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I have a wonderful primary relationship, and the sweetest secondary, though he's much too far away, over four hours drive. So, if you're interested, you've got to be service oriented, poly, and accessible. I know, it's a tall order. What does it take to make a connection? What does it take for two people across the vast expanse of the internet to find common ground, maintain communication, and make that massive leap of faith into real world interactions? Apparently, quite a lot.

I am an experienced Dominant, with decades of time in the scene doing everything from attending clubs and the Fetish Fair Flea to vending at events, teaching impact and sensation play and hosting a TNG back in the day. I attended Social Eyes in RI, and presented at kinky con in NH as well as being a vendor at the NELA Flea and Kinky Con. Ive tried most of the stuff on the BDSM menu, and have a solid set of skills and understanding of what I want and how I choose to go about getting it. As Ron Swanson says, I know what Im about, son.
My skills and taste lean heavily on the power exchange dynamic side of the house. I have no interest in helping someone new explore. Its not where Im at, and not what I need. Ask me one liners or about such things, and I will direct you to your local munch.
What Im looking for is someone who knows that they are about service and submission, who knows that BDSM goes way deeper than play spaces, and is looking to enrich and enhance the life of this Dominant woman. When I say enrich and enhance, that means easing my burden and workload in the home space, helping with projects, and being generally both useful and good company, freeing up space in my head for the more fun things by giving me the gift of time and reduced stress.
The flip side is that I am enchanted by great service, and hope to be come very fond of such a submissive. I believe that love is very much a part of a robust power exchange dynamic, and take an active role in ensuring that partner is well cared for, safe, successful, and happy. But if you are a brat or like to sass, Im not the one. I want someone who is fully engaged in a role where they provide service, deference, and respect, as I provide guidance, purpose, and hopefully, rewarding experiences.
You must understand that I am in a committed relationship to a primary partner, who I met here on this site. Hes very supportive,
but no longer able to engage in certain activities. Know that we are open, but selective, and that what I seek is for me alone. We each have our own secondary interests, as it were.
I live in the country and would particularly enjoy someone who likes rural life, and is interested in not only being of use, but might accompany me on travel and to scene and cultural events.
You may have seen my original profile here, less the xx. Unfortunately I can no longer update that one, so this has been created to give voice to my current pursuits.

A few key notes on what Im looking for...

I am not interested in watersports, diapers, or forced feminization. A crossdresser who is passable is interesting, but Im not a traditionally feminine woman, so Im not going to be of any help feminizing anyone else. Im far more likely to be in jeans and a Tshirt than anything resembling a skirt.

What I want is someone who seeks to be the cherished possession and servant of a professional woman. That person should enjoy the typical fun of getting tired up and beaten on, as well as a bit of suffering for anothers pleasure. I enjoy mild humiliation as a tool to use against the male ego, but nothing in public, this is after all my Personal Life. Chastity is a big yes, a lovely tool in the toolbox.

Im also a fanatic for consistency in communication. So once you get in touch, stay in touch. So many people here stop mid conversation, and the next thing I see is theyve deactivated or deleted their presence here. So if you do stop talking for a few days, dont be shocked if I expect the worst a deliberate abandonment of the process. And really, what a shame that is when I have a house that needs cleaning and a bag full of toys that need using...

This is your periodic reminder that emails should be more than a hello and how are you,  and profiles should contain much more than a handful of sentences and your physical traits.  Make your mark folks,  give readers something to go on.  A blank profile gets no consideration. 

This week was a LOT. Here's to an easier one starting today. 

Never forget that Dominant people are still people.  I've got two family members in the hospital this week with different,  but significant things going on.  I'm stressed.  I'm not in the mood for BS.  When you engage with people,  keep in mind those things happen in every life.  Neither I, nor anyone else owes the perfect version of themselves  100 percent of the time, nor is that possible. We manage to fit our kink and power dynamics into our existing,  complex,  vanilla included lives, and that's if we are very fortunate.  

Feeling in a bit of a funk.  Saw my secondary last weekend,  but who knows when our schedules will align again.  Two weeks,  two months? I need someone nearby,  or who can be nearby in the future.  I need an extra hand to do projects around the house with me, to accompany me in travel, go out to the bar or give me a foot rub. So many little things would be better with a boy Friday, a minion, a henchman to my evil mastermind...

I'm looking for someone who has a primary interest in real world, practical service that makes my life easier as part of a power exchange relationship. My primary is, as previously disclosed, disabled. And my secondary lives two states and over four hours away. So there's a space in my life for someone who could ease the workload a tad but also blend with my kink and D/s nature. From what I've shared, I hope its clear that you must be poly aware and comfortable with it.  And if you're not local,  you've got to have a willingness to relocate to the pine tree state at some point. 

