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Hetero Male Master, 52,  Port Ludlowtravl, Washington
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 Dominant Male

 Port Ludlowtravl 


 6' 0"





 58 minutes

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Submissive Female

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Travel (Expert)

 Sailing (Expert)

 Watersports / Toilet




 Scuba Diving (Beginner)

 Snorkeling (Beginner)


 Massage (Getting)




 Rafting (Beginner)

 Classical Music



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 Local BDSM Community


 Liberal Politics



 Auto Mechanic

 Woodworking Expert

I will start my profile with a question to you who read it Why are you here?

I am personally here because this is my lifestyle, Im dominant by nature, and enjoy the simplicity of a relationship where both parties know, and embrace their roles. I am here because, despite the flaws, this is the best medium in which to search for a girl who also seeks to enjoy a permanent master slave relationship.

I am willing and able to teach a girl in the ways of becoming pleasing, and have experience in doing so, and I do enjoy the teaching aspect. This being said, I do not require that a girl be experienced, only that she be honest and willing. I am, as are each of you, unique, everyone has different likes and dislikes, and I am sure of mine. If you are inexperienced and unsure of what you like that is fine, I ask only that you understand that in our lifestyle the role of slave is not the role of one who makes decisions based on her personal preferences in activities, but who obeys and takes pleasure in being found pleasing.

I could write a great deal more, but I believe it best that we get to know one another through real conversation. I do require that a potential slave be able to chat via messenger and then eventually by video chat and phone as these are reasonable means of communication in our modern technological society. Feel free to message me with questions you may have for me.


16 Februray 2018

Due to some recent reoccurring issues with persons pretending to be female, but not being actually female, I must now require that any girl wishing to speak with me about being owned, verify via video call that she is in fact a girl. Folks, youve brought this rule on yourselves with your constant bullshit games, and you can expect more and more dominants will require it.


Since many have asked, the yacht in my photo is mine, I live on it when Im not travelling all over the USA driving a semi truck. The photography here is also mine. Collarspace seems to have deleted the journal option, which kind of sucks, but we will just have to deal with it.

I do travel all over the USA in a semi truck for now, but that will soon be changing and I will be living in Washington state aboard my yacht, so if you are interested in becoming an owned slave and living in a very nice situation you should contact me soon.


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Journal Entries:
2/14/2018 10:46:09 PM
Fun fact: many on here think watersports involves water skiing, jetskis or swimming. It doesn't: it's you drinking piss. Just another public service announcement.

2/14/2018 7:45:49 PM
I must not fear.Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me, and when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path, where the fear has gone there will be nothing, only I will remain. Don't let fear stop you from living the life that is the best you can imagine.

