think people are interested in them
7/22/2015 4:20:55 AM
From:   This user is on the site now!  


7/22/15 7:16 AM  
  You are dumb.  Three words.
7/19/2015 11:32:23 AM
Do you ever think what people are writing when they say"  I want to serve a beautiful Domme"....are you really saying that is the only way you can attract a beautiful woman?  When you list all these "hard limits" yet you say "I want to serve in whatever way she wants"......are you really saying "she can do whatever she wants, no matter what" ?  I do realize there are hundreds even thousands of desperate people out here.....but trust me...real Dommes are NOT desperate.  Think very carefully about how you present yourself in your profile....if you want to be made a fool of, trust will.  
7/15/2015 2:07:19 PM
this is the time of year that my feet need to be taken care of.....a warm mouth around my toes....
7/5/2015 5:24:44 PM
watching the USA women soccer team.....go USA!!!
7/3/2015 6:33:42 PM
He cannot count the number of times he has gone online....looking at the website....hoping he will see NEW MESSAGE.  He hopes he will receive some guidance and direction from his Mistress......but there is nothing.  It has been a messages, no calls, no texts....then he reminds himself that he displeased Mistress by not following an instruction She had given him.  "you are dismissed from service for ten days.  At the end of those ten days I will tell you if you are reinstated or released"....he continually blasts himself for his stupidity, now realizing that She is real.....and not a Woman to play with.
7/3/2015 5:27:11 AM
This is a great matter how many assholes you run into.
To those on active duty, thank you for your service and your devotion to keeping us free.  To police, firemen and EMTs...thank you for protecting and caring for us.

I have been fortunate to have visited and lived overseas and I must say my heart always returned home.....God Bless America
6/26/2015 6:01:10 PM
Hooray for my friends who can now get married!!!
6/25/2015 3:53:12 AM
My thoughts on financial domination. There is someone for everyone. If that is your fetish and for some it is that, more power to you. It is a need to be fulfilled and there are plenty to satisfy that. I do not condone those who indulge....why should you? Your interests are not shared by everyone here. Don't call someone names because you don't agree with them. Are you pure enough to cast the first stone? Neither am I. Just say it is a hard limit and delete or block those of no interest to you.
6/23/2015 4:31:26 AM
Distance is a word that really irritates me.  I suppose because I spent so much time in the military an  d understand the work it takes to make a relationship work.  I think about how people in foreign countries managed to create meaningful situations where they appreciated their partner.  I have no sympathy for people who say that.  It takes two to make things right.  I am sure there are those who don't agree with me and that is their choice.  But don't whine about it.  What are you doing to have quality time when you DO see someone?  Do you Skype?  Do you hand write letters?  Do you take photos?  This advice is not just for BDSM, but for vanilla relationships as well.  Relationships take work.  Put as much time into your relationship as you put into your job.
6/18/2015 3:40:39 AM
where do these fantasies come from?  Some people have the skills to write s for Hollywood movies.  Sorry dear, I deal in reality not non fiction
6/14/2015 7:27:43 PM
I wanted to believe that you were being truthful....
I tried to help you in every possible way
you let me down and I will not forget it

5/13/2015 6:33:30 PM
sighs.....where is a good dentist when you are looking for one....
5/9/2015 7:45:09 PM
What business is it of yours to question what I show on my profile?  I am not ashamed that I have WORKED hard to get things that I want.   I do not need anyone to provide for me but myself.  Have you nothing better to do than to question what others do when you should be focusing on what you need to do? The day some sissy thinks they can tell me what to do is the day I give up my Sista card and turn white.....we know about how much that is going to happen!   Bitch please....
4/30/2015 12:42:27 PM
Looking for an individual with landscaping expertise
4/25/2015 5:24:51 PM
Somehow I do not think I am the Dictionary of Dominance nor am I a fortune teller who can answer "weird questions".  Ask the never lies.
4/19/2015 4:09:30 PM
What's in a name?  Everything.
4/8/2015 11:55:56 AM
Strong women....they leave legacies.  They are the ones you remember; the ones you admire, the ones who excite you...They inspire you, they are the ones you want, you need......always
4/8/2015 11:03:30 AM
I am currently preparing to train someone.....I am looking forward to "breaking" him in.....wicked smile....
3/31/2015 5:55:12 PM
I saw someone's profile today that started off telling prospective applicants that they could not talk to them unless they sent an amazon gift card showing their sincerity....really?  
3/28/2015 1:26:19 PM
Don't send me messages to cam. If I want to see you I will let you know when
3/28/2015 12:35:47 PM
Sometimes trust is the hardest thing to can be abused so easily
3/14/2015 12:52:26 PM
don't send me an email asking me if you can ask a question.....I am not an encyclopedia.
3/12/2015 2:42:34 PM
Why do people who do not know you ask to be put into a circle of friends?  Are you desperate to have friends?  If I do not know you, dont waste  the keystrokes asking me to join
3/8/2015 12:04:52 PM
It is a beautiful day here in Florida.....getting ready to enjoy the backyard and some grilling is lovely to know submissive chefs...winks
2/27/2015 7:32:26 PM
Now that I have returned home it is time to take matters into my own hands (literally) and begin retraining the one who disappeared for a bit......I told you that you would be back
2/23/2015 6:24:42 PM
Enjoyed my time in Texas.....going home now.
2/20/2015 5:55:08 PM
Austin is lovely......
2/11/2015 1:49:05 PM
Another person who has time to waste sent me this a few minutes ago
Why you showing boats and cars if your ragging about showing possessions I have minimal possessions I prefer stocks"

no fool.  It means I don't need you to provide me with what I need or want.  My car, boat RV and house are all paid for....and I too have stocks and bonds.  AND a military retirement having served this country.  Did you serve?  what a jack
1/27/2015 1:17:54 PM
I hope folks in the Northeast are being safe in the bad weather......
1/27/2015 12:56:33 PM
Are you trying to bribe men into wanting to be with you by showing off your material possessions? That's so crass and tasteless. How would you like it if I posted a picture of my vehicle, home, expensive firearms, antiques, artwork and other toys? Try to show a little bit of class, even though we both know most black people don't have any.

