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The Darkness....
Feeling things you cant explain? Wishing to say things you cant to anyone else? Do you feel things even you are afraid to admit to? the time has come to speak to the Darkness. Open your mind and let the soul and body follow. Freedom comes in total submission. The feel of cold steel upon ones neck as it is locked into place. Giving total control unto a Master. It is time to let your destiny take shape and give yourself completely to the Darkness. I am a Gorean/BDSM Master like no other. Do not be put off by My being Gorean ... as there are many good things in Gorean lifestyle. It is not a roleplay to Me, and is practice in real as best as is allowed. Be forewarned ... fakes need not apply. As I will find you out and will be dealt with accordingly. Dont say you are something you are not, cause I also find that people tend to not fully understand what They say They are. So if you are a slave then be one. This is not a game and if You treat it as such or disrespect Me, then trust Me .... You will know that I dont put up with BS.

C urrently only seeking Goreans Who are interested in joining My Home which is online but All Family Members do practice Gor in real as much as real allows. Family resides in the USA, the UK, Canada and Japan

What is Gor and Who are Goreans You ask? GOR itself was created by a man named John Lange, A university professor holding a doctorate in philosophy, writing underthe assumed name of John Norman. In a series of 25 books, the first was published in 1967, he developed and defined the world of Gor and the cultures which populate it. Though fictional, this land and its people carry the influence of their creator and his profession, expressing the writer's thoughts and assertions in a form of allegory in which he explores the existance and purpose of men and women, their relationship to one another and their world, and the development of the society and culture. The backdrop for this is a savage counter-Earth, whose people can be likened to many ancient cultures of our own world's past, predominantly the Greco-Roman age. They are decendants of people transported to Gor from Earth's classical times, left to develope their own history down a line diverging from that of our own civilization's growth. This fictional setting is utilized not only as a medium for storytelling, but also the enviroment within which the author developes clearly concidered philosophical and sociological assertions, demonstrated through the actions of the charaters within the stories and their lives on Gor. Barbaric by the standards of contemporary Earth, these people live in a highly developled and refined society of city-states, whose only true "barbarism" is a life contrary to what is acceptable to our own civilivation's current beliefs.

Well that is what Gor is. So what is a Gorean? Well it is two fold, one it is one from the book a fictional character per say .... two, a real person who as adapted the Gorean way as a lifestyle. Do not be fooled to think I live in a fantasy. Gorean ways can be applied to real life for the most part. Some things can not clearly be done in real, but much like anything in society. It is rich with protocols and is much how I view a Master/slave relationship should still be today. As many do not fully understand what it means and thinks it is only about sex (dominants and slaves alike). What


Currently I am seeking a shapely model for Gorean kajira poses to be used as training helps. The model will wear a somewhat traditional gorean kajira outfit or nude. Interested ... drop Me a line. Also always looking for Goreans or those interested in Gor to chat or even become Family.

About Me.....
BDSM/Gorean Master

What can I say about Myself......I am honest and deep. I have a big heart and care for people alot(more than I should at times). I am into many things and have many hobbies.
I do customize BDSM leather collars and can make custom BDSM gear. E-Mail Me at for details.
I have a darkside and into digging into the minds of others. I enjoy studying people and teaching.
I have been in BDSM for over 10+ years. I have been in Gor about 5 years. I have realtime and online experience.
I live in Eastern part of Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. I have been living here in Japan over 14 years. I am always looking for a good slave to train.

It takes more than a Dominant to teach. Because one must know what they are doing with the life(lives) that They control. To be a Master is that, and more. Not only the physical aspects, but the mental as well. Then one can be complete and would go whereever lead. The mind is such a vast place to tap it correctly is My goal.

The journey you will embark on will be one like no other. taking you to depths and heights you may have never imagined...but only and I repeat only if you are ready to take the steps to get there and are open and let Me guide you & not you trying to tell Me how to go about doing it.

I am very openminded and dont think I can be you can tell Me just about anything.

I am a afroAmerican Male 44 yrs old. I am 5'9" tall and 160lbs. And looks much younger than 43 when one actually sees Me.

I can be found usually on Palace Chat in My new home Red Fjord of Torvaldsland (a Gorean Home) [palace addy to come or ]. I currently only mentor prospective slaves ..... I am responcible for All in My home as well. We welcome any curious to come visit and hopefully join Our Home. New to Gor or even curious is no problem. If You are more interested in RFoT or Gor
contact Me directly.
As for other important information...well that is for you to get to know This One and find out. updated: 7/25/2010

Wanders alone.  

Happy Born Day to Me!!!

A few things that need said.


One ... I am currently 58.  Due to not using email this account was created with, unable to do updates... do to this was created with an email I can no longer access.

Secondly, I am very real.  So don't come at Me saying you're serious .... then not be.  I am not here to waste your time or Mine.

Thirdly, My divorce is final.  If you need to know more just ask.

Fourthly, I am healing.  And won't let the circumstances hinder Me no longer if I can help it.


Fifthly, I am working to move back to the USA by the end of 2025 at the latest. Sooner if possible.

Lastly, as life goes, curves are thrown at Us.  So at 58, a new chapter is beginning.  Nuff said


Seems no matter how much heartache you have been through, you trust in someone only for them to turn on you like a rabit dog.   

All with the sole premise you have to pay for what youve done.   Yet I have been accountable for My actions.  So much in fact, I have given Myself My own life sentence.  

But this person played like they were in My corner and had My back only to be plotting against Me.  So you can believe what you want.  But they only trying to destroy what they cant have the way they want.

Dont you just love how some weak ass so called doms message you and then block you? 


I could mention the name and what was said, but I am a better man then that one. 

