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Service subs are welcome for housework, yardwork, and such (power washing, wall washing,,,)

IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO CATS DO NOT BOTHER ________________________________________________________ If you seek a long term, female led relationship, get in touch...I am not about random play. Please dont waste my time. I have had my fill of it. What I seek is a sub life partner-period. (within an hour ideal). _____________________________________________________________ Always bear in mind, especially in a FLR, that it takes time to learn and build the dynamic. No 2 relationships are ever alike. Someones interests will change in terms of wants, needs and desires based on each others likes and dislikes. In a FLR, there may be a specific protocol that the Domme follows, but it grows, changes and develops within the relationship as it builds.
Always remember no 2 Dommes are alike and neither are any 2 subs. This would be even more prominent if either party was out of the lifestyle for a while or new...
I have a female led household. What I will seek will be one to share and build a life with in all ways. I will NOT support someone, and I dont expect anyone to support me. I expect us to work together in life. 55+++ONLY...

Always remember, SEXY is a state of mind-not a look...

And YES, I am a big girl-due to health issues-that WILL not change. I have Fibromyalgia and Lupus and live in chronic pain, I have also had both knees replaced. However, working on getting in shape.

I am not a Barbie, but can rock your world.
You damn right well better be able to rock mine!..
Questions??? ASK!
I am a sensual Domme. I get in your head...
I am not new to the lifestyle or this site.
You must be available to come to my area.
I will be honest...
Not in a hurry at all.
Local to me only LOCAL?! AND SINGLE as in Unattached only.
Clean DD free.
My dream is to live in a home in the woods, near water-private. Interpret that how you will!

Another bit from my old profile

****What ever happened to the good ole boys? The ones that needed a Mistress that could get in their heads? Make them feel sensations they never imagined? Even worked hard to earn a good taken from behind? I will never torture another human being. I will scene ,for the mutual pleasure it brings. I will not rape a sub. He needs to earn the pleasure of being taken that way. I use to love teaching a sub to have constant orgasms without release of cumming. Yes, that is possible! Turning a sub to jelly, literally, for my amusement. There are just no subs like that anymore...***

Taking a break. Not sure I can do this anymore.

Not going to be around much June 12 to June 20.

No one stays around for long. This is the famous words, I hear:                             "I don't think I can relocate after all, have lived here all my life"                           "I need some space to clear my head, it's not you, I am just so confused"                   "I can't get you out of my head, I tried by not talking to you and it just made me want to talk to you more, I just want to be with you, but I am so confused,"

And in all of this?? "It's NOT you!"   What else am I suppose to think? 

                    BOYS have your ducks in a row, BEFORE a Mistress spends time directing you, with her words and stories, to begin the molding of your spirit to her will.                              That is just a small example of what I have gotten. This is also why a Mistress usually talks to several  boys at the same time.

  I'll fix the typo at a later date!!!!!

Sometimes when I check mail I forget to log out, please understand if I do not answer back.

It amazes me at times, how a sub is too "busy" to speak with me, but I log on here to check mail and WOW they are here !!!

Stepping away for now 4/19

I see the people on this site really havent changed much. Guys, "service" sub is not sexual in nature. As far as what I truly seek? Don't start off by talking strictly about kinks and sex. For a Female Led relationship to establish, the first and most important thing is getting to know each other. I have a vanilla world that any life sub would need to be part of.

I opened my profile and was overwhelmed with mails. Some from old friends. Some from people I didn't know. I did continue conversations with a couple new people I was anxious to get to know (one near, one far), and ghosted by both. I may have said or done something unintentionally in a way that could be taken wrong, I have been rather ill with a sinus thing (not the kind of sick I am use to) and a tad grouchy and needy. But still something could have been said in a message perhaps?

It will take me some time to get through the mail I have gotten since opening my profile back up. 

