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Here to read the message boards. Not looking for a Dominant. I had the best already.

I so wish I could change my profile.  However, have been warned that changing the profile results in it needing new approval.  Some people have waited months to get approved and some never got approved.  So, I will keep my very basic profile.  

Last time I looked at adding to my journal it was not possible to do it.  Nice that the feature has returned.  The munch group started meeting a few months ago but due to having company I haven't attended yet.  However, will be going this month unless I do something silly like forget it's Saturday. 

Funny, after my late husband passed away I knew I would be seeking another.  In a month Gary will be gone for 5 years and I still have no desire to have another man in my life.  Guess I am burned out.




I am getting a puppy.  Need something to tell me when someone is around the house.  Tried to get a rescue dog as I really didn't want a puppy.  Every time a dog that was suitable became available someone always beat me to it.  Decided if I was going to get a puppy now is the time.  Weather is getting warm enough to house train a little one.  She'll be ready to leave her mommy in a few weeks.  Have already named her Tee.  She's a Bichon Frise crossed with a Yorkshire Terrier.  I know, she's going to be way too small.  
It's six months today that Gary died.  I am doing better I think.  Don't cry every day.  Certain things set me off such as songs he loved to sing.  I was at the local play party and someone was using a piece of equipment Gary bought.  That sends me back to the day he found it and how excited he was.  Then I start to cry again.  I don't stay at the parties long.  Just can't do it, however, I need to go so eventually little things like that won't bother me so much.  
I am feeling lost.  Have spent years with Gary.  Have spent years taking care of Gary.  It was my purpose in life.  I have no idea which way to go.  No idea what to do to give my life meaning.  Do I get a hobby?  Do I do volunteer work?  What is going to fill this awful emptiness?
4 egg from chicks hatched Apr 2.  2 olive green, 2 blue

Nice to have this here to keep track of what's happening.
Nine eggs today for the first time.  I'm hoping that means Goldie is finally laying.  She's 5 months behind the others. 
Got 5 eggs today!!!  White, brown, tan, and green. 
Kind of neat to keep track of all this.  Two from from ???.  It was a spotted egg.  Still think Red is the one laying the odd eggs, but can't prove it yet. 
Today I got 2 eggs from other hens.  They do not look like the ones Ebony laid.  Hopefully will spot one in the nest so I know who is laying.  Pearl laid...Ebony took the day off.  Today the hens turned 21 weeks old.  Three eggs all together. 

Pearl laid July 15.  Ebony on the 22nd.  Pearl is 19+ weeks and Ebony 20+.  At least this way I can keep track of what happened for reference for next year. 

Christos voskrese.

Gary is off golfing today.  What is great about that is that he is able to golf.  Just 9 months ago he was in ICU, battling for his life with lung, heart, and renal failure.  The doctors are amazed that he is doing so well.  He came out of it all with no permanent damage. 


We are now slowly but surely adding D/s back into our lives after having to put it aside for a time.  It's not the easiest thing to do as you get stuck in habits and patterns, but we are trying.  Gary hasn't had a reoccurance of the ICU psychosis and paranoia for over 2 months now.  The doctors had said it could take up to 2 years for it to stop.  I am learning to trust that he'll remain his normal self.  It has not been easy. 

Gary had his surgery today. His plumbing is now put together again and he'll no longer require that bag.  Because of his transplant he's considered high risk for surgery, especially elective surgery like this.  Yes, he could continue to live with the ostomy, however it's inconvenient, messy, and smelly at times. 


Anyway, he came through the surgery with no problems at all.  He's spending tonight in ICU and will be transferred to a regular room tomorrow.  I am so very relieved.  I'm exhausted. 

The remodel on the motor home is done!!!  It's lovely.  We took out one of the two couches and replaced it with cabinets for storage.  We also tore out that old yucky carpeting.  Formica makes some laminate flooring that looks just like marble.  The one we chose has different shades of gray with white and beige markings.  No two tiles are exactly alike.  It makes the coach look lovely. 

We went to the testicle festival last weekend.  There were lots of people drinking.  The wet t shirt contest turned into a strip everything contest.  There was also a ball measuring contest.  They were graded on size and odor.  The winner had 3 inch balls. 

The last munch here was a big success.  The play party was fun as we had 2 new couples join up.  We also went to munch in Missoula last weekend but didn't stay for the play party as we were camped at the testy festy. 

Altogether it's been a wonderful month so far with more things planned. 
Well...all is going so much better.  The leaky regulator on the propane tank is replaced.  The faulty "Pin" on the one door that told the slide it was open has been cleaned of rust.  Now, the step cover won't retract all the way.  So we carefully climb out of coach.  That'll wait until the weather is warmer and dryer.  We're in Montana where it's raining and chilly.  I miss AZ.
Wow, so much has happened and it's been ages since I added anything in here.  I had my surgery and it went well.  Gary got sick and was shuffled from hospitals to nursing homes to a hospital in another city before he began to get better.  He ended up with heart surgery because one doctor delayed too long before doing something to help him.

