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Here is the thing, boys and men are going to be interested in you because you are simply a female. Many will love the idea of a slave and getting free sex anytime they want but when reality hits them it is a different thing. Most men are simply irresponsible and that is just the cold truth. The sad thing is a lot of men can be manipulated using sex which makes them useless to a woman that wants a strong leader. They cannot be trusted because at any point a prettier, sexier or simply a horny woman can twist their mind and they will make stupid decisions. If your Master is hypersexual then he is more vulnerable to scams, deception and even though he is focused on you right now he cannot be trusted. Trusting your entire world to a boy or man that can be easily distracted by a woman's cleavage, sexy ass or a exposed nipple is not a good idea. Being a Master is not about being a bully, forcing your will on someone or taking advantage of a weaker person. Demanding respect, being abusive or disrespectful of those below him only means they are an ass hole. I am sure that not everyone will agree but to me being a Master is about being a leader and demonstrating responsibility. A Master makes decisions and accepts responsibility for his actions regardless of the outcome. Every young male has the potential to be a leader but few will develop the necessary skills. It takes a balance of aggression, confidence, success, loss and determination. The most important thing however is time, nothing can substitute for life experience. Having good role models helps but a leader needs to be independent and will learn more from his mistakes than any book can teach him. Unlike the vast majority of Doms and Masters you will find on this site I am experienced and very real. I am still friends with all of my ex-slaves and everything I share is completely verifiable. I have had TPE slaves live in my home for more that twenty years and my friends have live vicariously through me. I have been able to experiment with any fetish, kink or sexual activity that I wanted for a very long time. I have been moderately successful and have always been able to buy any toy that I wanted. I have a St. Andrews cross, spanking bench, suspension rig, violet wand, fire cups, vacuum cubes and much more but they are just toys and do not define who I am. I own a successful company, my home and have a real bar called the Naughty Tickle Tiki. I know plenty of swingers and sluts who will come over and suck my cock anytime I want and leave afterwards. If all you are interested in is a good time then be honest about it. I am not a swinger and will not stick my dick in every wet hole that is offered. Friends of mine have regular BDSM education, training and etiquette events that are sex positive at the Tickle and I can get you an invite. I am not looking for a friend with benefits, girlfriend, lover, wife or romance. My life is pretty great right now and I am not going to play silly games trying to talk you into being my slave. I will not make accommodations or compromises because I simply do not have to. I could fly you to the Florida Keys tomorrow but I am not going to send anyone money. We will get to know each other here at first and if our interest align, we will speak on the phone soon. I will not exchange erotica, pornography or have any kind of phone or video sex. If we agree on goals and expectations, I will arrange for you to come for a one-week visit. Once you have safely returned home, we can discuss your potential and future visits. I am looking for a full-time domestic cisgendered female TPE slave for my home and your age is not that important to me. I understand not everyone who comes to visit will be interested in or even able to walk away from the life they now live. Life is complicated, things like family, careers and other obligations can prevent someone from making a clean break. The most important thing when communicating with me is that you are always completely open and honest. I want to know things like where you see yourself in six months, a year and five years from today. I am a very happy man because I have learned to appreciate what I have already accomplished. I live in paradise and in the next five years I plan on traveling, exploring and above all enjoying life.
4/2/2024 7:46:47 AM

The “Honest” secret to a truly happy life

I came to this epitome recently which felt as if I found a jigsaw piece that I didn’t even know I had loss. I have always known that I do not think the same as most people but never thought about why. As a young kid I was exposed to motivational speakers and realized that the affirmations, meditation and even the music I listened to affected my mood. I grew up confident in my abilities and became a natural leader but never questioned why.

I watched an interview where the topic of honesty and lying came up. The interview prompted me to research the physical and mental effects of lying and I was surprised. What resulted caused me to self-evaluate my some of my deepest personality traits.

I felt as if I had been bumping into things in a dark room my whole life without even knowing it and a light was turned on. Nothing in my life is any different today but I can now clearly see how being completely honest has had a major impact in my life.

It has affected me physically, mentally in amazing ways that I had not considered until now. When I was successful at something I took credit and if I failed, I accepted the responsibility. There were no participation trophies, if I screwed up I learned to accept the consequences. As a result, I develop strong mental and social connections with those close to me because people inherently understood that I had integrity and they could trust me.

While still in high school I recognized that most of my peers were interested in sex but few knew anything about it. I was experienced which high school girls found very attractive so I took advantage of it.

As an athlete I used affirmations that I was going to be successful it was uplifting and positive. My success with girls gave me confidence and it became self-fulfilling the more experience I gained the more they were interested in me.

Self-deception shapes our reality, influencing choices and beliefs both negatively and positively.

Many types of ‘lying’ also involve self-deception, in Aesop's fable "The Fox and the Grapes". The fox in the end, gives up and walks away, saying the grapes weren't that good anyway. The fox demonstrates how self-deception can be useful for avoiding the discomfort of unmet desires.

When I was not successful with a girl, I would chalk it up to it was her loss not mine. It was because of that attitude that I never let failure slow me down.

I have shared a story many times that, I honestly thought everyone was having sex when I was in high school because I was. Several years after high school I met a friend and we talked about the girls we dated. I was amazed that he never had sex with any of them, he was a virgin until he was in college. I screwed every girl I dated, if fact I flat out told them if I was going to go out and spend money on them, I would require at least a blow job. A few were offended but most were intrigued some even enough to pay for the date.

That story always meant something to me because all of my guy friends were talking about getting laid but come to find out they were all full of shit. It has proven to reinforce my confidence and success with women.

It turns out that studies have shown, those who believe lying will give them monetary or social recognition are more likely to continue being dishonest. Those who tend to be insecure or have an anxious, avoidant or attachment issues are more likely to be dishonest to avoid being criticized, rejected.

Lying affects self-esteem, emotions and can lead to psychological consequences.

Dishonesty puts the brain in a state of heightened alert, and this stress increases with the magnitude of the lie. There are very real symptoms of anxiety like increased respiratory and heart rates, sweating, dry mouth. That is how a lie detector works it measures your anxiety but there is a reason it does not work on everyone and I will get to that.

The gut-brain axis refers to the two-way communication between the two systems, and explains why people describe feeling butterflies in their stomach under extreme stress.

Research has shown the act of lying stimulates the neocortex, limbic system the temporal lobe and other areas of the brain.

When we deceive someone the Amygdala, the part of the brain that regulates emotion, is activated, and we tend to feel shame or guilt.

Brain imaging experiments have shown the limbic system in a dishonest brain lighting up like a fireworks display. Unfortunately, they also show that the brain can adapt to dishonest behavior.

Studies have found that habitual lying can desensitize our amygdala and may even encourage people to tell bigger lies to get the same rush in the future. Those that lie all the time about little things tend to pass a lie detector because their body does not respond normally.

A 2002 study performed found that 60 percent of people lied at least once during a 10-minute conversation, telling an average of two to three lies.