2/14/2018 5:07:37 PM
From my Tumblr m2gmt: Deception, lies, and disrespect. Iím going to talk about something that affects many of us, but none of us really want to address it, but it needs to be said, and said plainly. Iíve been in what most people call the lifestyle BDSM or kink community since well before there was an internet, and the bullshit we as a community are currently allowing to take place has absolutely no place in the kink or BDSM community. Ladies and gentleman, this only improves if those of us in the community demand that it improve, and some of you are part of the problem instead of being part of the solution. Let me start with something that is positive, before I address the negative issues. The internet is a powerful tool, social networking sites like Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and BDSM/kink specific sites like fetlife and collarspace are fantastic vehicles for learning, meeting new friends, and finding groups of like minded people to educate and entertain with conversation. Used correctly these tools can help us grow the community in a great way, used incorrectly they can turn our lifestyle into a sick joke. Now for the negative things that need to be cut out, excised like a supurating cyst: deception, lies, and disrespect. Deception: deceiving someone is a form of lying through ommision or concealment, when you do not honestly represent yourself, even if you donít tell an outright lie, you are being deceitful. An example of deception would be allowing someone to believe you are serious when you are in fact just playing a game, passing time, or getting a nut by talking about things as though you will actually move from online bullshit to real life. Yes, I said online bullshit, I said it because with 99.999% of you online is not equal in any way, shape, form, or fashion to real life, furthermore you have ZERO intention of following through on your online bullshit to make it real life. You are deceiving others, and in many cases, deceiving yourself. If you are deceitful then you need to fuck off to hell and not come back, BDSM and kink have no room for deceit. Lies: outright lies include lying about your age, your actual goddamned physical fucking gender (the actual real sexual organs between your legs, not whatever made up bullshit you call yourself in your imagination), your photograph, your home nation, and whatever other stupid shit you lie about, and the lying you do when you make promises and commitments you have no intentions at all of keeping. None of that behavior has a place in this community, and it should not be tolerated. If you are a man who is having a sex change or wants to have one then be honest and tell people, donít pretend to be a person born a girl, how you identify makes not a bit of difference when you pull your pants down and you are sporting the wrong tackle. If you are a certain age, whatever age it may be (Iím not even going to attempt to address age of consent, Iím addressing honesty) then donít lie to someone and give a different age, itís wrong no matter your age. If you are a sorority slut making a kink profile on a dare and fucking with people for amusement you are a goddamned sociopath, fucking with people for your own amusement is wrong. If you are a serial relationship online only dater you are a piece of shit, lying to people, wasting months of their time, having them build expectations, and then just disappearing is just plain outrageously wrong, youíre a sick fuck, and not in a good way. Disrespect: Iím talking about the sort of disrespect that makes you feel it is okay to lie and deceive others, because ďitís just onlineĒ, you are fucking disgusting. Every single person, male or female, dominant or submissive, is a person, a human being. Just because you met the person online does not give you any right to use that person in an unwanted way to satisfy your sick desire to hurt people emotionally, and no, whatever excuse you may have is no excuse. This has no place in the community. The fix to these problems is not going to be comfortable for some people, but if you cannot be part of the solution then you are feeding the problem. 1. For a long time a lot of people have advised others to not video or voice chat because you might be talking to a pervert or stalker. This is simply not good advice, you can create an account on several messengers that does not give away your personal information, but allows you to have meaningful video and voice conversation with others. This bad advice has become the shadow from which scammers and frauds shelter and waste the time of serious people. It needs to stop being an excuse. [Side note, anyone who tells you they donít have the ability to take photos or do video or voice is a fucking liar, itís 2018 people, five year olds FaceTime their friends, stop lying. ] 2. Claiming to be shy, all while discussing the most perverted stuff imaginable is just a deception. You arenít shy, you are hiding the truth about yourself and it must be stopped. If you only want to have fantasy role play conversations so you can masturbate just be honest, stop lying about your alleged shyness, you arenít shy, youíre an asshole. 3. Using the excuse that you cannot verify by voice and video because you are in a job that you canít be found to be a kinkster. Bullshit, the government knows every damned thing you do online, and you are not James or Jane Bond, or one of the goddamned kingsmen, you are just another time wasting fraud. Stop allowing people to use this lame ass excuse. 4. If you are discussing having sex with someone and telling that person you want to live with them, but you cannot even hold a good conversation and keep a high level of contact then you are a liar. There is no way that a person who claims to want to have a serious relationship where BDSM and kink are involved should not be able to keep good communication, if you are willing to have sex then you need to be willing to actually carry on a conversation with the person you say you want to fuck. Especially females who claim to want to suck cock, eat ass, get ass fucked, gang banged, and all the other kinky stuff we might get up to, if you want a man to do those things with you but you canít keep in contact then you are not serious. Men, same goes for you, if you claim to want to put your cock in her, then you should make time for phone calls, text messages, and video chat. If you see a trend regarding open and honest conversations and real regular communication here you are on the right track. We cannot continue to accept those who are not willing to be open and honest and communicate to have any place in our community.

2/13/2018 7:21:20 AM
From my educational Tumblr m2gmt.

2/13/2018 7:18:12 AM
From my educational Tumblr m2gmt

1/19/2018 8:11:04 PM
I've been on collar whatever this is for a very long time, I've met some really great people from here, and some not so great, but lately I see a trend coming back that has happened before, selfish slaves. Girls, if you think a man wants to own you, feed you, take care of your needs, and keep you in permanent chastity, never using you sexually, and then you also say you aren't doing housework or anything domestic... Well, you are one selfish bitch. You are also dumb as a box of rocks. Who do you think you are? Do you think men are that stupid? Puhleaze, lolololol

12/24/2017 7:23:43 AM
Merry Christmas, I hope each of you receive the best of gifts.

10/30/2017 1:08:52 AM Follow the link to my Tumblr m2gmt to learn more about how I think.

