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Do you want to online chat ? Message back and forth for months ? Are you a snowflake ? If so ....Then your best bet is to pass by this profile! Are you 100 % serious ? Are you able and willing to relocate ? Are you not a lazy slob that is looking for handouts ? Do you have serious life skills or willing to learn? Do you mind not being the only male I own ? I'm not on here looking for a boyfriend or lover. I'm warm hearted and cold-hearted. I'm a sensible and sane person. I'm easy to talk to . I don't like talking about useless stuff. I've been in and out of this lifestyle for years. I'm not NOT interested in fulfilling your sexual fantasy. I'm honest and looking for loyality and honestly. Before you attempt to write to me re-read and understand this profile, even if it's just a little understand. I prefer a straight male, but if you like being a sissy as well I'm ok with that. However it's not about you , seriously it is not about you . If you want things to always be about you and what you want then don't bother with me. I won't be offended in the least.


The Ownership

The slave is a property of the Owner. He has no rights. He doesn’t have the right to say no. The Owner has total control over the slave and the slave has absolutely no power over the Owner - not only during the BDSM sessions but also in everyday life. The slave has no say in what will or will not happen, he must accept everything the Owner dictates. He has to surrender to his Owner mind, body and soul. His only vocation in life is to obey his Owner, take care of her and make her happy.

The slave understands that his satisfaction is not the focus of a M/s relationship and will not try to get what he wants, but instead to give to the Owner what she desires.

The slave will always be respectful towards his Owner and will always keep her best interest and happiness in mind.

The slave will do everything in his power never to embarrass his Owner, and he will do his best to make her proud of owning him. He will always be thankful for the opportunity to serve her.

The Owner is and always will be the slave’s number one priority in life.

I have a message or rather a question to all the shittards that have been on here for years and still searching and writing to Us

The newbies have an excuse, they are newbies so I get it.

1. Why are you still on here and not serving someone or doing what you know you should be doing?

2.  If you have been on here for so long and write to Me the first question I'm going to want to know is why are you still on here? 

--just fucking be honest with yourself that is not such a hard thing if you at least try to practice it. 

3.  Every single Woman / Domme is going to be different . I promise you, so even if you have had experience in somethings that does not mean that she will be into it.  If that is the only thing your looking for then be honest and if she says no then move on.  To Me that isn't even a slave but possibly a sub or switch looking for a play partner to fulfill his little fantasy.

4.  Be honest about why you haven't or won't ever move. I'm not saying you don't have a valid reason, I get it. Possibly family, a business, your scared, maybe you want to but you know you will never give up yourself to someone.  I don't even care what the damn reason is, but if there is a reason , then tell Me and maybe we can work on it OR don't contact Me in the  first place. Do you understand ? 

5. I'm a BBW if that bothers you then move on.

6. To sum this journal up.  Before you contact someone you really need to pause and ask yourself to be honest with yourself.  Then be honest with who you contact.  For instance you might say, i'm on here still looking but I really can't move until  this time because I'm not retired, I have a good job, I own a house and am attached to this place, I take care of someone, I have kids close by.  Whatever  the reason is. Then She can either understand and work with you on possibliy a remote situation for the time being or she will just say NO and you move on. It's really that simple REALLY it is. But if your so  full of bullshit and that is all that comes out of your mouth or communication on here then go spue your bullshit somewhere else. 

---- Go talk to a newbie Domme , which from what I've heard are mostly males from other countries trying to scam people out of money. But go talk to someone that isn't experienced and haven't Owned someone for several years.  It's no skin off My ass as they say.  If your only on  here looking to " learn" or " looking for a friend to b.s with"  then seriously go look for a young newbie and have at it.  

