I and they I am a women seeking two men They are two men seeking one women to fulfill their needs I am independent and ardent to learn new things They are fervour with their level of intimacy I don't have any demands other than their respect for my body They respect themselves and each other I have a craving They have a yearning
***BEEN CELIBATE FOR 10 YEARS (and my gyneaphysiotherapist can prove) ********************* Please introduce yourself professionally, I am ONLY looking for 2 gentlemen, I am NOT looking for someones pre-used trapezoid so they can move on to someone fresh, many have made attempts to hoping a single copy and pasted email is all it takes but I am looking for 2 gentlemen who can actually get into my mind and well as actually getting into my knickers the rest of you will fail miserably
4/18/2024 8:33:13 PM

I had some lovely intro messages today, was nice to be introduced to the civil side of this site.

I did notice in the wave of change one message that is still behind the times.

Instead of introducing, or building rapport they offered a time stamped plan which included several hours of satisfying their one-sided fantasy.

The itemised itinerary marked 4pm you do this to me 5pm you do this to me 8pm you do this to me.

I do 6 hrs of unpaid overtime a week to help members of the public and now you want me in my 1 day off on my weekend to spend hours milking your fantasy.  In the great words of Elton John will you F-off.




4/15/2024 3:00:29 PM

I don't seem to flinch at the sight of individuals demonstrating their pain threshold.

I am now curious if the intensity of the pain passes a threshold where to them it is a climax of pleasure.

I absolutely love imagery of the femme fatale mixed with sexual curiousity.

The presented breasts, the extended heels, the red lipstick the curvy dresses the kneeled man.  Again still think dungoens are just shit furniture, IKEA is doing some amazing things lately so no need to be cheap.

but you can't beat a little dress up in public to demonstrate your devotion to one another.

4/13/2024 2:07:50 PM

Year's ago I went to this intriguing open lecture from a historian who published a book about sexual novelty.

He described meeting people with what seemed like an unusal fetish but could be linked back to a childhood encounter.

I guess my early encounter links back to my childhood, seeing my mother neglected, disatisfied in her one relationship.  She is one of those Christian women, who has been with one man here whole life and put all her hopes and dreams into one man that shattered her expectations of a happy life and marriage.

I guess I lived part of her experience, which is why I am extremely independent always pursing a life goal, always helping others.

90% of my life has been helping other people and I honestly can say if I was hit but a bus, my last thought would be I have helped thousands of people.

Just self-reflecting I don't think my sexual fantasies are in the BDSM remit.  I think leather is overrated.  Owning a BDSM dungeon is just bad furniture and B&Q rope.  I just like the idea of three people, entering a space and saying fuck what other people think, what do you want to try and what do you enjoy and leave the rest behind.

I am sure there will be some who will show judgement and these are always individuals ignoring the cavities of their own life filling up with shit.  Life really is too short and I would rather in my public life carry on as I am and in my private life explore who I am.

4/11/2024 12:52:16 PM

People in California are really professional when it comes to BDSM.

Their portfolio of pleasure seeking is very polished.

Creates a not so fine line between actual BDSM and people who need to disconnect their webcam and wait for AI to delete them.

4/7/2024 6:50:36 AM

Still looking but not impatient, actually rather grateful plenty of me time and busy with work.

I have to admit I have had a few people show an interest and I have had to admit I am not attracted to them.

You can tell by a picture, eve if you tried it would not last.

Still looking for someone outdoorsy.

Still looking for someone in London but I travel a lot so flexible.

Finally planning a little annual leave and Ireland is happening.

I kind of would like to meet someone interesting, avoiding PE teachers, men who work in ICT (snore) there has got to be some pleasure seeking interesting specimens so I will wait but will not hold my breath, will explore the world and my own potential and if you happen to pass by great if not, I was not holding my breath.

4/1/2024 12:16:25 PM

Just had a man from the USA offer to serve me in real time, but does not want to show 1 poxy picture of himself.

Guess what button I pressed next!



4/1/2024 9:08:18 AM

I am 36 years old.

