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I'm a married dominant to my sub wife. For scenes I like to switch. If you are a lifestyler, go to play parties. munches, demos, conventions and dungeons. If you have real time friends who are in the lifestyle who you hang out with. If you're a member of a bdsm group or dungeon then we have something in common.

Finish her!


The whipping scene has gone on for 40 minutes.  My whipped body now hangs in my chains as the whipping stops.  I can see through the slits in the mask the looks of shock and surprise in the faces of the crowd watching my torture.  I can see the faces of some of my friends smiling at me.  They know what’s about to happen.

My loin cloth is removed which shows the neon red string bikini I was wearing underneath it.  It glows like a hot coal in the black light.  My torturer comes in close and runs her hands over my whipped body and the raised welts on my stomach and thighs.  She goes over to the chain and starts pulling it.  It’s at this point the people watching think that I’m being lowered but I’m not.  I’m being tightened.

I’m being suspended higher now and the ankle chains are getting tighter.  The room is silent as I’m now being torture stretched.  My ribs are clearly visible now and my belly gets pulled flat.  I’m moaning loudly now as my pain level has now reached a ten.  It’s now very difficult to breathe and I’m suffering.  I’m struggling with the last safety ball in my hand as I try to dangle it out of fingers in order to drop it, a clear signal to my torturer that I’m finished. 

I can see the look of horror in some of the faces of the people watching my torment. I manage to drop the ball and I’m lowered to the floor, exhausted.  The scene ends with a passionate kiss from my torturer and I limply stand there still in chains.   My mask is removed and I’m led to a nearby bondage table to recover.  I’m surrounded by friends and a few attendees as they ask how I am and if I’m alright. A few want to see my welts.  I guess it’s too see if the welts real.  They are.  I’m showered with compliments and it makes me feel fantastic.  I’m going to remember this night for a long time.  

I wouldn’t let anyone whip me like that!


The sound of a chain hoist makes an unmistakable rattling noise when it’s being used. You can hear it wherever you are in the dungeon.  The crowd watches as I’m slowly being hoisted up into the air.  They see my torturer playing around with a very long single tail and let’s a crack a few times, CRACK!  It sounds like a gun shot.  Through the mask I can see the dungeon monitors making the crowd, over a hundred by now, stand back so there’s plenty of room for the scene about to take place. 

The first lash was a doozy, WU-TISH!  It wrapped around my waist and left a nice red welt across my belly.  There was a pause and then another lash WU-TSIH! That one was across my tits leaving another welt.  This went on for awhile until my body was covered in beautiful red welts from my tits to my knees.  I could hear some guy nearby get up from his seat and say “There’s no way I would let anyone whip me like that!” and storm off to another part of the dungeon.  I have to say that I thought his reaction was funny because only a newbie would say that.  I’m like dude, I’m enjoying this!   I guess my moans and grunts during my whipping really caused a stir as the crowd now swelled to a lot of people. 

As for me, my pain level is a 7.  I’m in pain but I know it’s not over.  I drop one of the safety balls I was holding onto (which in my opinion is better than a safeword) and it signals my torturer that I’m ready for the last part of the scene. 

Oh wow, that looks sexy.

 I don’t want to give away what I think is the best part of the scene so I manage to change into a small leather loin cloth that ties on the sides.  Imagine Jane in the Tarzan movies.  I’m wrapped in a big towel as I change in front of everyone.  I put on a hard leather mask and collar I use to protect my face and neck from the whip.  It’s cool looking and like a medieval mask with slits over the eyes.  It will protect my face and ears from any errant lashes during the scene. 

I put on some ankle cuffs and drop the towel put it away.  I’m now topless in front of a crowd of people eager to see what was going to happen.  I grab two squishy rubber balls (more on this later) in my hands and I walk under the spreader bar and my wrists are attached to the suspension cuffs and my ankles are attached to the floor chains. I’m facing the crowd as I’m getting slowly oiled up.  I know the lighting and the oil really show off the definition of the muscles of my thighs and belly.  My mind is racing now.  I know what is going to happen to my body.  I can feel eyes all over my shiny glistening flesh.  Enigma is playing in the background. I feel sexy, powerful and excited. 

What Is she doing?

Dear reader, I’ve been told that I can drone on about these things but for lifestylers, the minutia of it all is fun to read about.  I had a lot of things to do to set this scene up.  By this time, there were groups of people from the convention walking around and looking at all the play areas there.  There was a throne room, a cage, various crosses, spanking benches, bondage tables and the like.  It was a big play space with lots of equipment to use.  There I am, in the back, quietly setting up my scene.  I’m still in street clothes but I’m getting some attention from passersby.  I know where everything is so I’m just doing my thing and getting into the subspace. 

