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Join me and take a step into a world of passion and discovery, where your submissive nature can be fully explored. I am a 37-year-old military man, standing tall at 6ft 3 and weighing 280lbs. Active in the lifestyle for over a decade, I possess the knowledge and experience to guide you on an extraordinary journey of submission and self-discovery. While I am happily married to someone outside of this lifestyle, she fully supports and embraces my desires and experiences here.

Honesty, integrity, loyalty, and open communication are the foundations of my character. These values are essential for any successful relationship, regardless of its nature. Authenticity and trust are the cornerstones that allow genuine connections to flourish. Rest assured, I am fiercely loyal and protective of those I hold dear.

Venturing into the realm of BDSM is not only a passion of mine but also an opportunity I'm eager to share with the right woman. From the captivating world of erotic hypnosis to the exhilaration of anal play, I possess a wealth of knowledge and experiences. Whether it's through in-person or online interactions, I take great delight in guiding and directing my partner. Just imagine the thrill of rough encounters and the exploration of your deepest desires.

Within the realm of dominance and submission, mental domination and erotic hypnosis hold a special place of pleasure for me. The art of erotic hypnosis and various conditioning methods truly excite me, and I nurture a profound fantasy of "building" a perfect submissive through hypnosis and other behavioral modification techniques.

Curiosity draws me towards watersports, name-calling, degradation, and the tantalizing concept of a chastity task reward system. Envision earning your pleasures through completing assigned tasks and pushing your boundaries, allowing for immense personal growth and fulfillment.

Obedience is an irresistible quality that ignites my desires. I am captivated by a woman who willingly serves her dominant, embracing the exploration of new experiences with an open mind. Together, we will test limits and push boundaries, deepening our connection and creating a dynamic filled with trust, respect, and mutual growth.

Writing is another one of my passions, and I warmly welcome your thoughts on my stories. Engage me in thought-provoking conversations, whether they delve into the realms of kink or touch on other intellectual pursuits. Let's embark on an intriguing journey together, where our conversations stimulate both mind and soul.

If you're seeking an extraordinary connection with a man who embodies strength, intelligence, and sensuality, I eagerly await your message. Whether you're an experienced submissive or new to this world, I am open to women who are open-minded, willing, and eager to be trained. Please know that my wife fully supports and embraces this kind of dynamic. Rest assured, our interactions will be characterized by mutual respect, genuine curiosity, and the potential for an unforgettable connection. Together, let's explore the uncharted territories of pleasure and submission.

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6/17/2023 7:19:10 PM

Requirements as a submissive; honesty, trust, and genuine effort, not perfection.  

I think a lot of people have the wrong idea or wrong impression of what it takes to be in a dynamic. They have this fairy tale mentality about BDSM dynamics and what they should be like. I imagine this is because in some ways they have been so romanticized and popularized that its a great fantasy for things to work out that way. Unfortunately though, that isn't reality. At least not for the majority of us. We don't need perfect. We aren't looking for perfect, and we don't want you to be perfect. What we want is honesty, trust, and genuine effort.  

Now those three things can mean a lot more than what they look like on the surface. So lets break it down a little. Starting with honesty. What does honesty mean? Well it means a lot. It means being honest, being truthful, being real, meaning what you say, and saying what you mean. It means so much more than that but I think that you get the idea. Take it from someone who found out the hard way how difficult life can be when you don't live it honestly compared to how much easier it is when you just live within the truth. When there are no secrets or games and you are just you, all of the good parts and the bad. You take responsibility for yourself and your faults and when you screw up you admit it. You are honest about who you are and what you want. One of the biggest parts in honesty in my opinion though, being a person of your word. If you say you are going to do something, or that you wont do something, you hold yourself to it. Your word is your bond. If you cant do that then you really aren't worth much.  

Next we move on to trust. So what is trust? Well to put it simply trust is a combination of honesty and actions. At least thats a very simply put version of what it is really. Without trust you can't build any kind of real foundation for anything. That applies to any kind of relationship and not just anything in the realm of BDSM. That applies to friendships and work relationships just as much as personal and romantic relationships. Without trust you can't ever really let yourself go in any situation. You are always on guard. Without trust nothing will work in the long term, it will all be just a superficial flash in the pan.  

Last we come to genuine effort. You can have honesty and trust, but it wont mean much of anything unless a person is willing to put forth genuine effort. You can have all of the perfect components and get absolutely nowhere if only one person is putting forth any effort or if one person is only putting forth minimal effort. We all understand that everyone has a life, we are all busy, we all have things going on, we get that. All I'm saying is don't claim to want something if you aren't willing to put forth the effort in actually pursuing or developing it. Maybe you don't put in the effort because you are scared, or any number of 100 different reasons, who knows. What I do know is how absolutely disheartening it can be when someone tells you over and over again that they want something with you and then they just never show up. If you want it, then you have to put forth the effort. Actual genuine effort. And yes that may mean taking time out of your day doing other things that you normally do like watching tiktoks or whatever other superficial thing it is that you spend most of your time doing. When you tell someone repeatedly that you want something with them, but also that you never have time for them its difficult but most people will still make an effort. When they later find out that you actually spend hours a day on social media not actually doing anything and you are still claiming that you don't have enough time for them thats a giant slap in the face. Learn how to prioritize what is important if these are things that you actually want and stop playing with the people that do actually want them if you don't.  

