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Jan 2018- Some servitude possible again around my ongoing building project commitments... not as fully able to commit as I'd like but it's a start and WILL enable proper regular service in the near future.

My Face pictures are in my Pictures Collection

All the pictures are my own.
All details here are NOT just fantasy, in fact more a list of real life experiences, I've been around a bit, had a taster or three of many situations, now looking to build on past experiences and be taken deeper.

If any or all of these Keywords resonate with you then read on or get in touch: TPE, Sadist, Masochist, Extreme, Prisoner, Hostage, Cell, Cage, Total rubber encasement, True Slavery, Chains, Heavy Bondage, Mummification, Prolongued Bondage Predicaments, 24/7, Hardcore, Gimp, Doll, Hoods, Gags, Sensory Deprivation, Isolation, High heels, Locked on footwear/clothing, Corsets, Ballet Heels, Waist Training/Tight lacing, Fetish, Latex, Feminisation, Feminine training, Deportment, Strict dress codes, Strict control of behaviour and appearance, Forced prolonged standing/caged standing (in extreme heels), Slut, Whore, Deepthroat/face rape, No safeword, Judicial Caning, Heavy Whipping, Bruises, Welts, Treated as meat, Abandoned chained to a wall in a dark isolated concrete cell for days or weeks with only piss and stale bread provided, Anal, INSEX, All holes plugged, Permanent hole dilation/plugging, Liquid toilet, Foot torture, Forced to walk long distances in heels / unsuitable attire / extreme footwear and restrictive clothing. Longer version...... Serious **male (see below) slave & masochist with supressed transgender feelings looking for equally serious sadist(s) of any gender or situation (i.e single, couple, poly) for either casual meets or preferably something more meaningful and long term, or even permanent if the relationship develops........ In Vanilla life, I am a self employed business person. Professional, highly skilled, educated and intelligent. Very easy to get along with, witty, talkative and without a hint of kink on show, very good all round company that you can take anywhere. My business can also go anywhere, all I need is a room to work in, and use of eyes and fingers. I can generate a good income from home and rarely need to leave the house... or my cell.. Looking for an absolute TPE D/s situation (once mutual trust established), leading to no safeword, no rights, no opt outs, no kind fluffiness, sympathy and caring, just total slavery, pain, suffering, degradation, humiliation, abuse and torture.... Limits, yes of course I have them, that would be utterly stupid, however you will find they are very few and only there to protect my long term health and not to stop extremes of S&M and slavery. No legal activity is off limits and severity can be mild to hardcore/extreme. I'm a total realist, Vanilla times are a necessary evil, bills need to be paid and an income to be earned and so on.... However, behind closed doors, when the vanilla commitments allows we have a running 'regime' where I'm usually kept in chains and preferably in female mode but that's not essential, just an ideal, your the boss and I will present as instructed. Put me to work for all your domestic chores, diy, general fetching and carrying, your personal pleasures and pamperings and also used for any sadistic pleasures. I beg during slave times you show me no kindness, no mercy, no comforts or pleasures, just pain, suffering and serving. Sill awake?.......... We all have to live in the real world, with bills to pay and essentials to be done so it's nigh on impossible to genuinely keep a slave, gimp or doll locked up 24/7/365 despite the desire to do so. If the chains do come off, we both know there is the underlying knowledge that we are not equal and this temporary freedom is just that, temporary. Even doing the mundane shopping run, my restraints and symbols of ownership may not be on public display to protect the innocent from our kink, but there is still a strict hierarchy at work. Underneath my clothing chosen by you, there may well be subtle but effective devices and equipment at play, fitted onto me, or fitted inside me to keep me subdued, controlled and obedient whilst on our trip out, but on the surface and to the casual observer it's all composed normality, despite the fact I may be hiding absolute agony within. ** I am 'non-op' Transgender (as in, less than pre-op) transgendered. I live and work in semi male/androgynous mode. Male image and persona is all there, so no need to worry about embarrassing freakish looks in public. I look totally everyday male except I have long and well maintained hair and perhaps if you look very closely you may notice my jeans, T shirt and trainers are ladies .... I barely have any male clothes but you wouldn't really notice due to very careful unisex or androgynous selection, I haven't shopped in the men's section for years. Inside I live a tormented existence from the birth defect of being blessed with a feminine brain, cursed with a male body.... and that doesn't have to change...... However I have a deep and ever nagging need to be female, either in looks, mannerisms, treatment or the whole hoggette.... This is not just 'dressing up' or wanting to play the sissy maid or drag queen, but a natural desire to become as closely as possibly to the genetic female I feel I was born as, but robbed of that life due to some hormone imbalance and birth defect. I love dressing up as much as the next woman but this isn't for sexual pleasure in itself. I have a serious shoe addiction, love make-up, shopping, bags, fashion, long painted nails.....I'm talkative, sympathetic, empathetic, caring, gentle, occasionally bitchy, the whole feminine spectrum but with male parts bolted on. I will look or dress exactly as you instruct, from workman to complete slut, but again, this is not just about dressing up, but about BEING a woman, treated like a woman, used sexually as a woman (use your imagination). Just not given the respect or aftercare a woman deserves or needs. If it's non stop treated like a whore then that's fine, I don't need chocolate and flowers, maybe some new shoes :), but my pleasure is in feeling my injuries throb and the lingering aftertaste of hard use and ill treatment as I carry on my duties or languish ignored in the dark cellar on the end of a chain. In a normal relationship no woman (or man for that matter) should ever suffer abuse of any kind at the hands of their partner, in my view the aggressor should be locked up for life for any domestic violence or the psychological torture of your partner, it is seriously not on. But as an extremely kinky sub human piece of meat I not only consent but desire to live a life of becoming the abused wife/partner. Beaten instead of kissed, whips and chains instead of cuddles and treats, treated like a slave girl meets skivvy crossed with a cum dump meets whipping post crossed with a hostage type existence. My sexual orientation would be classed as Bisexual with a Lesbian bias, I prefer women and prefer lesbian sex (i.e my penis plays no part), I love all kinds of pleasures a woman can give another woman. I can be very soft and sensual as well as rough and forceful in the bedroom....... However, as a trans woman I also like to be used sexually by men as you would a genetic woman but without the kindness and respect ladies deserve. I am a slave, not a lady so treat me like a warm hole for your pleasure, a slut, a whore, anal, oral, face fucking. deepthroat, rape (consensual non consent) are all ok.