9/13/2017 5:54:50 PM
I have something I think needs to be said and I want to preface by saying this is definitely not a rant, or anything negative, just my observations from my being on collarme and now collarspace for many years. First, I've met a good number of people here whom I went on to meet in real life, and have had some very good experiences. I have also had a couple of extremely bad experiences with people I met here, but honestly one can expect that in life, it is what it is, and I understand this is part of life. I will say that even though one must sort through a veritable jungle of frauds, flakes, and just plain insane people, the site has been a good tool in searching for what I want and need, even as those desires and needs have evolved over these many years. We all must grow over time if we are to remain active and engaged in life, and the lifestyle. I believe I have grown, and matured over the years, and I have also gained some insight into my own thoughts, needs, urges, drives, and desires, and this is a good thing. Now I have a couple of pretty serious concerns, concerns that are indicators about where it appears our society in general is headed, and also where, not coincidentally, this website and the lifestyle are headed. I think that a discussion of these things is needed, as well as, perhaps, a little bit of advice. The first problem I've seen, and this is most definitely a problem, is that many here regard the lifestyle as a game. It's okay if you are honest with others and tell them up front that you are pretty much just here to play, that is a separate issue altogether, but what I'm specifically speaking to is those who feel it is okay to be deceitful and intentionally lie about what they have experienced, what they want to experience, and so forth. I have no idea why it would ever seem like a good idea to be patently dishonest with someone you are discussing the possibility of engaging in any type of relationship with, but dishonesty in a lifestyle relationship is just plain dangerous, physically and emotionally. If you meet someone in real life whom you have deceived into thinking you are experienced, and either as a top or bottom (a dom or sub, a sadist or a masochist, it matters not), the outcome could end up being that you injure someone, or are injured. Not only this, but these are relationships based on a high level of trust, so dishonesty absolutely has no business in these situations. I don't just say this because I'm very experienced, over 30 years actively participating in the lifestyle, but because I really want you all to enjoy your roles in this lifestyle. You must be honest, you have to communicate, you cannot deceive yourself or others, because doing so is just wrong. Secondly I want to address some of you young ladies. Regardless of your age, regardless of your experience, and regardless of your role in the lifestyle, please remember that you should always be aware that other young people lack experience, and especially young male dominant, so if you are playing with younger, less exoerienced guys or even girls, I highly recommend you speak to a much older, much more experienced person about exactly what it is your play sessions are going to involve. A dominant, male or female, who absolutely refuses to have a conversation with your mentor should be avoided. Period. You need a mentor, and should seek one out. You may find your mentor to be very interesting as a play partner as well as teacher, or you may have a less personal sort of relationship with your mentor, but find someone who does not mind having phone conversations about the activities you want to experience. Thirdly, I specifically mention phone conversations for a reason, because this is part of the cultural issue I've seen. You need to understand that we have become increasingly disconnected from others in our society, and this is not good. The internet is a tool to use as a starting point, not the end point. Move away from a purely online relationship to phone, and then meeting in person as quickly as you can do so once you establish some level of trust. Trust doesn't come from exchanging emails or messenger texts, move to video calls, phone calls, and meeting so you can get more experience. You will have bad "dates" you will fuck a few frogs before you come up with a prince or princess, but you damned sure want come up with even a frog if all you do is email. Expect to need to learn about whomever you meet here in an ongoing experience. People who have been together as a couple for many years will tell you that they learn new things about one another fairly often. They grow together and those growing experiences are not always fun, but with work they can help the relationship become stronger. Most of you have friends, (some of you may not, from what I've seen, but you'll get there one day) and if you think back on that friendship, it may not have started out as a deep friendship the first time you spoke. In fact, many times the friendship started out kind of rocky, and then grew over time, that's the same way relationships start. You cannot expect perfection from anyone unless you are perfect yourself. Talk to people you would not necessarily think of as a first choice for a partner, expand your horizons a lot, remember you have flaws. Even if you think you are perfect (which some if you do lol) you aren't, maybe especially if you think you are perfect you aren't. I'm always pleased to chat, I use KIK and Google Hangouts mostly, so just send me a message here and we can talk. Remember, communication is the key to success, you are 100% guaranteed to fail if you do not communicate well. Mark

9/8/2017 2:20:31 PM

9/6/2017 12:09:20 PM
More from my educational Tumblr...

9/4/2017 2:51:38 PM
This is from my educational Tumblr.

9/2/2017 2:29:41 PM
Here is one of many scams, this is only one of the thousands of emails like this I have received on collarme and collarspace, and many people get frustrated because of this sort of bullshit. If you demand money I will report you. Just don't do it. Message Details DO NOT SEND MONEY TO OTHER USERS FOR ANY REASON Read about Common Scams and Online Safety Information From: saanvisexy Dated: 9/1/17 5:58 PM Yes can you meet the condition to release me to you? I am with a Mistress right now, you 'will' need to pay her five hundred dollars for my release so that I may go to your home for a lifetime service.

6/21/2017 8:10:19 AM
A new post on my educational Tumblr...

6/16/2017 12:07:52 AM
Girls follow the link to the amazing subliminal audio below, put your earbuds in and watch porn with the sound off as you listen to this from a girl who knows that less is more. Aspire to be less...