This was sent to me by an ignorant ass.  He is so stupid he has to send me a note like this?  He only wishes that he worked hard enough in the military to be able to have things like this....oh...he could not bother to serve his country. 
1/15/2015 6:52:02 AM
How does someone say you have to be worthy of their submission?  Are you so self centered that you need to say that?  I don't want a snobbish twit.  It would be better to want to have someone who APPRECIATES your submission.  I should not and will not force you to do anything against your will....however you may do something because you want to please one....not out of fear but out of respect, devotion and/or love.
1/11/2015 9:58:06 AM
Looking at the Austin CVB info.....very excited about going to Austin and meeting some amazing people
1/11/2015 9:57:19 AM
Looking at the Austin CVB info.....very excited about going to Austin and meeting some amazing people
1/7/2015 7:38:13 PM
feeling reflective in the New Year.....listening to George Benson and sipping some if my feet had some attention
1/3/2015 1:25:39 PM
Christmas was just lovely.....
12/24/2014 6:10:22 AM
Here is wishing all the fulfillment of their dreams this holiday safe in travel and in training.
12/18/2014 11:39:07 AM
I have often wondered when someone says they "hate" something, do they understand why they hate it?  Or is it that they are really afraid that they may love it?  Even if you hate it, if it is something your Dominant likes or loves, are you willing to put yourself aside for her pleasure.....
12/18/2014 10:14:19 AM
very excited about my upcoming visit to Austin .....I hear great things about it
12/16/2014 4:10:12 PM
a friend lost his spouse this condolences and prayers are with you
11/27/2014 6:35:54 AM
Give thanks for the things life gives you, the family and friends who support you. Those without either, be thankful to be alive
11/17/2014 12:34:24 PM
Three months till Austin......excited!
11/11/2014 5:26:56 PM
Thank you to all those who have served and the family members that supported us all.  Thank you to those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom.
11/10/2014 4:38:46 PM
Let me be very clear. If you have no self respect or self worth you have nothing to say to me.
11/6/2014 11:52:48 AM
Looking for a foot servant skilled in pedicures
10/25/2014 10:11:58 AM
some people are just incredibly ignorant here.....I have no problem getting or finding what I want....evidently you do.  I have real friends here.  Maybe this is the only life you have..too bad for you
10/25/2014 10:08:01 AM
Why ask me if a black woman will spank you harder that a white one?  Color makes no difference to you as long as you are being spanked.  you should be happy SOMEONE is taking the time to use you!
9/26/2014 9:31:06 AM
Openkinkfun is now my property.
9/15/2014 9:14:19 AM
How stupid are you to think you can waste my time by sending me a scenario you dream about ? I am not your screenwriter or director.
9/4/2014 7:22:06 PM
Thank you for your condolences open. I will be in touch this weekend
9/2/2014 4:59:54 AM
Openkinkfun is under my consideration
9/2/2014 4:50:58 AM
Don't waste my time offering me your sub or slave for ownership or training. I have had the experience of that offer and no follow through.
7/9/2014 6:46:03 AM
I always wonder about the statement "put me in my place". The other phrase that makes me think twice about someone is "make me". You do what I ask you because you want to.
7/5/2014 6:04:37 PM
I sincerely wonder if you give ANY thought to your presentation of yourself to a Domme? Why would I even want someone who has no hesitation about showing their cock or ass to the world before I viewed it?
6/23/2014 1:32:53 PM
Let me be clear....I am NOT looking for a live in sub. I have a live in sub already
6/15/2014 6:51:10 PM
Visiting Jacksonville 16-20.
6/13/2014 7:04:38 PM
I often wonder about the profiles written here. How can you be a successful CEO when you can't even spell successful?
6/12/2014 7:06:49 PM
Looking forward to going fishing......not for subs though..winks
6/9/2014 1:58:51 PM
Going camping in Jacksonville next week......
5/26/2014 4:54:43 PM

Don't think you are under consideration any longer......

5/14/2014 5:26:55 PM

Looking to have some foot service this weekend.....

5/12/2014 5:39:39 AM

I was asked why I was disappointed with some people here.  I am very honest about what I want.  I do not make lengthy emails, texts or phonecalls claiming to want to serve yet seem to be unable to complete simple tasks.  I dont like being lied to.  I dont like someone telling me they are going to do something and dont do it.  I will not "out" those individuals because I am not that kind of person.  Believe me, you will get your just desserts.......

5/11/2014 4:13:58 PM

It is so disappointing to be contacted by those who pretend to want to serve.....

4/24/2014 11:25:46 AM
I find it so interesting that so many sub missives here complain about the fakes. It occurs to me that you want the hot young bitch to use you. Wake up and young do not necessarily equate to knowledge, experience and maturity. Scenes are for ACTORS.
4/23/2014 2:55:21 PM
It takes 7 seconds for food to pass from mouth to stomach. A human hair can hold 3kg The length of the penis is 3 times the length of the thumb. The femor is hard as concrete. A woman's heart beats faster than a mans. Women blink twice as much as men. We use 300 muscles just to keep our balance when we stand. The woman has read this entire text. The man is still looking at his thumb.
4/21/2014 2:11:09 PM

I absolutely love my new house....I just had a privacy fence installed and I could actually have one naked in the backyard without worry.  

