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I hate the about me section, but who doesn't? I work full time. I try to make time for fun when I can.
4/2/2024 3:07:50 PM

Is it Friday yet??{#emotions_dlg.kiss}

3/27/2024 7:26:06 PM

Emily's weary eyes scanned the fluorescent-lit aisles of the convenience store, her mind already drifting towards the comfort of her warm bed. It had been a grueling day at the office, and all she wanted was to grab a few essentials and head home. As she reached for a carton of milk, she felt a prickling sensation at the back of her neck, a sense of being watched.

Glancing over her shoulder, Emily caught sight of a man standing a few feet away, his gaze fixed on her with an intensity that sent a shiver down her spine. Tall and imposing, with dark hair and piercing eyes, he exuded an aura of menace that made Emily's heart race.

Determined not to show her unease, Emily quickly grabbed the items on her list and made her way to the checkout counter. But as she paid for her purchases and headed towards the exit, she couldn't shake the feeling that the man was still watching her.

Outside the store, Emily fumbled with her keys, her hands trembling slightly as she unlocked her car. Glancing around nervously, she half-expected to see the man lurking in the shadows, but the parking lot was empty save for a few scattered vehicles.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Emily slid into the driver's seat and started the engine. But as she pulled out of the parking lot and onto the deserted road, she saw headlights appear in her rearview mirror, following closely behind.

Her heart pounding in her chest, Emily tried to rationalize the situation. Maybe it was just a coincidence, she told herself. But as the car behind her maintained its relentless pursuit, she knew deep down that she was being followed.

Frantically, Emily began to navigate the winding rural roads, her mind racing with fear and uncertainty. She took every turn she could, hoping to lose her pursuer in the darkness, but the headlights remained stubbornly behind her, like a predator tracking its prey.

As the minutes stretched into eternity, Emily's panic began to rise. Who was this man, and what did he want with her? Her thoughts spiraled into a whirlwind of dread and paranoia, her pulse pounding in her ears like a drumbeat of impending doom.

Suddenly, just when Emily thought she couldn't take it anymore, the car behind her flashed its headlights, illuminating the road ahead in a blinding burst of light. Instinctively, Emily slammed on the brakes, her heart leaping into her throat as she watched the car pull up alongside hers.

For a moment, the two vehicles sat in eerie silence, the only sound the faint hum of the engines and the rustle of the wind through the trees. Then, slowly, the driver's side door of the other car creaked open, and a figure stepped out into the night.

Emily's breath caught in her throat as she watched the man approach her car, his silhouette looming large in the darkness. She couldn't make out his features, but she could feel the weight of his gaze bearing down on her like a physical presence.

"Ma'am, I need you to step out of the vehicle," the man called out, his voice low and menacing. "We need to talk."

3/26/2024 11:43:04 PM

Friday, April 5th... Woodland,  Washington... 

3/21/2024 6:15:15 PM

I'm planning a roadtrip. I'm not going to be alone, so any funny business has to be sneaky.  I'm starting in Oregon,  and we're headed to Missouri, down near Branson.   We want to see all kinds of fun and amazing things along the way. I'm just trying to add a little sexy layer into the trip for myself. 


3/16/2024 10:56:25 PM

If you were in the same hotel ... 

3/4/2024 7:16:02 PM

What about this one?


I'm walking back to my car, after shopping at Walmart.  I parked way in the back, gotta get those steps. As I start to approach my car, you drive up right beside me, and pull me inside your van. 

You park just a few spaces away.... 

2/25/2024 12:38:04 AM

I just made hotel plans for my birthday in April. Let me know if I should include you. 

2/25/2024 12:04:07 AM

Tell me where to put my ass!!  

I want to be your toy!

2/24/2024 11:38:44 PM

I like to park in rural dark places, hoping that someone might stop to see what the matter was. Once seeing I'm in no danger, yet, they help themselves to my waiting body. 

 Age: 42
 Ontario, Canada