A 2010 study have shown that the average American tells one to two lies a day.

Many people find deception essential for survival and social interaction to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. I will do my best to avoid confrontations and avoid topics where I anticipate difficulties but I will not lie to protect feelings or keep someone’s secret.

I have always told people, do not lie to protect me because I will tell the truth no matter the consequences and you will get burned.

At least to me being honest about everything is not a moral choice, I just find it a lot less stressful. If you have nothing to hide, there is nothing be worry about. If you fuck something up own it and get past it.

The facts prove that I am right, if you are in a small group you have to keep track of what you told each person so not to create a confusion. A liar has to steer conversations to avoid tripping over lies which will create the need for more lies or blend, bend lies to make the fit.

I am sure that some enjoy the mental gymnastics and get a rush out of deceiving people and they become pathological liars. For most, it just creates anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and all kinds of other stresses.

I take the time each day to appreciate what I have achieved. I try to meditate, say affirmations, practice yoga in order to center myself. Life is good….

I have always known I look at life different than most people but never questioned why.

I now have a better understanding why a lot of women I correspond with eventually ghost me. My actual life is their fantasy world and they either assume that I am lying. When it becomes clear that I am serious it can scare the shit out of them.

I have found that when faced with everything they say they want, their reality kicks them in the ass. They have family obligations, children, career or other considerations that will prevent them from leaving the world they know. In the end they are just looking for a masturbation partner.

There a few adventurous enough, that when provided an opportunity to recreate their life, step out of their comfort zone and make the changes necessary to make their fantasies come true. Choosing to live your life before it is too late can be scary.

Imagine your life six months from now not having to worry about going to work, paying rent or other bills and everything you need like food, clothing, shelter is provided. The perfect 1950’s homemaker that spends her time taking care of the Master of the home. I have been active in the kink community for my entire life and can make fantasies come true. I won a successful business, multiple vehicles, my home, a bar that hosts monthly BDSM lifestyle events and have organized the Key West kink community for over ten years.

I now realize that when I share my reality, the truth about what I have accomplished and what I have to offer it sounds like a lie.

Nothing in my life is any different today and I do not know what I am going to do with, this new found understanding of what makes me who I am. I guess the funniest thing is, when I am not successful with a potential slave it is truly her loss not mine.

If anyone who knows me wants to comment on what I have written, please feel free. I would appreciate any feedback.


7/14/2023 1:46:58 AM

I just saw a profile that consisted of only a BDSM test.

When I read it I realized something that is missing and likely is the most important thing.

Where is the reference to interest in a real life encounter?

Where is any reference relating to an actual time frame of when it might occur?

So many of the kink or BDSM tests address interests but do not differentiate between those who want to masturbate to being a rope bunny and those who honestly want to be a rope bunny tomorrow, a week or a month from now.

Being interested in being a slave is totally different than being a slave.  Someone who has slave tendencies or wants to be a slave someday is a waste of my time.  While I try to be understanding, I do not want to spend weeks, months, or years getting to know someone who might someday meet me in real life.

I do not have any interest in exchanging erotica or demanding pornography.  If someone is not willing and able to leave their current life for a year or two, it does not mean that they are fake. 

That is worth repeating, If someone is not willing and able to leave their current life, it does not mean that they are fake. 

It does mean that even though our interest may align our timeline does not.

I am mentally, emotionally and financially stable and could move a slave into my home anytime.  I can take care of myself and do not need a slave.  Having a slave in my home makes my life more comfortable.  My slave does all of my domestic duties, I provide rituals, structure and you will not be required to work outside my home or office.

I do not want to rescue a woman who is in desperate need to leave her fucked up life.  I do not need to complicate my life with a whole lot of drama.  I accept that everyone will come with a certain amount of baggage but I live a happy, peaceful life in paradise.

I am looking for a woman who has a desire to fully commit to a life as my slave.  Expereince, age, location is not as important as the desire and ability to meet in real life.  If you are at a point in your life where you are prepared to relocate within a resonable time then we should talk.

9/1/2022 12:20:35 PM

I  regularly visit this site and Fetlife to check for messages when I do not have a slave in my home. 

If you want to learn more about me my profile has a lot of information.

I was responding to someone today and realized that my words might be helpful to post here as a journal entry.

I can say that I am very real but the definition of real could be different for everyone.

Maybe what sets me aside from most on here is I am only interested in real life?

Maybe it is that I have had slaves live in my home for over twenty years?

Maybe it is that when a slave is in my home I take care of EVERYTHING and her only responsibility is to take care of me.

I own my home and a sucsessful business in paradise and I do not need a slave to work outside my home.

It is important that any potential slave understand that being MY slave is not all about sex.  I have no interest in having long sexually explict email chat or phone conversations so that you can masturbate.

If a submissive or slave is interested in visiting and just having a great week as my slave I am open to that.

If you want to be considered as my slave than you will find my questions are not like most of the self appointed Doms or Masters on here. 

I am interested in the things that actually matter when I am considering bringing someone into my home.

Things LIKE,

What is your current living situation? Friends Family Roommates etc?

What is your marital status? Married Separated Divorced Never Married?

Children? Have you ever been pregnant? Can you become pregnant?

Financial status? In my home I take on all responsibilities and if you have a large credit card debt car payments or some other debt it becomes my responsibility. Have you ever filed bankruptcy?

Health? Have you had or do you have any STDs? Have you ever been diagnosed with a medical condition like diabetes depression or anxiety that requires a medication?

Are you willing to relocate? When?

Being a true slave is more than just about sex you will be responsible for all of my domestic duties.

Those who want to talk about what Toys I have or How often they will be beaten are just looking for material to masturbate too.  

By real I mean our conversations will be about mutial interest but the central theme will be your visit regardless if it is short or long term.

If you are not ready to meet in REAL life then I do not consider you real.

7/30/2022 7:29:34 AM

Have you ever heard of Fantasy Fest?

I am the current organizer of the Key West munch group on Fetlife and we set up and perform at a very large kink event in Key West each year. Our event generally gets about 1,500 people and kinks off Fantays Fest a week long party.

This is the 24th annual event but I have only been involved for about eighteen years. Recent years I provide a lot of the dungeon equipment like the St. Andrews Cross, Spanking Bench, Suspension Rig, and Vacuum Cubes.

If you have never seen a vacuum cube in action here is a link to a video

MrSharp dot net slash Cubes slash VacCube_720p dot mp4

you will need to replace the dots and slashes with the actual thing.

Our group normally has a private party the Sat or Sun before the big show for our performers and volunteers.

If you are interested in learning more about vacuum cubes and Fantasy Fest let me know.

12/13/2017 7:10:35 AM
I was corresponding with a submissive the other day and something occurred to me, I'm a real catch!  No really, I'm a fucking Unicorn!

I'm a successful business owner and respected in both vanilla and lifestyle circles.  I'm intelligent, caring and do a lot of charity work.  I have been in the lifestyle for a long time, have a ton of documentable experience and a LOT of toys. 