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8/25/2022 11:49:58 AM

Yet another message from an illiterate sub wanting to submit to me as their Mistress...

FFS!! Really?

Okay okay, as your Mistress i demand as your first task that you write to me detailing the exact parts of my profile that makes you believe I'm the slightest bit Dominant, each part must be written by hand 1000 times and sent as a picture and once sent you must not send any further messages until I reply otherwise you are banished forever..

Get to it slave.



1/24/2018 1:09:51 PM
Moved my story here as some of you tell me you enjoyed it too much to delete it.......

Please note.... this is more an 'autobiography with embellishments' than just fantasy (i.e I've actually experienced some or all of the scenarios).... maybe not quite so strict, or severe, or even all at once, but all that follows has been played out for real at least once at some point.  



Serving as a slave to extreme sadists.

After yet another long exhausting day, doing my chores and domestic duties, mowing the lawn, wash the cars and doing all your daily bidding, intermixed with calls to pleasure you on demand then sent away to swallow and continue working.


As ever, I strain and struggle around my restrictive slave chains and the heavy iron ball dragging behind, they allow just enough slack to be useful but are a major hindrance and require careful coordination at all times.


Dressed as the eye candy you instructed, my clothing just as restrictive as the steel on my limbs, comprising of a tight skirt suit with my ever present corset locked on underneath, my seamed stockings leading your eyes down to my locked on, extremely high, fuck me heels and my always impeccable 'bit too slutty for the office' make up, Apart from the chains I wouldn't look out of place in a busy office, even down to my long French manicured nails which are additional bondage by themselves.


Your frequent inspections to ensure I manage no rest from my work, that my restraints remain effective and to check I look impeccable regardless of task. With penalties disproportionate to the crime, your regime ensures my day is hard and always on my suffering feet but with the additional overhead of constant maintenance of my impeccable visage. Should I snag my stockings or allow the seams to wander, stumble on my heels or fail to maintain my face and lips I will feel the results for a week. Imagine what breaking a nail or a heel would result in.  



The long day is now over and I assume it's cell time for me as you call me down to the cellar. As I shuffle in my short chains, tight skirt and extreme heels down the stone steps one at a time, my heavy iron ball swinging wildly as I hold it's chain in my hands to save it dragging me down the stairs I finally make it to the bottom and face my familiar dark cell with it's open heavy steel door and wait, anxiously to finally get off my feet for a while,  even if it means laying helpless on a cold concrete floor for the next 9 hours.