I'm seeing a sudden increase in the number of profiles viewing me from the UK.  This is kind of cool, as I love the UK. The culture, the historical context, the national healthcare... BUT, you are all too far away for me!  So British boys, you've got to be in the US, sorry to say.

I'm having a night when I really wish my service boy was local.

Why am I here?

Well,  I like browsing.  I like staying in touch with folks I know here. I enjoy seeing how people present themselves.   But I'm not eagerly hunting for a sub. I've got a primariy relationship and a robust secondary (though he lives too far away for my total satisfaction), and I've got lots of adult responsibilities. 

What does that mean for subs who contact me? It means there are no guarantees and a lower than usual likelihood of me pursuing anything beyond local contacts for munches and socializing.  It also means that if I do have an interest,  my pace may be absolutely glacial.  

Side bar,  if you come at me with an immature,  sex focused approach, take issue with me being here, ignore my stated priorities or generally act like a jerk, it's not going to get you very far. I reserve the right to block anyone, and really,  it's a benefit for both ends and prevents wasting time for all involved. 

I may have found a gem in this wilderness one more time.  Time will tell,  but understand my focus is on seeing that develop for the moment. I'm still checking emails and browsing...

Welp, I finally caught COVID, after two years of high precautions.  My state is the hotspot of the nation at the moment, so I'm not totally shocked, but it was definitely a rough ride, and would have been much worse if I had not been vaccinated.  I'm finally testing negative again, though still having some lingerin symptoms.  SO... be careful, get your vaccine and boosters, and take care of each other. 

I don't really like doing "negative space" posts, but a few things:


I do not do "sessions".  I'm not a prodomme, I'm not interested in casual anything.  If I pursue something, its because I think it has potential for an ongoing dynamic of substance.  I'm also not a findomme, and have no interest in folks whose primary motivation is in that realm. 

Doms - some of your cohort are giving you a seriously bad name.  Here's what keeps happening. A Dom contacts me, says they want to do the equivalent of talking shop.  Within a few exchanges they're pushing boundaries, either telling me they want to flip the and sub, or telling me how wonderful they are and bragging all around, or in one case, attempting to pathologize my own participation in the lifestyle and dismissing any woman with interests in this realm.  Guys, don't do this.  It just makes you look bad, and I'm happy to use the block button when things go down that path.  You're here on a site for finding people who complement  your preferred power orientation. Go forth! Pursue them!  Have fun!  Just leave the Dommes alone, we're not buying. 

Geez, what else.   Please be ready to engage in conversation of substance.  I'm not looking to chat forever, but I am looking to chat until I can see that you are a consistent, reliable, engaging individual who can connect with me on a materially significant level.  I'm not going to invite you to my off-site world unless I feel you've proven those things, because I don't need fifteen "hi" messages a day blowing up my phone from folks who don't bother to string together a full sentence. 


Ahh, venting complete.  I might even delete this later, but for the moment, it needed to be said.



Events are back,  yee haw, etc!!

There's a vending event July 16th and a larger one November 11-13 in Manchester NH. This is progress people!

Now,  where the hell did I put my corset...?

Who am I?

When I was in kindergarten, I got my very first parent-teacher meeting because I convinced a nice little boy (Timmy, Tommy, something like that) to climb into the toy cabinet. He complied (what joy!), and I then proceeded to tie the door handles together with a shoelace. Silly me, I didn't know basic rope safety back then. I didn't have safety shears, and when I could not untie my knots, little Timmy/Tommy got rather upset. It was then that a teacher had to come rescue him, and the poor Catholic School teachers realized that they'd better get on the horn to Mom and Dad, pronto. Looking at me, they must have thought "this kid was going to be A Problem."

True enough, I read ahead of the class, ignored instructions in favor off more efficient methodologies, and continued to be large and in charge over the years.

I'd say it's been all downhill from there, but I've rather enjoyed the ride!

I'm heading to a lifestyle event a couple hours away tonight. It's been years,  literally. I've missed being with other kink folks socially so badly that this is kind of a big deal.  This is also a small gathering,  with vaxx card and mask required,  so it's a safe as such a thing can be these days. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me,  maybe there will be a service boy there who desperately needs a pair of feet to rub.

NELA, the organization that created the Fetish Fair Fleamaket which served as shopping and educational space for decades,  has dissolved.   For those of you who know me from those spaces and vending I can only tell you that it is a sad sad day that sees this group done.  Partly a loss due to organizational issues,  but I'm sure partly due to COVID-19,  it passes into history with dozens of other kink sources,  spaces and groups.  I hope that one day things will be safer and we can gather together again,  working to support each other and share kink space and time. 

I am seeing a LOT of people email for a bit, then one day poof, their profile is deleted or made inactive. I think I've noted this before, but it feels like I'm seeing a spike in it right now. I get it, we're all worn the fuck out by COVID issues and spiking cases etc. But its sad to see so many folks just bolt out the proverbial door.