3/5/2014 6:42:43 PM
Going to be in Baltimore the last week in May to help my son move back to Florida....
2/26/2014 5:53:24 PM
Getting closer to MY NEW HOME........I will be seeking landscaping services and some carpentry skills as amateurs
2/17/2014 6:18:33 AM
Why do people you have never talked to want to add you to a circle of friends? Do you walk into a bar and go to a complete stranger asking to be their best friend? Besides I don't do those things. I do not feel the need to advertise..."look at me I have so many friends". A real friend is more than a picture.
2/9/2014 4:47:42 AM

In the process of buying a new home.  I want more space and privacy in every way.  It will be nice to have distance between my house and any others (just like in space no one can hear you not that you would be screaming.......

1/15/2014 7:05:38 PM

Even colder in Chicago. Glad to have a warm sub is a good thing

1/6/2014 12:02:28 PM

Who knew Nashville would be so cold?  Minus 10

12/31/2013 5:20:34 PM

On this New Year's Eve, a hope that you find what you seek....that you realize the gift of service awaits.  


12/24/2013 7:00:27 PM

A wish that you find what you deserve.  I pray my friends who stil serve in harms way stay subbie friends who serve be well. 

12/23/2013 4:19:29 PM

I will be in Illinois near Chicago the third week of January

12/23/2013 11:38:14 AM

I am very excited about coming to Nashville....It will be interesting to meet some real people from the area who serve

12/19/2013 6:03:29 AM

Do people really think they will find the "dream Domme" with an assenine name?  Do they really think that they are going to attract a "beautiful woman" with some of the things they say?  They complain about  " Dommes not being real" so if you ask for fake what do you think you will get?

12/13/2013 4:38:23 AM

Looking forward to visiting Nashville next month from the 5th to the 11th, then in Illinois for a week......brrrrrr

11/28/2013 12:51:03 PM

Happy holidays to all.

11/14/2013 5:57:36 AM

Thank you to my true friends who have been so supportive.  A family member went in for some routine surgery and had complications that very nearly caused his demise.  thank God for wonderful doctors and the power of prayer

11/13/2013 2:35:58 PM

Tiffany &Co is right.....wonderful things do come in blue boxes.....

10/31/2013 5:39:47 AM

Chipmunk sub from the UK is an ignorant ass

10/27/2013 2:56:48 PM

"sub seeking a deserving Mistress/Domme".... Somehow that seems to be a bit of an oxymoron to me.  

10/26/2013 2:04:25 PM

Well now I have seen everything....I saw some fabric that had a woman in bondage....

10/11/2013 1:48:16 PM

If i do not know you I will not accept chat requests.  If you have not had the courtesy to introduce yourself in writing you will be declined


10/2/2013 3:26:52 PM

Enjoying jacksonville and camping the next eight days

9/28/2013 2:41:39 PM
It is just me but I prefer not to look at your ass unless I tell you I want to see it. What your ass says to me right now is that your mind is useless and I have no use for a simple mind
9/22/2013 2:26:27 PM
It is very sad that the game players are increasing here....those who claim to want to serve and to meet....then never show....liars are not welcome
8/23/2013 8:55:57 AM
Once not waste time sending a one or two word message to me. If you cannot write enough to begin an interesting conversation .......why should I reply?
7/31/2013 8:30:53 PM
I am not meeting your needs? Perhaps you need to go to the corner and be a little less needy.
7/31/2013 7:43:38 PM
Let me state for the record that I am now engaged to my alpha submissive. It does not mean that I will not train another sub or slave.
7/28/2013 3:42:07 PM
Watching Tina Turner live in Holland....I strive to look like that in my 70a!
7/27/2013 2:11:46 PM
To my friends who have my personal email I was hacked today.....delete anything you received today!
7/20/2013 7:07:04 PM
Going to be in the canaveral area camping for a week......some foot service would be ideal
7/19/2013 7:44:32 PM
There is an ignorant fool on here using George zimmermans name...
7/13/2013 8:06:38 PM
Just bought a fifth wheel rv......I am certainly going to have fun playing in it......
7/9/2013 4:33:54 AM
Amazing how some people on this site seem to think that we do not have lives off this site.
7/4/2013 12:11:00 PM
Happy freedom day.......
7/3/2013 6:12:32 PM
Remember that people who believed in the dream of independence died to make that happen. Do not take it for granted
6/6/2013 7:04:04 AM

enjoying the week in my travel trailer....

5/25/2013 7:16:59 AM
This special weekend, thank those who sacrificed for your freedom.
5/23/2013 11:52:19 AM
An individual here claimed they belonged to me and they did not. They removed the statement at my request. I own no one. To my Mistress friend, I hope you took appropriate action with your property after you received my comments. We all support each other.....
3/24/2013 2:48:50 PM
A certain slave in the City I look forward to your service soon
3/24/2013 2:27:27 PM
Things have been on the upswing.....I bought a vintage corvette, my health is improving and I am thinking of a weekend in NYC in the next couple of months. Also looking forward to attending a convention in Nashville for a week in January
3/17/2013 7:45:59 PM

Been away for, car accident (where an idiot fleeing from the police hit my vintage camaro and totaled it) and recovery.......

1/13/2013 1:36:17 PM
Thank you S for picking me up at the airport.....I forgot just how cold Chicago really is!
1/12/2013 6:35:53 PM

leaving on a jet plane for chicago in the am......

1/9/2013 7:09:52 AM

Recovering from some outpatient surgery and looking forward to arriving in Chicago on Sunday for a convention....certainly going to be an adjustment in temperature for a week!

1/3/2013 10:25:25 PM

may this year bring you the things you seek most in life....

I will be in Chicago from Jan 14-19.......

11/14/2012 4:42:11 AM

I find it interesting tha there are those who complain because one does not degrade people enough in one's journals.  I have a full life which encompasses every aspect of this world.  you get what you deserve if and when I deem it necessary.  Look elsewhere if you want one of those porno movie dommes.