A long tether chain attached to my ankle chains ensures even reaching the now locked door is out of the question, as my remaining restraints are removed so I can undress. My suit removed I stand in just my corset, stockings and heels as you begin to fasten my night time heavy leather deprivation hood and begin to fasten and tighten my night chains as you always do for bedtime. Wrists rigidly folded and shackled behind to my steel waist belt which serves to ensure my corset never comes off. My ankles shackled rigidly together in mono cuffs. Knowing the routine well, I crouch down in my enforced dark world so you can shorten my waist to ankle chain so I can no longer stand up beyond crouching, if I fell over I would be in a semi hog tied position, unable to stretch out.


Then I am half dragged helplessly by my long hair that exits the top of my hood, shuffling and hopping in my enforced crouched predicament, my heels scraping on the concrete as I hop to try and keep up with the forceful tug on my hair. But this is different, instead of dragged into my cell and my neck fastened to the short floor chain, I'm dragged in the direction of the middle of the dungeon room, and I know my day is not over yet.


I feel a firm push and now I am kneeling, my stockings no protection from the hard concrete floor. My rigid corset prevents slouching so I sit bolt upright squatting on my legs.


I feel you lock my ankle chains tightly down to the floor. A little test pull and I realise I cannot move them even millimetres from the floor. Next I feel my steel collar being fastened to the ceiling chain with a padlock and as you crank the winch I am forced to remain kneeling but rise off my legs, relentlessly pulled up by my neck via my welded on steel posture collar. Slowly I am forced to rise from my squat position until I am now knelt not quite fully upright with my waist / ankle chain now pulled tight behind in a kind of kneeling hogtie. I can neither stand or rise fully or slump, my wrists are uselessly folded and chained behind me in the small of my back as I dangle from my neck unable to even lock my legs upright to support myself properly, I am more or less just hanging from my collar.


As I get used to the position, I feel my bra lifted to expose my nipples. A strong clamping sensation that makes me groan then a hot searing pain that makes me scream out. I feel the clamp released but there is still something biting down and there is a strange weight pulling at my nipple, hardly a moment to get used to this new sensation when the other nipple gets the same treatment until I moan and sob at the heavy throbbing and weight dangling from my nipples after the severe clamp was removed. More fiddling around and my nipples feel like they are being pulled down, gentle at first but steadily increasing tension until it peaks at a solid pull. Any tiny movement of my body and I feel the tugging at my nipples escalate to beyond excruciating, keeping absolutely still is the only way to keep the pain under control.


It turns out the weight at my chest is a tiny U shackle type clamp that grips my nipple with the open end, but a needle is passed through the ends and the nipple between thereby making a temporary nipple piercing or a nipple clamp that cannot be pulled off. A heavy fishing weight was added to each and then finally strong nylon line used to fasten the clamps to the floor either side of me.... Any movement causes the lines to pull tight or the weight to swing, either way if fucking hurts. 

I feel warmth at my exposed mouth, a pussy, It's Mistress taking her pleasure this time. I don't need any hints, I simply get to work nuzzling and gently licking as I have done many times before. As I work, a sharp searing pain erupts from the back of my thighs, as Sir strikes them in turn hard with a heavy cane. I dare not stop or cry out, inside I am screaming in agonising pain from the sudden fire that erupts from my tortured legs. As I lick away, heavily distracted yet focussed on the pain from my lower body I feel the rising heat of an impending orgasm from Mistress. All the while, my legs and ass are targets from the regular heavy impact of Sirs favourite rattan cane issued with judicial force. My screams and moans that escape as I lap away at Mistress's sexual pleasure only serves to arouse my owners more and more until predictably the unmistakable sound and feeling of a woman's violent orgasm erupting before me and the hard thrusting of her pussy tight against my mouth as she rides the convulsions inside her.


I taste the unmistakable flavour of her love juices as they pump into my mouth in time to the pulses of her climax, squirting what seems like litres of vaginal fluid into my mouth which I swallow down as taught before..... As Mistress calms down, I feel her press once more tightly against my mouth, 'Open' I hear you command and I open my mouth just as a stream of hot piss floods in. This is normal for me, I am their liquid toilet slave 24/7, so gulping down her waste is not a new sensation, but the taste and degrading act of which I shall never get used to. As the drops of urine cease, I finish swallowing and clean mistress as thoroughly as possible until she backs away leaving me dangling from my neck in the dark once more.