Honesty, trust, and genuine effort. In my opinion, I don't feel like those things are too much to ask, at least not to start with. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows. I've been known to be a little old fashioned in my values in that sort of way. Maybe I'm no longer with the times. If thats the case then so be it I guess. I have a feeling that I'm not the only one that thinks the way I do though. Here is to hoping that I'm not. 

6/7/2023 5:15:52 PM

Training a new submissive, what does that mean

Training means something slightly different to every person. The overall ive is to change, modify, or adjust behaviors, attitude, abilities, and desires of the submissive to match that of the dominant. When done in good faith and conscience that means making those changes and adjustments not only with consent of the submissive but also in respect to limits and limitations. Many people have different methods to training and how it is most effective or best accomplished. Here is my opinion and what I intend to do once I find the sub with which to explore that journey with.

I think that training, for the most part should be gentle and takes time. Other disagree and think that rough fast training is more effective. In my experience, especially when working with someone that is very new, that can be extremely overwhelming. I think that training should be well thought out, methodical, and subtle, especially at first. Instead of diving into punishments and harsh corrections, gentle reminders and calm but authoritative explanation can be much more effective.

I also like to explore other mediums with witch to train a submissive. I very much enjoy exploring erotic hypnosis and showing someone new what kind of things you can do with it. How with very little time you can accomplish much in training a new sub. The key to this sort of exploration is not only consent, but informed consent and full understanding of the process. Someone willing to participate. This is not the sort of thing you can be rough and forceful with. It takes a gentle touch, especially when the goal is long term.

Like many I do enjoy the rougher aspects of sexuality, rough sex can be intoxicating under the correct circumstances. That being said, it's not something to rush into head first with someone who has no experience of it. If you work into it slowly, what feels like excruciatingly slow to some, you might be surprised what you can accomplish. Fear can be a powerful motivator for some, but most will push themselves much further if they feel safe and know that they can trust their partner.

When I say excruciatingly slow I don't mean in the course of one session. I don't mean over a week or even a couple weeks. When something is worth it you will be willing to put for the time and the effort to take things as slow as necessary. Sometimes this means months or even longer. I'll use anal training as an example. For someone who has never experienced any kind of anal play it can be overwhelming and painful if someone rushes things. If someone goes from no experience at all to full on anal sex in one session it may push them to never wanting to do it again. If you take your time however, start with toys and plugs and gently and slowly build up endurance and size then when the actual anal sex happens it can be an amazing experience on both ends. Like I already said, weeks or months, not necessarily hours or days.

When you work together on accomplishing something like that and you ensure that the submissive partner feels safe and cared for then will often times push themselves further than you imagined they could. This is the sort of thing that I'm looking for. This is the kind of dynamic I want to find with a submissive woman, because when you build things up the right way, they last much longer and they mean much more.

So where are you young lady? I know you're out there somewhere. I just have yet to find you. When I do, I very much look forward to the training.

4/4/2023 12:02:38 PM


I don't particularly like birthdays. Partly because most of the time you can never really get or do what you want to do. Partly because I don't think that you should need a special occasion to show someone that they are appreciated or cared for. 

Sadly though, regardless of how hard to try to slow the time and make things last, the time still ticks away and moment come and go faster than we know what to do with. Another year older, a little but wiser, and a little yes young and reckless. I guess thats all one can really ask for. And well of course lots of tittie pics, because who doesn't love a great pair of tits. Lol. 

Anyways, I raise a glass to those that didn't make it this far, and offer a toast to those still kicking.

10/29/2021 12:26:35 PM

Who knew that journals were back and didn't tell me?? How long have they been back?? Hey everyone!!!!! Journals are back!!!!