I have had 24/7 slaves live in my home and can provide references.  I have the means to take care of and support a slave. 

Since 50 Shades there are a lot of want-a-be Dominants and Masters out there.  I'm the real thing.

If you're a sub/slave who is looking for a mentor or Master I'm open to learning more about you.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
3/3/2017 4:42:55 AM
There have been changes in the management of Fantasy Fest which will effect our event at Kelly's Kinky Karnival this year.

The Key West Munch will be held next Wednesday, March 15th - 7:00 PM at Roostica's.  

We would like everyone's input so please do your best to come to this meeting.  

Please RSVP at
9/23/2016 11:59:47 AM
If you have ever wanted to experience being in a cube this is your opportunity.

I ordered two Latex Vacuum Cubes and I expect them to be delivered next week.

I plan to have them at the Kinky BBQ the Saturday before Fantasy Fest for those of you who plan on attending that event.

The Key West Munch Group set up stations at the Monday night Kelly's Kinky Karnival event during Fantasy Fest each year and we welcome crowd participation.

At least one cube will be at the 801 Dungeons of Dark Secrets on the Wednesday of Fantasy Fest.
4/3/2016 8:32:09 AM

The Florida Keys Munch group on does not have a leader any longer and its only administrator is not available to update or monitor the group.

The Fetlife caretakers have already been notified.

For more information on the local munch group or events please join the KW Munch or Key West Munch groups or go to

Mr. Sharp

2/5/2015 12:51:15 PM
== Results from ==
100% Master/Mistress
88% Dominant
84% Daddy/Mommy
75% Non-monogamist
74% Bondage Giver
70% Experimentalist
66% Degradation Giver
54% Sadist
30% Primal (Predator)
25% Exhibitionist
20% Pervert
20% Voyeur
15% Brat Tamer
11% Vanilla
10% Primal (Prey)
0% All-Rounder
0% Bondage Receiver
0% Brat
0% Degradation Receiver
0% Girl/Boy
0% Masochist
0% Slave
0% Submissive
0% Switch 
5/28/2014 6:09:38 AM

The only "study" that I ever read about was a behavioral science study associated with people pasting this warning in there profile. It was directed to see how many male, female, couples, dominant, submissive, etc, would post it. The only thing they check for is if you have included it in your profile.

Thanks for participating in the study...

WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this or you may copy and paste this one.

11/17/2013 4:36:14 AM

Life happens!


I have all kinds of crazy things going on right now and don't have much time or interest in checking CM every day. The home where I was living (5yrs) was foreclosed on and the ass hole owner didn't even give me any warning. I was told that I had thirty days to find someplace new.


I looked but there was no way I could find anything that quick. I ended up buying a forty foot fifth wheel RV so I have an interim place to live. I have lived on three separate temporary lots since August. The lot which I want to place it on will not be available until next week at the very earliest.


I plan to wait until after season this year and then look for another place to live on the water. I would like to keep the fifth wheel for friends who come visit or maybe rent it out and make a few bucks. It is pretty nice but I don't want to live in a RV for the rest of my life.


I have a slave from Georgia who has lived in my home for a little over a year now and  I'm very happy with her. My business is doing pretty good I don't have as much time to play with her as I would like.


I'm not looking to replace her and if you would like to get know me better you will have to get along with her. I'm open to having ladies come visit and spend the weekend or maybe a week, but I'm not looking for two slave girls in my home.


I don't check CM that often so if you contact me here don't get upset if I don't reply right away.





7/11/2013 9:30:59 AM

If anyone out there is interested in meeting me in real life; I plan on being at the South Florida munch and then going to the dungeon party afterwards this Saturday (7/13/2013). I'm very real and easy to talk to.


If you have never been to a public event or a munch this is your chance to go and have someone to talk to with no expectations. I'm always a gentleman and I will have my slave with me in case you would like to ask her any questions.


If you are interested and would like I will provide you my phone number and we can talk on the phone before hand.

6/14/2013 4:11:04 AM

Yesterday around 1:30 PM I found out that my father was hit while riding his motorcycle on Emerson Rd. in Palm Bay, Florida. He was in critical condition and they worked to stabilize him all night but this morning I got the news that he passed away.

I don't know if his wife is going to throw some sort of memorial for him or not but if she does I'm going to be there.

12/18/2012 3:33:29 AM

It has been a little while since I have updated this and thought this is a good time to do so. I have had a little slave girl in my home now for a couple of months and I'm very happy with her. At this time I'm not looking to find a new girl and any girl that visits my home will need to at minimum get along with her and at best become friends.


I work long days and don't have as much free time to play with her as I would like. I'm not looking to have two slave girls living in my home. I would like to find select females who would enjoy coming to visit and spend time with us. If your interested you can check out our couples profile here christy4MrSharp.



11/3/2012 5:42:15 AM

I will start with I'm glad Fantasy Fest is over... There is NO way to explain what Fantasy Fest is like, that would truly do it justice. I guess the main things that sets it out from all nearly all other events is it's demographics and geography.


There is a predominance of adults who have significant discretionary income. Everyone that attends will spend between three to five thousand dollars minimum for the week. Hotel rooms start at three hundred a night with a five night minimum. The drinks, food, costumes, events and any daytime outings like snorkeling, fishing, etc all add up. There are many who will spend much more but it is very expensive even for locals; this year I spent around fifteen hundred dollars.


Fantasy Fest is held in Key West which everyone understands is an island. What the location offers is isolation from day trippers, curious high school kids, crazy college kids, or the dumb asses who think they are going to sleep in their cars. Key West is four miles long and two miles wide and about a hundred and twenty five miles from Florida. There is only three ways to get here by air, sea or drive for three hours on a mostly two lane road across about a hundred bridges. Even driving down from Miami for an event doesn't make sense if they have to work in the morning. 


What is Fantasy Fest? Fantasy Fest is a week long, very Kinky party where each night different bars have different themes, pimp and hoe, plaid night, dungeon night, red night, toga night, etc. My friends and I are involved in setting up the Kinky Karnivale (Google it) at Kelly's Caribbean Bar & Grill.


The streets are full of people in Halloween costumes and open containers are allowed. The nudity laws are VERY relaxed and as the week progresses more and more people will only have painted on costumes. The officials always announce that genitalia must be covered however you will see lots of women with only paint and men can get away with a sock, leaf, beer bottle hell you will even see a condom as a costume.

It is a WORLD CLASS adult party and I have only seen one fight in ten years. There is NO groping, fondling or touching of any kind without first asking permission. It is the most fun that you can have if you are a deviant minded person without a doubt. You should have your tits painted at least once and when you walk down the street you will have people asking to take your pictures no matter how ugly you think your tits are.


I have walked a slave into a adult store purchased a latex starter kit, had her strip naked on the steps in front of the store so I could put a little on her nipples and pussy. I then attached a leash to her collar and literally walked her down Duval St. There were hundreds if not thousands of people parting in the street and we may have been stopped twenty times because someone asked to take our picture. We went to a couple of bars, even a Walgreen drug store with her naked on a leash and not one time did any law enforcement person say anything.