During this pause, I regain my senses enough to feel blood oozing from my pulsing and throbbing legs, thighs and ass, it must be seeping through my ruined stockings by now I can feel the odd drip against my calves and down the front of my legs. My lower body must be a real mess, no exposed piece of skin was spared, I can't feel anywhere that doesn't hurt right now so I must be severely welted and cut. The pain is a good 10 right now and I shiver and shake from the all consuming throbbing as I dangle, waiting.


I don't have to wait too long before I feel the forcing of the huge ring gag between my teeth. This monster must be a good 2 inches across and I feel my jaw jacked open stretched to the limit under the confines of my tight leather hood as the ring is forced into place and tightly strapped on and locked.


Without any warning, Masters thick rigid cock is thrust through the ring and within a pump or two, all 9 inches lie buried deep down my throat. My convulsions and gagging serve only to arouse you more as you fuck my throat hole slowly and deeply. My warm tight throat hole and it's convulsing muscles must feel like the ultimate in stimulation as you pump away slowly. I see stars and spots within the inky blackness of my hooded sightless eyes, unable to breath around your monster cock for 2 minutes now I begin to pass out.

You sense this and withdraw to use my open mouth and tongue for your pleasure, to give a short time for me to gulp down some precious oxygen. As you pump away in my mouth, I use my tongue to stimulate you, I reason if I make you cum as soon as possible the sooner this will be over. After too short a time for my oxygen deprived dizziness to subside, once again your cock seals my airway and fucks my throat deeply once more.


Pre-occupied with trying to survive and pleasure my Master, I didn't realise, Mistress had removed my chastity belt and was busy preparing my anus with lubrication with her fingers. Only when I felt the pressing and sudden dilation of my anus did I realise what she was doing. Forcefully she pushed with firm pressure the hard tapered plastic plug inside me. It was especially made for dilation and depth training of orifices. It's girth started off at a narrow blunt pointed end but quickly widened to its full width like a bullet shape. In this case 2 inches across, or about wrist size and 5 inches long and unlike a butt plug it was straight sided and solid hard plastic. Once inserted it would hold the sphincter and anal tract stretched wide the full width all the way down, all 5 inches would end up buried deep inside stretching everything in it's path. As she eased the massive object inside me, my anal muscles gave in to the invader and stretched painfully I tried to scream however with 9 inches of man meat deep down my throat, not a squeak came out.


I twisted and bucked in my restraints, fire erupting from my nipples as I moved but you could hardly tell, I was held firm by tethers, chains, corsets, tall collars and a firm manly fist holding tightly onto my ponytail serving to hold my head and a way to hold himself deep inside my face.


As if synchronised, Sir thrust deeply down my throat for another cycle of asphyxia and pleasure whilst at the same time, as if trying to meet in the middle, Mistress pushed hard on the rod now almost at its widest point going in, pushing past my sphincter forcefully burying all 5 inches of solid plastic deep inside me to the hilt. I swear my anus was torn open and the hard impaling rod was meeting the cock still buried in my throat. I screamed silently, no air escaping around the man meat therefore no sound. The pain was excruciating and I began to pass out once more from lack of oxygen. Just then I felt hot liquid gushing down my throat as Master unleashed his saved up cum down my neck. Just in time as I began to pass out and slump, he pulled out of my throat to let me breath as cum continued to ooze onto my tongue from the end of his penis, the salty taste hitting my senses as I came round once more. I could feel a hot burning sensation taking over my lower body, it felt like it was inside me, a hot poker, throbbing searing heat and I realised she had lubricated the giant plug in some chemical heat. 


As my breathing got back under control and I recovered, his cock never left my mouth as I licked him clean of the remaining dribbles of semen. Then just when I thought it was all over, just like Mistress, he began to piss into my open mouth, the wide gag making it almost impossible for me to swallow properly so I choked and spluttered as piss gushed into my mouth.


Grabbing my hair and forcing my head back as much as my collar and bondage would allow, he filled my mouth to the brim with his piss and stopped in an act of impressive bladder control..... "Swallow it you piece of shit" I heard her shout at me, muffled by the hood. Breathing through my nose, I slowly and carefully gulped the urine down, only to have my mouth re-filled and the cycle continued until he was finished, the last squirts of piss from his empty bladder finishing as I cleaned the drops from his cock and he pulled away.