My comments in My Journal ...

I write what I feel I need to say.  If it offends You, then looks elsewhere.  If You feel the need to comment, dont think I wont respond.  And those who comment and then put comments telling Me not to respond show just how close minded one really is.  Especially those whom claim to be "Real".   

In My experience, I have seen many fakes and players.  So what is wrong with informing newbies of common tricks used by players and fakes????  There are always exceptions to the rule, but at least with a little knowledge, some may weed out the players and fakes.
Collars of Consideration part II -

Hmmm just a side thought .... is this like a test drive with benefits?  Or leasing with options to buy?
Hmmm ...... I really wonder sometimes why people put in profiles somewhat the following:  "Not allowed to talk to (others)".

I know that there are alot of people who dont read profiles and maybe a way to keep unwanted mail from coming.  But is that really it or is it a shield or just insecurities?  too many times it is dominants whom tell the slave/submissive that they are not aloowed to talk to other dominants.  Why is this?  I know part may be out of respect, however to Me is shows more insecurities on the dominants side.  In all My years as a dominant, I never put a blanket statement telling a slave I owned that they couldnt talk to others.  Trust and respect play a part in any relationship, and when I read statements like that, makes Me wonder just who is not being trusted and why.  If You the dominant make someone write it, then You should look at Yourself and find out what You are lacking in Yourself that makes You so insecure.  Are You afraid to lose what You truly dont possess?  If You truly own the heart body mind and soul, temptation can come and will be pasted by. 

Let's stop acting like children and grow up ... Be dominants not players.  If You are wanting someone to be Yours, make it so.  Goes back to My last journal post about Collars of Consideration.  If You have doubts, maybe it isnt to be.

Nuff said. 

Collars of Consideration-

Are that what they truly are or a weak dominants attempt at control?  Collaring someone means you are ready to take on the one you HAVE considered and been talking to. So why do you need a Collar of Consideration?  To keep others from talking to one you cant make up your mind about or are just trying to keep from others?  It seems that in todays society, We feel the need to do things to be safe or just plain old silly.  If you have spoken to someone about Collaring them, they have been "considered" ..... so if you are that shallow to not collar someone outright, let them be whom they are and talk and search for someone who will take them for sure.  Dont give false hopes to those who need real hope.  Give them a chance to find what they truly need not a unsure .... unknowing dominant.  And subs/slaves who read this .... take it to heart.  Cause it is you whos life is held in limbo by such a dominant. 

Sitting back and have been thinking over the years .... and come to the conclusion that maybe what We are told growing up to believe is only what society wishes Us to believe. 

Because sometimes it takes people to be bold and stand out ... being original or a risk taker to bring change in the world.  So dont just follow the vanilla world ... they lack more than they realize and will never be as free to live life as when One opens their mind. 

Food for thought:  if not for risk takes .... the world would still be flat, We wouldnt be flying in airplanes or driving in cars just to name a few things.  So think and live with open minds.
Hoping the add helps People understand more of who I am and what a Gorean is.   
"must be earned"  .... I have seen on many profiles of subs and slaves alike.  Why do dominants have to PROVE who We are?  Yes there are the fakes and players I know. But what gives a sub or slave the right to say We are deserving of titles We have?  I guess We could say the same about them.  But I for one take people at face value till They prove Me wrong.  I have met players on both sides of the coin.  does it give Me the right to say they arent who they are till I know them? No it doesnt.  it is like saying a cop isnt a cop just cause He is in uniform ... or a doctor isnt a doctor .... We accept people at face value every day in all walks of life. Maybe instead of telling people they need to prove who they are ..... maybe We should focus more on who We are.  Realizing they will aways be players and fakes, and take them as such.  It is disrespectful of anyone to disrespect a title just cause you have doubts.  Be it Doms/Dommes or subs/slaves.

Never ceases to amaze Me how people can be on here. 

A greeting no matter how long or short is just that.  Life is full of chances ..... sometimes You overlook what You seek cause You do so.  There are some very real people on this site.  There are posers too.  Only with getting to learn people can You find out the difference. 

A few Questions ....

What does it mean to submit? 

What does it mean to serve?

What is commitment?

Seems some have forgotten what these mean.  So I thought I would post the questions to hopefully help them think.  A relationship is a gamble no matter vanila or lifestyle . 
Do Dom Males fear Me or something?  I keep getting views from many male doms.  No where does it say I am submissive in the least.  If You aint My friend, I dont see reason for one to be viewing ..... unless one is a friend to those on My friends list.
Well here I am again and looking into the past year.  Much disappointment and seems it will be not much better, but life is such at times.  still looking for a true slave. 
Never ceases to amaze Me how people think an intro has to be long and drawn out.  Because many dont even respond back to longer messages .... funny how one automatically assumes one is a player just cause they dont write a book.  I have a well filled out profile and if I am interested or friends, I send a message.  I am very real and not into games as I know well how hard the lies can hurt.
Lied to yet again ... seems people like to play games with Others hearts ..... Only serious need aply with Me for if you wish to lie or play be very causious
funny how people say they are sincere and yet cant respond to a simple "hello".  I guess the lifestyle and those in it have changed greatly and forget that things can start with a simple "Hi".  I dont walk up to people in real life and ask them their life history right off the bat.  shame so many here think because one can type message it has to be long and drawn out.  get a grip, if someone is interested, then see if it is genuine.  dont ignore one cause the one you ignore could be the one you have searched for.

When one sends you a hello in real, is it a long drawn out convo at first?  Many times it is only a hello or a glance.  Shame some forget relationships start with even humble beginings.  And one could simple respond a Not Interested in responce to an IM.  makes one wonder who is really real