Folks, you are not doing yourself any favor by lying about your age. I see a sub here, that I use to visit when I lived in SE, MI. He claims to be 48--same age he had up 11 years ago, and he wasn't 48 then!!!
I wish you all, the Happiest of New Years...
Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!
I am sorry I have not been very communicative. Still healing and not feeling myself...
Christmas wishes-a solid color comfortor in lavender or sage green, a bottle of Calyx (perfume) by Clinique, a gal can dream
Too bad there is not a local boy, that could nurse me back to health after my surgery...
I will NOT reply to any one I don't already know. Just back on to my contacts only!
I won't be on for several days
I pop on to check mail, as not to be rude.... NOT to chat or message back and forth. I have a lot going on over the next few weeks... (does not apply to long term friends!)
On 9/12, it will be a year ago that I lost my sweet carl...
I am very sorry to anyone feeling "slighted" by my lack of communication. I have been having health issues (kidneys) as well as pleurisy (lungs) caused by my Lupus. The weather changes have not been kind... Getting better every day
Been communicating with someone who seems really great. Wants and needs are similar. Sure would be a nice change... A REAL person!
Any female subs around that would like to spend a day helping Mistress do things around the house? SERIOUSLY
Back for long time friends only
Not sure what is going on with site-can only sign in moble mode on computer-I can't interact-sorry
As stated above-I am NOT looking. I also do not care to speak to anyone NEW. I am keeping this open to keep in touch. If we have been long time chat friends-please ask for my email. Not sure how much longer I will keep this open.
I hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year...
It is terrible when you spend time getting to know someone, and they just blow you off (sadly I have done this too-not intentionally though). What a waste of time. Just here to keep in touch with friends. NOT LOOKING, and likely won't again. Sick of subs not following through. FLR long term seems an unattainable goal, so why even try...
Carl passed today
Please know, my lack of communication has no bearing on anyone but ME. I am very sorry, just too much going on
Just so it is out there---1) I don't know my own name half the time right now 2) stress level is sky high 3) a lot of my mail keeps disappearing 4) carl is on Hospice now
Any LOCAL females available to help me out with some projects>>>
Caring for a terminal cancer patient, leaves me very limited personal time. PLEASE DON'T WASTE IT. (edit 6/10; It is official, carl has 3-6 months)
I tried to go back in my mail and catch back up, but it seems the site has deleted much of it. If we normally chat, please be in touch...
I am very grateful, for the dear sub that came and fixed the leak in my hot water heater, An absolute perfect gentleman through and through. You have restored my faith (cautiously of course). It was a pleasure to have your presence in my home. You know who you are.
got this=Dated 4/9/2016 8:39pm

Yeah guessed that you're a small dick faggot LOSER LOL.....

Reported u as obvious scammer. CS WILL READ AND


*******As much as I enjoy keeping in touch with certain people, I may just quit. Shit like the email above just are too much with everything else--I wouldn't give my tele number-so I get this. I have many Trans friends, but it is not my thing. He had talked about fakes, I agreed and said there are a couple females that email me now that I know are men.. I don't need this shit. I always try to be nice
After 10 months of being stable, carl's cancer has spread. I will not be on often, so if I don't answer for a long time, please understand.
A Happy and Healthy New Year to all. May all your dreams and wishes come true...
Wishing all a Very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years...
And the games just keep happening...
Well after being off line for a while, I now know who is worth my time!!!
So, I come on to go though mail. TWO pages worth! (not bragging). Most were honest inquires from people I have spoken to before, but more than 1/3 were "you cannot respond to this message because the account no longer exists". What a flipin waste of time!
Sorry I have not been around. Heavy Load... I will get to mail as soon as I can...
Guess I'll put this second picture out here--not flattering, had just been on steroids...
Looking for an old dentist friend==need a hand...
I found the BEST way to get rid of a game playing asshole!! Tell him you want something for all your wasted time, a "gesture". Then, make it an expensive one! The fake will run for the hills! Anyone who truly knows me, knows I would never ask for such a thing. So tired of players-this time, I had a bit of fun. His loss...
Need a mechanic to fix a car so I don't have to do 90mile round trips ever 12 hrs!!