In order for us not to waste time I put together 11 reasons why I would reject you. Some I am willing to work with you on such as poor communication skills. But some won't be tolerated at all.  I plan on bringing someone here where everything is out in the open way before you decide to come here. As a matter of fact, don't even write in the first place if you plan on lying, if you have anger issues, you're an alcoholic, you have no respect, or you have a different goal from what I'm looking for. 
I like to talk about everything and get everything out in the open before I talk to you on the phone, we can then really get to know more about each on the phone, before any decisions of moving here or before I decide to own you remotely for good or for the time being until you might actually move here. 
 I am talking to someone that might move here at the end of this year 2024. I only have so much room and only need so many here. My time is limited, and I desperately hate wasting My time on wankers. you might think to yourself you're not willing to give everything up to get what you want. Ok good, then don't bother Me in the first place. I'm controlling I can't help it , it's just the way I am. 
So those that feel like they want to just get their feet wet and keep coming to visit then I don't think you are ready. When I go to the store to buy a refrigerator , I find out everything I can beforehand, I read reviews, I compare, I know what I want that appliance to do. Only then do I say yes bring it to My house. It might not be perfect, it might have a past, it might have a few scratches, but I would know all that beforehand. Hopefully you get My analogy  
Here's a list of why I might reject you :
1. Different Values and Goals: Misaligned life values and future aspirations.
2. Poor Communication Skills: Ineffective communication and failure to understand My needs.( that can be worked on)
3. Lack of Respect: Disrespectful behavior towards Me.
4. Excessive insecurity or jealousy 
5. Lack of Ambition: Absence of motivation or drive (that can be worked on together).
6. Negative Attitude: Constant negativity or pessimism.
7. Dishonesty: Lack of truthfulness or hiding important aspaspects of life.
8. Lack of Effort: Insufficient effort in doing what your told to do.
9. Self-Centeredness: Overly focused on yourself and your needs.
10.Unresolved Anger Issues: Difficulty controlling temper or exhibiting aggressive behavior.
11.Alcohol or drug addiction you lied about. I don't care if you drank a little just be honest about it.
If you're looking to be just a work gimp in the basement....ok I can work with that too. I'm trying to make Myself as clear as possible. If you're looking to just get your kinks off, if you're looking for a young thin Domme. I AM NOT THAT. If your bald and toothless I DON'T CARE. Can I make Myself more clear ?  


I once heard this story , I'm not sure if it were true or not but I would say it was possible.

 There was an older couple  in their 60's and they lived in a big house almost like a castle setting.  

Every morning she would go down to the basement or dungeon if you will, and unlock her husband. She would bring him the clothes to wear for the day , he would eat, get dressed and then she let him out to go to work. 

He was a powerful judge and on the outside he looked dominate to other people. 

 During the day the wife would either be out shopping with friends or home entertaining and always having a good time. 

When he got home she would lead him back downstairs and lock him back up.  He would stay there until the next day.  It was their way of life .  She was happy and content and he was put in his place where he felt comfortable and knowing she was happy and that he had no other choice.  She took care of all the bills and any everything related to the household. 

I can imagine them actually going on vacations and having a seeminly normal life to outsiders.  But at home she was the Queen of the castle so to speak and he was her slave.

What a happy marriage that must of been . There would be no arguing because she made all the decisions and probably asked him for advice when needed.  He didn't have to worry about want to eat or wear for the day as everything in his life was taken care of.  He wasn't gone at a football game with the boys, or out drinking somewhere looking at young girls.  So there would be no reason to fight or get upset. 


The back story

He is a well known judge and his now owner and wife caught him doing something very wrong She got pictures of everything.  If he got caught he would go to prison for the rest of his life.  No it wasnt something like just an affair.

So she was doing him a favor but at a price She made him sign everything over to her

Yes he is grateful and will always know he is owned. She then took younger lovers and made sure he knew about it

He only had ten dollars a day for all his expenses mainly for his lunch He ate her leftovers in the evening and oatmeal mush with her golden liquid gift for the mush part ,in it,  for breakfast.

He had to save a part of his allowance, because every year on his birthday he had to buy her a gift If she didnt like it then he had to spend another year in the basement

Do you think she would ever like his gift especially since he had so little money to live on and save?

Is she cruel or merciful ? 

