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Pansexual Female Submissive, 48,  Wyoming
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rox2 - submissive

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 Submissive Female


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 6"

 175 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

 Lives For:



 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops


 Domestic Servants

 Housework Service


 Obedience Training


 Serving as a Maid/Butler






 Body Worship

 Curious About:

 Anal Play


 Corner Time




 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play

 Speech Restrictions



 Wax play

 Hard Limits:

 Fire Play


 Foot Worship

 Gas Masks

 Knife Play

 Medical Play

 Needle Play



Single, fun-loving, well-educated, independent woman seeking to explore her more submissive side.

I am free thinking and intelligent. If you think gor is a slice of heaven and meant to be a reality, I am *NOT* the one for you. I am submissive, not a slave. The Gorean Chronicles are works of FICTION.  Playing gor is like going to a Star Trek convention; its fun to dress up and have pointy ears but at the end of the weekend, one ideally returns to reality.

If you think D/s can be fun, practiced as a lifestyle, and can be used as a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth, then we may have something to discuss.  I believe honesty, integrity, mutual respect and honor are the foundation of the human spirit and the basis for all relationships.  If you do as well, then we definitely have something to discuss. 

Please note:  I am not *yours* yet. When I find the one who will be my Sir, then I will submit to HIM. All respectful, sincere inquiries will be responded to.  Please have a decent face pic on your profile or send one with your initial communication and I will provide a pic when I respond. 

Hard Limits include:  scat, watersports, spitting, needles, blood play, pedophilia (including role play of little girl), slavery and I'm sure there  may be other limits that have yet to be identified.  If it is your desire to push a woman beyond these limits then, please find another profile.

Another note:  I do not live in Wyoming.  My privacy is important to me. If we begin a communication, then when the time is right I will reveal more about myself.  Until then, please respect and understand my reluctance to share so much about myself with "just anyone." 

I am real and I am sincere.  I do not wish to play games with men who like to cyber-Dom.  That is not my style.  If you are real as well, and are seeking a woman who will gratefully, and joyfully submit to a man with similar values, - then I would like to hear from you.

If nothing else, we both make one more like minded friend in the world . . .and that is, indeed, very valuable.  :)

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Journal Entries:
10/16/2011 1:50:52 PM

Wow, just when you think you may have met someone interesting and half way viable, someone you are interested in getting to know better, you find out what a sick fuck they are.  What is so darn difficult about a GROWN woman who doesn't want to play Daddy/girl games or Mommy games.  No I am not going to have children for you.  NO I am not into lactation play.  A boundary is a boundary.  If you are so into lactation play, find a therapist.  This indicates unresolved childhood issues.  And no I don't have to understand that you didn't mean it that way, because we both know thats where it was going.  I don't have to understand why your sick psychology is the way it is. 


I totally get that places like CM are havens for sick fucks.  Guess one shouldn't expect any less.  But really, I'm sure there are some sane, Dominant men out there.  I know there are.  Guess they aren't on CM...

8/28/2011 4:05:14 PM

i've been gone for a bit.  Gone from here anyway.  It's been quite a ride.  But now I'm back and again looking for a true alpha male.  My desires and fantasies are deeper than ever.  Now to meet the one who can help me to help his desires and fantasies come true.  ;)

8/25/2010 3:48:50 PM
Some things should be obvious . . . I have received at least the 5th ping this month from sub women.  To be clear,  I **DO NOT** accept requests from subs looking for other women for their owners. If the owner doesn't have enough balls to do his own search, he is not man enough for me.

8/16/2010 11:29:00 PM
I am a lucky woman.  No, I haven't found The One yet, but I have met some truly Alpha male types.  Just talking to these men has been a pleasure and puts a smile on my face. 

The whole thing is interesting because they have clarified for me exactly what I'm looking for - - - i.e. a man who is in no way threatened by who I am on any level.  They have enough self confidence to let me be who I am and with their quiet confidence, they wait for the surrender. 

There is one that shines above all the rest.  To him I say a great big THANK YOU.  You have helped me uncover a great deal about myself and have allowed my deepest desires to be come to light.

8/12/2010 11:29:49 AM
Greetings!  If you have wandered to my profile and find it the least bit interesting and feel you may want  to contact me - it may be useful  to read my WHOLE profile as well as the majority of my journal entries.

Some highlights - I am NOT into daddy doms looking for a little girl. I am a grown woman and any male who wants to get to know me better would ideally be able to handle a WOMAN.