I have never been to a kinkier party than Fantasy Fest.


Mr. Sharp

9/19/2012 1:53:14 PM

I have had a slave girl living in my home now for a little over two weeks. I am very pleased with her and very optimistic about her working out.


If I have not been able to reply as quickly as I normally do it is because I have been so busy at work lately. I have a lot of irons in the fire so to speak because I have a new girl, and Fantasy Fest is coming up soon.


I may have room for a sub/slave in my home during Fantasy Fest which I think will be October 20th through the 27th. If you're interested verify the dates and let me know. I plan on having Myself one other male friend and my slave girl. I would like to have an additional slave that my friend could enjoy. We would switch girls a couple of times during the week but both of us are straight and we are not interested in group sex.


While in my home you would not pay for anything, food, drinks, paint, etc, will be taken care of by us. Check out to learn more.


9/3/2012 5:37:21 PM

If you talk with anyone who knows me they will tell you that; I'm not like most Dominants or Masters you will find on CM. I believe in TOTAL disclosure and for that reason I want to make it public that I have crabs.

Check out my photos, I just uploaded two photos of a crab I found in my toilet.  I haven't been with that many women in the last ten or fifteen years but they should all have their toilets checked...


I was putting my laundry away and heard this low scraping or scratching sound coming from my bathroom. I was curious so I turned on the bathroom light to help locate where it was coming from, WHOLLY SHIT! Those photos are not staged in any way that guy apparently climbed up my sewer pipes into my toilet? I didn't put him there.


I'm SO glad that I found him the way I did. I do not even want to imagine what would have happened if I would have gotten up at 3:00 AM half asleep and set down on the toilet. For the record ladies my junk would have certainly been within reach of the big claw....


All I can say is WHOLLY SHIT!





8/2/2012 12:20:52 PM

I laughed so hard at something I just read I almost left a puddle....


I have never read the term "a cyber blow job"! WHOLLY SHIT! I wonder how that works? What would it mean if they would not allow you to cum in their mouth? How do can you tell if they swallowed or not? TOO FUNNY!


Before anyone offers NO I don't want a cyber blow job...



6/19/2012 11:13:53 AM

I made myself smile today....


First I hate age play especially the people who want to act like school girls. It is bad enough that middle school and high school girls go around with things written on their asses but any adult that intentionally seeks out children or even adults who dress up like children are pedophiles in my opinion.


I read a profile today of a 48 year old female submissive who is into age play.


I actually laughed out loud when I thought "Cool lets play that you are 30"!

9/13/2011 9:03:37 PM

A few simple ways to avoid scams, stings and fakes.

First, you need to Understand and Expect that there are law enforcement stings on all adult dating sites that will prosecute you for attempting to pay for sex. Buying a slave or paying a slave to come to you and expecting sex is "prostitution". Know it and expect if you do it enough; eventually you will get caught and go to jail.

Second, you need to Understand and Expect that there are law enforcement stings on all adult dating sites that will prosecute you for having or distributing sexually explicit photos of a minor. Unless you can be certain of some one’s age on CM (which you can’t) there is the chance that they may be a minor. If you ask for or trade sexually explicit photos of a minor you will eventually get caught and go to jail.

I have met over a dozen sub/slaves using collar me. If you are interested in meeting someone in real life; I recommend that you use this list.

  • ONLY correspond via CM or CM's chat; do not use Yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc.
  • NEVER ask for nude photos (that is all some people want).
  • NEVER become involved with any type of cyber or phone sex (that is all some people want).
  • ALWAYS get their physically location the actual address where they live or work. Then use Google maps (Street View) to look at the house.
  • There are live internet cams in almost every city; use a public cam for verification; (Don't trust their computer cam because you don't know where their computer is).
  • Locate a business (local to them) that delivers flowers, pizza, Chinese, etc. and have them deliver to the address they gave you. (You can pay via credit card and it can be a surprise).
  • Ask them where the closest McDonalds, Wendy’s or Burger King is to them (even if they don’t eat there they will know where it is and the street name).
  • Ask them where they went to High School; then ask them what their or the local school mascot is.
  • Ask them for the name of the grocery store where they buy their food.
  • Ask them for the name of the gas station where they normally get gas.
  • Ask them for the closest major intersection or traffic light.
  • Ask them to name a local radio station.

If a sub/slave requires relocation

  • Offer to go to meet them and bring them back to your home.
  • Offer to have someone close to where they are pick them up and take them to the airport.
  • Offer to send them a GPS enabled phone ($50 a month) and then use the tracking. Get the Longitude and Latitude and then use Google maps.
  • Agree on the dates and then have them get the cheapest flight information to an airport near you and then verify it.
  • If they are afraid to fly, agree on the dates and then have them get the cheapest bus or train fair information and then verify it.
  • If they insist on driving their car, have them take it to an auto parts store, Advance, NAPA, Discount, Pep Boys, etc. Look up the telephone number call them and ask one of the employees to check the belts and hoses because she will be driving a long distance.
  • If they need immediate help have them identify the closest business, church, bank, etc, you look up the phone number for the location and have them go there so that you can call them. (gas stations, libraries, liquor stores all have phones and even if they don't let them talk with you they will be able to confirm that they are there)

Some of items on this list are easy for you to verify and if the scammers haven’t done enough background will not get it right. Since they are verifiable over the internet if they take too long to reply then they may be looking up the correct answer. If the person quickly answers the items on this list it will not guarantee you that they are real but your chances are much better.

Most of the time scammers, cops or fakes will not even take the time to respond and will move on to easier targets. Keep in mind that even if they are real that they may still change their mind, but it will help you weed out a lot of the bullshit.


9/3/2011 9:09:21 AM

I have over fifteen years experience and have been on CM for 6 years since 2005. I have gotten used to all of the fake profiles and scams. I have had the good fortune to get to know several submissive or slaves in real life from this site.



I was contacted by a lady via Plenty O Fish the other day who explicitly stated in her profile that she wanted to get laid. I told her that I would meet her for a drink and would like to get to know her but we would not be having sex. When we met she shared a hilarious story with me that made me reconsider why there are so many fake profiles here.



This is a true story; she was contacted by someone who called himself “Mario” and that wanted to hook up with her. This Mario would not leave her alone kept calling until she finally broke down and decided to meet with him. He was insistent that she meet him at a location which was several miles from where she lived. She could not convince him to change locations even though she made it clear that it would be extremely difficult for her to get there.



Mario had been constantly calling her even late at night and while she was on the way to meet him. When she arrived she called him asking where he was because they could not seem to find each other. Then she heard his voice kind of echoing through her phone and saw him get into a black SUV with dark tinted windows.  Needless to say she was pissed; she had been stood up many times in the past and went up to the vehicle and started pounding on the side of it telling Mario to get his ass out of it.