Don't think I'm writing this poem for you .  A good boy slave has to earn every bit of attention from a Domme . It might take everything he's got but then again what will he get in return?  Ask  yourself what are you willing to give up. Or are you actually just going to end up by yourself 10 more years from now. 

 Either way I hope at the very least you enjoy this



Surrender to Her Reign

To my cherished Domme, to whom I bow,

Your whispered will, my sacred vow.

In Your presence, shadows flee,

In Your chains, I am truly free.

My heart submits, not just in part,

To love my Domme is a fine art.

Every beat pulses with Your name,

In this dance, we kindle flame.

Your command, a velvet glove,

Wraps around my soul with love.

I surrender all, hold nothing back,

Your guidance leads where I lack.

In Your eyes, a universe wide,

With trust and passion as my guide.

I offer up my very core,

To love my Domme, forever more.

Your pleasure is my profound creed,

To satisfy Your every need.

In giving all, I find my gain,

Surrender sweet, in Your domain.

To my Domme, my soul is Yours,

Through silent nods and thunderous roars.

Take my service, my life, my all,

Beneath Your feet, proud and tall.

To love my Domme, a gift so rare,

Bound by this life we uniquely share.

Every moment under Your reign,


Is my sanctuary from pain.



Here is a poem that your welcome to either print out or hand write it and hang up where you will see it everyday .



In shadows cast by candle's glow,  

A whispered bond begins to grow,  

With chains and ties and soft-spoken word,  

A tale of devotion silently heard.

She stands, a figure stern and fair,  

A queen in her dominion there.  

He kneels with eyes of deepened trust,  

In her strength, his surrender a must.

Her hand, a guide, firm yet kind,  

In her will, his peace of mind.  

He worships at her altar, so sweet,  

Where pain and pleasure often meet.

Commands she issues, soft yet clear,  

To which he listens, holds dear.  

Each task a token of his love,  

Under her gaze, he rises above.

Chains that bind him set him free,  

In her control, she holds his key.  

A dance of power, the roles they play,  

With concrete walls, he finds his way.

With every strike a story told,  

Of lessons learned and disipline so bold.  

In her hands, his world complete,  

At her feet, the journey sweet.

So in the quiet of the night,  

His thoughts alone he knows his plight.  

In the realm where she is queen,  

His souls devotion is felt and seen.

One word of advise I would like to offer men.

It's something that might be hard for you to do . It might take some meditation time and soul searching.  It will take listening to that higher voice inside and not your emotional fantasy side. 

That advise is to be completely 100% honest with yourself and let that honesty spill over when your contacting someone on here. 

Sounds easy but it's not for many people. 

I honestly feel sad when I see someone on this site for years on end , knowing they might never find someone. It breaks My heart in away.  Not for everyone, but for those that really are wanting to find someone and live the way they know they should be living. 

As the saying goes "time waits for no one".  Don't write to Me complaining about all the fakes, about all the b.s on here. Yes I know. But , there are also ones that are serious and I read some of the Dommes profiles and can weed out the ones that are really looking and are serious. 

If you are on here just to get your rocks off and look at pictures and profiles, then you are the one that is wasting someone elses time acting like someone your not and never want to be. If you are on here just looking for a " friend" or a " buddy" or for someone to " do things to you " ( look in the mirror and tell me who is the fake one )

If your stuck where you live now and can't move because of family or job, or other reasons.  For someone that would take  you on and be your Owner remotely then maybe  you would have a good chance of finding that. If someone is honest with me and is like that. I've taken on someone remote before and we eventually met . The point is he was honest.  But for fucks sake just be honest when contacting someone.  People appreciate honesty rather than bullshit just like you do. 

I think it's strange that so many men are on this site are sort of in a fantasy world. It is like they are not coming to grips with the real world and I find that frustrating and sad at the same time. 

 Is it possibly because the  real world is so tough for them that they just want to come on here and fantasize about serving someone.  Yet knowing in their heart they will probably never do it and just get old and die alone in their la la land of make believe . 