1/9/2016 12:37:08 AM
Story 5

After the Party

Its late when we finally get back to the house. We spent the evening with your family, cooking out and swimming in the pool. It seemed like every chance you got you felt the need to tease me a little bit, rubbing yourself up against me, whispering little naughty comments when everyone else was too far away to hear. But now I have you home and you are all mine, just you and me alone. You walk up towards the house, be a little behind you. You are wearing a little lace trimmed tank top and a pair of jean shorts. Even in an outfit as simple as that you still have a way of making me want you so much. As you work to get the door open I come up behind you, my hands on your hips as I push my body into yours from behind and kiss you on the neck. As soon as you get the door open I reach down between your legs and pick you up as you squeal and I carry you into the house kicking the door shut behind me. I take you down to the floor, standing over top of you, I grab your shirt by the hem and pull it roughly over your head, a moment later I have your swimsuit top off. I pinch and pull on each of your nipples making you gasp and bite your lip but you don't fight against me. The look on your face tells me that you knew I was going to do something like this, that you want it, and it just fuels my passion for you. I tell you to put your hands behind your back and you do so obediently. I use your bikini top to tie your hands together behind your back and the move back in front of you. I pull my shirt off and use it as a makeshift blindfold, wrapping it around your head over your eyes and tying it in the back. As soon as it is on I grab you by the throat pulling you up just a little and kiss you hard pushing my tongue into your mouth. After a moment I break a way and give each of your tits a little slap making both of your already hard nipples perk up even more. You are already breathing heavily, your chest raising and lowering quickly. You wait with anticipation, every muscle tense. You hear me doing things around you but don't know what exactly is going on. You feel me grab your hair and tilt your head back a little, you open your mouth expectantly like a good lil girl, and I push my balls into you, you suck them into your mouth hungrily, taking one and then the other into your mouth then sliding your tongue up my shaft towards the head of my cock. You take the head into your mouth sucking on it, swirling your tongue around then you take me deep into your mouth almost all the way the first time holding it there for a moment. You come back up slowly then take it in again, pushing it a little farther. After a couple more times your have me all the way in your mouth, your face pushed up against my groin as you hold yourself down on me as long as you can pushing your own limits. After you come up, gasping for breath, i push you to the floor on your back. I pull your shorts off of you roughly, pulling your bikini bottoms off with them. I position you on the floor laying on your back your hands underneath you. I straddle your head, kneeling over you and you then sit down a little putting my ball back up against your mouth. You start sucking on them again just like the good lil girl you are as I push your legs wide apart and push my two middle fingers inside your pussy then pull up, using your pussy like a handle to manhandle your body as I finger you roughly. I pull your legs up to your chest and fold your body as I move myself a little bit and sit down on your face. Immediately you start licking my ass as I suck your clit into my mouth. Instantly your pussy is soaking wet, I don't know if its because I'm sucking on your clit and eating your pussy, or if its because i'm making you lick my ass like the dirty lil girl you are. I lick and suck on your pussy and clit then push my tongue into your tight lil ass too making you squirm. I feel your body tense under me and your pussy gets even more wet as I hear you moaning below me and it makes me smile knowing that I just made you cum. I get up from on top of you and pick you up putting you over my shoulder. I slide two fingers in your pussy as I carry you over to the couch and throw you down. I flip you so you are face down bent over the edge of the couch and grab your wrists in one of my hands behind your back. I lean forward and ask if you want me inside you. You breathlessly say Yes Sir and I kneel down behind you, and guide the tip of my cock to your soaking wet pussy. I tease you for a moment, sliding the head up and down your pussy and slapping it on your clit making you jump and moan. I finally shove into hard and deep making you scream out and your body spasms underneath me. I grab hold of your hip with one hand and your wrists with the other and start shoving myself into you. You moan out with every thrust, over and over, faster and faster, little by little. You start getting louder and I know that you are close to cumming again so I pull out and yank you off the edge of the couch. You are sitting on the floor pushed up against the arm of the couch and I grab your hair, you open your mouth and I shove my cock deep into your throat, pushing it all the way in with the first thrust and holding the there. You struggle against me, trying to be a good girl and stay where you are supposed to. After a moment I pull out and you gasp for air, your spit covering my cock. I throw you over roughly, your upper body on the couch and your knees on the floor, I get behind you and slowly rub my cock head over your tight lil ass hole. You wiggle just a little and that's all I can take, I grab my cock by the shaft and slowly push the head against your hole as I spit on it to give it a little more lube. I push in little by little until the head pops inside making you moan out loud. I shove hard and bury my cock all the way in making you scream, then pull back and shove in hard again. I hold it there this time and you start begging, please don't stop, please fuck my ass, take my filthy Lil ass please. I grab your hips roughly, my fingers digging into your flesh as I start to pound into you harder and faster that before. Our bodies slapping together as you scream coming closers and closers to orgasm. I grab a fist full of your and and pull you up closers to me then wrap my hand around your neck and squeeze while I whisper in your ear that you are my filthy Lil anal loving cock slut. You scream as you cum on my cock and it's what finally pushes me over the edge making me fill your ass with my cum. After a few more thrusts I push you roughly back down on the couch and the sit next to you. After a few moments I untie the blind fold and untie your hands and you immediately move and take my cock in your mouth. Sucking and licking my balls and cock to clean all the cum and mess that your dirty Lil holes made. I tell you that you are a good girl and then turn on the tv. You go to the fridge and grab me a beer and you sit down on the floor next to me waiting for what will come next....