11/11/2012 5:29:39 PM
Back from. Cruise
11/4/2012 8:38:15 AM

I am going out of area for a few days and will not have access to email or phone....will be back in touch on Friday

10/30/2012 8:53:26 PM

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in the safe and have a careful recovery

10/28/2012 8:33:33 PM

It is becoming quite obvious to me that people to not really READ profiles.  I may look all sweet and kind but don't let my picture fool you.  When I say that I do not "circle of friends" people I do not know I MEAN IT.  If you are my sub, my slave or my friend it is not a necessity that it has to be shouted out to the world.  I am a unique person and share my time, training, and/or friendship with people of quality.  They do not ask me stupid questions like "do you like white submissives"?  I am not interested in raising anymore children....I expect that you are mature enough, intelligent enough and perceptive enough to realize that I am not an online domme or an idiot pretending to be female to get their rocks off.  Time that could be spent getting to know one should be more important.

10/28/2012 7:18:20 PM

My thoughts and prayers go out to all my friends in the northeast.....I've been through snowstorms and power outages back in the city but nothing like what's coming...

PLEASE be safe!!!!

10/25/2012 6:31:18 PM

I had the most intense dream about being serviced.....and woke up in a sweat.  wicked smile....

10/18/2012 6:14:59 PM

I will never understand why people ask you to join a circle of friends when they have never spoken to you or know anything about you?  I don't need the world to know who my friends are......THEY know who they are!

10/12/2012 7:28:55 PM

much better now and looking forward to going to chicago in january for a vanilla conference


9/17/2012 7:29:07 PM
Thank you to those who wished me well during my illness.....
9/4/2012 6:25:16 PM

I woke up this morning and realized I truly am in control of my own destiny....I am RETIRED!!!

8/21/2012 4:05:59 PM

it is always amazing how people don't realize your value until you are leaving.....and that goes for ds as well.  

8/17/2012 6:17:34 PM

Decided to move my date up....only two more weeks to work and then....freedom!

8/6/2012 8:41:01 PM is going to be good....retiring 28 sept and going on a road trip in an rv in Oct....texas, new mexico, colorado, utah.....guess I will have to pack some toys (wicked grin)

7/28/2012 6:53:58 AM

I would not mind having a slave in the northeast though......I could spend time enjoying the change of season and the culture

7/28/2012 6:52:19 AM

as much as I would absolutely love to move back to the North, my house is completely paid off and I have no desire to start a mortgage over since I am going to retire.....

I am looking forward to being completely in charge of all my time!

7/20/2012 6:04:56 PM
I am thinking about early could really get interesting
7/4/2012 3:09:34 PM

Happy birthday America.....

We are fortunate to have the freedom to live our lives and explore our desires as we see fit...unlike many others.



6/24/2012 6:48:13 PM

Just returned from visiting friends and was caught up in the tropical storm winds and rain; it is not the place for a sportscar (Z28)...thank goodness for a call ahead for someone to meet me at my house with a towel (and a tongue) WEG>>>>>

6/21/2012 2:35:44 AM

I wonder if people who write in their journals that they seek beautiful Dommes set themselves up for failure?  Do you really think that all Dommes look like Madonna?  Or we all live in latex and leather?  Are you realistic in your expectations?  The women here who are real don't have expectations.....we have standards which is a much different animal.  I do not expect you to be rich....but you do need to have a job and be fiscally responsible.  I do not expect that you are movie star handsome or beautiful.....but you do need to take care of yourself physically and be self confident.  Carry yourself in a manner that makes me be proud and respect you.  Wimps have no place in my company.  I do not expect that you have Masters/Doctorate degrees....but do be able to have an intelligent conversation or write a profile or email that isn't abbreviated (u for you, etc) 


you know who you are.....

now bend over WEG

6/16/2012 9:23:27 PM

Do people read what is written in a profile or journal?  I do not respond to anyone who cannot write a complete word or sentence, much less send me a one or two word note.  

6/16/2012 5:57:44 AM
I am looking for a handy sophisticated cuck. I am also looking for an obedient female
6/14/2012 6:00:41 PM
It always makes me shake my head that people complain so much about collrme. Don't blame the site....blame the ignorant and dishonest people who are looking for cheap thrills
6/13/2012 5:56:19 PM
I have been enjoying some conversation with some most interesting people lately.....perhaps a better quality of people are finding their way here
5/27/2012 8:55:47 PM

to all.....

take some time at 3pm tomorrow to remember all those who sacrificed for our freedom.......Remember them.

5/17/2012 3:20:14 AM
What is it thatis so difficult to understand about corresponding with one? One word emails are totally ridiculous and unacceptable. It says you have no imagination or are interested in yourself. If you applied for a job would you only have a one word resume?
5/3/2012 7:23:37 PM

Thank you one and all for the good wishes.......

4/30/2012 3:06:30 AM
It has been a very tough week, losing a family member unexpectedly, endings relationship and avigsomeone hit my work car.....but it'll myself these things will pass. I missed chatting with someone and now you know why
4/23/2012 9:01:59 PM

it is sad when things come to an end.......especially when they hurt.  Yes we hurt in our hearts just like you.....

3/31/2012 9:24:30 PM
Sighs......ahhfor some Belgian chocolate being licked off my toes....
3/25/2012 6:58:51 PM

one day I will make it to the european baths.......missed them when I was in the Navy

3/24/2012 6:49:37 PM

I have been busy......I will soon have need of an errand boi...

3/4/2012 6:52:28 AM
If you do not have a profile we have no conversation
3/4/2012 6:45:18 AM
Do not send me a chat invitation without reading my profile and journal,
2/29/2012 7:19:05 AM
I have been quite fortunate that I have been served by some wonderful submissives or slaves. They have come from all walks of life, fortune 100 CEOs to the average worker. remember it is not your job that maks you, it is the quality of the individual. Intelligence goes a long way............
2/28/2012 4:52:03 AM
A thank you to one who has made my trip very special......
2/26/2012 4:42:57 PM
Windy here in miamibut a lovely view......
2/25/2012 8:25:51 PM

Miami.......are you ready?