This woman who wanted to just get laid, didn’t tell Mario that she was handicapped and in a motorized wheel chair. She kept on beating on the vehicle until her phone rang and Mario identified himself as an undercover detective running a sting on prostitutes who met men via dating websites. Mario didn’t get out of the truck and told her that she needed to leave the area and stop making a scene.



The moral of the story is Mario, is a dick, the Key West Police department apparently does run stings via the internet.  The lady in the wheel chair and I became friends even though I don’t think we will ever be having sex.



I once corresponded with a woman who claimed to be a slave, we quickly moved to speaking on the phone. In our second or third phone conversation she admitted to me that she was working with law enforcement to help identify abuse victims and illegal activity and I was not longer of any interest to her.



I have never nor would I send money to anyone and my interest in the lifestyle is much more cerebral than sexual. I’m very real and can provide references; I’m not interested in any cyber, phone sex or anything illegal.



In conclusion, I never considered that many of the fake profiles could be law enforcements attempts at catching bad guys or girls. The scams still annoy me but I guess at least some of the fakes are necessary. 



7/9/2011 8:36:31 PM

For those of you who browse this site via their iphone and know what a QR-Code is I have uploaded literally hundreds of my Fantasy Fest photos in case you are interested.


3/26/2011 9:06:21 AM

I read a profile today that made me smile at her naivete.

There are all kinds of men in this world each with different personalities and life experiences. Some dominant some submissive, some leaders others followers but those who are truly a Master of his destiny is very rare. Life offers everyone challenges, knowing what it means to be responsible for the wellbeing of another human and accepting it is a virtue.

It takes time to mature, develop, evolve and understand what it means to be a Master. Every true Master I know has had several submissives or slaves who for one reason or another just didn't work out. With each he learned a little about himself, what he is looking for, what he is willing to give and what it means to care for another. A Master slave relationship is not about abuse and violence, rather guidance, obedience, and accountability for both.

Some things have to be learned by experiencing them and there is a first time for everyone.  Being honest about your experience is in everyone’s best interest. I don’t want someone who read a book about it, flogging my girl unsupervised but enjoy teaching others. I have a great deal of real life experience with owning submissives and slaves but I don’t know all there is about shabari, single tails, needles, etc.

There are a lot of Doms, Masters, Tops, etc, who use their self appointed title, lifestyle terms, and protocol, to hide the fact that they are ass holes with low self-esteem. Socrates wrote “The shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world is to be in reality what we would appear to be; all human virtues increase and strengthen themselves by the practice and experience of them.”

If your desire is becoming someone’s slave you should ask for references and any true Master will have them and be proud to provide them. Of course if you’re his first, second or maybe third attempt and the others have restraining orders against him; he might not be able to provide you references.

I am single but I have a submissive living in my home at this time. We are not a couple, no children, nothing like that but we are very good friends and part of the local community. I care for her a lot and have included some photos of her in my profile. Our relationship began as Master slave and has now evolved into roommates, open, Dom / sub.

We own a small company and both have a lot of responsibilities that have prevented us from going out and looking for someone new. I would like to develop a long term Master slave relationship and don’t expect it to happen overnight. Right now I’m open to getting to know you; becoming friends and having you visit. I have no interest in emailing back in forth, chatting or phone conversations for months.


12/2/2010 10:31:00 AM

(2 NEW photos) - A friend of mine gave me a couple of photos he took of me at the Fantasy Fest parade in Key West, Oct 31 2010. I had my own VIP viewing platform...


I work hard and play hard; I took my indoor scaffold from work to the parade so that we could bring a keg of beer, Gatorade, snacks, chairs, etc. and we were very comfortable about two feet above the crowd.

I'm not looking for Yahoo, IM, phone or any type of fantasy sex. I'm not looking for sex at all, so if that is what you think a Master slave relationship is about I'm not the Master for you.

I am very experienced and have a lot to offer the right slave girl. If you are interested in getting to know me but are intimidated by my experience you shouldn’t be. I’m very real, and I don’t dress in leather or play silly games.



8/23/2010 1:38:29 PM


I can provide you with all the kink, that you could ever want.

I went to the Key West Munch on Saturday night and met with about ten friends and about fifteen tourists. When the Munch was over a group of say, fifteen when back to a friend’s place overlooking Duval Street and proceeded to play. It was not an orgy (for most).

One (very hot) lady had just turned 49 and needed spanked for her birthday; she got undressed, got on a St. Andrews cross and myself and another Master spanked her ass bare handed.

When we were done spanking her I stood behind the cross and played with her breast and nipples while Master Craig flogged her.

All the time the others were either playing with their partners or watching us.

When we had finished; she sat down and we watched a male pain slut get undressed and on the cross.  Mistress Kitten used a cat-of-nine and other whips, floggers and crops on him. A few couples played on the balcony overlooking Duval with unsuspecting naive tourist walking across the street and below.

This continued for a couple of hours and couples that were invited back to my friend’s apartment could either just watch or play if they wanted.

There is almost nothing that is taboo in Key West some things are still illegal. I'm not gay, switch, bi, or homophobic. I enjoy going to the Munch once a month mostly to watch but have no problem bringing friends and playing with them when they are ready.

If you think that you might enjoy a kinky vacation to explore your wild side then we should get to know each other.




8/23/2010 10:59:45 AM

What is REAL or FAKE?

I have thought about that question some because I constantly read declarations or accusations about others on CM. In the most basic of context anyone typing is real unless it is a computer bot of some sort. As I thought about it more the question is whether someone is telling the truth or not, “truth equaling real” and “lie equaling fake”.  

If someone is NOT willing to verify who they are or what they have written it doesn’t make them a fake. It just means they are not going to verify it to you and it is your decision to continue corresponding with them or call them names for that matter.

As someone who is only interested in physical relationships I find myself constantly trying to verify any information that proves to me the person on the other end is who they say they are.  

Where it gets confusing is whether someone is interested in a physical relationship or a cyber one. It would seem that there are a lot of people for whom a cyber relationship is all that they are able to deal with or want. Some may want physical relationships but either don’t know how to go about starting one or are just plain scared to for one reason or the other.  

The people who are only interested in a cyber relationship would lose their fantasy if they admitted that they didn’t want to ever meet in real life. Part of the fantasy is the anticipation of when they are going to meet in real life. They create elaborate stories to involve you in their fantasy; they are deceptive, evasive and just plain lie to continue their fantasy.  

While in the cyber world you are attracted to them but in a physical relationship you may find them disgusting. The possibility of you finding out that they are thirty pounds heavier, twenty years older, and a scary version of their CM photo would ruin their fantasy.

Where it gets complicated, separating those who want a physical relationship, the ones who are interested in maybe starting one someday and the ones who get aroused just by talking with someone about it.

CM provides a place where voyeurs can role play and interact with other kinky people without ever worrying it being “REAL” at worse they will be called a “FAKE”.

By the way I’m real…



7/10/2010 7:31:06 PM
I went to "Wetfest 2010" today and on the way home took a few pictures. One of them I was Naked... 
7/6/2010 10:31:39 AM

Are you stuck in Ghana and need to come back to America?