1/9/2016 12:33:13 AM
Story 4

An Early Good Morning

I wake up and you are still asleep next to me. You lay there naked,
your body pushed up close to mine. Laying on your side facing away
from me. I can't help but run my finger down your side and over our
hip and you stir slightly but don't wake up. I'm instantly turned on
just having you there so close to me, being able to touch you and kiss
you. I know exactly how I want to wake you up. I gently place my hand
on your hip and pull towards me rolling you onto your back. I start
making little kisses down your body starting at your collar bone and
working down. I kiss down your chest and take one of your nipples into
my mouth sucking on it lightly for a moment before I continue to move
lower. I kiss down your ribcage towards your stomach while I use my
hand to gently pull your closest leg towards me spreading your legs
apart just enough. I keep going lower kissing around your belly button
then down over your hip bone. I keep kissing as I slowly move my body
down lower and lower positioning myself between your legs. By now you
are starting to wake up as a result of what I've been doing to you but
you are still not quite awake just yet. Now I have gotten exactly
where I want to be, without waking you up and I positioned myself
between your legs with your delicious lil pussy right in front of me. I
kiss from your hip bone down the crease of your leg to your inner
thigh. You move your hips automatically in response to what you are
feeling. I take the tip of a finger and barely run it across your
pussy lips and find that you are already really wet. I very gently
part your lips and slide one finger inside you as I suck your clit
into my mouth and start flicking it with my tongue. It only takes a
moment before I hear a moaning breath escape your lips and I know that
you are starting to wake up. You move one of your hands into my hair
and it encourages me to go faster. I push another finger inside you as
I suck and lick and nibble on your clit. I curl my fingers up inside
of you pushing on your gspot as I attack your clit with my mouth. I
feel your body starting to tense but I don't quite want you to cum
just yet. I pull my fingers from your pussy and in one motion push
your legs up towards your chest. I slide my tongue down your pussy
lips tasting your juices as they drip from you. I shove my face into
your pussy and push my tongue deep inside of you to get a really good
taste. You grab my hand that I was just using to
finger your pussy and pull it to your mouth sucking my fingers that
are covered in your juices clean. I feel you pull your legs up just a little
more exposing yourself to me, silently begging me to lick and tongue
your tight lil hole. I push my tongue deep inside you and feel you push against my face as I do it. I lick and suck and
tongue you as you slowly start building up, I feel your body's
reaction and you getting closer with every moment. I sense that you
are just about to cum and I quickly push myself up between your legs
and kiss you hard on the lips, you can taste yourself on me as you
automatically grab my cock and guide it into your pussy. I very slowly
push myself into you and you are so close that as soon as I'm buried
all the way into you, your entire body tenses as you explode with a
deep extended orgasm. I continue to kiss you as you moan into my
mouth, my cock buried into your pussy. After your orgasm releases you
and you catch your breath for a moment I ask you if you are ready. All
you can do is shake your head. I push your legs roughly up against
your chest and start pounding into you deep and hard. Using my body
weight to slam my cock as far as it can go inside of you. It only
takes moments and you are already about to cum again. I know its not
going to take me long at this rate but I want at least two more
orgasms out of you before this is over. I wrap my hand around your
throat and squeeze just right as I whisper in your ear and tell you to
cum for me. Instantly I feel your pussy clamp
down on me as you scream out again. I pull out of you and roll onto my back next to you.
You automatically take me as deep as you can into your mouth. Sucking
all your pussy juices off of me, tasting us mixed together. After a moment I
spank you hard on the ass and grab you by the hair pulling you on top
of me. You grab my cock and slide yourself down
onto me. Once you are all the way down, I give each of your tits
a little slap making you moan before I grab your hips and start pounding
up into you. You start screaming as I pound you, barely able to
contain yourself, I pull you down into me so we are chest to chest. I
wrap one arm around your lower back to hold you tight to me and take
my other hand and grab your tight lil ass. I
start pounding up into you again harder and harder. You scream out
again as you start to cum and it pushes me over the edge this time.
Your pussy clamps down on my cock milking every drop of cum from me as
you collapse on top of me. We both lay there for a moment exhausted.
You roll off of me and take me in your mouth again, you suck and
lick me clean, making sure not to miss a drop, tasting our cum mixed together. Then you lay back down
with me and we pass back out tangled in each others arms and legs
until its actually time to wake up.

