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Submissive T-girl needing to be permanently owned. I was locked out of my old account again.
I am looking for a strict but loving Dominant to serve. I want to become a submissive slavewife. If you write to me and not close to Texas or Minnesota I probably won't respond. Sorry but I just don't have time to spare with situations that won't work for me.

Update---- I've tried adding new pictures several times again and it just don't work. I've tried deleting all of my old pictures from 3 years ago but they stay and you're lucky if even one new picture comes once they finally approve  your pictures. I remember the old site, collarme and it was awesome. It was a couple that started that site and when they broke up, the male partner insisted he be the one to keep this site going. She warned us all that this site would become a train wreck and omg how right she was! 

  I'm hardly ever on here anymore. It's too hard to even send out messages with the f'ed upward puzzle that often fails to recognize that you got the puzzle right. Etc etc etc.  What a shame is all I can say.  

Omg I hate this site so bad, it is so fucked up!!

I tried to remove one photo and add a recent one.. 

So I'm down for two days, comes back on and no changes were made. 

I have much better pictures now, these are all from 3 years ago. 

I've since learned to use makeup much better and have been on hormones for 15 months and I'm much more feminine now. 

I guess I'm stuck with what's on here.. 


So, I removed an old picture and I added one. 

That's a risky thing to do on this site.

I have no idea how long it will be before my profile is back up and its just ridiculous! 

Also the anti robot feature doesn't work sometimes and I've lost long messages when I tried to sent them. Is this anti robot thing even necessary? 

I miss the old site when it was collarme 

I hope who ever runs this will improve this site because I think it needs an overhaul! 


What a pain in the ass and not the good kind! Lol

Omg this website sucks so bad! 

I just had another long well written journal entry disappear because of the broken security measures on here. 

Who ever is running this site needs to turn it over to someone who can fix these ridiculous problems! 

Long story short, I will not answer one line messages. I don't have time for it. 

I feel like I'm being rude for not answering but I get so annoyed with one line messages and it just shows laziness on your part. If you want to get to know me you need to have a lot more to say than just " Hey There" 

Happy birthday to me! 

I moved back to Texas for my b-day present. 

I am in Austin and hoping to meet a good dominant man and make Austin my home. I will update my profile soon, wish that didn't take so long on here!! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! 

- Toni