I am very energetic, if you can't keep up, we would need to make other arrangements.  ;)

Again, I am *so* not a slave type.  I am submissive to the right man.  If you are looking for a slave, - there are plenty of women who define themselves that way on this site.

I am NOT into orgasm denial - if that is your kink - I am not the one for you.  However, if forcing a woman to cum and cum and cum again, - IS your kink,  - then we should chat. :)

I do NOT do cyber submission - - geez.  This one oughtta be self explanatory. If I wanted to top myself in front of my computer, I wouldn't need you online with me.  LOL

If you are married or otherwise attached AND hiding this from your wife, please don't waste my time.  If you can't introduce a submissive female  to your wife then she is the true dominant  in your relationship.

Men are NOT superior to women.  Thats a fantasy, one that has its place  -but  its not a reality.  People are people and all people have faults. Be able and willing to admit yours and you may be able to punish me for mine.  ;)

Okay, I'm in a mood...I'll admit it.  But I'm also very serious.  Read my profile and these journal entries; they will provide a great deal of insight into who I am as a person.  For the truly adventurous, you'll be glad you did.  (smile)

8/9/2010 10:00:11 PM
Given the recent cm email, it looks like its time to update this journal.

1- In my belief structure, no one, that is NO ONE is a born dominant.  At some point everyone has been submissive to someone.  In military speak, you must be able to take an order to give an order.  If you are of the belief that you are somehow the one and only person that arrived on the planet fully formed and fully functioning as a dominant male - move on.  I am *so* NOT the submissive for you.

2 - the 1950's iconic household was a myth.  It never really existed for anyone, - but certainly not for Latina's.  If your ideal lifestyle is the 1950's fantasy of a stay at home woman who wore A-line skirts, pearls and high heels to do housework, - again, I am NOT the one for you.

3 - If you are a 20-something, frankly you do not have enough life experience or gumption to dom someone like me.  See # 1 above.  You were not born dominant.  When it comes to the lifestyle, I am more old-leather-guard in my thinking.  True alphas learn from the bottom up.

4 - If you've read my profile and my journal entries and are still reading, - THEN we may have something to discuss.  :)

11/22/2009 7:54:44 PM
LOl - okay guys - I'm still looking for a true Alpha-male.  I have not yet met one who has the self-confidence and intelligence to handle a strong woman.  I'm sure they are out there - I'm just pretty convinced they are few and far between.  One more side note though - - you have a better chance at convincing me you are an Alpha if you are virile. If you have to stop and take the little blue pill and wait for it to kick in  - - well this becomes a problem.  A man should be able to take me on HIS schedule - not on the little blue pill's schedule.  just sayin'

9/4/2009 10:58:26 PM
What is it with all these wannabee doms??  Can a man who is married, who is hiding his proclivities from his wife, - who has a submissive on the side, - and is hiding that from his wife, - - be truly dominant??

Seems to me his wife is the alpha in the house and that she controls everything. If he was truly dominant why would he have the need to hide anything from his wife???

If a so-called dominant male can't control his wife what makes him think he can control a second woman on the side??

wannabees  ! ! !   they will never get it.

8/31/2009 7:31:22 PM
In my albeit, very idealistic view of the world and relationships, nothing is more important than honor and intergrity. Without these there is nothing of any value. 

When someone lies to you, or deliberately keeps the truth from you in order to mislead you, - this is wrong. It can be akin to an emotional rape.  - And perhaps even a physical one if someone consented without full knowledge.  For example, if someone had HIV or herpes, - and failed to inform their partner this woud be beyond unfair.  The partner consented without full knowledge of the risks.  Yet so many men get insulted when asked for a recent clean bill of health from a licensed medical provider AND then told they still have to use protection. (Tests results are only good for about 6 months prior to the samples being taken AND you would have to willing to trust the partners assurances of monogamy . . . )  This seems like a no brainer, yet the level of denial that we play dangerous physical and emotional adult games - is incredible.  Any Dom that would put his submissive at risk, is not a Dom, - he's an ass.  But I digress.

When a man is married and he is seeking another partner without his wife's knowledge, approval and consent, there is a problelm.