As this was happening, I almost didn't realise Mistress had lubricated a long fat urethral sound with deep heat and was forcing it down my urethra to the hilt until the end was just visible at the tip of my penis. It was so quick I was just in a daze from the sudden agony and sensations. I was still in shock as She reapplied my chastity belt, over the top of the massive dilation plug and the sound, Forcing them deeper and locking them irremovably behind the tamperproof steel of the belt that ran between my legs. I was now totally sealed up down below, dilated and now starting to burn like a red hot poker had been forced down my cock.

As the deep heat started kicking in, my whole lower body now on fire from the burning chemical torture inside me and my severely welted body now adding sweat to the injuries re-igniting the searing pain, I began to moan and scream around my gag in response, the excruciating all encompassing pain was building fast and I knew from experience would last several hours....


As I begged for mercy in gag talk, "Night slave, sleep tight" was the last thing I heard as footsteps and heels clicked into the distance followed by the clunk of the heavy door to the dungeon closing and the locks applied.


I was now alone in the darkness of the concrete windowless dungeon to spend the night chained up, kneeling and hanging by my neck, full of fresh piss and cum, suffering as my holes slowly stretched and ached and the stinging throbbing agony of the chemical heat burned inside me, overtaking the pain still throbbing from my nipples, legs and ass and the pain from my bondage predicament


.... it will be a long night before the start of a long day of yet more.

1/30/2017 5:16:04 AM

How hard is it to reply to a message with a polite 'No Thanks' if your not interested... or even 'really busy right now, I'll get back to you'

just plain good manners and courtesy. I reply to EVERY message, good or bad.

Disclaimer:.... Unless your an obvious bone idle beggar or scammer touting from pennies instead of getting a job, *Deleted Unread* will be your response.

While were ranting... lol.... location = UK.... WTF use is that to anyone !!  ??

8/26/2016 5:20:16 AM
well seems the idiots are out in force today:

 on 8/26/16 at 12:56 PM:

Have ever thought about travelling the world, no I don,t suppose you have, I mean every thing that you say you have done would make you to old to travel. Oh don't say it you have worked in the post office too, make it easier to get your bus pass.

Now I have never spoken or even looked at this lady, totally out of the blue message, that I can only imagine is down to pure jealousy...

I'm no analyst and certainly not an officer of the grammar police (you only need to read my drivel to realise that...lol) but my estimate is of someone with issues... low intelligence, low self esteem with little to show for 62 years on the planet.... and so feels much better by having a little drive by pop and block.... well I'm glad you feel much better.... means absolutely nothing to me other than I'm glad your hassling me rather than someone who might give a shit what you think.

I make no apologies for the very full life I've had, professionally, personally and in kink.... I live life to the max,I strive to sample everything at least once, every second counts and there are many more to go hopefully.

If you've chosen to waste your life doing absolutely nothing with your seconds, then don't attempt to criticise those that chose a different path...

just makes you look rather pathetic Darling :)

8/9/2016 9:55:25 AM

If your opinion of Trans / TV's / Cross Dressers / Sissy's is one of HATRED.

That does NOT mean YOU if it's just not your 'thing', each the their own, totally fine, I don't like Marmite either but I wouldn't want it banned, hurt or dead.

I mean, if you actually HATE dressers, get angry / hostile at them or even worse feel they should be Harmed or worse.

Then do feel free to take your BIGOTED Eyes OFF my profile and retreat back under the rock where you belong with the rest of the bottom feeders... luckily your kind are very much in the minority and Mother nature will eventually see to your extinction, natural selection, survival of the fittest and all that.... goodbye to bad rubbish.

In the meantime, You are neither intellectually or socially developed enough for modern society in my view, so do us all a favour and Fuck Right Off from here.... 

Basic language I know for my IQ, but that's all those type of Fucktards understand.

That is all.

9/10/2015 10:43:52 AM


Real Men? ..... A Life observation for the deluded bigots....

So, it seems scores of [Mostly] ladies, can't stand Crossdressers. except it seems if you have a wallet to share, in which case they absolutely love it.

Apparently you can't be a 'real' man, whatever that means, if you crossdress.

Take me for example, I crossdress... no.. I 'Freedress'. In the spirit of equality I am taking back my freedoms and taking back my rights by wearing the heels that were designed for and originally worn by men, I will wear tights and stockings (same), I will wear make up just like men have done since the dawn of time, will wear my skirts and kilts, mini dresses (tunics), and long dresses (robes). If I wanted to be a real man, I would dress as a gladiator in my leather bodice and my pleated mini skirt and gladiator sandals.... Dressing like a girl didn't seem to stop the armies of real men, the roman warriors from conquering the whole of Europe and giving rise to much of the democracy, technology and order we take for granted today, except we can't wear those outfits now, that's crossdressing you see and not manly.