2/23/2012 6:19:08 PM
Looking forward to doing some training in Miami Sunday to Wednesday
2/18/2012 6:10:53 PM
Watched Whitney's home going today........very inspiring Sing with the angels
2/15/2012 7:17:20 AM

There are a few reasons I am online here during the week:

I am off from work

I am home sick

I don't do webcam sessions

I don't immediately chat with those I do not know.

Got it?


2/12/2012 6:47:12 AM
So incredibly sad about Whitney Houston......
2/11/2012 3:24:10 AM
Once again I ask the people actually read journals?...I spend more time onmy iPad which does not support this chat. I don't jump into chats.
2/5/2012 6:27:19 PM
Superbowll Sunday The best night for men in tight pants.....go Giants!
2/3/2012 7:29:03 PM

Do people read journals/profiles before sending chat requests?????

2/3/2012 3:20:10 AM
I will be in south Florida feb 26 to 29 for work
2/2/2012 3:33:51 AM
To my host in Tampa last week Well done
1/25/2012 1:50:24 AM
If you cannot respect yourself or proclaim yourself as a worthless loser move on. Your goal is to enhance your talents unless you are a traing tool for a Domme
1/24/2012 5:00:50 AM
Please do not send me chat requests unless I ask. 90 percent of the time I am on an iPad 2 and apple products do not support adobe formats....way to go Steve jobs
1/22/2012 11:32:44 AM
It is so sad when you trust someone to follow through and they don't Now I have to find accommodations because someone and I am being kind by not putting your name on here did not have the decency to say that they were sorry and were not able to host
1/19/2012 7:42:44 PM
My accommodations have been taken care of, thank you for the offers of assistance. I look forward to a most interesting week.
1/16/2012 2:06:44 AM
Grrrrrr....damn gasparilla feet Did not know it was such a big thing and I waited much too long to make decent hotel arrangements I am looking for accommodations in Tampa for next week to attend a vanilla convention....
1/15/2012 8:02:46 PM
Tampa next weekend
1/6/2012 2:59:48 AM
Going to a convention in Tampa jan 22 for one week and another in Miami last week of feb.....vanilla work related...
1/5/2012 5:42:55 PM
The year has just begun and we continue to hope people will take the time to think before they act. to consider carefully what they write as it does reflect upon you. Please do not send me chat messages unless I instruct you to do so.
12/31/2011 8:00:36 PM
To all my friends....happy new year!
12/25/2011 4:19:35 AM
Happy holidays to everyone
12/18/2011 2:38:57 AM

As the holidays approach I hope that those who seek shall find....

12/3/2011 7:05:16 AM

I will be at a vanilla work convention in Tampa the end of January.....perhaps someone is interested in being my guide.....

11/28/2011 6:51:11 PM
Do be aware that someone has stolen my photo and might be sending comments out. I am reporting it. My friends know who they are.
10/16/2011 4:43:25 AM
If you wish to chat send me an email. I just started using an iPad and flash is not compatible. I do not necessArily chat with the unknown sibbie.......
10/2/2011 12:22:29 PM

halloween time........beware the smiling Domme.......winks

9/11/2011 8:25:50 AM

Do not waste energy sending messages about fantasies:  that is exactly what they are and I do not believe in them.

9/4/2011 6:38:01 AM

It always amazes me when people say "they are sincere" .....yet they don't have the decency to repond to messages. Don't make excuses.  I do try to be honest and expect the same.

8/13/2011 8:43:48 PM

The speed in which a woman says "nothing" when asked "what's wrong" is inversely proportional to the coming storm.......

8/13/2011 8:33:47 PM

"Your dresses should be tight enough to show you are a woman and loose enough to show you are a lady"......Marilyn Monroe


Good advice for all......

8/2/2011 8:20:51 PM

Don't commit to doing a task, waiting until two days before you complete it to say you are unable to do it.  Your "word" is your bond......or perhaps you simply don't understand that if you tell someone you will do something, they expect an honest answer from you.


5/1/2011 6:44:04 PM

Its been a busy vanilla week...painting faces at a kids with cancer Easter Party, doing the Relay for Life on Friday, working my vanilla job at a Spanish Expo this weekend.  If you don't keep your life in balance, nothing works.

I am certainly due to "stretch my heels" now!!!

4/24/2011 6:42:36 AM

Happy Easter alll

Spend your time doing something pleasing...

4/19/2011 6:37:08 PM

The Bathroom store in NYC has the loveliest soaps and pampering items......


3/15/2011 7:43:35 PM

I hope that people are taking note of all the earthquake issues in Haiti and Japan.......we can all do something even if it is something small

3/15/2011 6:51:46 PM

It might be interesting to see mr lets get to work bent over.....maybe that would help him make better decisions concerning the state....

2/21/2011 3:50:57 AM

I would like to be clear about something; I've lived overseas before but I don't any longer.  I also am not going to chain you to a toilet, make you sleep in a doghouse or any such thing.  If you don't have a profile and can say something sensible about yourself, can only say "good morning/evening; hello; how are you.....dont write.  I take the time to tell you my views.....have the decency to do the same to myself or any other intelligent Domme.  I also have a live in submissive.

1/26/2011 7:41:25 PM

sighs......where is a good cuck when you want one?

12/25/2010 6:00:34 AM

Wishing all the joys of the season.....For Mistresses to get the pleasure they deserve and for slaves and submissives to find themselves at the feet of the Woman they should be serving....

12/5/2010 7:26:08 AM
This is the time of year I TRULY miss NYC......the Christmas windows....
11/24/2010 4:37:18 AM

where is a physician slave when you need them?   sighs.....I do so hate being sick....

10/31/2010 12:58:43 PM

My trip to Kansas City may not happen (sigh) but Arizona is a definite Jan 23 - 29

10/31/2010 10:36:45 AM

In the process of purchasing a home......very very excited!  Now the possibilities are going to be endlesss.....