First, I adjust the lighting.  The suspension station had this big overhead light fixture which I don’t need and so I have to turn it off.  To do this, I had to grab this very long pole device which is used to change lightbulbs in tall areas and use it to unscrew the blub so it goes out. I prefer the eerie look of a darker area because it reminds me of the scary dungeons you see in the movies.  People are watching me now, not sure about what I’m doing.

Next, I roll up the Oriental rug placed underneath the chain hoist of the suspension station which exposes the bare concrete floor beneath it and place it away.  I then screw in two eyebolts into the recessed mounts in the floor and attach two pieces of chain to each eyebolt.  These will be for my ankles.  I place two large black light fixtures on either side of the area and turn them on. 

Lastly, I replace the 2ft spreader bar attached to the chain hoist with a 4ft one I brought and attach two suspension cuffs to them.  Everything has been measured out and I’m just about ready.  I just had to get the management to play some Enigma on the stereo system.   By now, a group of people are standing and watching.  My friends, who’ve seen this before, find places to sit so they have a good view. Time to strip. 

Time to play.

 To some, to do what I go through during a public scene looks easy.  Being suspended and whipped is panful and it took me a long time to perfect this fantasy of mine.  If one tiny detail is off, it can ruin the whole experience.  My goal is always to suffer as much pain as I can for a long as I can for the mutual benefit of my torturer.  So it looks easy because I spent a lot of time practicing it. 

Those of you who do public play can probably relate to this.  Sometimes the smallest thing such as a dog barking in the background or one bond is too tight or too loose can screw things up and poof, you’re no longer in the right head space and it ruins everything.  One example of this is when I was tied face to face with another girl and we’re about to get flogged.  On paper, this should have been a hot scene but I took a whiff of her breath and it was nasty. I’m surprised she didn’t catch my reaction but I didn’t tell her why I stopped the scene short.  I made some excuse and it ended.  Next time, have some breath mints handy. 

For this night, I wanted to put on a show.  I arrived at the dungeon a bit early, knowing that the attendees of the convention would be arriving any minute now.  I head straight to the suspension station to claim it in case someone else beat me to it.  I place the toy bags on a large credenza nearby and started to feel excited about what was going to happen to me.  The suspension station was all the way in the back of the dungeon and I was already seeing small groups of people milling in.  I purposely took my time to set things up.  I was getting into my head space.    

The Show

Doing a scene in front of a large crowd of people can be intimidating for the uninitiated.  Not for me.  Sometimes, however, a small group of people watching can be just as fun.  Over time, I began to not care how many are watching because I just wanted to do a scene and go home and have incredible sex. 

I heard through the grapevine that one of my favorite dungeons was going to host the play party for a big leather convention in town.  Event parties are normally held at the hotel ballroom of the venue. And so it was a big deal that a local dungeon was chosen to host the play party.  The dungeon owners had a lot riding on the success of the event.  If successful, the convention would always have the play party there which made a lot of money on entrance fees.

I normally skipped these parties because they never had the equipment I needed to do my scene and so  I was excited that they were going to have it at the dungeon instead.  I was looking forward to a big crowd.   A lot of my friends were going to the party and I was looking forward to seeing them as well.  Since CS has a character limit on journals, I’m going to post a series of journals describing the incredible scene I did that night.    So please stayed tuned. 

Valentines Day 2024.  Since it's my subs birthday as well we started the day scissoring. Next I'm sending her to a place where her body will be professionally smashed (deep tissue massage), smoked (aroma therapy) and burned (hot rock therapy). Tonight is dinner and a special gift. I wanted to make her breakfast but I don't know where the kitchen is! Haha

Valentine's Day is my wife's birthday. When we met I wasn't looking for a submissive but I ended up with one anyway.  Our relationship is complicated in that she's not in the lifestyle. In fact she didn't know anything about it until we met.  She is a personal trainer.  If you've ever wondered what having a service sub is like here's a few things she does for me.  She does all the shopping and cooking for me.  It's almost embarrassing to tell my family and friends that I eat most of my meals in bed. My drinks are magically refilled and with ice. She does all the cleaning. She does all the gardening. She takes care of the pool and Jacuzzi. She's available whenever I want sex. She loves to walk behind me. There's so much more. When I changed her password on an account she had before it used to be Surrender. She is kind, giving and funny. I didn't ask for any of this. It's how our relationship has evolved. For this I cherish her. 