I am seeking someone (or two) no more than 10 years older, don't date younger men they are are all bloody boring.

To the refined gentlemen in their 60s who have approached me.  I am flattered but it did not go down too well for my ex who was a fair few years older than me when I was a lot younger.

I believe my father purchased a shovel.

My family don't care what I do as long as I am with age appropriate consenting adults so I will stick to the limits.

Kind regards


3/31/2024 5:12:23 AM

I don't think I am searching for a unicorn.

A man (or two) age appropriate, within the 10 year older range no more.


I am independent and work extremely hard can be generous within means but this does not mean I will let you take advantage of me.

Single, actually signed the Decree Absolute, not just thinking about it.

And respect anal douching.

I am not searching for a unicorn

3/30/2024 1:44:54 PM

Considering going to the USA to meet a stranger.

Will take alot of planning but the connection is so strong.

There is a strong physical attraction and it is primal.

Life is too short and all I do is put others first, so for once I am putting my feelings, desires and sexual needs first.

But I can only imagine the moment I say I bought a ticket to the USA they will probably do a vanishing act.

Life of Waifs and Strays on CollarSpace.

3/30/2024 1:06:32 PM

A handful of journals on here discuss disability and sexuality.

It shouldn't be challenging but it does make me think why should a disability hinder your true feelings or needs.

Some interesting artists have popped up locally: Mari Katayama

Very inspiring.

For some of the creative appreciators in the fetish scene.

3/23/2024 12:38:24 PM

Very sad when you feel you can talk to someone and then you unveil the mask and find out your not attracted to that person.

Such a shame.

Time to keep looking for someone you want not someone available.

3/2/2024 6:58:45 PM

You can tell when your ready to actually meet someone for real.

You start re-organising your place, stock up on more wine and reorganise your book case.

Buy heaps of scented candles and start wearing matching underwear.

Start making better life choices.

2/25/2024 2:14:57 PM

Why do men from USA keep contacting me.

They don't travel.

They are not the type to going all over the place via business class so why are they contacting me.

They assume through their computer in their mum's basement I will be interested.

Get out of your mum's basement and get a life!

2/16/2024 11:48:21 PM

Forgive me but if you wear a hair system please don't contact me.

If I was wearing a full wig you would not be impressed.  If I was wearing one you would call me a Catfish please respect I feel the same way.

2/15/2024 12:34:08 PM

Another odd interpretation of what I am seeking.

Approached today but an oddball who thinks I am looking for a sublevel subissive and another sublevel submissive.

I kind of just wanted to be in an open relationship with 2 open minded men.

What does something rather informal have to turn into something dark and gothic.

Some men on here are thinking leather whips chain and human torture, while I am thinking of if John Lennon was mid 30s what his modern day orgy would be.

2/11/2024 1:45:49 PM

There is hope for men on here after all!

Received a normal introduction and an offer for a meet over dinner and wine.

Well, there is hope for the male species yet and even better he is NOT married!!!!!


2/10/2024 2:19:06 PM

Dear Men,

I have had a few admirers and they all in some ways reveal they admire my sexual ambition but could not participate.

I have no interest having finding 2 gay men, I am sure the feeling is mutual.

I have no interest in seeing 2 men demonstrate an affection for each other.

I was curious in exploring a dynamic where I have an open relationship with 2 men.

I was curious to build up to situation where 2 men would feel comfortable pleasing me at the same time.

I feel I am just a true bachelorette, no kids, no drama, independent.

It is easier developing a relationship where the 2 men are single, not married, no kids (nothing wrong with having kids just I don't want to be blamed for not playing the step mum role).  

Some men have said they are interested in cuckhold.

Some have said they are bi-curious.

but all seem to fear I want to covert a straight man into a gay lifestyle.

All it takes is for me to get on really well with 2 men and to just supply the whisky and on with the show.


2/6/2024 11:15:19 AM

Unless you are local to London or travel to London (at your own expense) please do not contact me.

I do not have time to play fantasy with you through my laptop.

I am NOT going to over use adjectives to describe a setting that does not exist.

We can NOT eat a meal virtually throuh this message service.