10/8/2010 8:53:45 PM
Looks like I will be in Kansas City for a few days in early January for some work and a week in Phoenix late Jan for a conference.....Looking forward to them both
10/6/2010 3:56:49 PM
Why is it people think they can ask you ignorant questions they would never ask you in person face to face?
10/2/2010 5:13:47 AM
Who says life isn't good? I met DAve Koz at the AARP convention....what a great talent and a truly nice man
9/23/2010 2:14:12 PM
Should anyone be looking for something special to give to their Domina...
9/20/2010 3:22:19 PM is lovely to be at the beach.....
9/16/2010 6:26:13 PM
taking a week off to clear my head: off to daytona/ormond beach area.....
8/13/2010 1:50:32 PM
If I do not know you DO NOT send me a friend request. I'm selective as I expect you to be.
7/22/2010 3:54:02 PM
Just started pulling things together for going to Phoenix for a convention in January. I plan on supporting the economy,not the politicians.
6/26/2010 5:42:33 AM
Please don't send me an invitation to chat before you message me. I prefer to exchange a few words before I make that decision.
6/16/2010 7:01:56 PM
I love Man Shops Globe. My favorite comment: "She's married, I'm gay, it won't work."
6/12/2010 9:41:55 PM
I'm glad people can apologize: "Oops, I couldn't be more apologetic. I "pulled" up your profile, at least I thought so, made my smarty pants remarks, and NOW realize I war reading some other profile! I was on my new Droid cell phone, and thought I was going to abuse somebody verbally, and I had the WRONG person. Well, you obviously can rule me out. Please block me, I don't deserve to even have any more of your time. again, I'm sorry, had the wrong person."
6/12/2010 9:04:48 PM amazes me how ignorant some people can be....if anyone really reads my journal they would know I am a real person (all except this "person" and I quote his own words in an email he sent me: (and amazingly, we have never met or spoken yet he knows me????? Gee I didn't realize some people have the ability to see into someone's soul from a long distance. Anyway, Here's the email: "You know what? " I've often checked you out. But sadly realized you are most likely a dime a dozen bullshit artist!!! You claim to live in FL yet are only interested in someone In CA??? Plus you boast about getting your new tits at 42 but oops you are 55. What thefuck?? " Ignorance is bliss.....
5/30/2010 6:01:00 PM
tomorrow is Memorial Day. I will visit the VA and spend time with fellow servicemembers and stop by the cemetary and lay down some flags to honor the memory of those who gave their all.....
5/26/2010 5:18:33 PM
Looking forward to the summer!!!
5/22/2010 5:54:50 PM
If you cannot take the time to write a few words about yourself, why would you expect anyone to respond to you? your profile is your opportunity to intrigue one, to sell yourself......
5/11/2010 3:14:20 AM

I seek a domestic in the Central Florida area. 