Happy birthday my darling and Happy Valentine's Day!


The Gift Pt ending

About a month later my Domme tells me that we've been invited to the Doms house in Austin. We were going to party on 6th Street first and get some playtime that evening.  Bet!
So the four of us are in their living room and talking. The two dominants were chatting and I chatted with the sub.  She asked me. Do you want to do a scene?  Yes I said.  Would you like to watch me being tortured? With a big smile on her face she said Yes!  
We head out to their garage which cleared out and had plenty of room. They had bought a chain hoist and set it up for a whipping scene.  (Another custom torture chamber built for me? Yes please!) 
I stripped down to my black string bikini bottom and started putting on my cuffs.  Meanwhile, the other couple was moving a couch around so it was placed in front of the area I was going to be whipped.  I was attached to a spreader bar and hoisted up into the air. The other couple sat in the couch to watch. I was a little concerned because I wasn't told to wear any of my safety gear. It didn't matter I was ready for anything. 
My Domme attached chains to my ankles so that I was spread wide and facing the other couple. She stood behind me with her long black single tail and began to whip me. 
That familiar sound we all know rang out in the empty space. Wu-tish! Wu tish!  Each lash left a bright red mark on my skin.  The strokes were deliberate and paced.  Between strokes I looked at the couch to see their reaction. The Dom was now laying flat on his back and his sub was on top of him and they were fucking each other while watching me being whipped.  She's riding him hard. 
This blew my mind. Usually, during a whipping scene I'm trying to concentrate on my breathing and ignoring the pain in my wrists and body. Being whipped while hanging is another welcome distraction so to speak. I try to anticipate every lash by tensing my belly.  I want to last as long as I can.  So my brain doesn't know which thing to concentrate on which makes the scene last longer.   Watching an older Dom fuck his sub during my scene I suddenly thought, I hope he comes! Otherwise I'm going to be here a long time. 
My Domme is aware of all this. She's not only watching me but also then.  If she stops,  he might not cum.  So she's pacing things out in sync with their fucking.  
After awhile I hear him yell out, Aaahh!  He's cumming inside her.  She's grinding him out, milking every last drop.  The whipping stops and my suspended and whipped body hangs limply in the chains.  
My Domme stands in front of me and says, Stay her we'll be right back. (As if I had anywhere to go).  Then the three of them go back inside the house. After a minute or two the sub comes back out and stands in front of me. She says, I'm supposed to get you down.  She hesitates. Can I stretch you a little bit first?  I nod my head yes. She starts pulling the chain and stretches me. 
I wince but I don't complain.  She licks my stomach and rubs her hands all over my stretched body. I can feel her warm hands go over my whip marks and it feels good.  I moan in pleasure. She then lowers me down. It's all over. 
The next morning we're all in the kitchen. Nobody is saying a word. It's like nothing happened. What goes on in Austin stays in Austin I think. We're still good friends to this day. 
Next up: The Show 



The Gift (ending)

After awhile she got up and stood behind me. I could feel her hands slowly glide over my body from my arms to my hips. I moaned at her touch. Then with both hands she placed them on my hips and pushed me forward. I was being stretched. I could see my reflection and I realized that the mirror wasn't for me but it was for her. I could see her looking at the effaspects of the torment as our eyes met in the reflection. 
I moaned loudly as I my head tilted back.  The chains rattled as I strained to endure the torture. She released me and I swung back to my original position.  She went back to the chair and sat down. Your body was made for torture she said. 
She lit another cigarette and watched. I hung there trying to comprehend my situation. I felt like my body no longer belonged to me. I was now her torture toy. My body betrayed me. My nipples were hard and erect and I was sweating now. 
This went on for a long time. Back and forth. 
Finally after a long time I heard her cell phone vibrate. She looked at it and then at me.  She said Fifteen more minutes. 
What choice did I have. I hung in my chains and suffered some more. 
She got up and left. A few minutes later my Domme returned. She smiled at me and unchained me. Go to the bedroom she said. I want to have tortured sex. She walked out and I glanced over at the ashtray.  There were 8 cigarette butts there. 


Next up. The Gift pt 2

The Gift Pt 2

I first met a male Dom couple at the West Texas event.  He was an older gentleman with a grey ponytail.  His kink was the cane. He always had one with him wherever he went.  He was married to his sub, an olive skinned red head.  While my Domme and him talked, his sub saw me sunbathing on a bench nearby.  My eyes were closed as I soaked in the sun in my white string bikini.  She walked over to me and said. "Mm, mm, mm."