No Problem...

Go to the nearest American Embassy address below...

No. 19 Fifth Link Road
Accra, Ghana

Hours of Operation:

American Citizen Services: Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon;

Emergency Afterhours Services for U.S. citizens (cases involving serious injury or illness, death, victims of crime): +233-30-2741-775: Request to speak with the Embassy Duty Officer


Since you have internet access, have someone from the consulate generals of Ghana (American Citizen Services) email me. To make things easier for you their email address is

Make sure to tell them your full story and that you would like them to contact me on your behalf. They can send the email to "


I will verify through diplomatic channels that the person is with the US Embassy.


I will send a non-refundable, airline ticket to the American Embassy in care of them for you.
7/6/2010 8:29:37 AM

Are you stuck in Nigeria and need to come back to America?

No Problem...

Go to the nearest American Embassy address below...

ABUJA-Plot 1075 Diplomatic Drive
      Central District Area, Abuja.
      Telephone: (234)-9-461-4000
      Fax: (234)-9-461-4171

LAGOS-2 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Nigeria
      Telephone: (234)-1-460-3400, 460-3600 (ACS only)
      Fax: (234)-1-261-2218


Since you have internet access, have someone from the consulate generals of Nigeria email me. To make things easier for you their email address is Make sure to tell them your full story and that you would like them to contact me on your behalf. They can send the email to ""

I will verify through diplomatic channels that the person is with the US Embassy.


I will send a non-refundable, airline ticket to the American Embassy in care of them for you.

5/1/2010 5:45:42 AM

Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometime you get kicked in the nuts...


I got kicked last Thursday. I have lived in the same apartment for the last four and a half years. I don't have a lease; I pay my rent ($1500 a month) by depositing the money directly into the landlord’s bank account. He lives in North Carolina; I speak with him about once every six months and haven't seen him in about three years. We have a great relationship, I pay my rent and he leaves me alone.


Last Thursday when I was leaving to go to work he was standing in my driveway. Apparently he received a notice from code enforcement that my apartment is an "Illegal downstairs enclosure" and as of May first 2010 he will start being fined until all the interior walls are removed.


So, now I'm looking for a new place to live. I have a submissive living with me and do not have the ability to just put my things in storage until I find another perfect place to live and stay on my houseboat.

Which is another consideration, I have a houseboat on my dock and anyplace I move has to have a dock because I don't have a trailer for it. The next place I find also has to have two bedrooms because I regularly offer my spare bedroom submissives, slaves, friends, etc, who want to come visit the Keys.


I have a busy and expensive next couple of weeks.


1/23/2010 7:26:31 AM


I just had a
CRAZY thought?

Why doesn’t CM have a category for trans-gender people? I mean you could have a different color like purple for pre-op, post-op, hermaphrodites, etc.

I always feel like I have been tricked when I see a really good photo and I get to the part that say’s
i choose a fem profile cause
that’s what i consider myself”

I don’t have anything against transgender people or cross dressers; It’s just not what I’m interested in and it’s not their fault that CM doesn’t have a category for transgender persons.


12/24/2009 2:58:03 PM
Merry X-mass and Happy New Year to everyone. I have uploaded a couple of pictures I took of my slave X-mass eve.
10/22/2009 10:49:23 AM

I have a HUGE week starting tomorrow. Have you ever heard of Fantasy Fest?

Tomorrow, I have to go to Key West (30 miles) and get my hair cut. Then I have to buy advance tickets to the events that I'm going to attend. Then I have a submissive coming into town (Key West) who will be attending the Royal Coronation Ball tomorrow night with me.


When I get home on Saturday morning we will be getting our outfits ready for the Key West Munch that will be 8pm Saturday night at, Kelly's Caribbean and there is a Play party afterwards.  My slave has been corresponding with a couple of different couples and Doms who will be attending. I will be taking both sub/slaves’s to that event.


Sunday, is a slow day I plan on taking both girls to the beach, maybe out on one of my boats, lay out at a pool,  play, whatever they feel like doing.


Monday, is the Dungeon of Dark Secrets and fetishes party that I need to get my advance tickets for on Friday.  The advertisement for it reads, “Embrace Your Darkest Desires...Come one and come all (boys & girls, boys & boys, girls & girls ) to play in our dungeon of fetishes! Play, voyeur, or take part in the show to unleash your darkest desires. Tie up your favorite friend, eat off our human tables, BDSM, alternative and swing with our house DJ. Attire; PVC, leather, latex, uniform, period, levi, underwear, vintage, glam, cyber, burlesque, masks, wear as much or as little as you want, but dress to THRILL!”  Just about anything goes at Fantasy Fest. I didn’t buy my tickets for the fetish party until now because I wasn’t sure that the other submissive was going to come this year.   


After the fetish party there is the Kinky Karnival, at Kelly’s Caribbean Restaurant where fetish dress is required.


Tuesday, is Captain Tony’s party in plaid where EVERYONE is wearing plaid. There will be a lot of women in plaid skirts and Painted blouses and it is Fantasy Fest so there will be all kinds of nakedness and crazy costumes.


Wednesday, is Fogarty’s RED party and it is hard to explain unless you have been there. Everything is red, Everybody is red, red hair, red shirts, pants, dress, corsets, everything is RED. Again it is Fantasy Fest so there will be all kinds of nakedness and crazy costumes. The submissive that is coming into town Friday night will be going home Thursday morning.


I met a young lady through a friend who was interested in the lifestyle. I played with her in Key West about a month ago and she will be coming to stay with me for the last four days of Fantasy Fest, Thursday through Sunday.


Thursday, is Sloppy Joe’s 26th Annual Toga Party and as you can guess EVERYONE is in a toga. Over the years I have had about four custom togas made for me and either ruined them or changed styles. This year I’m having a different style made and it is going to look AWESOME!


Friday, is the Redfish Bluefish – Pimp and Ho party with Ron Jeremy… Lots of pimps and ho’s everywhere and some will even have clothes on? And there is the Big Uns, Costume Extravaganza with contests for the most Outrageous, Viliest Villain, Voluptuous Vixen and Vampiest Vampire, with $1000 prize in each category.


The two sub/slave Vampires I will have with me both are 5’11” before heels and at least 44 DD. I will have them in 5” heels and red corsets.


All this parting leads up to the Captain Morgan Fantasy Fest Parade Saturday night where they expect 70,000 people to attend. Key West is four miles long by two miles wide and the parade will go the entire two miles.


The sub coming in on Thursday will get up Sunday morning and drive back to her home in central Florida.


Needless to say I’m going to be busy!


I haven’t kept up with uploading all the photos that I have taken. If you go to and type in FF for Fantasy Fest it will take you to a couple of albums from past years. I just thought about it and plan to have my slave crop and upload the photos for 2007-8 and this year’s.




