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UPDATED March 2024

Im looking for a serious long term Ds relationship that would lead to live-in 247. Ive been in the lifestyle a number of years and started out identifying as submissive. I think this is a benefit to my skills as a Dominant. I would identify as a Erotic Dominant. And, I do have interests in other sexually exploratory arts such as tantra and karma sutra. Im semi-active in the local kink community and like to watch and learn from others safe, sane, consensual ways to inflict sweet delicious sensations - from mild to wild.

I am extremely open minded and adventurous!  Although I do have some limits and boundaries that may be flexible over time and trust is built.  It's all about adventure, exploration and DISCOVERY!  I'm 100 percent authentic, genuine, raw and incredibly kind.  Until I'm NOT!

I am open to chatting and talking with most everyone - as online or real life friends.  However, I feel I need to clarify that I am currently looking for natural born accomplished submissive men for partnership.  I have relaitonships with many different people and dont see that changing.  I know I'm more open relationship minded.  I am exploring poly.

Life goals:
* global travel
* BDSM events and parties
* Living the dynamic 247 - as lead by myself, with considered input from my partner(s).

If you're a Dominant man and interested in me?  I require that you be open minded to bottoming with me if the chemistry is there.  Bottom line with that dynamic is mutual RESPECT.  I am not interested in being a puppet to your design.  I am a strong, confident, self actualized woman and I love who I am.

Ultimately any man I choose to be with should ADORE me as is.  I realize I'm not perfect and I have things to work on too.

I enjoy receiving chivalrous acts from a man. I also think pleasantries are a nice way to interact and touch base. I enjoy a man with character - his own views of the world and a backbone to get what he needswants. Wed get along in a myriad of ways, not only related to BDSM.

I am a laid back person by nature and semi-private with a few close friends. Most of my family has passed away and the ones left that I care about do know I'm kinky!  I am compassionate, free-spirited, kind and honest. I am open minded and a bit taboo curious. Cultivating a deep meaningful connection is paramount. I dont have a lot of immediate protocol, but I do see boundaries and rules being developed over time and getting to know one another. I do want someone that has his own life - his own means of support and able to support me in my endevors, but is looking to enhance his life with someone special. Someone open to love - giving and receiving. Someone looking to explore internally just as much as externally.

NOW is the TIME!  I have sacraficed enough time devoting my life to family and work.  I currently have support to travel anywhere to meet anyone that is serious and willing and able to do that with your help!  I hope to connect with someone that is genuine about their search. Please, when inquiring be thoughtful in your approach to engage conversation and show you are more than just a hello.  These one liners do not bode well with me!

I update my journal regularly and there are many of my thoughts there.  An ongoing evolution and engaging with many different people there's no lack of stimulation and ideas!

Please attach a PHOTO OF YOURSELF when contacting me, thank you in advance.  And Thank You for taking the time to read my profile.  I do hope everyone finds what they're looking for and I do activly educate and try to influence other women about FLR!  I can't be everything to everyone!

How many subs do you think I could fit into a transit van?  Maybe I'm thinking too small.  

Prius did not pass inspection. 

Are you prius car camping tight material?

Late night thought.    How about this?   what's the technical term?  Ah.  Id call it digital bread crumbs.  But cyber security?   Maybe I need someone that knows about being plastered on the internet.  But hard to find in real life kind of thing.  But.  Everyone has gotten so scared and comfortable with their lives no one I've been interested in is the same level of readiness I'm currently experiencing.  So far.    Id grade my experience as an D-.

I need some number one fans.  Anyone have good  management skills?   Like to take photos and videos.  Follow a vivscious free spirirted lustful Woman around?   Life off leash, so to speak.  Anyone good at making home made lemonade with all these lemons? 

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