5/3/2010 5:45:25 PM
Love that Toni Braxton song..."I can love you with my hands tied". I hear its tops on the bondage club charts!!
4/18/2010 5:31:41 PM
A goddess invents her own life, and lives according to her own vision. This quality requires the companion qualities of imagination and courage. A goddess is autonomous. She seeks no one's approval, but listens to her own counsel. She answers to no one. She does not try to impress anyone. Her work speaks for itself. She never makes excuses and rarely offers explanations for her actions. She is not defensive for she is not threatened by what other people may think of her. She is the queen of her own life and this is reflected in her demeanor. A goddess is passionate (not to be confused with manic). She has a palpable energy and enthusiasm that is contagious and beneficial to those around her. In esoteric terms, she raises the vibration in a group situation. She inspires others. A goddess is continually learning and evolving. A goddess is authentic. The mask she presents to the outside world is the same as her innermost heart. She has learned to express her emotions cleanly and healthily. What you see is what you get. A goddess knows her own truth. She does not impose her truth on others, but will share her wisdom when invited to. A goddess takes care of herself. She does not expect others to take care of her. She treats herself as well as she would treat her best friend. She is compassionate and forgiving with herself and others. She gets enough rest and gives her body the right fuel -- both in oxygen and in food and water. She knows what she needs. She feeds her soul. A goddess is committed to healing the earth and works towards peace and understanding -- whether it is on a large scale or simply within her family and closest circle of friends. She contributes to cleaning up the environment and teaches the next generation to do likewise. A goddess sees her body (and the earth) as sacred, and is in tune with natural cycles. She is comfortable with her sexuality. A goddess has learned balance and patience. Flow and ebb. Waxing and waning. A goddess does not freak out during ebb or waning times. She uses it wisely for rest, reflection, and planning. A goddess has learned to trust her intuition and inner knowing. She has learned to tap into this source at will. A goddess has learned to let go of the need to control the flow of the river. She has discovered the futility of trying too hard. She has learned to ride the wave and go with the flow, to ask for and accept help when required. She is flexible, fluid, and adaptable. She has given up the need to control or manipulate. She does not pout or whine when she does not get her way. A goddess communicates her boundaries. She is gentle but firm when her boundaries are violated. She respects others' boundaries. She asks for clarification when necessary. A goddess recognizes and honors other goddesses and gods. She lends her support to the work of other god/desses. She does not feel competitive or threatened by other goddesses and understands that what is good for one is good for all, and that when one shines, the light benefits all. A goddess knows how to share and is generous of spirit, but she knows her limitations and does not give more than what she can afford -- emotionally, financially, physically, or energy-wise. A goddess's natural state is one of joy and gratitude. She is also at home with her shadow, and will honestly mourn her losses and explore her fears. She understands that everyone experiences pain -- it is part of life on earth. Therefore she works through her own pain with courage and dignity, not trying to sidestep it, or numb it, but to get through it and learn from it. A goddess is comfortable with death, and has learned to let go.... of relationships, concepts, and material possessions that are worn out, or that no longer serve her growth. AMEN Sister!!!!
4/18/2010 2:21:15 PM
I am looking for an auto mechanic and a maid, not necessarily the same individual.
4/3/2010 4:04:25 PM
chuckles.....waiting for the ultimate movie....the Ten Commandments....bondage and slavery....what a concept!
3/26/2010 8:34:56 PM
Today I did some volunteer work with kids with cancer. They remind us that life is a precious gift no matter how old we are.
3/6/2010 6:42:50 PM
Will be attending a convention in Phoenix in January. Looking to discover what Arizona has to offer
3/6/2010 6:41:58 PM
I haven't been to The City in quite some time.....I miss NY***
2/13/2010 6:44:56 PM
Did you do everything you could today to be your very best for the one you serve?
2/7/2010 12:50:37 PM
Something that always intrigues me....those who say "want to be dominated by beautiful young Domme" or by a "beautiful woman". When you choose your vanilla friends, do you have a look category for them as well or do you associate with them based on their character? There are Dommes who are of the same mind but then again, they can afford to be choosy can't they? They are in demand. My point is this....if your idea of domination extends to the "Holly wood Domme" vision of perfect figures and leather you are sadly mistaken in your desires.
2/3/2010 6:44:05 PM
curious why some people are here saying they want to submit when they really have no desire to? 
1/31/2010 9:08:38 AM
A tip for those thinking of something different for valentines day for the special ones in your life: chuckles for those of the domestic persuasion:
1/28/2010 4:25:18 PM
What's in a name? EVERYTHING! Many people don't realize that the names they choose is many times the deciding factor in evoking conversation.....
1/19/2010 5:56:49 PM
Next year's convention? Phoenix in January 2010.......
1/17/2010 9:07:20 AM
Is it so difficult for someone to understand a polite rejection? It would appear so. Just because I choose not to be the "bitch domme" and tell you to "get the **** away from me" am I supposed to ASSUME that you don't understand being treated decently?
1/15/2010 5:38:34 AM
I am always amazed that people really don't read journals or get irritated when you really don't have much in common and politely respond with best wishes. Many times I might simply enjoy reading some sensible comments and want an individual to know that their thoughts are appreciated...nothing more. While in New Orleans I did meet a lovely individual. I am grateful for your hospitality and enjoyed myself immensely. My convention is wonderful and winding down to it's finale and then homeward bound.
1/9/2010 5:30:20 PM
For those actually interested in educating their minds, I recommend the following sites; they are all free:
1/9/2010 3:56:44 AM
After an extended workday yesterday, preparing for the drive to New Orleans on Sunday. It will be a most interesting week
1/6/2010 1:14:49 PM
Having some plumbing work done at home and thought that I might advise quality domestics that I will be looking for a domestic upon my return from New Orleans on the 18th. I would require services once a week.
1/3/2010 9:00:16 AM
Happy New year to all.....hopefully all the things you deserve are going your way. I am preparing for my trip to New Orleans from Jan 10 - 16 and looking forward to being in the Big Easy....... wicked smile
12/18/2009 3:31:15 AM
A word of advice for correspondence to ANY DOmme; don't send an email with one word. Do you have one word conversations when you meet someone face to face? Be sensible!
12/18/2009 3:29:59 AM
I am sad to say I had to take the Husky back to the aspca.....he bit someone and broke skin. I can't have that.
11/29/2009 5:41:04 PM
I was just gifted with the most beautiful Siberian Husky (although this climate isn't the best for them)..... As for Thanksgiving...I'm thankful for my family, friends and my new dog. I'm also thankful for the friends I've made here and the submissives/slaves who have entrusted themselves to my care at various times. Perhaps Santa Domme will bring you the Owner of your Dreams this year!
9/25/2009 6:42:45 AM
All you cam boys......don't bother asking me if I want to use you. I don't play that game with anyone.
9/24/2009 8:18:27 PM
It's been a lovely birthday but its time for bed...
8/16/2009 3:24:19 AM
going to New Orleans in January for a week to work on a convention.....
7/28/2009 4:43:35 PM
Why do you want to chat when you don't have a makes one think you have something to hide
7/13/2009 7:13:54 PM
I am looking for a good domestic...
6/11/2009 3:20:42 AM
smiles...thanks for the know who you are
5/31/2009 10:42:08 AM
once again, ignorant people make stupid remarks desperate for someone to talk to them.  Obviously slaves in "singapore" have no clue there is real life....
5/24/2009 4:41:14 AM
The rain didn't stop my vacation one bit***
Tierra Verde is back to the real world refreshed and with a firm hand!
5/14/2009 5:54:57 PM
cannot wait for the weekend!!!! I will be leaving for st petersburg on sunday for eight glorious days....
5/2/2009 6:41:46 PM
whoever the "person" was who suggested I get a tan,and a job, might I suggest you get some intelligence?  You seem to be lacking in that department.  Perhaps you are the one who needs to work in lieu of getting money from your parents.
4/22/2009 3:37:44 AM
Time for a well deserved break after a series of downsizings, stress and sheer craziness...going to St Pete in May for a week on the beach beginning the 17th
1/15/2009 12:14:46 AM
its going to be a very busy two weeks....the inauguration in DC and then convention in San Diego and back home just in time for the Superbowl in Tampa.  At least January is proving that it will conclude with a bang!
1/12/2009 2:49:11 AM
Happy New Year to my good friends!  Let's hope that this year will bring us more positive vibes in our country and our lives.
12/9/2008 2:41:52 AM
Excited about being in DC for the Inauguration... Go FAMU Rattlers Marching 100 for playing at that event*****
11/18/2008 8:58:29 AM
Preparing for another conference in san diego*****
11/11/2008 8:52:32 AM
Happy Veteran's Day to all my fellow veterans and their families......
10/12/2008 6:55:33 PM
san diego was a great experience (the conference was immensely successful, the food fabulous and the people warm)....
Cant wait for the return visit in january...
10/1/2008 2:23:12 AM
leaving tomorrow for california..... looking forward to the respite..
7/4/2008 1:44:20 PM
Looking forward to San Diego in October; went to a Navy school there and curious to see the changes in the city. Perhaps someone might be willing to be a guide....
6/2/2008 2:30:09 AM
Back in FL.
Looking for someone with roofing experience.
5/18/2008 8:37:09 AM
In the Atlanta area (Acworth) on Thursday for about 5 days....attending daughter's graduation.
3/16/2008 1:12:11 PM
ahhh.....coming to San Diego in Oct (3 - 11) and Jan for work conventions...looking forward to it*   I hope to make some new friends while there
1/23/2008 1:43:49 AM
Ask not what your Domme can do for you,
Ask what you can do for your Domme.