6/13/2017 10:22:41 AM
An excellent, and true story by my friend chaos-doll on Tumblr

6/11/2017 3:20:56 AM
This is the latest original writing post from my educational Tumblr, this one discusses why Psychology Today magazine says over 2/3s of women have rape fantasies...

6/10/2017 1:08:06 PM
From my educational Tumblr m2gmt

6/6/2017 7:22:35 PM
It is impossible to seduce the mind of someone who is constantly inebriated, or who is so self centered that they refuse to learn to focus on doing one thing at a time.

6/6/2017 2:18:33 PM
Check it out

6/6/2017 2:14:53 PM
More samples from my educational Tumblr m2gmt

6/6/2017 2:12:55 PM
Check it out See this and much much more on my educational Tumblr m2gmt

6/5/2017 5:48:01 PM

5/31/2017 6:42:42 PM
From my Tumblr blog m2gmt Where did the idea that submission is a gift come from? To start, let's look at the definition of submission: sub∑mis∑sion səbˈmiSHən/ noun 1. the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person. "they were forced into submission" synonyms:yielding,†capitulation,†acceptance,†consent,†compliance "submission to authority" First, note that submission is the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force, or the will or authority of another person. You cannot have submission without accepting that the person to whom you submit is both superior and stronger than yourself. If submission were in fact a thing which might be given as a gift, then that superiority, that strength, would be irrelevant. When a girl proclaims her submission to be some precious gift, what she is really saying is that she does not intend to be submitted in any way, and she negates the fact of submission only being possible when a superior force is applied. In negating this superiority of her potential owner she is setting the stage for rebellion, disobedience, and most likely a lot of deception on her part. She will never be a good slave or submissive until she acknowledges with her heart and mind that the person to whom she belongs is far superior to her. So, where does the nonsensical idea that submission is a gift come from? It springs from an endless well of deceit called feminism. Feminism is the misguided ideology that women are equal to, and often superior to men, and this is an absolute lie. No woman is superior to any man who is not a deviant homosexual male. The idea of equality is simply impossible to defend with rational and logical reasoning. Women are weaker in mind and body, it is a fact, there is no argument that can be made to refute this fact. Women are more easily deceived, more easily overpowered, more easily overwhelmed by emotional or environmental stress (by environmental I mean their physical surroundings, not some tree hugging green party bullshit). Stress kills women far more readily than it does men, though most women are shielded from much of the real stress that men face. More women than men die from heart disease brought on through stress than men do, in part because men handle stress far better than women, and can accept a far greater stress load than women prior to encountering health issues. The farcical idiocy that is feminism tells young girls that they need to be equal to men, and that they are gender traitors if they accept the traditional role where the man is dominant and the woman is in submission to his will. This is both insane and unhealthy for women. Next time you hear that submission is a gift, just remember, it's not possible to have submission as a gift.

4/21/2017 9:29:46 PM
From my Tumblr post What is the Patriarchy: The definition of Patriarchy is fairly simple.


Patriarchy is a social system in which males hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property. In the domain of the family, fathers or father-figures hold authority over women and children. Some patriarchal societies are also patrilineal, meaning that property and title are inherited by the male lineage.

Historically, patriarchy has manifested itself in the social, legal, political, religious and economic organization of a range of different cultures. Even if not explicitly defined to be by their own constitutions and laws, most contemporary societies are, in practice, patriarchal.

This definition is the very basic definition of Patriarchy, and should be explained in further detail. Some people will claim that primitive hunter gatherer societies were very egalitarian, giving equal rights to men and women, of course this is patently untrue, as evidenced in the modern (in terms of historical timelines) Amerind tribal societies at the time of European men coming to the Western Hemisphere, with very rare exception all of these primitive tribes were patriarchal in nature, with very sharp divisions between the roles of men and women. This is the Natural Order of life among humans, and can never be denied, though some will attempt to pervert the natural order.

The Greek General Meno spoke of the Patriarchy and the duties and roles of men and women, as did Aristotle, both knew the inferiority of women to men, and there is a very clear historical record of the efficacy of male led patriarchal societies versus any weaker form of society. In fact if one desires to look at pivotal points preceding the fall of empires from ancient history to modern, the shift to decline is very often directly linked to the rise of some form of feminism or suffrage (for my ignorant female readers suffrage is the giving of voting rights to females, a ludicrous proposition from the outset) and the falling curve of an empireís influence and power is almost a direct inverse to the rising curve of female influence and power in the empire. It cannot be ignored that with the rise of feminist influence the decline of Empire is more assured, the more power and freedom females are given, the greater the rate of decline.