Don't get me wrong. I am polyamourous.  If my eventual Sir sees fit to have more than one submissive, - I'd be more than okay with that.  In my view, that is his choice and his right. But if he has a vanilla relationship, is in a traditional monogamous marriage AND is keeping his other relationships from his wife, - he is out of integrity. If he gets a submissive to invest her time, energy and emotion in him and THEN springs "the news" on her, - he is NOT a dominant male.  ( I won't bother getting into a lengthy discussion of the karmic cost to the submissive that agrees to the situation and to the betrayal of another woman - suffice it to say her so-called-dom is going her a GREAT disservice. )

Okay - so I've had a few bad experiences on here so far. There are soooo many married or otherwise attached men that think keeping this from their wife is a good idea.  News Flash:  I don't care that she isn't into the lifestyle.  I don't care that she would never approve.  I don't care that bdsm is your chosen expression and in order to be "you"  - you must indulge these desires.  I care that the men I meet, - and potentially get involved with are Men of Honor and Integrity and that in exchange for my deep submission, I get someone that actually cares for my well-being.

This really isn't that difficult of a concept. 

If any of you know of a REAL man out there, - one with integrity, one with a deep sense of personal honor, one that has a solid sense of esteem, - and that has no need to beat his chest to prove his dominance, - but is secure in who he is as a Man, - do me a favor and point him in my direction.

I wouldn't even mind if he is not looking for anyone, if we don't get along, or if he doesn't find me attractive for whatever reason.  I just want to meet a man like that to prove to myself, that maybe the species actually exists.

8/29/2009 11:03:09 AM
As soon as I hit "save" on my last post, an exception to the rule appeared.  I saw a pic of a GORGEOUS man who looked just fine in facial hair. 

Then I thought about a dear friend who represents the trio-of-death.  He has facial hair, chain smokes and has a cat.  I'm allergic to cats, and can't stand cigarrette smoke.  - Especially when the taste gets caught in his beard and his beard tastes more like cigarettes and not as much like me. Last time I spent time with him, I woke up with my eyes just about swollen shut.

It goes to show you, these things are "preferences" as opposed to "musts."  Under the most ideal circumstances, my future Sir is clean shaven, doesn't smoke and has no cats. While I can compromise on the clean shaven, the cats and the cigarette smoke are less negotiable. :D

8/28/2009 10:20:06 PM
I recently discovered something new about myself. Apparently, I really don't like facial hair on men.  I'm not sure why, - it just doesn't appeal to me.  It seems that a large percentage of men who list themselves as "Dominant" are sporting beards, moustaches, sideburns.  geez  I wonder if they think that hiding their face makes them appear more masculine.

I like the well-groomed clean shaven look. Again, I'm not sure what that is about, I just know a man with no facial hair, who doesn't smoke, and drinks lite, - appeals to me more than his more , (cough) bear-like counterpart. 

8/20/2009 1:00:49 PM
It appears that many on cm have quite a different approach to D/s than I do.  Or maybe its because they aren't really into D/s.  ???   I have been contacted by several men who claim to be into leather lifestyles, who have left me with the distinct impression that they just want to get laid.  It appears they lack the social skills to sustain a rt relationship, so they call themselves "Dominant" simply to order a woman to have sex with them.

posers! - -- (yup, that small "p" is intentional)

A man who truly understands the D/s dynamic has bottomed.  He has felt the sting of the whip. He has felt the emotional humiliation of being at the whim of another. He has experienced these things to better know the mindset, to have empathy and understand the experience of his submissive.  He has learned to lead by following.  He was mentored and taught by one with more experience than he.  He knows he did not spring from the head of God, fully formed and fully functioning.  He realizes he is fallible. Through his humaness, he commands respect.  He does not insist one bend to his will,  - he allows one the joy and pleasure of submitting freely.  He is an alpha male.

8/19/2009 2:12:29 PM
ho hum . . yawn . .  to find a truly Dominant male appears to be an impossibility.  By "Dominant" I do not mean an asshole.  Of those there are plenty.  By "truly Dominant" I mean an alpha male.  One who is sooo comfortable with his natural Dominance that he has no need to puff out his chest and "make me submit."  - But one for whom I will gladly kneel in front of and give up my power and offer my submission. 

Alphas sometimes let others take the lead.  They mentor leadership. They help everyone  they meet to take the next step in development. They can teach as much with kindness as they can with stern discipline. 

Alphas may have felt the other end of the whip so that they can understand the pain their women suffer for them.  They do not feel they arrived on the planet fully developed and uber-Dominant - but were mentored and taught in the ways of men. 

8/19/2009 11:07:47 AM
So what is it with all the men wanting a "little girl??"  Do that many men have pedophilia tendencies that they fantasize about having sex with their daughter? or with a 6-year old. I don't get it.  It seems to be a strong fetish for many men though.

I am looking for a man who is capable of owning and training a strong woman. I have little use for a man that needs me to be a "little girl" just so he can feel powerful.

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