Interesting twist on the famous inaugural quote isn't it?  And those words do not reflect what some might perceive as greed....It represents the emotional and intellectual stimulous you share with your Dominant.  Keep that in mind....
1/11/2008 4:57:10 PM
sighs....the trip to atlanta is cancelled due to work.  Sometimes it really rots to be an event planner......
12/16/2007 7:49:11 AM
Preparing for Atlanta...Jan 13 to 20. Looking forward to meeting some new friends....
11/18/2007 4:14:26 PM plays but a fabulous dinner at Pete's Tavern and shopping in Chinatown.  I trust that someone followed a piece of advice they were given and found a suitable pacifier.....
Most likely not back in the City until Feb but in Atlanta for a work related convention in Jan......
wicked smile...
11/11/2007 8:46:39 PM
I hope the strike is over on Broadway before Thursday!!!!  But then again, there is always a trip to Paddles to brighten my evening.....
11/4/2007 7:39:17 PM
Going back to NYC for a weekend and cannot wait to breathe in all the city offers again.....
Looking forward to seeing my friends***
10/18/2007 5:10:08 PM
A special someone is writing the most fabulous erotic story....
I must get him to share it with the world soon!
10/18/2007 4:48:30 PM
It's been incredibly busy for me with work and promotion!  Looking forward to spending 8 days in Atlanta this January and a week in San Diego in October.  Who knows.....maybe I will see you there!
9/15/2007 2:33:33 PM
My birthday is coming up and I'm excited to be one year older****
Wisdom definitely does come with age*
9/9/2007 4:42:25 AM
Going home this am after an incredible four days in DC.  I'm sorry I was not able to catch up to some of my DC/MD friends but I will do my best the next time!
9/4/2007 2:15:24 AM
Looking forward to seeing some of my friends in the north this know who you are****
7/25/2007 7:17:11 PM

Going to DC in Sept for a museum event....I'm quite excited about it****

2/2/2007 3:28:04 AM

I have a couple of projects for a handyman....

1/17/2007 2:55:02 AM
It's frustrating as a Domme to talk to people and then they do not follow through.  Common courtesy would be simply responding to polite comments or just responding to a note.  I note that submissives/slaves continually make comments regarding the non response of dominants, well trust me when I tell you we feel the same way.
1/14/2007 9:32:36 PM
LA was wonderful (thank you Misosubb)...
I'm back home now and waiting to see what the new year brings to my lap (winking)
12/27/2006 4:17:27 AM
Happy Holidays to everyone.  Here's hoping that Santa Domme brought you the Domme of your dreams....if not, then you've been naughty and you know what that means! (wicked grin).
I'm very excited about coming to LA for a visit***
12/10/2006 4:59:15 AM
Thank you for your help with the repairs!  Now I can prepare for my trip to LA next month.  I'm certainly looking forward to catching up with some of my new friends and seeing some of the city (after my work obligations, of course).....
11/20/2006 3:44:00 AM
Looking for a handyman to take care of some home repair work.
9/8/2006 11:39:52 PM
I will be in LA for eight days in January for a work conference.  I'm looking forward to the possibility of meeting some interesting people while there! 
6/12/2006 11:53:58 AM
Sighs...preparing for hurricane season....
there is always something that needs to be done to one's house isn't there?
6/4/2006 7:35:32 AM
I've been in the LA area for a few days and it has been absolutely wonderful.  I've actually caught up with some old lifestyle friends which was a pleasure in itself.  Back to FL in a day or so.
5/5/2006 4:13:57 PM
It's time for a much needed break from it's off to California for a few days in June!
7/25/2005 3:50:16 AM
I do miss the excitement of the north...I'm a native New Yorker and do try to get back to the City every couple of months; I need the energy recharge!  And for those theater buffs.....Avenue Q is the play to see!
7/23/2005 3:55:51 PM
Is the King's (or the Queen's) English still in use?  I find it so irritating that people cannot spell out words!  u r 2 fine?????
7/10/2005 1:32:36 PM
If you send Me an email with just one word like HI or HELLO I will not respond.  Have something to say!
3/30/2005 3:54:58 PM
I wonder if people really think about what they write?  Subs who demand a Domme be "attractive, fit ....the requirements go on and on.....
Of course physical is important but if it is the primary thing you are concerned about you will be searching for some time.  What about intelligent conversation, culture and some common sense?  The most interesting thing of all is that many subs don't look at themselves and ask if they can fill the checklist they have for a Domina...............
3/13/2005 2:57:11 PM
It has certainly been interesting chatting and meeting some of the site members.  I don't know what individuals enjoy playing the online games and then suddenly deciding that it's too real for them; trust me, reap what you sow dears.....
On the good note, I've definitely made some true friends (thanks for all the affection!) and met a serious submissive now and quest goes ever onward. (sighs)
12/26/2004 2:48:49 PM
I wonder if people honestly think about what they send to others?  Come on now...would you just send a one word note to someone and expect that they are going to think you are an intelligent being?  IF you wish to strike up a conversation, then write something intelligent, not silly "worship" drivel....
 Age: 27
 Melbourne, Australia