In a Patriarchy men accept an inherent role of responsibility and power, the greater power one holds, the greater depth of responsibility. Let us take a small monarchy as an example, a basic city state, ruled by a hereditary monarchy, with affiliate feudal power being delegated to those whom the king may deign to trust, and service to the liege lord being both a duty and an honor. In this society all non-citizens are basically property of the feudal lords, and through them the monarch, this follows all the way to rights of ďPrimer NoctisĒ the right of a lord to have sexual congress with a virgin bride on her wedding night, as well as the right to a certain portion of the harvests and produce of the lands, and the right to all mineral wealth. This system of peonage where the peons are bonded to the land, yet free to pursue a profitable life insofar as it does not violate edicts of the monarch is a very stable and workable society as long as all parties involved do their duty to the monarchy and are honorable and responsible. The king must manage his kingdom wisely, he must engage in diplomacy with neighboring rulers so as to avoid unnecessary or frivolous warfare, yet maintain a strong military in order to ensure that diplomacy is done to the benefit of his own realm and itís people. He must store up grain and other foodstuffs and keep them safe, as well as arrange trade of food crops and manufactured goods, and ensure the safe passage of these goods to market, while collecting an equitable portion for the crown so that roads, bridges, military garrisons, and a postal service is operated. He must face the enemies of the realm in battle, leading from the front in many cases, and must be a regal and martial figure, the archetypal father of his people.

The men of the commoners must work the land, and do share in the benefits of their labors, the farmer raises his crops, the miller grinds grains into flour and meal, the baker tends his ovens and produces fine bread. The herdsman will tend his herds and flocks, the milk and meat and cheese will be sold to feed many, and the hides will be purchased by the tanner who will cure them and sell them to the cobbler and the boot maker. The woodsman, the vintner, the orchardman and so on and so forth, each man knowing his role, having his apprentices, and doing his part in the realm. The kings table would be barren without his peons, and the peons would be soon victims of brigands without the kingís guardsmen.

These are all the roles of the men of this society. The roles of women are the same from high castle to low hovel, keep the hearth fires, clean the home, warm the bed, and bear sons to the men who are their rulers. From queen to gutterslut the role is unchanged, the only difference being the clothing lying on the floor and the bed beside which it was thrown when her man took her to bed for his pleasure. Though the modern feminist would scream in defiance, all in all these women were blissfully happy compared to the modern feminist woman. These women had a particular duty, and found pleasure in the knowledge that as they bore sons to their men, as they cooked and kept his home, and as they did the tasks common to them, they were in fact serving an honorable duty to their king and country. It was the known duty of these women to please their men, and to give them comfort and such aid as was within their own power.

Any time we step outside some form of this Patriarchal societal model we bring upon ourselves trouble. When you recognize the simplicity and truth of how well this form of society should work, you begin to see the level of freedom that a Patriarchy can engender. It must be based in the honorable deportment of those who are members of the society, and it requires a nobility of even the lowest man of the society, the manís word must be his bond, but there can be no more natural society than a Patriarchy.

4/17/2017 2:03:32 PM
Many of you are in college, and I've yet to understand the reason for your being there, what good is college for you? Better that you should serve the Patriarchy and forego wasting time, space, and money in a college.

4/13/2017 12:44:23 PM
New posts on my Tumblr go see them, message me.