10/15/2014 7:45:04 AM
Story Number 3

Ricky and Rose

Richy walks into the room and sees Rose on the couch playing on her phone. He grabs her hand and pulls her up to him kissing her and holding her in his arms. He makes a trail of kisses down from her lips to her chin, down her neck and over her collar bone. Rose moans slightly as he moved down her body putting a hand in his hair as he kisses. He takes her hand and walks her to the bedroom and pulls off his shirt. She starts to take off hers but he says no, that he wants to do it all. He drops his pants and walks over to her and kisses her again putting his hands on her hips and working them upward inside her shirt. He pulls her shirt over her head and makes a line of kisses down her body, between her breasts and down her stomach. He goes to his knees and undoes the clasp on her pants then lets the zipper down, and pushes her pants down starting at the hips and slowly working his way down as he kisses down one of her legs. She sits down on the edge of the bed and he pulls her pants the rest of the way off. She starts to say something but he stops her, saying that it doesn�t matter and he just wants to enjoy tonight before he has to leave. He works his way back up her body, tracing her lines with the tips of his fingers. He moves up onto the bed and asks her to lie next to him. She lies down on her back beside him and he kisses her softly on the lips. He tells her to close her eyes and she does. He starts at her jaw line with the tip of his fingers lightly tracing down her neck, over her collar bone, down her arm and back up again, over the crest of her breasts and down her stomach. He works his way slowly and teasingly down her body, around her belly button and across the top of her panties, then slides the tips of his fingers inside her panties but just barely. He pushes his hand underneath her and undoes her bra and then slides it off of her arms. He slides his fingers into her thong at her hips and slowly works it down her legs kissing down them as he moves. He stands up and takes off his boxers and says that she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. She just smiles, enjoying what is happening. He moves on top of her and takes one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking and tonguing it while he plays with the other using his fingers. He switches back and forth from one back to the other making them stand hard at attention. He kisses down her stomach and pushes her legs apart. He kisses the tip of her hips and then down to the inside of her thighs working closer and closer but just far enough to tease. He can see and smell how wet she is, and he cant wait any longer. He runs his tongue up between her lips and she lifts her hips up to meet him. He circles her clit with his tongue and sucks on her, enjoying the taste of her and never wanting it to end. He slides first one and then a second finger into her, she is so wet they go in easily and he hooks his fingers upwards to play with her g-spot while he sucks on her clit. She starts to rock her hips into him with her hands in his hair, pushing him down into her and telling him not to stop and to keep going. She starts moaning louder and he feels her body tense and then tastes and feels the extra wetness from her cumming while he licked her. He plays with her for little longer than moves up her body. She kisses him and tells him that she wants him inside her. She grabs his dick and guides him into her and wraps her legs around him. He pumps into her faster and faster, holding himself over her. It doesn�t take long and she is screaming faster and harder and don�t stop, using her legs to push her hips up into him. She tells him she is going to cum and he moves faster, slamming himself into her, making her scream out with every thrust. Moments later her body tenses again as she screams out and it sends him over the edge. He slams himself into her cumming deep inside her. After a few more thrusts he is spent and exhausted, laying on top of her both of them breathing hard. They lay there for a few minutes, him still inside of her, his head on her chest as she runs her hand through his hair.

10/12/2014 8:28:37 PM
Story Number 2

After a long day at work.