What a waste if a life.  Seriously what is the meaning of your life if you don't fulfill your purpose.  So you aquire some " things " . Then what ?  Then your another 10 years older and closer to leaving this earth. Worthless life...

1. In your first message don't say something like. " Hi how are you doing?" and that is your only message/words.  I won't even answer that. Be more upfront. 

2. Please understand here is what I am NOT looking for 

  A. Not looking for someone that is married

  B. Not looking for a weekend here and there

  C. Not looking for someone that drinks, smokes and addicted        to drugs. (herb is ok)

  D. Not looking to change your diapers

  E. Not looking for attention seekers or someone high           maintance

  F. Not looking for someone that is new and looking for     someone to train it (unless your ready to go full in) 

  G. I'm not a Pro and I'm not looking to play games.

  H. Not looking for someone that isn't willing to better themselves

  I. In general I'm not looking for a city person that is afraid to get dirty. 

  J. I'm not " needy " I'm more interested in finding a service slave/sub.

  K. I'm not interested in seeing your ass pictures. 

I'll probably add more to this list later. But HOPEFULLY you read this and don't bother writing if ...your not what I'm looking for. I try to make things simple and to the point. 

p.s. I'M NOT LOOKING FOR A DOM.  I PROMISE YOU I WILL NEVER BE YOUR SUB OR SLAVE. I'm not an egotistic person and I do my share of what needs to be done around here. I  believe in harmony. 

For those of you that may want to , but can't really move, I'll say what you probably have heard many times. FIND SOMONE LOCAL. 

On the other hand I could use someone remote to help develop a website with lifestyle merch for sale that I have designed myself.  Mainly clothing .  I know I can do 2 things one is get someone else to build it from a place like fivver .  No problem but the  subject  is kind of sensitive so I'm not sure about getting someone else to do it that is outside the lifestyle.  The other thing is to do it myself as I have done sites myself before.  But it's time consuming and I spend most My time designing and marketing. 

However I  would rather find someone in the lifestyle to do it even if it means I pay someone .  

The other thing I  am looking for is for someone to seriously get me started in crypto.  Not just a statement like " go to this site and sign up" .  I know there is a lot more  to it .  There are courses and some follow crypto gurus to immulate what they do .  

I know this is maybe something I'm just putting out there on a limb but if I don't put it out there then it won't be known I'm also looking for that as well as getting someone here fulltime. 

I came to the conclusion years ago that most men are on this site because they aren't truely honest with themselves.  So they have been on here long term, 1 year 5 years 10 years and more.  Why ?  Because they get comfortable in lying to themselves and eventually lying to others.  I'm not actually talking about dom men.  I'm more talking about sub/slaves.  If your just looking for weekend kink , just say so.  If your never going to move and your shoes are nailed down to the floor, just  put it in your profile or tell people that.

If your never going to move but don't mind meeting someone and let her take control of your life , online, phone and meeting in person sometimes. No problem just say so. 

  The lies will ever get you anywhere. you might come on here in your 40's and next thing you know your in your 50's and beyond and just fooling yourself.  Chasing something you'll never get. What a waste of time and a life.  Do you think working and having some money means anything when your last breath is at hand ?  

I promise you that you will look back and see what an actual waste your life was. you take nothing with you in the end , but still, you hold on to your pathitic life and lies.  

It is a free man that breaks away from that thought and becomes what he knows in his heart is the right thing to do . It might sound like a contradition or an irony .... someone free enough to be enslaved by someone.  But in reality  it's about following your heart and mind and breaking away from all the " things " in this world. 

I know not everyone will understand what I wrote but hopefully you'll re-read it and ask yourself serious questions.  The answers are in yourself as well. 

I'm actually sad to be back here on this site, after so many  years being happy with who I found and who was very loyal.  Unfortunitly he is no more and here I am.  