4/9/2017 8:27:48 PM
A few words as the end of another school year comes near: Yes, it's that time of year again, school will soon be out for the summer, and with it comes a brand new flock of fresh faced slaves signing up to seek their forever master. Some will even be sort of serious about it, and this message is especially for those girls. You went and saw the Fifty Shades movie, it turned you on (let's be honest sunshine and birds chirping in the trees gets quite a few of you wet, but that's fine, we like wet pussy) and now you want a master. So here are a few tips to help in your search.... 1. No guy under 35 or 40 these days is actually master of much more than bating, as in masturbating. They have man buns and lumber jack beards and can barely wipe their own ass, much less be master to you as a slave. 2. A black cape does not a master make. The clothing a man wears has nothing to do with his ability to dominate you, some leather pants and such are only going to make his balls sweat, not make him dominant. 3. A dude with no job isn't dominating shit. 4. If you want a man who knows what he is doing you need an older man, and not even all older men know what they are doing. So you need to do your own research and ask questions, just don't get hung up on code words like SSC and RACK they are just that, code words, a lot of them made up by those morons with the black cape and the "evil" goatee beard, because you know looking like a villain from a silent movie makes you more DOM 5. If you tell people you are looking for extreme sadism, understand that you'll attract men who will gleefully hurt you for their own pleasure, we're sadist, that's what we do. Don't ask for shit you cannot deal with in reality. Don't be afraid to say that you don't know what you can handle. Trust me we like new girls... 6. That grey asshole is not real, there are very few men who are rich and looking for pussy on collarspace, a few, but don't believe everything you hear from a guy. I live on a very nice antique racing yacht, but don't just trust me on it, ask me questions, get me talking about it, my boat has its own Facebook page, you can ask for it and get a reply from me there, plus interior photos from different times of the year and shit like that, not to mention my address on my ID is the same as my boat slip... you have to verify stuff and I will do the same in return. 7. Learn what being submissive is about from experienced people, what being a slave is about, ask questions, we don't mind much. Just be sure when you are chatting or talking on the phone that you are giving full attention to one person at a time. 8. Don't try to drag out the talking and not doing shit but talking part too long. Get in there and meet men in person, get some cock in you, get spanked, tied up, whatever, and have fun with it. You need to move forward, not just piss about wasting time. 9. Be honest. 10. Use your own damned photos, make sure they are legible, your ass don't work for the fucking CIA and your work is not the reason you don't post photos, half of you it's because you're too lazy. Oh, and fat chick's, we know that when you don't put anything in the weight spot in your profile, and your main pic is a cat or a cartoon, or a cartoon cat, that you are a big girl, and stop say BBW unless you are actually beautiful. If you are a BUG (big ugly girl) be honest. Tell us you are an ugly fat chick but you will suck and fuck and do anything else and let us decide. Okay, well there it is, a few suggestions for the fresh meat, I mean wonderful new slaves...

4/9/2017 8:28:52 AM
Here's a thought: if you are talking as a slave to a potential owner about sucking his cock, taking it in the ass, drinking his piss, and all sorts of other things, then probably you should be willing to talk on the goddamned phone. After all, this is the guy who may very well have his collar around your neck, wouldn't it make sense to speak by phone and maybe, I don't know, get to actually know him? Duh

4/4/2017 10:40:58 PM
You've read a lot about this lifestyle, maybe studied it, you think about it a lot, and now you have heard about something called "Relyfe Programming" and how it can change the basic way you think and act, help you free yourself from the inhibitions that have held you back. You need someone to talk to about this system. For several years I have studied several types of hypnosis, reading books and attending seminars and practicing, and recently I started hearing more and more about "Relyfe" programming. I did the research, talked to a few others, and saw that this technique combined several factors of some other techniques I had long since gained experience with, and I've concluded that it works well and is effective. The question came up in a recent conversation as to how I would go about this process, and as I explained some of it to the girl who asked, it showed me several things. I am going to briefly talk about those things here, and if you have questions you are certainly free to ask me. First, hypnosis can be done in such a way as to assist a willing participant in becoming the slave she subconsciously desires to be, it cannot make a person into a robot, though it can, with time and patience, fundamentally change a person's behavior by freeing that person from unnatural inhibitions. If you truly desire to be changed then I can do it. Second, this requires your participation. I cannot do this in emails or purely by phone and video chat, I'm good enough that I can start with pre-conditioning by phone and video chat, but no hypnotist, not even the best there is can help you if you are not willing to meet in person. Conditioning takes time, it takes multiple sessions before any real results can be achieved. If you won't commit to phone and video chat after a very few emails then you are not ready. It's nothing against you personally, but you have to be ready to move forward. Relyfe is not magic, it simply helps you bring out the subconscious desires you have and accept them consciously and act on them without guilt or shame. It helps you focus on the erotic and taboo and have the courage to go forward with it, giving yourself permission to live the way you have fantasized about living. So, if you want to talk about it, maybe even try an extremely effective relaxation session by phone, then feel free to message me.

3/5/2017 1:04:56 AM
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2/28/2017 3:07:27 AM
Wow, the scammers have made dozens of profiles overnight, all stolen porn photos and all listed as middle eastern. Who keeps falling for that shit and sending money? Someone must, otherwise these turds would disappear.

2/27/2017 2:18:37 PM
People ask questions in their journal. I copy the question and answer it, then get blocked because the person asking doesn't read the whole message. Simple minded fucks.

12/31/2016 8:48:24 PM
Happy New Year! Maybe this year will find masters for many slaves, and slaves for many masters.