I opened my eyes and glanced to my left and I saw her smiling face admiring my body.
So your her sub? She asked. 
Yea I replied.  Is that your Dom talking to her?
Uh huh. It's nice to finally meet you. 
Months later we saw each other again at the SW Leather convention in Dallas. We wanted to go to the host hotel because there was a pool and I wanted to go swimming and attend a small meet and greet going on in the hotel courtyard. The area was set up for a cookout and a pot luck. So I spent time making sure my Domme was comfortable and got her something to drink. 
Most of the small group there belonged to the Dallas group. There were several couples and half a dozen singles. I knew everyone by their IRC handles so it was nice meeting everyone face to face.l for the first time. The male Dom couple we met was also there.  So we sat at a picnic table talking.  Someone started the grill to cook hamburgers.  
My Domme turned to me and said.  I want you to go cook some burgers.  Take off your clothes and make yourself useful. 
Ok I replied. 
I stripped down to my bikini.  That day I was wearing one of my favorite suits.  It was a brightly colored Brazilian string bikini.  It was very thin on the sides and high on the hips. I go to the grill and start placing burgers on it.  My presence there was a bit awkward for me.  I could feel eyes on me from everyone there.  I tried to ignore the attention and focus on the grill. 
Pop! Pop! 
The grease from the patties were spewing hot oil and some landed on my skin. 
Ouch! I cried. What the hell! 
I could hear snickering.  Psst! I hear.  My Domme held out an apron.  Put this on.  I walked over to the table and took the apron to put it on.  
Have you ever watched those safari shows on TV where the lions are watching a gazelle in the brush?   I felt like that as the Dom watched me put the apron on and tie it around my waist.  His gaze kind of threw me off and I felt a bit shy.  Later on we hit the pool where my Domme made sure I was oiled up and on display in front of her chaise lounge. 
It was a fun day. The convention was awesome and the event went well. 

The Gift.

One thing I didn't anticipate about being in a 24/7 bdsm relationship was experiencing different types of play outside my kinks.  It never occurred to me there were things my Domme liked to do that pleased her.  During our courtship if you will, we only talked about mutual interests. Over time I became a willing victim to her desires. 
You see, when I was 10, my fantasies involved me enduring being tortured on the rack or being suspended.  I imagined some hulky henchmen or evil Queen presiding over my torment. I never fully thought out what happened to me after the scene.  When I got older and having sex that's what I thought about. 
So when I moved in with my Domme, we just did suspension and rack play.  All the time. 
Things between us began to change pretty quickly. We started used clamps. Then it was gags. Impact play was added.  We added roleplay.  Now our scenes involved everything we could think of.  This blew my mind.  I had no idea how fun and sexy a sadistic mind could be!  
We were invited to the West Texas group one weekend and had a blast. I stayed in the home of a female sub friend of ours who was hosting the event. People came from all over Texas to this event.  People were playing in the house and things spilled out to the private yard in the back. My Domme flogged this cute femsub in this large shed which attracted some attention. 
During this event we met two married couples. A femdom couple and a male Dom couple. They heard about me and asked if I was going to be suspended that day.  They wanted to watch. So later that day I was strung up in that shed.  I was only wearing a white bikini bottom. I was left there on display. That's what my Domme wanted. One by one, people came by to take a peek of me hanging in there. 
About 6 months later my Domme and that femdom we met arranged a visit to their house in Abilene.  We had already spent a weekend at their place once before. They had a big detached garage perfect for playing in but it was full of model trains. The male sub worked for the railroad and he collected model trains. He had them all set up in the garage so playing in there was tight.
So we headed to Abilene on a Friday.  I figured we were going to party a while with them and get some playtime afterward.  My Domme told me to bring a full length mirror this time.  I thought to myself, yippee, I get to watch myself this time.  We arrived early evening and talked about the lifestyle and got high. I was feeling good. If we didn't play I was ok with it because I felt terrific. 
At around 10pm, the dommes were chatting and they decided they wanted to play. I was told to go into the bedroom and get ready.  I wasn't really sure what we were going to do because I remembered the garage didn't have much room but we would figure it out. So the two dommes and the husband headed to the garage and I went to the bedroom. I took off my clothes and put on my suspension cuffs and ankle cuffs. I oiled myself up. After about 10 minutes I was ready. 
I walked to the garage carrying the toy bag and the mirror. I opened the door and went inside.  This is what I saw. 
The first thing I noticed was the husband was strung up to my left and facing the wall while being flogged my both dommes. He was naked and spread eagle. I slipped by and put down the toy bag and leaned the mirror on the wall. He was yelling out and begging to be let go. They took him down and he was led away.  Their scene didn't seem to last very long. 
Then it hit me.  All the trains were gone. Before we got there, they moved all of the tracks, buildings and sets that were mounted on multiple pieces of plywood over to the back and were now stacked against the back wall.  It must've taken a long time.  Not only that, they installed multiple black lights in the ceiling. There were eyebolts all over now. It was a torture room built just for me!
My Domme chained me up with my arms overhead and spread wide and left on my tiptoes. She kissed me and walked away leaving me alone.  WTF I thought.  Where was she going? After a short time, the host domme came in. She looked at me and smiled.
You're probably wondering what's going on. She said. I gave her my husband to play with and she gave you to me.  Think of it as a gift exchange. 
She went to the wall and flipped the switch and the black lights came on. She positioned a chair and a small table in front of me. Then she took the mirror and leaned it against the table so I could see myself. She adjusted the mirror slightly to make sure I could see my entire body. She stood behind me and saw that the mirror reflected me fully. Then she sat in the chair facing me.  Pleased with my predicament she watched me in my bondage and sat there silently. 
I could feel her lustfully watching me but I didn't want to look her in the eyes. I tried to concentrate on ignoring the growing pain in my wrists and the full pain growing in my calves. I glanced at my bonds and down at my body. I could see my reflection in the mirror. The black lights made my oiled body shine like glass and my neon pink bikini glowed like coals. I kept my eyes lowered and stared at the floor. 
If my Domme were here her hands would be all over me.  She would be whipping me or doing something to torture me.  This was new to me. I didn't know what to do or how to react. So I just hung there quietly suffering. 
She lit a cigarette and watched me. Slowly drawing the smoke and watching my body she exhaled and I saw this white cloud of smoke waft through the area. Time slowed down and I hung there waiting for something to happen. 
After awhile she got up and stood behind me. I could feel her hands slowly glide over my body from my arms to my hips. I moaned at her touch. Then with both hands she placed them on my hips and pushed me forward. I