5/20/2009 9:36:30 PM



It has been a while since I have been on CM to do much more than just check my mail. I have been enjoying life and should have responded sooner to the people who took the time to email me.


The slave/submissive in my home has become self-sufficient and our relationship has developed different than I expected. I got laid off the beginning of April and decided to file unemployment complete some schooling and upgrade my state license. I’m not rich but would not have to work for a couple of months without unemployment. With unemployment I figure that I could go at least six months without needing any other assistance. I do not want a roommate or need one but since the submissive staying with me would have to pay rent somewhere else I decided that she could contribute to my household. With the money I have set back, my unemployment and her contributions I plan to take a brief break for a couple of months. I live in paradise; have lots of toys and NOW the time to enjoy them. I bought a small houseboat a couple of months ago which I keep at the dock behind my home. I enjoy going out on it at least a couple of times a week, to snorkel, dive, site seeing, bar hop, etc.


I’m not looking for a slave or submissive at this time. The submissive staying with me satisfies any desire or need that I have and I’m very happy with her. If a female submissive or slave was interested in joining us for weekends or longer feel free to contact me.


I hope everyone is enjoying life as much as I am!

1/27/2009 12:00:18 PM

I have a daunting project for work that I’m trying to avoid so, I thought I would make a journal entry.


I’m very sincere in what I’m looking for and do not wish to waste anyone’s time. I’m not interested in a poly home but; with the intent of full disclosure for the near future have a slave girl living in my home.  I met her via CM and she visited my home several times, then she lost her job. I'm helping her get her life back on track.  


I have been very impressed with her and even though she is relatively new to the lifestyle she try’s very hard to satisfy my needs. My goal is to help her find a good job, pay off her bills, put some money back and get her own place. I want her to become self-sufficient before I would consider her for the permanent position in my home.


I would like to find someone who could mentor her and help her understand her feelings.  Even though she is not bisexual she has been with couples before. I’m interested exploring her limits and would be open to other females joining us. I’m not that interested in having men join us but may be open to couples.



1/11/2009 9:43:51 AM

In case you wonder some of us take the time to read your profile and journal entries. There are a few themes are predominant:


1.     An overwhelming response when you first join.

2.     Annoying form letters

3.     Rude and seemingly random insults

4.     Are there any Real people


The majority of the mail submissives receive when first joining can be contributed to people trying to skew the odds to their favor. It is simple math, if you have a one in thousand chance of getting someone to respond to your email and only send one email a week it is going to be about nineteen and a half years before someone responds. If you send fifty emails a day on the other hand you could expect about one response per month.


Which brings us to Annoying form letters; do you know how much trouble it would be to take the time to actually read someone’s profile and write a personalized contact email? If you have to write fifty a day, it is way too much work…


Rude comments and mean people are a result of sending fifty emails a day and no one responding. The idiots who send random insults obviously have a low self esteem problem. Don’t let anyone sending you insults bother you. When you get one, just imagine a sixteen year old pimple faced, sexually frustrated high school student sitting around his computer with his/her friends, laughing about what they just wrote. Don’t rule out the little preppy cheerleader bitches that get off on just being a hurtful.


Finely, Of course the person typing is real? Most probably they have ten fingers, eyes, and in some cases even can read and know how to type in full sentences. The question isn’t if they are real, it should be what their intentions are. Under the interest section CM should have a Real life only, 24/7, Live in, Weekend play partners, local play partners, cheating on spouse, and all the cyber bullshit, chat, cam, email, etc.  It would nice to have a way to identify someone’s experience level, members new and learning, or 30 years experience as a slave and Master just passed away are very different.


If someone wants to control you, it is not unreasonable for you to make them verify that they can. I would love to own my own private jet so that I could fly around the world on the weekends, but I can’t afford the gas (or the plane). If someone claiming to be a Dom is insulted that you ask questions then you really should consider how happy you will be in their home.



Just some random thoughts for the New Year?


11/25/2008 5:18:14 PM

I like it when you sit by my knee and hold my leg while I read or watch TV. I like stroking your hair and kissing your forehead. I hardly ever kiss anyone on the lips, hold hands in public if we are crossing the street, etc, and I hold your wrist instead of your hand. I absolutely love it when you sleep under my right arm, and will hold you next to me sometimes at night. I care for everyone in my life and do my best to watch over and protect them. 


If you bruise easy; I will leave some serious marks when I flog you. I take my time and work my way up to powerful blows. I equate it to taking a hot shower where you slowly turn the water up, hotter, and hotter waiting for your body to adjust to the temperature and then turning it up a little more. Then when you turn to get the soap it nearly scolds you because it is so hot.


I take my time watch your breathing, your reactions to the blows, your skin temperature. I make sure that you don’t hyperventilate that you are absorbing each blow and relaxing more and more. If I sense that you are overheating, or feeling pain and not pleasure I stop for a second and insert an anal plug, cool you down or put my cock in your mouth. Then I start again over time you will go into a subspace and become very relaxed, able to take very intense blows.


When I’m done you will sit by at my feet and I will hold you while you cry. Once you are done we will inspect my work. I can tell you that I leave welts and bruises that will last at least a week on most slaves. I sometimes finish with a couple of cane strokes and those marks have been known to last for a couple of weeks. With a good caning you will be able to adjust yourself in a chair for some time and remember me.


11/21/2008 7:25:57 AM

For anyone NOT in the United States I have adopted Ronald Reagan's policy, "trust but verify". I will expect you to make yourself available in front of a public camera to verify that you are real. I will locate a “Live” internet camera near you and you will stand in front of it at an appointed time. If you have a problem with that don’t waste my time.


I have no problem going to Key West and standing in front of the Sloppy Joe's live Duval Street camera to verify who I am.



10/31/2008 7:54:35 PM

I recently read a submissive’s profile that caused me to become introspective as to what I’m looking for.  I’m single never married and know that I eventually want a woman in my life. I’m not like the average man because I have experienced just about all of my fantasies at least two or three times. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy sex, because I do; it is more that I don’t let sex effect my decision making.


I’m an upper middle class professional who has considerable discretionary income compared to most. I don’t live paycheck to paycheck and can afford to comfortably keep a sub/slave girl. I have three boats, a private garden with a waterfall and koi pond, live in paradise and just enjoy being alive. I can provide references from sub/slaves that have come to visit.


What I’m looking for is a submissive woman who is ready to belong to someone who will value and appreciate her. I’m not looking for a wife or girlfriend. I want my home well kept, my meals cooked, someone who will meet me at the door when I get home and will perform any twisted deviant act I can think of without question. I enjoy BDSM and will use you whenever and however I want. My interest range from the very sadistic to vanilla but don’t define who I am.  I will mold you to please me, display you, share you, and punish you if I feel like it.


I have everything a man could want except someone to share it with.  If my profile sounds like something you may be interested in don’t be afraid to contact me. I don’t mind corresponding via CM for a while but once we have established mutual interest then I will want to speak with you on the phone. I’m only interested in real life and if you’re not interested in actually meeting in real life don’t waste my time.




