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If you meet the following criteria, feel free to send Me a msg

Single, male between the ages of 35 and 47 Minimum education level of Masters degree or military equivalent
Attractive, clean shaven, 5ft 11in tall or taller and physically fit
Health conscious diet and exercise regimen
Gainfully employed and living independently
Great sense of humor and excellent communication skills
Non-smoker, drug and disease-free including STIs

If you DO meet ALL of the aforementioned criteria, please send Me a message with a brief introduction, including a name, age, location and some thoughtful details about who you are and what experience you have with FLR. This is your first impression and quite possibly your only impression. Be creative. Share interesting and thoughtful details with Me. It should be obvious to Me that youve read My profile. Generic, boring introductions are lazy and not worthy of My time. Messages from profiles not fitting the aforementioned criteria will be ignored and blocked.

Messages which include a tasteful photo will be given preference over those who do not.

Personal Deets

Ive been in the lifestyle for almost 20yrs. Im bisexual and have both male and female play partners. Im currently looking for something more serious and long-term. While it may be a rare find, Im seeking a male submissive who is able to take on the world with Me by day and serve it to Me on a silver platter at night.

Im hardworking and have a successful career with post graduate level education. Im passionate about My job and gain quite a bit of personal fulfillment through My work. Despite how driven I am with My career, Im a salt life gal at the end of the day. In the summer, I spend as much time as possible at the beach. I love being in nature and am an avid animal lover. Im definitely a dog person as Im allergic to cats. Taking you for a long walk on the beach on the end of My leash would be a nice way to combine My passions. Smiles.
I love traveling and experiencing other cultures and ways of living.

I try to maintain a work hard play hard lifestyle. I mainly workout at home which consists of T25, light weights and 2 mile walks a few days per week. On occasion I go to yoga classes at the local gym. When the weather is nice, I enjoy going on long hikes on the weekends. I eat healthy, organic foods as much as possible. No red meat, no fast food, no heavily processed foods, etc.

Age over 47
Disrespectful language and behavior
Being needlessly cruel to others
Anything sexual related to children or animals
Smokers, drinkers and or drug users
Right wing politics
3/17/2024 6:03:22 PM

On fitness...

Having a partner who's physically active and fit has always been important. I want someone who is full of energy and excitement and can keep up, lol.  In the past, I've never really been attracted to guys who spend all of their time at the gym. For one thing, there's just more to life but second, I'm generally not attracted to huge muscle, gorilla types. 

I recently spent several months with a retired firefighter-turned-chemist. Since he's retired, he wasn't nearly as bulky as he was in old photos--thank goodness. But clearly he still took care of himself. In bed one night, in a playful, flirty moment, he reached his arm over and wrapped it around My waist and in seconds I found Myself on top of him. I was almost a foot away from him but at 6ft+ tall, he definitely had a decent wing span. As I said, it was a playful moment but My was also really fucking sexy. Obviously, I had to stick around for a few months to see what else he could do. ;) 

I don't know what exercises you need to do at the gym to be able to lift 135lbs with one arm, but do those, lol. Don't do them until you don't have a neck anymore, because that's overkill. We're going for actual strength not just what strength looks like. 

9/10/2023 11:15:52 AM

On having no experience...

My preference would be a partner with some level of real life experience. That being said, if you don't have a lot of experience, it's your job to properly educate yourself.  I'm not sure why so many male submissives think it's attractive to approach a FemDom and say, "I have no experience, but am eager to have you teach me and mold me." Personally, I find it lazy and an instant turnoff.  It's the same fantasy-induced fever dream, over and over again. I've spent 18 years in the lifestyle and when I first started out, I spent quite a bit of time learning and honing My skills.  Subs and slaves who want to be taken seriously do the same.

There are several excellent books to start with for basic training skills. If you're on FL, I highly suggest following slave underscore mission. he's got ninety or so journal entries and it's a great way for any beginner to find a place to start. Beyond that, there are classes, workshops, snack and learns...seminars; etc. 

Bottom line, if you want an experienced and educated FemDom, you're either going to need real life experience or be able to show that you've taken considerable time and effort to learn the basics.

Of course, once under consideration to become Mine, I would train you to suit My specific needs. But it's the difference between training runners for a marathon who have only done a 5k vs trying to train people who can barely walk a mile. 

5/5/2023 8:31:39 PM

Just get a Sharpie and write a love note to Me on your skin, like a normal person.  

Lady R

4/4/2023 9:26:13 PM

Currently staying on the Big Island but am headed to Oahu next week. If you have any tips or suggestions feel free to share. 

2/23/2023 5:55:37 PM

I'm gonna be living in Hawaii until the end of May.  So...yeah, you'll need to come out to Hawaii for a date. 


1/17/2023 6:54:33 PM

Ever flown a FemDom across the country for a first date?

I'm a huge Frank Turner fan.  He's currently doing a 50 states in 50 days U.S. tour.  Thus far, I've made it to 4 of them - MD, PA, NY and NJ.  My east coast boytoy can't make it to the west coast shows, so I'm in need of a new one.  If interested, I'm looking at Seattle on 7/22, Phoenix on 7/28, L.A. on 7/30 and/or Honolulu HI on 8/1.  Making it to the L.A. show and then to Hawaii would be epic! 

Message Me with a clothed, tasteful photo if interested...

UPDATE: Made it to the show in LA--so much fun!! 

5/10/2022 4:34:03 PM

We all know how much of a PITA it is to update here's a 2022 UPDATE

Current age range I'm seeking is 36 y.o. to 44 y.o. 

I get a lot of bizarre, whiny complaints about My education requirements. Three things: First, I don't give af about your opinion.  Second, it's been My experience that most men really struggle being in a relationsip with a woman who has significantly more education...something about those delicate egos.  Third, if you have a high enough IQ you'd already assume the first two and would send Me a brilliant intro making it irrelevant. 

Facial hair is and always will be a hard limit, lol

 Age: 25