However, he is healing.  We're on our way back north.  He hasn't had any problems driving the coach.  

The coach..well, that is another story.  Had a propane leak and lost it all.  Will fix when we get to WA.  The slide has also decided to die.  It feels cramped in here without the slide out.  Will get that fixed in MT.  We only started on this trip 3 days ago.  I hope we have no more surprises. 

We were planning on remodeling this summer.  Now I wonder if the remodeling will have to wait while we get all these smaller things fixed. 

the world is good...i dodged a second bullet in that i don't have cancer...but it could be if it was not found so fast.  I am truely fortunate

On the road again.....

Yep, we're headed south...kinda.  We did leave MT.  Actually we're in WA right now visiting with kids, grandkids, friends, and doctors before finally heading south.   We left early this year as Gary was asked to photograph a wedding.  It was fun to do!!  I got to do the video part and felt I did pretty well for my first time.  The bride and groom seem happy with the videos and the pictures. 

We'll spend more time traveling this fall than we normally do.  It's just too HOT in Yuma to be there anytime soon.  When the daily high temps are closer to 90 we'll think about putting an end to our fall traveling. 
We're HOME!!!

Was a very long trip but finally got back to the hill overlooking the valley.  The mountains across the way greeted us with snow capped peaks.  A friend cut the grass.  All is quiet.  Tomorrow we'll see about getting water to the moto home.  Then we'll be settled in for the duration of the warm weather. 
We're on our way north.  After a few pleasant but long days we hit the Northern CA coast with high winds and rain.  Fortunately the rains held off the next day so that we could see the Redwood National Forest.  Then it was north to Oregon with even higher winds and more rain.  Had to stop driving early one day as the motor home was being pushed around too much. 

However, we're finally in Vancouver, WA and having a sunny although cool day today.  The grandkids are growing fast.  Last year's still a baby is now a little girl.    We were able to stop by and have a short but nice visit with some dear friends. 

It's just nice to settle down for a few days, rest, and catch our breath before heading out again.  Expect we'll be in Montana around the 25th. 
The Dominant who wrote me so that I could watch his cam show has sent out so many cmails that he forgot he'd already written to me.  So...again he has offered to show himself on cam with the same copy and pasted message.  He must be a very "affectionate" man to make such a generous offer.  Aren't all submissves here just to watch him jerk?  (tongue in cheek)  lol
I just had Dom write to me about my last journal entry. Apparently he thinks because i live in a motor home and travel, that i am trash and no better than the cam jerking Dom. He feels that i am not of a high enough station (rich enough) to have said anything bad or made fun of the jerker. Reminds me of the couple who keep looking for a third and explaining that they own a REAL house..not one on wheels. Apparently that makes the couple more real....more BDSM....rather than someone like me who owns a very expensive high end motor home that costs more than most homes...but has wheels. Some people are just pigs...or oxen.   Okay..i shouldn't say that. Some people just don't know better and don't care to learn.

I just had a first.  A "Dominant" man wrote to me, wanting me to watch him jerk on his web cam.   (shakes head)   Now if he isn't a loser, i don't know who is.  
Merry Chistmas and a Happy New Year to all.  Wishing you all a safe holiday season.  We will be in AZ, a thousand miles from family.   We make our own families here and will all be getting together to share our Christmas dinner as we did Thanksgiving dinner.  Still need to find some funny gifts for our friends....the sillier the better. 

We're approaching our 3 year anniversary of being together 24/7.  I have never regretted the choice even one day. 
WE're in Yuma now.  I love the sun and the warmth.

My good news is that we're going on a cruise in January.  Gary knew i'd never been on one and decided we'd do the Mexican Riviera...Acapulco, Ixtapa, Manzanillo!!  I am so looking forward to it!!  He bought me new fancy nipple jewelry to wear on the trip. 

We're already preparing for the trip south.  Should be leaving here in about 3 weeks.  Looking forward to the sun of Yuma.  Went to a great play party in Missoula last weekend.  It's wonderful that the group is growing so quickly.  There were several new faces among the ones we recognize. 

It's cooling off so we're thinking of heading south soon.  I've changed my profile to reflect the coming season and to get to know any new names that weren't here last year.
It's warming up quite nicely here in Yuma.  In the next month or so it should be getting warmer in the north and we'll start thinking about when we'll leave here.  Until then i'll enjoy golf, swap meets, the pool, the hot tubs, and sweet AZ living.   
I just wish to apologize in advance to those online Dominants who contact me to see what we have in common.  Since i'm collared, your solicitation brings out the monster in me.  I may...and do sometimes write very nasty notes back. 

At least you can't complain that i didn't answer you. 
I have no idea why some think a submissive is open for casual sex with every Tom, Dick, or Hairy who is passing through her town.  No, i do not do casual sex.  No, my Dom does not share me with strangers, no matter how endowed you claim to be.  No, i don't want, need, or like gang bangs.  We are a MONOGAMOUS (look it up in the dictionary if you don't know the meaning) BDSM couple. 

A happy and safe holiday season for you and yours.