I may not be as available as I'd like to right now,  and may need to wait until numbers are better to meet.  And that's OK for anyone at this point in a pandemic. 


 I hate to put limitations on things but I have noticed a trend and feel the need to address it. I am looking for someone who is in at least a somewhat similar lifestage to myself. I am seeking a very long term dynamic, and I want that person to be around for many years and capable of keeping up with me.  But I also want them to share at least some cultural context with me.  Therefore if you are over the age of about 58 or under 30, it's a no go. Don't go begging for chances or trying to change my mind on this one,  it's a thing that just is. 

I dont' mind telling you, fetish world, kink people, that I am frustrated. I am frustrated by the surge of Omicron after we finally seemed to be turning a corner on the original COVID, then Delta, etc.  I am frustrated that this is slowing down my ability to pursue my interests, as I don't consdider it wise to go hang out in a bar right now or get coffee with an interesting individual.  It is making me take my time even more than usual in my seeking of the right person, and I think in some discussions I've had, it is slowing down others' will or desire to take those risks as well. And that's ok because I'd rather spend my time with someone who shares my risk appetite than someone throwing caution to the wind.

I've also seen a really disturbing trend of interesting people just deleting their profiles here mid conversation. I strongly suspect that the ambient stress of pandemic life and the demands of what should be Normal Life are creating unsustainable levels of internal conflict for folks, who eventually just hit the panic button and run from places like this. 

I don't have a cure, that's for sure. The scientists keep working on it though. There's a new pill based treatment getting Emergency Use Authorization as of late December 2021. The vaccines work, boosters are available, and the whole testing thing, while it needs work, is somewhat available. 

So do me a favor folks. Especially those of you possibly interested in a Domme like me, because I want my social life back. Get your damned shot. Get your booster. Get your friends and family vaxxed.  There's really no reason to help the virus find victims, it's good enough at that on its own.  

I know I said I encourage folks to contact me, but please, do use more than three words total in your effort!  Tell me WHY you're reaching out, and what interested you about my profile. It's only polite after all. 

I recently added a photo for visibilty, but sometimes I forget how much a set of breasts will draw out folks' most basic desires, and not their intellect. They forget that there is a person on the other side of the screen, and not just a fetish dispenser. I'm not here for casual sex, for online play, or games of "what would you do if I were in front of you".  Please be sure you are expressing yourself in a way that addresses more substantive topics. 

Some things I enjoy that don't fit neatly in a check-the-box type space, and are fun to explore once the service need is met:

  • Predicament bondage - putting the sub/slave in a position where they are bound from full movement, and maybe can't qutie reach something, say a fleshlight just out of reach of their errection, or in a more mundane case, weights placed so that when they releive pressure on one body part, it shifts to another, making a comfortable position impossible. There are a thousand variations on this, all lots of fun.
  • Obj-ect-ification (spelling modified to fit requirements of this place)- this can be literal "Be a table" or treating the person as an for pleasure, with a hood or mask or other thing that covers/hides their individuality. 
  • Chastity - for the right person, chastity is a powerful tool. But not everyone responds to it in fun ways.  So it could be a metal or silicone device, or just the honor system. But it allows for a highly personal reward system for desired behaviors or behaviral changes, and shifts focus to the Dominant partner. 
  • Obedience - and by this I don't just mean jump when I say jump, I mean I give a series of instructions, and the obedience is considered successful based on how closely to the instructions it is completed. Sometimes this is to build a listening skill, sometimes its for fun. 

If I send a repeat email to anyone, my apologies, as I know copy-paste and repeat messages can drive a person a bit nuts.  Back in the day when you could search your inbox for a user name, I could prevent that kind of lapse. Unfortunatley now there's not many options to double check such history before hitting send.


Just to add to this, seriously, the email system is TERRIBLE.  I wish it would thread replies, so I didn't have to dig through piles and pages of random messages to find one from someone I found interesting.  I"ve had conversations language during high volume email patches, and it's not because I was bored with the conversation. Even being able to sort by user name would be nice. 

If you're out there looking at my profile and thinking "oh I shouldn't send an email bc I'm a sub/slave etc" then just get over that :)  If you think there is a good match, you should absolutely reach out. I welcome conversation based on common interests and shared goals. 

I'm looking for someone who can start by being available to me regularly, and over time increase that to either live in or near live status.  That takes time though, and you have to be available - physically nearby or able to travel, and not so obligated with job or other things that you can't be here frequently. 

While my main need at this time is service to free up time for the fun stuff in life, I also want someone I can do *terrible things to* and who LOVES that, because I will also treasure them deeply.  


My goodness,  it looks like journals are back... that is exciting!