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Dominant, but I still like to be romanced. 35. 5'5". Curly red hair. Blue eyes. Curvy. LARGE breasts. Thick, but well-shaped, like an old school pin up. Sexy with confidence (I love teasing my sexual servant). Looking for my forever sub. Marriage, starting a family, a sex dungeon, the whole 9 yards. Honest, always. Smart, I have an MBA. A great cook and a baker. A lover of music. Affectionate, when I'm happy. Adventurous. Amazing, if you can get to know me. Playful. Over stressed from time to time. Maybe you can relieve my stress...?

I am looking for a guy in the area or willing to relocate, so an actual physical (real life) relationship is possible.

If you are older than 46 or younger than 27. Don't bother.

If you want to be mine, speak up. I don't often send messages, I usually just check my messages. So reach out and tell me why you could be the right guy for me.

2/10/2024 12:38:15 PM

To the asshole who called me a royal bitch then blocked me so I could not reapond... I know you'll see this. I can see that you are still looking at my page.

My response:

"And you seem like a judgemental prick who puts no effort into a conversation. You just make assumptions, poorly apologize, somehow expect me to be super interested by or attracted to that behavior and fawn all over you, then hurl insults. Whatever."

Background info for others: 

I didn't respond to his lazy messaging fast enough so he accused me of ghosting in less than 3 hours on a weekday afternoon. I said I was busy and pointed out that most people have things to do on a weekday in the early afternoon. Then I asked him to be more thoughtful and considerate before talking to people. He said "sorry miss". The next message from him was insults, combined with blocking me so he can continue to live in a fantasy world were that behavior is okay. 


To everyone looking to make connections. Be thoughtful with your communication.

12/4/2023 8:27:50 AM

What the fuck?!? The last thing you say to me is "I wish you were here with me" then you suddenly ghost and fucking block me?!? At least have the courtesy to tell me you are not longer interested, or why you no longer want to talk. This is BULLSHIT!

9/9/2023 2:23:45 AM

Are you out there? My Perfect man? I am naturally dominant. I need you to be naturally submissive. Someone with your own mind and a good sense of humor. Someone I don't have to force into this dynamic. I need you to choose this, to choose me. Accept me as I am and I will love you unconditionally. If you are asking for a way out before we even have a conversation, then you're not for me. I know I'm not perfect. I'm a big gal with flaws. I smoke (not cigarettes). I'm 35 and I still want kids. I have many people in my life who look to me. One of the many reasons you will need to come to me. 

6/11/2023 3:49:49 PM

There are way too many selfish subs on this site! If you contact me, and all you want to talk about are the sex acts I might do to you, you're selfish! I'm not here to cyber, or give you material to jack off with! I'm looking for an actual relationship. I want to get to know a possible sub, so I know I'm not wasting my time. Don't tell me you want to get to know me, then only ask me for pictures! THAT'S COMPLETELY RUDE! If you contact me, you had better speak with RESPECT!

6/11/2023 3:47:37 PM

I enjoy a sub with a personality, one that is fun to be around and can assure that I'll always have a good time with. I also enjoy a smart sub. Too bad these traits are so hard to find. Most the subs that have contacted me can't come up with a single thought on their own. I want a SUBMISSIVE MAN, not a drooling fool.

 Age: 32
 Port Charlotte, Florida