I'm not singling out ladies in particular, everyone is different but I find Men in general more accepting and live and let live than Women for some reason. Most people I know , Men and Women are just as angry at the world and it's strange ways, prejudices and stereotypes. Most are fully behind the rights of everyone to look, dress, act in any way we choose regardless of gender, just as it should be, freedom for all. See the person, view the heart, not just judge the book by its cover.

But time and time again, I see Crossdressing in the Dislikes sections, and comments such as 'not into TV's, Cd's Sissies, I like men to be real men'... There's that phrase again, 'real' man.

I'm a man that  Freedresses, I crossdress, I'm a TV, a tranny and above all proud not not to be a bigot.

I'm a girly man, a real Tomboy...but also I'm an engineer... A very very clever engineer, very skilled with hands and mind. Companies come to me when their own engineering teams cannot solve their problems, hard, heavy, complex industrial problems they pay me to solve the problems that their 'real men' and women can't.

No DIY task is beyond me, I plumb, I'm a qualified electrician, I can plaster, lay bricks, install the most complex IT systems, CCTV systems, build kitchens, bathrooms, lay floors and carpets, I'm a skilled carpenter. I've built houses and outbuildings with my bare hands from scratch and brought in no outside tradesmen or help. 

I'm an electronics engineer capable of working of cutting edge electronics and fix them right down to the microscopic grains of sand you see on the circuit boards and if I can't find some computer software that fits my needs I write my own (programmer too).

 I can drive everything from a motorbike to articulated Lorries and coaches, I hold licences for them all. I'm a precision mechanical engineer with 20 years experience in machine shops down to sub micron levels of accuracy, I spent 10 years running an engineering company re manufacturing every engine and gearbox from cars to ships, built race engines and cars from scratch. I can weld to coded standards in a variety of disciplines..... still with me... I'm a real man and I can do all that wearing a skirt if I wanted to....... But wait, that makes me not real doesn't it ??

I've seriously hurt myself more times than I can remember and yet just patch myself up or do nothing and get on with it. I'm a rarity with doctors and seldom get sick, and if I do, I sleep it off, walk it off or just get over it without so much as a whimper. Man flu?? what's that.

I climb, I jetski, ride motorbikes, quadbikes, horses, ride them all, fallen off them all, fixed them all myself and I run 2 businesses, a family and have an amazing social life all at the same time..... And, unlike real men, I can do all the above in a dress, 6in heels and full makeup and it would make no difference to my performance.... only how you judge me.

So, to the ladies that think that way..... I single you out for once....

The next time you look in the mirror as you take off that boyfriend cardigan, that unisex T shirt, those 'gladiator sandals' (a gladiator is a MALE WARRIOR!!), those flat shoes, those 'boyfriend' jeans and the men's sock's. When you take out those falsies to make your 'real' breasts appear bigger than they 'really' are. When you wipe off that make up (don't forget you stole that from men) to reveal the less than perfect 'real' skin carefully concealed underneath, when you stare at your heels you have to wear because your 'real' height is shorter than you'd like it to be, when you take off that nail polish that hides the less than perfect 'real' nails below..... remember you demand a 'Real' man, yet live a life of fakery that makes you a appear a real woman.

I can make an alpha male look an inadequate wimp, I have more skills, drive, ambition and dedication than the average Joe could even dream of..... yet, in the eyes of some, I'm not a 'real' man because I crossdress. 

Maybe, just maybe, you need to take a look in the mirror when you judge a real man with bigoted eyes. 

rant over... as you were... :)

== Results from http://bdsmtest.org/ ==
100% Degradation receiver
99% Bondage receiver
95% Submissive
93% Masochist
93% Slave
92% Experimentalist
90% Bondage giver
81% Primal (Prey)
72% Non-monogamist
53% Pet
51% Exhibitionist
33% Voyeur
33% Brat
25% Sadist
18% Ageplayer
16% Vanilla
14% Switch
12% Master/Mistress
12% Dominant
8% Brat tamer
6% Primal (Hunter)
6% Degradation giver
0% Owner
0% Daddy/Mommy
0% All-Rounder
See my results online at http://bdsmtest.org/result.?id=665305

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