 This is time consumming as it is for  you as well.  So if I don't respond after I read your message it's because this search sometimes gets over whelming trying to figure out who is who  and what someone is looking for exactly EXACTLY.  For instance, if someone is just looking for weekend play,  or something along that line. Please do me a favor and don't even write. I'm sure there is probably someone else out there that wants that. 

 I have to say I do get a rise when I find someone I can connect to on a higher plane.  I like intelligent converstation but it is also time consumming and easier to move to phone eventually. 

 I'm not talking about someone with a high IQ and can memorize the encyclopedia .  I'm talking about someone that is beyond that and I can talk to about the meaning of life , so to speak. 

 Does my sub/slave need to be smart and have a college education ? No , some of the best people I know even dropped out of school and never finished. 

 With today's AI we can all be artist, writers, and seemingly a genious.  But with all that , there is something deeper. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you don't know. If you do understand then you do know. 

 If who comes to live here can't even read but knows how to have a great garden, knows how to use his hands.( even if he doesnt but is more than willing to learn) That is way more important to me than anything. 

 However is someone works online and doesn't know how to work with his hands. Then he could be useful as well and I don't rule that out. 

I said all that to help you to have a better understanding what I'm looking for .  I hope not to be on here for several months but who knows.  

 The last person I found on here was about 8 years ago. We met on here talked for a couple weeks. He moved here and has been here ever since. 

 That's what happens when people are open and honest and do what they say they are going to do . 

People are vastly different. So to find a single needle in 100 haystacks is seemingly an impossible feat. 

 Be yourself and be completely open and honest. Don't ever lie in order to find what your looking for because the lie will eventually come to the surface. . 

 In my opinion to be dominate is not to act or be mean to someone. It's not to hate or belittle in order to get someone to do what you want them to do. 

 Being self assured and dominate means to take care of and pass on knowledge.  To take someone and fulfill their lives and make them useful.  

 We all have a role to play in this universe. When your happy and content that means your exactly where you should be  and doing what you should be doing at that moment. So many people are on here searching ... searching but never finding or not really knowing what they are looking for. ( I'm a dom, no wait I'm a sub, no wait I'm a switch...wait wait maybe I'm a dom slave lesbian male )

 When I talk about giving yourself up completely you should only ONLY do that to someone you trust and know that they have your best intention at heart. I'm not talking about a romantic relationship , that is silly to think that would happen that way over the internet. It's unrealistic and delusional . 

 I'm only talking to those that are looking to be owned and cared for. In turn you need to think about what you would give up to get that.

For those that simply ask " How are you ? " .  you don't have to ask .  I'll tell you here before you ask.  I'm doing ok.   If you simply write and just say Hi.  Then I'm here saying Hi back. 

 Why is that ? So I don't feel the need to small chat with someone. That is not my purpose of being on this site.  I AM NOT lonely and looking for a chat buddy.  Honestly I am not.  Now if your deeply into alternative medicine ,  an advid  gardner, a highly spiritual being then I might be intested in " chatting " with you. 

 But my guess is 99.99 % of people that read this is not into those things. 

 That being said I am looking for someone no matter what your age/looks/ education or lack of, is .  That doesn't not matter to me in the least. What matters is are you someone I would consider in owning in real time ?  If you think you are then write and let me know... in DETAIL.   It is an extreme blessing that I don't waste my time on time wasters. 

For those that are curious and ask.  Yes I've owned someone for over 15  years, and currently own someone else for the past 7 plus years.  I'm not all talk and if you are then know I have no time to give you. 

On a scale of 1- 10 how serious are you? The 10 means you would be willing to give up everything, your past attachments, your absolute all , in order to give and serve someone the rest of your life.


 If its not a 10 be honest with yourself.  That doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested . I ask that questions so you will dig deep into your mind and come up with an honest answer. 


Even though I'm looking for someone in person.  I have owned someone remotely before but when I say owned I mean completely.  Most men aren't really willing to give themselves completely. It is a rare and most wonderful thing to find those that will. 

I own My own place. I also have a seperate place for the one that I'm looking for on here.  I am a private person so you would have to be used to being by yourself a good deal of the time.