The Whip

The single tail was never my impact play item of choice.  In fact, I was afraid of it.  In Texas there are a lot of whip enthusiasts.  There are vanilla groups in Texas for people who are interested in using one.  For bdsm practitioners the use of a whip for scene play is rarely used.  That doesn't stop people from cracking a whip in the dungeon.  Eventually I learned to love being whipped but it wasn't easy. 

Some dungeons prohibit single tails.  They're loud and intimidating. Just hearing that familiar sound (my lame attempt at describing the sound) wu-tish!! was enough to turn heads. Some didn't like the distraction of it during play at the dungeon so in some cases it wasn't allowed. 
In the beginning, most of my impact play involved floggers, canes, crops and other similar things. My Domme however was very interested in using a whip and connected with other dominants who had experience with single tails. After we scenes She would seek out someone with a whip and practiced with it. 
As her sub, it was fascinating to watch her try to crack the whip. I wanted to please her so I agreed to stand by with my hands over my face as the whip would lightly wrap around me over and over. 
I want to whip you while you're suspended she said. 
Okay but I'm very afraid I replied.  I'll try it as long as I wear a mask and leather thong. 
A friend of mine sold me a mask. It was made of stiff thick leather.  It didn't cover my head but it covered my face and ears. It was so cool looking!  The thong was easier to get. I found a side tie one at a leather shop in town. I also wore a leather collar to protect my neck.  I was ready.  Bring it on I thought to myself. 
In the beginning I would be cuffed to a spreader bar with my arms overhead.  My Domme bought a 4ft whip which we used for practice. After a few sessions we didn't like the damage it caused. It was very painful. I hated it.  We later learned that shorter whips cause the most pain. 
We bought a 6 foot whip and practiced with that for awhile.  Finally we bought an 8 foot whip.  My Domme could now stand far away and whip me like a pro. Both of us were amazed at the performance of a long whip. She learned to throw it around me and got that Wu-tish!! sound Everytime. 
We went to our favorite dungeon and did a scene with the whip.  This time I was suspended and wearing all of the protective gear I bought. I was hoisted up and whipped.  She took long pauses between lashes.  Every lash has purpose. She wanted evenly spaced marks.  I wore those marks proudly and the scene caused quite a stir.
Dominants like to push limits and subs often don't think they can say no. In my case, I agreed to be whipped while suspended because I was now confident if her ability and I felt safe.  We were refining our scene. Little did we know but we were about to make a huge impression on the Texas scene.
Next up: The Gift. 

