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Good Girl girls Crave A strong presence in their lives. A caring Daddy is Omni present in his babygirls life. Providing guidance, emotional Psychological and physical care. Attention, affection comfort.So she never feels alone. Daddy always at her side.

Rule No. 1 Priorities.

Baby Girl is allowed four kinds of time.

Family Time
You must always take care of your family responsibilities first. They are where you heart and soul come from.

Work and or School Times
They are what prepare you and enable you to contribute, participate, and attend to all things in your life.

DaddyMaster Time
It is only when the first two priorities are taken care of that you may focus 100 on your Daddy. That way, our precious time together has the greatest potential to be the best it can be. Bringing us closer together with every moment.

All other time that you may have should be enjoyed only after the first three kinds of time are satisfied, and with your Daddys permission and approval

Rule No. 2 Baby Girl Will Be Checking In

You will touch base with your Daddy a minimum of 4 times a day.

Good Morning, Daddy So that I know when you wake up.

Again To let me know how your day is going, what you are doing where you are going, who you may be with, etc.

Later Again To update anything from the second check in, and to let Daddy know that you are home safe, doing well, etc.

Good Night, Daddy So that Daddy knows you are in bed at a decent hour (especially if you have been given a bedtime).

Rule No. 3 Opening yourself up. You must share daily your thoughts and feelings.

Rule No. 4
You will neither touch, nor be touched for pleasure without Daddys permission.

Your orgasm, like the rest of you, belongs to Daddy now, and you will not cum until I allow that you to do so.
You belong to me now. Smile and say YES Daddy PLEASE 8!!!

A girl that I’m mentoring asked me to write something sweet and sexy.  The story about joyful, excited service. The kind of story where she excites Daddy’s men friends with sexy waitress service. 

 There’s a baseball game on tonight. Daddy‘s friends have arrived ,six of them tonight.

She must wear 10 pieces of clothing. During each inning, one man will be chosen to remove one piece of clothing. 

Daddy, of course is put out the rules of conduct for this evening to make things more interesting.   

Depending on the size of a tip. Each man would be allowed to run his fingertips over whatever flesh is exposed.But only with the whisper of their fingertips. And you must keep your eyes closed while it’s happening. 

Bigger tip may be a little squeeze here and there, but still a soft, feel a teasing touch a nipple pinch a soft slap on the ass but it’s a compliment being so amazing. 


Everyone on their best behavior so far as matters goes, please and thank you. Men constantly, whispering compliments to you. And to each other about you. 


Watching your Daddy glow with pride as other men drool over you is an amazing feeling for him. And so exciting for you.  

 Perhaps another tip. You would straddle a man’s lap and allow him to feast on your magnificent breasts, but only ever so softly. The tip of his tongue and his fingertips, but only a soft squeeze.


As your clothes become more scant. Your skin will be teased more and more with the feathery touch of drooling ,horny  men craving your attention.with only softest caress of fingertips. Insidiously raises your temperature, temperature higher and higher. The voice of your inner fuck toy, screaming to be used. With Daddy’s permission and supervision you can be a good girl doing naughty, naughty things.


Daddy sees how excited you are. He knows that look in your eye when all you can think about is wanting to be a good girl and please all these men.  


Your eyes begin to plead with Daddy. They say everything without words to him do you want the game to be over. But 9 innings is much too long . Do I have wait DADDY PLEASE !!!


But you also noticed that it may be the seventh inning, but more and more of the men are watching for the next piece of clothing that will come off that so much about whether the batter will be struck out.   


There is one big, comfy chair that is pointed in the opposite direction of all the others watching the TV.

You check all of them one more time to see if they need another drink your handshake a little bit. With the anticipation.


Daddy taps one of his friends on the shoulder and leans down, whispers into his ear. 

Then he looks back into your eyes. And you know you need to go to him now. 

All he says, is round one. First chair. 


Wrote this years ago. Thoughts ? 

Do these four words make a perfect mantra ? 

A good Submissive is " Consistent , Eager, Obedient, and Devoted. 

I wrote this for a for a budding slave.
A slaves prayer /affirmation /mantra

I dont want to be a free , i Need to be owned. 

I dont want to be abused I need to be cared for. 

I will feel more alive on my knees, begging to serve my masters needs.

Than I ever have anywhere in the world standing up. 

A master who does not provide this property with balance. Is unworthy of my service.

A master who will provide me with balance and care. I will devote my life and service.

I would love to read your thoughts ?