We can NOT enjoy your grasp of my breasts through this message service.

We can NOT hear me squeel due to satisfaction on this messaging service.

We can NOT touch our skin on this message service.

We can NOT enjoy a glass of wine on this messaging service.

I can NOT use my silk on you on this messaing service.

I can NOT call you late on Friday night demanding you make a trip to my place for sexual attention on this messaging service.

So politely unless you can ring my door bell, turn up with some flowers and lubricant and a decent bottle of red wine, politely will you F-off and go submit your horny essay to some shit literature competition that equally does NOT exist.

Thank you

2/3/2024 12:53:52 PM

I am just an honest women.

I will tell another women they are beautiful - I am comfortable in my own skin.  Told 20 women of all ages they are stunning.

I will tell a trans women she is a diva if she looks so convincing I would want to learn beauty secrets from them (he/she/undecided) - still comfortable in my own skin to tell a trans women they are Gorgeous with a capital G.

I will tell a women who sticks on a corset and thinks automatically they are dominant they are not.  Also this odd women stuck on a sailors hat? LOL - I am still laughing.

But dear women, I will also call some of you out for your BS.  

2/3/2024 9:26:09 AM

I am not seeking a poly relationship just an open relationship between 3 people.

Poly is awkward.

A threesome is not.

2/2/2024 9:28:08 PM

I couldn't help myself.

I noticed a women on here leaves constent messages about her availability to talk and I had to ask are you getting alot of interest from submissive men?

Their answer: Not really.

That was my reality check about this site.

There is a lot of mulling around on this site.

2/2/2024 12:53:52 PM

I have a lot of admierers.

A range of dominant to submissive men but no one to admier.


It might help if the genuine finds make my life easier by saying would you like to meet for a coffee instead of texting till the end of oblivion.

1/28/2024 10:04:41 PM

I should try fishing as a sport because this site is exactly the same.

You are putting out a hook waiting for a good fish to swim by.

Unhooked a rotten fish last week (married again) luckily never went on a date with that fish.

Stuck to my principles and my gut feeling, creepy man contacted me on his second profile.  Very creepy.  Not just cheating on his wife but on the Mistress and wanted a 3rd pond to play in.

Having a me day, new underwear, new shoes and dress, hair done, nails and eyebrows, full body wax (fresh and clean), got my head focused on my priorities (my career).

But I must admit while waiting patiently some very pretty fish have been swimming by.

Reminds me being patient for someone good is always for the best.

1/25/2024 10:04:29 PM

Taking a page out of another dominant women's book.

Their method approach younger men for an honest open relationship and avoid middle aged men.

Apparently middle aged men in the bracket 40-50, Some are confusing deception as a form of sexual fantasy.

To perform strange, alluding sexual acts and to walk away knowing all was consentual, knowing your actions are not misunderstood and frankly knowing your sexual open mindedness is not judged you have to have a high level of trust.

So you can't do the above with someone you don't trust - fair statement?

1/20/2024 11:59:06 PM

I keep being curious about women who offer dom services (dominatrix services).

I say this politely, some of you men have been paying for pantomime sex.

A frumpy women, with a wig, forcing themselves into a 1980s leather outfit and whipping your pale backside at a hourly rated service, is a waste of money.

You may as well watch ex members of Eastenders at your local pantomime if your into cheap thrills.

How hard is it to find an actual relationship and discuss your sexual needs.

1/20/2024 11:52:05 AM

I read another dominant women has been having similar experiences to me.

As a dominant women I am being approached by men ALREADY in a relationship with another women, and the women is submissive.

Simply because the man wants to encourage a FFM situation. 

Completely ignoring the fact I am after MMF.

What is scary is the investment these men will make to talk, to get to know me and ask me about my ambitions and ideas and intrigued I have a brain and what they are after is the same FFM.

 I spend my day dedicated to my work so I am not bitter about minimal time wasting and have not invested much time other than the odd evening having the page open in the background while watching the BBC but it worries me that some NOT ALL men are just carbon copies of the same idiot 5 minutes before. 