I open the door and walk in the house and you are waiting patiently for me. You are on your knees, naked except for your collar, back strait, chest out, and legs slightly spread. The perfect thing to come home to after a long day at work. I sit on the couch next to the door and you move automatically to remove my shoes and socks. After you have taken them off I stand up and you undo my belt and pants, I sit back down and you pull them off of my legs. I pull my uniform top and undershirt off and hand them to you and tell you to put them away. I sit there with nothing on but my boxers and enjoy the sight of your sexy little body as you walk away to take care of my clothes and return moments later and get back on your knees in front of me. For some reason you look especially sexy today and you look like you might be horny. I tell you to stand and turn around, spread your legs two feet apart and bend over at the waist and grab your ankles. I run my finger up the inside of your thigh and I can feel the tension in your muscles. I come to your clit and rub my finger around it and then slide my finger through your pussy lips to your tight little fuck hole. I was right, you are already wet and ready for me. I push two fingers inside of you and you let out a little moan and I smile. I love how your body reacts when I do things to you. I finger you hard for a few minutes until I know you are ready to explode but you are holding it back like a good girl, waiting for permission to cum. I ask if you want to cum and you tell me yes then beg for me to say the words. I pull my fingers out of your pussy and lean forward, grab your hips to move you back towards me, and then shove my face in your pussy, sucking hard on your clit, licking up and down your lips and shoving my tongue inside you. I push a finger and then a second into your ass as I eat your pussy. You are shaking now, trying so hard to be a good girl and stay in your position and not cum until you are allowed. I pull back and lay down on the couch and tell you to get on top 69 and suck my cock and that you aren't allowed to cum until you make me cum. You move with purpose and, getting on top of me and taking my cock all the way down your throat at the same time. I start licking and sucking on your pussy again and push my fingers back in your ass. I feel you forcing yourself all the way down on me, feel your body so tight and strained you are about to explode. It doesn't take long, you pull out all the tricks and soon I am close to cumming. You feel my me tighten and shove my cock all the way down and hold it there as I shoot my cum down your throat filling your belly. As soon as that happens its like you explode, your pussy goes from wet to soaked and I think you may have squirted, you body convulsing as you cum on top of me. I let you lay there for a minute to recover and then tell you to get up. I walk to the bathroom, you following, and sit down on the closed toilet seat. I tell you to suck me for a little bit them I'm going to give you a drink. You suck me just long enough to get me half way hard again and then I grab you by the hair and tell you to hold still. You open your mouth wide and wait expectantly, and then it comes. I piss in your mouth, trying not to go so fast you cant swallow it all and you suck it all down like a good girl. After I finish you haven't spilled a drop and it only takes a moment for me to be rock hard again. I tell you so suck on my balls and you take them both in your mouth, you suck them gently, going back and forth between one and the other, then move your way down. I adjust my position so you can get a little better access and you start eating out my ass while you jerk off my cock. It doesn't take long and I'm ready to fuck you. I grab your hair and pull you up and turn you around. I push on your lower back and you bend over at the waist grabbing the edge of the bathtub. I spit down between your ass cheeks and rub it into your ass and pussy with my fingers. I grab a hold of your hip with one hand and put the head of my cock to your pussy and shove my self in your pussy so hard you almost lose your balance. I grab hold of both of your hips and pound my cock into you hard over and over again, so hard that it looks like you are hanging on to the edge of the tub for dear life. I wrap my arms around you and pick you up from behind, my cock slipping out of you, I carry you to the bedroom and throw you down on the bed. I grab your hair and shove my cock down your throat again and ask if you like how that tastes and you just nod as you suck me clean. I flip you on your back and push your legs all the way up to your chest and dive into your pussy again, sucking on your clit and pussy lips then I go lower and lick your tight little ass making it as wet as I can with my tongue and enjoying how your body moves from what I'm doing. I move up your body and tell you to put my cock in your ass like a good girl. You grab it with one hand and put the head of it against your tight little hole and I push forward into you. Your ass fights me for a moment, resisting the penetration, and then I pop inside your ass and you can't help but moan out. I feel massive on top of your tiny little frame as I push my cock slowly its full length inside you. I start fucking you slowly, wrap a hand around your neck and squeeze as I speed up. By the time I'm fucking you hard your face is bright red and I can see you are close to passing out so I let go. I flip you over, being careful that my cock doesn't come out of you, and pull you to the end of the bed so your legs are hanging over the edge. I put my fingers in your mouth and use it as a handle to get leverage to fuck you harder, pounding your ass until you are screaming. Right before I cum I pull out and spin your around. I shoot my cum all over your face and tits and you open your mouth to take the last spurts. You suck the rest out of my cock and clean me with your mouth like a good lil girl and then scoop up the cum on your tits and face and suck it from your fingers. I can't help but pinch and twist one of your hard little nipples making you squeal, then I slap both of your tits leaving a red hand print on each. I take you to the shower and tell you to turn on the water. You turn it on and we both get in. I have you wash my entire body making sure that every part of me is clean then sit back and watch as you wash yourself in front of me. We get out and dry off, lay in the bed naked for a little while, and after a little bit we both fall asleep. In the morning I wake up and see you laying asleep and naked next to me and cant help but get turned on again. And it all starts again...................