The Bench of Despair

Not every play party I go to has the equipment I need to do my usual scene. I've been tied to crosses and Spanish horses which can be fun. I went to one dungeon and ended up doing a scene on this unusual bondage bench. This one was tall and was meant for a bottom to lean over it and be tied to it. You could say it was a spanking bench. When I saw it I imagined myself being tied to it in a back bend position instead. The scene was so hot I found the guy who made it and ordered one for me.  I called it, The Bench of Despair. 

I kept it in my bedroom. It a wooden bench with a black leather covered top. There were eyebolts on the legs arranged so that any size person could be tied to it. I loved it because the top was long enough so that when I laid on it I was supported from my ass to the middle of my back. So when I did a scene on it I was tied to it in a back bend. And because it was a tall bench that meant that when I was on it, I was in the perfect position for my mouth and pussy to be used at the same time by two tops. 

It is a lot of fun to be tied up in a back bend on it. I've had hot wax dropped on my stomach. I've had zippers put on me. I've been flogged on it. I would be totally immobile and helpless. I've had many tops use me on that thing. But there was one drawback.

The human body is not made to be stretched backwards like that for a long time. I'm a strong girl with a six pack. I'm athletic and flexible. But after a long time in that position your body gets used to it and you're frozen that way. I literally am not able to get off that thing without help. I've had people watch me do a scene on it and oh wow that looks hot I want to try that. But when the scene is over and I look like I'm paralyzed they change their minds. 

You read people's journals and profiles and you read that some slaves and subs fantasize about being in bondage for long periods of time and as someone who had that same fantasy let me say this. It's a fantasy. The human body is not made for permanent bondage or long periods of torture. You think you can be tied spread eagle to a bed or other position for the night?  

Prove me wrong. 

Oiled up. 

Shortly after I came to Texas I got oiled up before I scened.  I'd grab some Hawaiian Tropic or Banana Boat and take it to the dungeon with us. I did this suspended whipping scene once where I was oiled up before the scene.  This was a really nice dungeon in Oklahoma City.  Afterward, we went to the lounge area to chill for a bit. 

"Why do you use the oil?" this femsub asked me.

In the back of the room, this male dom said, "it makes it easier to take the whip!"

WRONG. Haha. The oil is to make me look sexier!  My Domme loved to slowly massage oil all over my body while I was tied up. This was for her. We had to stop doing it because people started to complain about the smell. It didn't matter that we used bleach solution to wipe everything down. So we stopped.

We were at one of our favorite dungeons doing a rack scene. They had a long wooden one with a roller on one end. So we're doing our thing and I'm lying there on my back all stretched out getting into sub space. My Domme pauses and steps away for a few seconds. I'm not wearing my contacts so I can't see anything but the ceiling. And I hear, "Yes that would be nice."

Interrupting a scene in progress without permission is a big no no. You can get kicked out for that. But this was different. Next thing I know is I'm being oiled up while I'm stretched on the rack. If I wasn't in subspace before I'm surely going there now. 

Here's what happened. 

The dungeon owner, a tall slim 40ish brunette who works in law enforcement, saw us doing a rack scene. She owned that rack but nobody ever stretched someone on it.  Most used it like a bondage table. So when we used it she loved watching us play. So she was watching us that night and thought to herself, she (me) would look so much better if she was oiled up. So during our scene she waved at my domme and once she got her attention, told her that. She heard the story about why we stopped and she suggested a solution. 

Mineral oil.  It's water soluable and has no smell. Problem solved. 

So now when I do a scene, I'm getting oiled up. Whoever is topping me gets to rub warm oil all over my tits, belly, arms, legs and butt. I like it when its slow. 

Shout out to that dungeon owner. Thank you. 

The Deer Lease

In Texas, access to a deer lease  is an amazing opportunity to play outdoors.  It's private and there's lot of places to tie someone up. 
Three of us couples decided to do some outdoor bondage, camp for the night and leave the next day.  There were two femdom male sub couples and my Domme and I. 
One domme, a bbw who is married to her now nude male sub was immediately put in a chastity cage and was paraded in front of each femdom.  That was their thing. He's a probate lawyer. 
The other domme, a gorgeous lipstick domme did a whipping scene with her sub tied between two trees.  Both are retired, he now makes whips.  It was brutal. He likes it that way. 
My Domme sees the spot where the hunters string up their deer and that's where I was hung spread eagle.  She whipped me with a thin red horsewhip.  I was left there on display while the dommes talked.  I'm looking around taking this all in.  Six grown adults having a good time and all the subs are being tortured/used.  
The one sub in chastity was sitting in a folding chair and chatting.  The other sub was laying flat and resting now that his body looked like hamburger.  Suddenly, two dommes think it would be cool to chain me to a big boulder nearby.  So I'm chained spread eagle face up on this enormous boulder.  They try to scare me with tales of large spiders and scorpions.  
So yea, they're fucking with me.  
I guess I was looking too comfortable so they each grabbed the chains and tried to pull me apart.  I pretend to be suffering.  I'm actually having fun and getting turned on. 
Hours later we eat and drink. Exhausted we all go into our tents and fuck.
The bdsm lifestyle is really something else. 

