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Horny, boot-licking faggot seeks arrogant bully to put me in my place. Bondage, discipline, humiliation, mind control, intimidation, TPE, ownership, ification, pain. You decide my limits.

I'd be willing to let another worthy sub lick my boots.

4/2/2024 2:37:36 PM

Visiting southern Oregon through the end of April. Available for men requiring boot service.

3/12/2024 2:23:31 PM

Message received from straight male dominant:


"I wear size 18 boots. Very dirty with steel toes. There is a lot to lick."


This guy knows how to get my attention!

10/21/2023 1:41:33 PM


masterforyou85 is the perfect example of what I'm looking for. His profile is old and inactive, but His words are powerful and express exactly the type of relationship I am looking for as a faggot slave. Read His words. Then read them again.




About 20 years ago, I brought someone home to experiment with me. I remember laying on my bed while he repeatedly punched me in the chest. He didn't hold back, each more painful than the previous, wanting to both beg him to stop and beg him for another. I was sore for about a week following. I carried the pain He inflicted with me for that time.

I never forget the Men who inflict pain.


 Age: 22
 Illinois, Vermont