I need a girl for housework and fun...
Had some alone time... Went to take a nice LONG hot shower, and 5 minutes into it-NO hot water---ugh!
Let's see, "you have way too many problems, good luck to you". How do I take that?? Hey I am real, and very up front and honest. I am really sorry if that is not good for someone. I know what I want and need.
I was thinking back over the last 20 years. If I had all the things that have been "promised" to me, by others, MY life would be very amazing, with not a worry in the world... I have been promised homes to turn poly-if I so chose, cars, trips, and even bills paid. But--I have never been the kind to accept those things. No one EVER followed through anyway!
Did some MAJOR gardening at my daughters today. I am sunburned and so very sore. Too bad I can't get a nice relaxing massage, or even sit in a hot tub for a bit...
Been chatting with a very wonderful boy for quite awhile. We had chatted previously on several occasions off and on (as I have with many, Doms & subs alike)
Don't know if anything will happen. Distance is an issue. Guess we will see.
Motherboard fried on computer, so I am without for now...
Block me? I did nothing wrong! I am not a date around kind either-I have waited for my ONE for a long time. It has been almost 3 years since I have Dommed. Just plain rude! I don't understand people anymore. My time is just too precious to waste with this crap. This is why I stick to friends ONLY! And  that I have plenty of!
Another year...
Well carl now has a feeding tube. Hopefully soon, we will find out how long this will all go on. He dropped to 110lbs before they did this, sadly. He is as grouchy as all get out too.
Going back through my old mail--has everyone closed their accounts? I am starting to think that is what I should do too...
Please keep in touch with me! My mind is going a thousand miles an hour right now-so feel free to email (PEOPLE I KNOW ONLY)
No heat since last night. Was 3 degrees, brrrr. UPDATE: Ahhhh heat sweet heat!
Been AWOL, I know. Still having leg issues and my sub partner was diagnosed with esophageal cancer last week. A lot on my plate...
People sure lose interest fast these days. They chat with you and seem all interested, then they are gone. Oh well. guess it was just wishful thinking. I was hoping  that by not "looking" someone LOCAL may pop up. I sure do not see that happening.
I need domestic help!
My bottom line is; I dream of a relationship, that can appear vanilla on the outside, and behind closed doors have all the kink I need. Sadly I am no longer 100% self sufficient. I don't care about travels and such. Just a comfortable daily life
Driving to Zeeland everyday at 5 am, and back at 4pm--kicking my butt!
I really wish people would update their AGE, pictures and journals. It is hard to read someone with all that inaccurate. Being 28 for the last 10 years shows laziness, I have also been "hiding" users that don't reply to my emails, strictly so I don't bother to write again. Hey if someone compliments your profile, at least say thank you.
I have given much thought to everything regarding the lifestyle. I have been out of it for more than 2 years now.
I do not think at this point I will return. I tried. I met some great prospects.
My heart just is not in to it at this time.
I am sorry for letting you down.
well, I did way too much today!
Sure could use a real great massage!!!
I will be out of commission for a bit due to health....
Well that didn't work out either. I just am done. I will stay her for friends and mentoring.
It is really too bad, when you take the time to get to know someone, talk a few times, realize you have a lot in common and "poof" they are gone. Just so typical...
Sorry I was away for a bit. I responded to mails. I am just not in any hurry and willing to wait for the right one...
Sorry for the delay in answering mail-things have been rather crazy lately...

This is from my other SN- It is very true of me...

I am a Dominant. I am a woman, not a Barbie Doll. I have curves, and bumps. My body shows the wear and tear of one who worked too hard for too long, has born 2 children, has had weight ups and downs and suffered the ravages of SLE (look it up). I am beautiful, in and out. What this body can do to you will amaze you beyond reason. There are things it has been finely tuned for, over many years. It will rock you in ways you never knew possible. Never judge a dominant by looks. There is much more to a true Domina than a hard body and a gorgeous face. The intelligence, knowledge and even witt of a true Domina will leave you...speechless. I do not need to be a bitch and degrade someone for my pleasure. There are many ways I get my 'high' without such abuse. I get in your head. Trust me, I will stay there for a long time. You will do things for me based on a certain look or change of the mood. You will always know your place. I am a Dominant. cPEK

One jerk is all it took...