Spiderman kiss.


I was apartment sitting for a girlfriend. She lived in a really nice high rise building with a pool a fitness center and a sauna. I decide to lay out at the pool. It was during the week and nobody was there except a life guard. Instead of a lounge chair by the pool I decided to go to the baby pool where I could sunbathe while in the water. 

I've been in this pool several times during my visits here and met several people there. So I'm laying there in the pool with my head on the tile as comfy as I can get.  I'm wearing a tiny black bikini and enjoying the sun. 

My eyes are closed and I hear "psst."

I look up and back and I see Danielle who I've met a few times.  She's a tall hot blonde with a big smile.

"Hey you" I reply.

"Come lay out with me by the pool" she says. 

"Kiss me first and I will" I say.  

Danielle walks over to me as I lean my head back and she plants a sexy wet kiss on my lips, Spiderman style. 

I grab my stuff and we lay out on two lounge chairs side by side. She's wearing a red string bikini and lies face down on the chair. I lay face up in n my black bikini. 

"Where's your husband? I ask.

"Oh we're not married. He's a pilot and I'm a chief stew. We share this place when we're in town." She explains.  "I like your bikini, where'd you buy it?" She asks. 

"I bought it at The Bikini Shop on M street." I reply.  "It's the only place I know where I can buy smaller bikinis like this." 

"I know that place. I model there." She says.  "That's me in those pictures on the walls."

"Aww no way for real?" I ask.

"Yes I know the owner." She replies. 

We chat about swimsuits and modeling and tanning. Just chit chat.  I get up and she asks where are you going? And I say I'm going into the sauna and that I'll be right back. 

I lay flat on my back in the sauna in my bikini and close my eyes.  A minute later Danielle comes in. She looks at my sweaty body and sits next to me. Our eyes meet. One thing leads to another.


You know that movie Groundhog Day?  Bill Murray tells the two guys at the bowling alley about the time he and this girl ate lobster and had sex and wondered why couldn't I have that day over and over?


My day with Danielle was my day. 

Her profile simply read Very experienced Dominant female interested in talking with experienced male or female natural submissives and/or sub masochists. I like nice people that I can have fun with, but I am strict about what I need in my life.  If you do not like a nice but strict Domme then you won't like me. My experience is in medieval torture scenes. Suspension, whipping, the rack and bondage w/ chains are my primary interests.   

My journey with pleasure and pain took place in her garage.  In Texas, that meant oppressive heat. It was August and there was time.  Time to finally experience what we chatted about for months and talked about for several months longer.  The session was simple, I show up, strip down to tiny bikini bottoms and put on my suspension cuffs and ankle cuffs.  I would go to the garage and wait.  I put my hair in a pony tail and stood near the far wall where I saw a short step ladder and waited.  The anticipation I felt was almost enough to arouse me.

She walked in and I saw her look me up and down with a smile on her face.  She had been waiting a long time for this as well.  I was told to climb the step ladder and attach my cuffs to two shorts chains attached to eyebolts in the ceiling.  I climbed up the ladder, three steps, almost three feet high, and I turned facing her.  I reached up and clipped my left cuff to the chain near the eyebolt.  For the right side I had to stand on tip toe to reach the chain for the other eyebolt.  With effort I was able to click the snap hook into place.  The eyebolts were installed for a larger man, about four feet apart. She was used to having her way with male subs, I was her first female. 

Im going to suspend you for awhile she said. I’ll come back later and check up on you. Ok I said.  She pulled the step ladder from under me and I was left to hang.  I was used to his pain and I was ready for anything.  She turned around and left me there.  I was suspended with my arms spread wide, hanging from chains.

Experienced practitioners of bdsm know this is something you never do.  Leaving a sub in bondage alone is a big no no.  But we had agreed this was something we both wanted.  I wanted to suffer and she wanted to make me suffer.  No safe words would be allowed. 