10/12/2014 8:25:21 PM
Story Number 1

The Meet

As the night starts off I'm excitedly nervous. I hop into the shower thinking about everything I want to do tonight meeting you for the first time. I get turned on just by thinking about it and decide I might as well jerk off in the shower to take the edge off. I finish then wash, making sure to get myself nice and clean. I get out, shave, and get dressed, throwing a little aftershave on when I'm done, one last look in the mirror and it's time to leave. I head out to my car and send you a text saying I'm on my way to where we are going to meet now. You respond seconds later saying "on my way as well." I decided that a restaurant would be a good place to meet, but didn't want it to be somewhere too over the top. I get there 10 minutes early and go find a place to sit. It's a deli/restaurant that has amazing sandwiches. I sit there expectantly and send another text telling you I'm here and I've gotten a table in the back corner on the left. "Be there in 5 minutes" is the response you send me. I wait patiently but excited. I see a car pull into the parking lot and someone sits in it for a few minutes, and then I see you get out. You haven't seen me yet but I watch you walk from your car into the restaurant. You come in and look in my direction, I lock eyes with you and smile, and you walk towards me. You are wearing a simple dress, which looks classy but not too dressed up for where we are meeting, that hugs your body in all the right places, you look amazing in it. I say hi as you get close and you say hi back and I give you a hug with a kiss on the cheek. I don't want to try and push things too far, it is the first time we are actually meeting after all. We go up to the front and order what we are going to eat and we head back to the table. We sit down for a few minutes and talk about how your trip getting here was and I tell you that I was excited and nervous to meet you, you say the same. We get our food and sit back down and eat, taking our time and enjoying each others company. I find its just as easy to talk to you in person as it was any other way and I'm relieved. I tell you how sexy you look and that its hard to not stare at you. You smile and tell me that maybe you like me staring at you. I laugh and you giggle, then you ask me if I want to know a secret. I say of course. You tell me that it's a little surprise for me. You get up and come over to my side of the table and sit down next to me. You whisper in my ear that you are not wearing any underwear. I catch my breath for a second and say if you keep things up like this you are going to give me a hard on while we are in here. You giggle and kiss me lightly on the lips and then ask if I'm ready to get going. I get up and we head out to the parking lot and ask where you would like to go. You tell me that you have had enough time out for tonight and you would like to come over and see where things go. I smile, give you a kiss, and tell you to follow me in my car. I have the house to myself for the whole weekend because everyone else is out of town. We get there a little while later and I go unlock the door as you park. You get out of the car, looking sexy as hell, and walk up to the door as I hold it open for you. I close the door behind you and you take my hand and pull me towards the couch and sit me in the middle. You ask if I can put some music on and I turn on the tv and turn it to one of the music channels, you tell me you don't like that one and want something a little more fun cuz you want to dance for me. I give you the remote and you flip around until you find one you like. You toss the remote and give me a nice long kiss then back away a little. You start dancing for me, moving your body along with the music. Just to way you move is starting to turn me on even more. Then you come over and straddle my lap and kiss me again as you move back and forth. My cock is already so hard that it almost hurts and I'm struggling to keep myself from just stripping you naked and taking you right then. You unzip your dress and pull it down exposing your tits. I can't help but take one of your nipples into my mouth and suck on it hard. You suck in our breath as I suck on our nipple and play with the other one, rubbing and pinching it between my fingers before I switch and take that one in my mouth. You put your hand in my hair and play with it as I suck and play with your nipples until they are nice and hard. When I finally let go you stand up and turn around and slowly start pushing your dress down over your hips as you move your body to the music. You look back over your shoulder as you bend over at the waist slowly working your dress down to your ankles. Your ass looks amazing and I want nothing more than to shove my face into you and start licking every inch of it but I maintain my patients somehow and just watch an wait. You step out of your dress and back yourself up to me and sit on my lap rubbing your ass onto my hard cock. You keep your body moving and lean back into me with your body and I kiss you on the back of the neck as I slide my hands up your sides and start playing with your nipples again. I play with them for a moment and then start to work my hands down your stomach. As I get closer and closer you spread your legs, putting them on the outside of my legs as your arch your body back into me. I want to tease you a little so I trace my finger tips down your stomach slowly moving in little circles, then off to the side over your hips and down the inside of your legs about half way down your thigh then slowly start working my way back up again. You move your hips more and more the closer I get and finally I touch you. You are so hot and wet and that turns me on even more. I push one finger inside of you then slow push in a second all the way. I curl my fingers up inside you to put pressure on your Gspot as I move them around. You cant help but move back and forth more and more and then I stop. I pull my fingers out of you and you let out a little moan. I suck one of my fingers clean reveling in how you taste then put the other one to your mouth and you suck it clean just the same. I tell you that I want to taste all of you. You get up and say then lets go to the bedroom. I stand up almost painfully because my cock is so hard and lead you to the bedroom. I turn around half way down the hallway and pick you up and carry you over my shoulder the rest of the way as you giggle. We get into the bedroom and I toss you down on the bed. I pull my shirt off over my head and drop my pants and boxers. I climb up the bed between your legs. I start at the ankle kissing and licking, tickling with my fingers and tongue and lips up the inside of your legs. First one and then the other and back again. Slowly working my way up closer and closer to your pussy. I work up the inside of your right leg kissing just off the edge of your pussy lips then right above your clit then keep going up. Up to your stomach then between your tits and a quick suck on each nipple. Then up your collar bone and the crease in your neck to the line of your jaw and a sweet kiss on your lips. Then I work my way back down but faster this