10/26/2008 11:37:22 AM

Want to see what I look like BALD?


Most of the time I wear a panama jack hat; it’s kind of part of my persona, flower shirts, no socks, etc. I enjoy island living and tie my shoes once a day after that it is their responsibility to stay tied…

I recently have a submissive visit who said she was surprised when she first met me because I wasn't wearing my hat and she just assumed that I was bald. I do have hair and get it cut about every three weeks.

Last night at Fantasy Fest I was feeling spontaneous and decided to shave my head and have it painted as a big Jack-O-Lantern. At the last minute, I was asked by a friend to help with the Coke/Fuze float and forgot that I had gotten painted. I had a lot of people taking my photo but I didn’t think to take one of myself. I passed out beads all night and when the paraded was over I stopped for one beer and went home.

This morning I went out for breakfast and was complemented by four different women. I don't know how long I plan to stay bald but figure I might keep it for a couple of weeks; who knows? Apparently women like it?

I took a picture and figured I would share it. It wasn't until I uploaded it that I noticed that I don't have any of me with hair, just with my hat.


7/17/2008 6:21:09 AM

I am happy, educated, successful, compassionate, with real life experience.


A lot of Master’s use the term as access to easy sex and a lot of submissives equate sex with love. I do not believe that Master slave relationship is just about sex, and deliberately establish a separation between sex and love.


Do I feel an emotional connection with the slaves I have know? Absolutely, I also feel a very strong sense of responsibility. It is important to me that I remain friends with every slave that has been in my home. I will always provide them advice, assistance or even a safe home if they need it.


In order for you to feel truly owned and at peace you need to first feel safe and not be burdened by social obligations. If you have to worry about paying rent, car payment, insurance, health care, going to work etc. then your mind will never be capable of totally submitting. At some level of consciousness you know that, you have responsibilities outside the relationship that need to be met.


Once you have complete trust that ALL your needs will be met though, it will provide you a tremendous freedom. Trust can take forever to gain, but only a second to lose. Any truly successful relationship is built on trust and love; a slave should serve out of desire, not fear of being punished. I want develop a relationship where your only focus is my happiness and only fear is that I may be displeased or unhappy.


A slave’s trust and love shouldn’t be given away, it needs to be earned or it has no value. I earn respect and devotion through my actions not by demanding it.


3/15/2008 2:20:53 PM

I reciently visited a submissives profile that was very well thought out; she posed very pertinent questions to perspective Dom/Masters.


Any submissive looking for a real life 24/7 relationship would be well advised to as these same questions.


Q: how will You have me dress ~ or how will You dress me?

A: I prefer to have you wear sundresses most of the time. On occasion I will put you in a corset because I like what they do to the female body. Bikini’s are always two-piece and when we are out on my boat you may be topless some of the time. During your morning walks or exercise you will wear workout clothes.


Q: will You allow for me to contact friends and family? if so, how (by what means) and how often?

A: In my home you will be fairly isolated from the outside world and have limited contact with other people. The exception being your friends and family: They will certainly be able to contact you. If you wish to stay in contact with them via email, or phone while I’m at work that is acceptable as long as it doesn’t interfere with your performance in my home. In the event of a family emergency you would certainly be allowed to leave my home to attend. Other then when I decide to take you out of my home you will have very little contact with other people.


Q: financially will You be able to support this without strain.

A: I have a very good job, I’m experienced, very happy and yes, have the means to keep you 24/7 as a live-in slave in my home. (Great Question)


Q: will you have a daily schedule for me? i need total structure when You are not there or i am not attending to You or fulfilling Your desires.

A: I’m much more interested in control and structure then sex. Any and all domestic duties will be your responsibility; my sheets get changed every two days my home will be swept, mopped, dusted, etc. weekly if not daily.


Q: what are Your sexual needs?

A: I will generally use you for a blowjob when I go to bed at night and before you start my shower each morning. I will use you at least a couple of times a day for a blowjob if nothing else. My preference is to use your ass on occasion but rarely will I fuck you in the pussy. I do understand that you may have needs and will satisfy them on occasion.


Q: how many hours of sleep per day will You allow me or recommend?

A: In my home we go to bed around 11:00 PM and the alarm goes off at 5:30 AM. I will occasionally have you sleep on the floor or at the end of my bed so that you understand that it is a privilege to sleep under my arm.


Q: will you give me appropriate grooming time?

A: Once my shower has been started and your necessities have been taken care of you will come and kneel next to my bedside and let me know it is ready.


While I’m in the shower you will make my bed, lie out my clothes and start my breakfast. When I get out of the shower I will get dressed and my breakfast will be on the table for me. While I eat you will make my lunch, clean my bathroom and than come kneel next to my table and wait for your instructions for the day.


Q: what kind of exercise program do you want me to follow?

A: I will require you walk five-miles and do exercise workouts everyday.


Q:  will i have leisure time? if so, how many hours per day?

A: Once I leave for work you will complete the tasks you have been assigned and the remaining time will be yours to use however you wish.


Q:  what hobbies will you provide and allow me?

A: I will allow you to read, lay out at the beach or on the dock, paint, draw etc. I’m in the process of creating a butterfly garden and it will be your responsibility to maintain it. I may have you photograph and identify different fish, birds, or plants during your morning walks. NO Television though.


Q:  what are Your punishments?

A: When I come home, I will inspect your work and you will be punished if it is not done properly. I do not use pain as punishment. I will find something that you really don’t like and it could be as simple as not being allowed to physically touch me or sleep in my bed.


Q: what kind of diet do you have in mind for me?

A: My breakfast and dinner will be served to me. When I’m done you will have the leftovers of what you made me. I don’t closely monitor your lunch but I would expect you to eat healthy.


Q: what are Your rewards?

A: I will first need to determine what you enjoy and your rewards will be set accordantly. I have a flogging bench, a St. Andrews cross, and know how to use them. I will flog you whenever I feel like it for my pleasure.


Q: will (W)we go on outings?

A: I will take you to Key West occasionally and walk you around topless with your tits painted. I enjoy watching the sunrise, sunsets, snorkeling, fishing, and even taking you out for dinner on occasion. I do not go to bars that often but may take you on occasion. During Fantasy Fest in October I literally will walk you around nightly completely naked on a leash for about a week.


Q: will there be other people involved with this? (family, friends, girl/boyfriends) and how will it be handled?

A: I’m single. I have a spare bedroom and have friends come down to visit. I may share you with them if they are interested. I also have other submissives or slaves who I have come to know that you will be serving with on occasion. Unless I specifically let you know otherwise; you will treat everyone I introduce you to as vanilla.


I think that it is every submissives right to ask those questions. Any Dom/Master who is not willing to answer them or provide references should be avoided.


Once you have read my profile if you’re interested in getting to know me better let me know.  I’m not, lonely or desperate and I will not become involved with any type of cyber sex slave bullshit. I’m real, and can provide references from submissives that have visited my home if you would like.



 Age: 25