12/24/2016 3:16:32 PM
Twas the night before Christmas and all was quiet, because the slaves were all tied up, and gagged for the night. Not a creature was stirring, they had all been beaten and told to be still. As I sit in my truck, parked on a hill. Okay, that's all I've got... Merry Christmas Mark

12/14/2016 1:23:32 PM
Do you truly want t experience slavery? Really? Perhaps you would like to discuss what true slavery actually is, with a master who does know.

Slavery is not you getting locked in a cage and only being taken out for use by your owner, unless that is what your owner actually wants, and very few owners of slaves would ever limit themselves to that sort of situation. 

Slavery is not having a man buy you all sorts of expensive gifts, or pay your bills when you are not living in his house, that is called prostitution, which is fine, but if you want to be a prostitute you should seek employment on craigslist or backpage, there are plenty of hookers out there who use those to get jobs.

No, slavery is not, nor has it ever been, about what you as the slave want in life, it is about having an owner who controls every aspect of your life. In reality it is even about your owner controlling whether or not you live, though that is not usually bdsm related slavery. You may have seen on the news about real slavery, moslems in many parts of the word still practice real slavery, and it exists all over the world. If you want a real life of slavery you should know that it should not be considered a "KINK"  but is an actual way of life.

12/12/2016 5:42:13 AM
How many of you find it strange that persons who purport themselves to be serious and diligently seeking a lifetime of slavery often have horrible communication skills and refuse to speak by phone? Here is my take on this issue: if you are telling me over and over in emails and chat how you want to incredible wild bondage sex and that you want to stick your tongue in my butt and drink my hot cum and piss, but talking on the telephone is too extreme for you, well at that point I figure you are a fake or a fag. Yep, if you are telling me that you want me to tie you up and beat the ever loving piss out of you, and how you want me fist you in the asshole, but a good video chat is too much; I figure you're another lying scumbag Nigerian thief. Seriously girls, I understand you don't want to take unnecessary risks, but if you are having a serious ownership conversation get on the phone. In fact you should demand that your potential owner call you and also video call you. We aren't doing vanilla dating, but if we were you cunts still need to talk on the phone, NOT TEXTING, TALKING!

10/13/2016 3:05:42 AM
I have to wonder at the latest news from the election cycle here, the charges of misogyny against Donald Trump, and also against Bill Clinton, seem ridiculous to me. If a truly dominant man were to run for office, a master who was perhaps also a sadist, how great would be the outcry? I know that even the mildest of my past escapades would have at least half the voters dropping into a faint from shock and outrage, while I suspect another good portion would be secretly in accordance with my thoughts. Did Bill take advantage of his position to enjoy a bit of sexual pleasure? I'm sure he did, and if some of those women were not completely enthusiastic about being chosen, was it not always the right of kings to take what they want? Does Donald also feel powerful as he grabs some girl by the pussy and enjoys a bit of a fondle with her? I should hope so, after all what good is power and great wealth if one cannot enjoy a good sex life as well? My views are so wildly different from the politically correct effeminate males of mainstream society that most of them consider me quite dangerous, which in truth I am, though not for the reasons they might think. I'm dangerous in part because I couldn't give a fuck about what girls these men have fucked or the level of consent involved, because to me none of that is as important as whether or not they want the best for our nation. As to hillary, better that Bill had collared and shackled the bitch, she is far outside her natural role and should be whipped and returned to his slave ring in shame. For a woman to presume to rule a nation is just ridiculous, and for that dishonest old cunt to attempt it is near to treason. A woman who plots and schemes is better put to washing pots and sheets, and kept away from sharp objects so that she does not do murder when her master sleeps.

10/9/2016 5:31:06 PM
I estimate that some time in the next thirty to one hundred twenty days the instability our economy and political situation is going to change the way a good many of you girls think about what you desire in an owner. My guess is that here pretty soon some of you aren't going to be anywhere near as stuck on appearance and age as you will be on the concept of being fed, clothed, and protected. You won't mind doing all sorts of stuff that were limits, even hard limits, once the shit hits the fan, you'll be like those girls in Greece, very eager to please a man who can feed you and keep you safe. It's not a guaranteed thing, but it's probably as close as 80% sure that here in the United States 2017 is going to be very stressful for you girls who are basically unskilled at most things outside the bedroom. In times of unrest there are men who can make the most of the situation, men who are dominant and aggressive, and who can protect what they have from lesser men. A smart girl might plan ahead and find a man who has prepared himself to meet the coming challenges. (A hint, this is a preparation that comes in the heart and mind, and in the way a man grew up. A man who hunts, fishes, traps, and is mechanically adept will be in much higher demand than a guy with abs and a pretty face.) Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe, but are you sure enough to bet your life?