time. Back the way I came until I kiss right above your clit again. Then as I suck your clit into my mouth I push my fingers back inside you. You are so wet and hot and you taste so amazing that I can barely keep myself together. I suck and lick your clit as I curl my fingers up inside you again playing with your Gspot. It only takes a minute and you have your hands in my hair and I can feel your body tensing. You push our hips up into me as I suck and lick and finger you, moving faster and faster and then I feel you start to cum. Your pussy gets even more wet as you push your pussy up into me and cum hard. I keep going, Im happy you came but I want more. I want you to keep cumming and cumming over and over again. I keep going sucking and licking and fingering then I push your legs up to your chest and move farther down, following your wetness from your pussy, and taste your ass for the first time. I was right, every part of you tastes amazing and I push my tongue deep into your ass as I use my thumb to play with your clit. After a minute I get up and tell you that I want you on top of me, that I want to have my face buried in your ass. I lay down and you move on top, facing away from me, I put my hand on your hips and pull you down into me. Just as I push my tongue back into your tight lil ass I feel you take my cock all the way down your throat. I'm so excited that it takes everything I have not to cum right away but somehow I stop myself. I wrap my arms around your waist and pull you down even more onto my face, almost smothering myself as I work your ass with my tongue, pushing it in and out and sucking and swirling. You start sucking me harder and faster and I know I can't hold out much longer, I push you up just enough to warn you that I'm going to cum soon but you don't stop. I dive back into your ass, this time I reach between us and push two fingers in your pussy at the same time. You shove yourself down into my face and my hands as you suck harder, you feel me starting to cum and shove your mouth down hard on me one more time as I feel your ass and pussy tense and then the warmth of you squirting on my face right as I start to cum. You pull up quickly only getting a little in your mouth and jerk me off the rest of the way spraying my cum all over your tits and some on your neck and face as you cum all over me. I lick all over your pussy and ass, licking up as much of your juices as I can. You get up off of me and turn around and kiss me deeply, tasting yourself all over me. I grab a towel from beside the bed so you can clean the cum off of you and you do quickly. Then you lay beside me, we kiss again, and you say we aren't done yet are we? I answer with not even close. You smile that amazing come and get me smile and slowly work your way down my body. You take my cock back in your mouth, sucking to get me rock hard again. It doesn't take long and I'm so hard and sensitive its almost painful. You work your way up my body and give me another kiss as you slide your leg over me and straddle my cock. I haven't forgotten your rules so I quickly reach over next to the bed and grab a condom and ask you if you will put it on like a good girl. You smile and quickly have it on me. Then my cock is in your hand and I feel your tight little pussy against the tip of my cock. I put my hands on your ass and spread your cheeks apart as you push yourself down on me. You slide down all the way, getting me as deep as you can then just sit there for a moment. You start moving your body up and down on my cock and I pull you down close to me. I ask you if you want a finger in your ass while I fuck you and you nod. I pull you tight to me then reach back to your ass, its still wet from my tongue and you squirting and my finger slides in easily half way. I leave it half way in and grab your hip with my other hand and start fucking up into you harder and harder until our bodies are slapping together. You start to moan louder and louder the faster I go. I let go of your hip and grab a fist full of hair and pull, using it for leverage to pound into you harder. I ask you if that's what you like and you say OMG YES!!!! DON'T STOP!!! I fuck you as hard and fast as I can, slamming our bodies together until you scream out and I feel your body contract all over me and feel the warmth and wetness of you squirting again all over me. I only give you a break for a second then tell you to sit up strait. I give each one of your nipples a little pinch and a slap, nothing too hard but its so much fun anyways. Then I grab your hips and make you rotate them back shoving my cock hard up against your Gspot, your whole body convulses as you start to cum again just from the pressure in the right spot. I don't let up, I make you move your hips back and forth, again and again and again, hitting that perfect spot, I make you cum one more time then roll you over and push your legs up to your chest. I work my hips slowly pushing my cock deep into your pussy as I push your legs wide apart. I push in and out slowly the entire length. I start working faster and faster, pounding myself into you and trying to keep control. You are screaming again by the time I stop because I don't want to cum yet. I pull out for a minute, breathing heavily on top of you as I recover. Then I grab you by the ankles and pull you towards the edge of the bed until your ass is just hanging off then flip you over so you are stomach down with your legs hanging over the edge. I spank your ass nice and hard a few times then squat down behind you and grab my cock and push it deep inside of you. After I'm all the way inside you I grab each one of your wrists and put them behind your back and hold them there with one of my hands. I use your hands together behind your back like a handle for leverage, and start pounding you so hard it makes the whole bed ram into the wall. Then I push my thumb slowly into your ass as I am fucking you harder and harder. I get it in all the way then start pounding your sweet lil pussy as fast and hard as I can. We are both loud, screaming and moaning as our bodies collide. It doesn't take long and I feel you start to tense again and you start getting louder. I grab you by the hips and pull your ass up into the air as I fuck you so your barely able to keep your feet on the ground. You hold onto the bed as I thrust in and out and then I feel your body explode from the inside and I can't hold it any more. I cum harder than I ever have as I feel you squirting all over me again. After we are finished we are both so exhausted that we can barely stand. I collapse on the bed beside you and ask you how that was for a first meeting. You say you can't imagine anything better. We lay there for a moment then you reach over and pull the condom off of me and take my cock into your mouth again, sucking me clean of my cum, then licking all around and sucking my balls clean of your cum. You lay back down next to me and I pull you up close and give you a kiss then we lay together exhausted. It only takes a minute or two before we are asleep, our bodies wrapped together. All to start again in the morning...........

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