I could hear Her in the house, doing something in the kitchen.  Small sounds, familiar sounds.

After a few minutes I felt long sticky drops of sweat slowly creep down my body. The familiar burning sensation on my wrists began to grow.  My chest was spread wide and upward. I looked down at my feet.  The ankle cuffs were there but not attached to anything.  I can do this I said to myself.  Seconds turned to minutes.  I hung there in pain trying to control my breathing. 

30 minutes, not bad She said.  I watched as she approached my wet body.  She reached out her hands and ran them over my tits, my belly and over my hip bones, trailing down my flexed thighs.  She was pleased. Do you want to come down she asked.  I said, I want to suffer.  She grinned. 

Bending down She grabbed a length of chain and attached my right ankle cuff, spreading my leg wide.  I made a short g.  Then she attached my other ankle cuff, again spreading my other leg wide.  I was now suspended spread eagle in chains tightly stretched.  Lets see how you look after this! She said.

I was now in a lot of pain.  My wrists were burning and it was much harder to breathe.  My body was now covered in sweat.  My ribs were clearly visible now, stretched and pulled apart.  My belly was now pulled flat which made my hip bones stick out.  My thighs quivered from the pull.  I was being torture stretched.

She came in and saw my tortured shiny body and it pleased her immensely. You are amazing she said.  Its been over an hour now, you must be hurting so much by now my love.  She approached and I felt her hands run all over my stretched body. She tore off my bikini and began to tongue my clit, slow and then faster. 

I arched my head back, feeling the pleasure of her inside me.  The pain of the torture and her pleasuring me made me groan loudly.<span

I prefer chatting with people in the lifestyle. Why? Because the lifestyle is fun and it's awesome to chat with people who actually practice bdsm in real life. The bdsm lifestyle is designed to root out the game players and predators. We do things to promote safe sane and consentual play. We hang out with each other. We share ideas and support each other. So just because you've been tying someone up in private doesn't mean you're in the lifestyle. If you haven't gone anywhere or done anything in real life. Or you've never had a sub or dominant in real time you are not a lifestyler. Go waste years of your life someplace else. 

Argentina WINS!

20 to 30 play parties pre Covid, and now a few per year for a couple of years.  The real time bdsm community has taken a toll on peoples lives.  I still feel that going real time is the very best way to find like minded partners.  Being real time, you get to see and maybe participate in all kinds of play.  The following is what I’ve experienced real time.


Best kink display

Watching a 2 girl pony play scene.  Both girls were topless and wore matching gold and silver outfits, blinders, feathered head pieces, bits and those cool hooved shaped shoes.  They were pulling a chariot.  The spectacle of it was awesome.

Watching a flaming double flogger scene.  Awesome


Best outdoor scenes

Being chained spread eagle to a very large boulder in a remote area of a state park.

Doing a crucifixion scene at a kinky kampout.


Best group scenes


Being suspended and whipped by three dominants at once.

Being pulled apart by 8 people during a needle play scene.  There was a lot going on during this scene.  My tits were bloody and I fought like hell.  I felt like a captured Amazon.

Laying on a table with all sorts of treats and candy covering my body while attendees licked nibbled and tasted all the treats.


Most erotic scene


Being suspended spread eagle in chains for a femdom I knew.  When I started to complain she made me hang for another 15 minutes.  I struggled and moaned a long time.  When it was over I saw that she smoked 6 cigs. 


Most embarrassing scenes/moments


Hearing loud screaming during a scene.  When I went to see what was going on I saw a couple putting a clothespin on a newbies nipples.  I think you chose the wrong kink hun.

Watching a sub go to a play station.  Remove their clothes.  Put their restraints on.  Put out all the toys.  Tie themself up.  Then the dominant showed up. 

Watching a femsub pass out during a rope play scene.  Slowly slither to the floor and hit her head on the concrete.  Where was the dominant?  Talking to another dominant nearby. 

Watching a male sub offer himself during a slave auction and nobody bidding on him. 

Best dungeon moments.

Receiving a standing ovation from the staff and trustees of a dungeon when entering the dungeon.  They knew what I was there to do and everyone was very excited to see me.

Being suspended spread eagle in chains and whipped in front of 250 people.


Random stuff people have said to me at the dungeon.

Nice bikini.  Nice thong.  Would you want to have our baby? (wait what?) You’re a bronze goddess.  Nice tan.  Your body is made for torture. (gee thanks?) I like the way you wear your bikini.  Do you get oiled up to better endure the whipping? Your the girl who likes to be strung up.