9/1/2016 12:40:36 PM
What makes a girl a slave? Are slaves submissive by nature? Does a girl choose to be a slave, or is she enslaved by the will of another? Some people believe that slavery equates with submission, that in order to be a slave, a girl must first be a submissive. This is patently untrue, submissive nature has little to do with slavery, in fact I can enslave a dominant woman in the totality that I can any other girl. Slavery is accomplished by the mastery of the girl, in mind and in body, physically and emotionally, the enslavement of a girl is in full or at least the greater part, by her master. What makes a girl a slave is her master's will. The process of enslaving a girl can be done with her willingly accepting it, or not. Human psychology helps us understand the process and gives some very clear pathways to the enslavement of a girl. Her willingness or lack thereof has nothing to do with the fact that she can be enslaved. The collar does not make the slave, the master makes the slave. Even the coldest girl can be made to feel the passionate fire of a hot slave in her belly, can be made to squirm and juice at the sound of her master's voice. It is the master who must light that fire, though honestly once lit, it cannot be doused for long, it takes very little to fan the cooling embers of that fire to a roaring inferno of lust and passion that vanilla girls never have the joy of experiencing. To be a true slave to a man is the height of fulfillment in a woman.

8/21/2016 1:14:59 PM
Please excuse the shitty formatting, I put spaces in, but the journal function runs it all together... Some definitions with explanations: slave slāv/ noun historical 1. a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them. Explanation: since slavery is actually illegal, you have to accept it voluntarily, or at least put yourself in a position where it can be forced upon you. lim∑it ˈlimit/ noun plural noun: limits 1. a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass. "the limits of presidential power" 2. a restriction on the size or amount of something permissible or possible. "an age limit" synonyms: maximum, ceiling, limitation, upper limit; More verb 3rd person present: limits 1. set or serve as a limit to. "try to limit the amount you drink" synonyms: restrict, curb, cap, check, hold in check, restrain, put a brake on, freeze, regulate, control, govern, delimit "the pressure to limit costs" Slaves cannot set limits, masters must set them, otherwise it is not slavery. serve sərv/ verb 3rd person present: serves 1. perform duties or services for (another person or an organization). "Malcolm has served the church very faithfully" synonyms: work for, be in the service of, be employed by; More 2. present (food or drink) to someone. "they serve wine instead of beer" synonyms: dish up/out, give out, distribute; A slave serves her master by performing the duties and services he requires of her. hon∑es∑ty ˈšnəstē/ noun 1. the quality of being honest. "they spoke with convincing honesty about their fears" synonyms: integrity, uprightness, honorableness, honor, morality, morals, ethics, principles, high principles, righteousness, right-mindedness; Slaves must practice complete honesty with their master. Think about these things.

8/21/2016 10:36:54 AM
Things that are without value: Feminists. Liars. Girls who are only looking for online. (How can you learn to be a slave online, slavery is personal, not theoretical or impersonal). Girls who seek a master for ten years and never commit to actually being owned. (They are in love with the fantasy they've created, and refuse to allow a reality to unfold where they are actually slaves). Girls who cannot communicate, have limited intelligence and attention spans. Girls who post ridiculous journals about conspiracy theories on a bdsm website. Democrats who think hillary is a good person. Republicans who think their candidates are without flaws. Libertarians who refuse to take a stand for anything. Drug addicts. Alcoholics. Nigerians and Ghanaians. People who think this life is a game. Gay males who contact heterosexual dominants and try to convince them that a Gay man is as good as a woman. Transvestites and transsexuals who post as women. (Dude, you got a penis, or had one, you ain't a woman). Girls who think slaves can have or set limits on their owner. (Sweetie, that ain't slavery). Sorority girls who think this is a great place to play games. (One by one we will eventually bring you into the lifestyle, your current curiosity is your future doom). Bottled water that costs more than milk.... People who cannot move forward to talking on the phone after a week or so of emails here, if you're serious you have to move forward. People who steal photos or journal entries, or copy and paste profiles.

8/20/2016 2:36:20 PM
I'm spending the weekend sailing and enjoying the ocean here in the Pacific Northwest, a couple of new photos from the weekend. And, yes, if you were my slave you would be here now...

8/18/2016 12:08:54 AM
There are few things in this world that have true value. A sunrise, because it is a new day, and each new day is a chance to live life to the best of our ability. A sunset, because the work of the day is drawing to a close, a time to reflect on the day and have peace. The warmth of friendship, because it helps sustain us in those dark moments, and enriches those bright moments. Balance, because we must have stability and equilibrium so we can rest. Integrity, because without it we are like the common beast. Humor, because it brings light to those we share it with and to ourselves.

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