I have a new respect for trans women, they were once men with an original unique thought and evolved into a women, there is something ironic about the whole butterfly transformation.

Also while I am ranting, can dominant men stop asking if I wear a certin type of shoe.  I own 30 pairs shoes including trainers, I have a lot of lingerie but if you want a women to wear a particular brand or type, I suggest you just make yourself available on a weekend and I will happily spend your money buying the shoes and lingerie you want me to wear and watch your satisfaction that you spent your money on La Perla and Jimmy choos.  FYI if your obsessed about shoes you have a foot fetish!


1/14/2024 4:18:22 PM

I don't think I am being a snob but I really don't want to date the following:



PE Teachers

Married men

Amazon drivers

Delivery drivers

Uncertified psychologists but claim to be life coaches (sad bunch)

Boring IT guys (you guys are lazy as fuck)

Men in prison usin the computers to go on CS and telling me about the wrongful rape convictions and think they can support my sexual needs online (Jesus can't even save you).

I am nothing special but come on someone with a flavour for life and traveling the world or going for a long walk in Thetford Forest (with camping gear and compass).

Someone who likes DX biking or countryside biking or hanging out in Norfolk going for a walk and drinking hot chocolate and coffee.

Come on! I am not going to allow any deviant to spank me 

1/14/2024 12:20:01 PM

Here is one of my theories.

All straight men are bisexual.  I have been engeged to a dominant man and he was in complete denial that he was bi.

He worked out, drank his protein shakes, enjoyed me a bit of a bimbo (boobs out long hair) but was intrigued by sexuality.

To all the dominant men who contact me, open to my way of ideas.  Your a free to be yourself and be open minded but don't judge me because your afraid of your own desires.

I am a bisexual strong women and I have no shame.

This does not interfer with my values in the community, what I do in my bedroom to relax with age appropriate men (above the age of 30) is my business.

If you have an issue I suggest you kiss my backside but you would probably enjoy it

1/14/2024 11:25:57 AM

Polite heads up to anyone I engage with.

I am a real person, with real honest values, with a real job in the public sector.

I hop on in the middle of the night but during work time frame you will never see me on here.

I actually enjoy serving the community but my goal was to find like minded individuals to have an open relationship.

Open to me means we are single and not married and freely respecting our bodies and choices (can't be done when your married your disrespecting your wife and kids, you got problems at home pay for your wifes gym membership and have that honest chat to turn things around don't come to me).

I don't entertain time wasters.

I do expect the men I engage with to be employed, be in good job, be generous.

No I am not trying to con you, nor get your bank balance, I am not entertaining another bad experience where I discover on multiple dates I am the only one paying the bill and a 5 day date cost me £400 because the other person was a cheapskate.

I am independent, I am generous but I am no longer entertaining time wasters.

Other than that have a nice day.



12/26/2023 2:44:41 PM


Could tell again someone was married told me he is single and I am wrong.

Stuck to my gut and he admitted he has not finished the legal process with wife.

Why bother tell a women she is wrong when she is right.

12/22/2023 12:22:11 AM

When your a single women, who wants to enjoy the company of two equally single men (not fake single and not married men), enjoy their company their time and enjoy no strings attached sex your a slut, however when your a man who is married, sleeps with women all over the country, enjoying your sexual proclivities your just a man being a man.

My legs will remain closed for another 10 years, very glad no man has succeeded from this site to open my legs.


12/21/2023 8:11:20 PM

BDSM relationship is a sexual relationship it means Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism.

It does not mean just looking for a fuck buddy.

12/20/2023 3:49:07 PM

I have been on here for 4 months and overall nice people chatting.

A couple of weird married men whoose BS does not get past me even through messages.

Accepted the only way I am going to meet 2 interesting men within my desired age bracket 36-46 is to go to munches.

Joined Fet Life and RSVP a couple of events, now figuring out what to wear.

Any women (born or made) recommend websites to put together something classy but alluring, considering having something handmade.  I don't want to enter a room looking like a latex tramp but will embrace the dark side (no pun intended).

 Age: 27
 Greeley, Colorado