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Seeking slaves, servants, gentry guests, to help us here in Central Portugal.

No fees; you work as maid or ‘boy’ for your keep, some kink.

I am a British Master, living near Tomar, Central Portugal.

I ran adult-school, pony-, puppy-play, Master/slave events in UK and EU since 1987.

Dragao Verde, is a centre for promoting sustainability, and a haven for well-mannered, congenial friends, here.

Work as a maid, sexual use possible too, not promised, whatever your birth gender.

I am definitively NOT looking for sex-slaves or whores to pimp.

Or do building work, whether born a man or a woman.

We're LGBTQ-friendly, all welcome, except bigots.

I am not bisexual, none presenting male attract me.

There will be an exit plan if or when we need to go our separate ways.

What a maid should bring to Dragao Verde

For your first visit, or if you have nowhere to store anything at home, I can probably lend you anything you have not yet acquired on your first visit, though I cannot guarantee it would be a good fit, flattering, comfortable, etc.!

From top to bottom;

Unless your hair is long enough to be styled in a credibly feminine style, you will want a wig. A long-hair hairpiece can look great, but will be difficult to keep it in good condition if wearing it daily. So I would recommend something that can be more easily maintained. I can offer one as a loan, but it may not be of good quality, the colour that suits you, or in tip-top condition. If all else fails, I will have you wear a snood cap over your hair and/or wig. I have something suitable.

If you have pierced ears, small studs or sleeper-type earrings are fine; big dangly hoops are not. Or you can wear clip-on sleepers. If you want your ears (or anywhere else) pierced, I can probably arrange it.

If you normally wear spectacles, try to have a pair in a gender-neutral or a feminine style, or wear contact lenses. (Sometimes when you buy a pair of glasses, they will offer an extra pair free, and you could have those in a suitable style.)

If you want to show a bust-line, but don't yet have breasts, then you will want silicone breast inserts. No bigger than C cup, ideally. Definitely no bigger than D cup. It is hard to make bigger sizes look realistic. With a bra, and spare, to hold them in place.

A chastity device, that you know you can wear for the whole period without pain or problems. My current recommendation for a chastity device is the custom Cherry Keeper. It is made to measure using 3D printing. You can choose the ring-size, cage-style, diameter, length, colour, and even finish. 

See recent photos of Jessica's device in my Fet Life photos and read the captions and comments. I recommend an open-cage design, in white, and the minimum size you can get your flaccid penis into, to eliminate any chance of erections or chafing in the best possible finish.

An anal plug, again, that you know you can wear for the whole period without pain or problems. Get one and some lube and try it. If too big, get something smaller, if you think you could wear something larger, get a larger one, and so on.

A suspender belt and several pairs of black stockings. These are optional, but most girls like to wear them for evening table service. If one or more of your dresses is a pastel colour, not black, bring some in tan or nude.

Black court shoes, modest heel, no more than an inch and a half for day wear. A pair of Crocs, or imitations, in a neutral colour, i.e. grey, white, black would be a less expensive alternative, the back stairs are very hard on shoes! Perhaps a second pair for evenings with a ~3 inch heel, but these are optional. 

Maid dresses, ideally 2 or 3 to allow for laundry. Plain pastel colour or black, in cotton or polycotton, white collar and cuffs optional. I can loan you one or two dresses in your size, but it is better to have your own. The ideal would be at least two in grey, blue or burgundy or black. But anything similar would be fine. We look for a shared style, but not total regimentation with identical uniforms.

There is an informal code on hemlines, above the knee for slave-maids who give sexual service, below the knee for those who don't, bondmaids. So everyone knows where they stand, or kneels.

My rule is that the apron should never go below the hemline, but usually be quite close.

Several white aprons, full and waist aprons, plain and fancy, ideally 2 plain in each style to allow for laundry. Again, I can loan these, if needed.

If you have a fetish French-maid outfits or costume, whether in conventional fabrics, latex, PVC or whatever, bring that too, as you may be able to wear it doing table service at our kinky dinner parties.

Makeup kit. Some practice in private beforehand will help.

Wash-bag, toothbrush, paste, flannel, etc. (There may be some shampoo and conditioner available for communal use, e.g. left behind by other visitors.)

Perhaps a skimpy, shortie nightie.

If you have nowhere discreet to leave a uniform, you may store it in a plastic box in our loft until you use it again, though if it is there unopened for more than a couple of years we'll message you and ask if you are coming back. If not, we'll put it into stock.

First Newsletter from Tawsingham (and Dragao Verde) websites, Spring 2023


The websites themselves are still under construction, and will be launched soon.


If you want to keep in touch, sign up for news at our new website


Copy of the broadcast below:


Olá! Welcome to the first ever news from the Tawsingham Network, Spring 2023.


What we’ve done since Summer


Slideshow of photos to illustrate the words!



Click on the title, and an explanation of what you’re seeing will appear.


I now have full control of my publishing and royalties, again. I published Guide for New Maids

] and Pretty Maids All in a Row


Both worthwhile purchases, particularly if you may come here as a maid.  

We’ve many more new titles, but we will wait until we have the website up and running.  

Publishing is vital, to add much-needed extra income.  

Moreover royalties will help fund the project, as part of my plans to ensure Tawsingham and Dragão Verde will carry on, even after I am gone.  

It would be a shame, with all the work put in, from all involved, if these communities die with me!  

Books are useful to attract interest, and recruit volunteers online, or in person, too.

Kathi has set up IT facilities with a huge, robust, shared hard disc, regular backups, itself backed up.

I’ve often taken out my girls Jessica, Kathi Jessica, Kathi and myself in Tomar

. It’s vital to me and to them that they go out with me, to show I’m proud of them, not hiding them from the world as ‘my guilty secret’.

I’ve laid hundreds of donated wall and floor tiles, in the maids’ bathroom/utility room! See slideshow! I’m nearly ready to put in the sanitary-ware, taps, etc.

Kathi has installed a secure, fast server, with open-source operating system, connected to the national fibre-optic network, with WiFi and, potentially, wired connection to our computers.

I’ve installed a tiled, wooden work surface and open shelving for non-perishable goods in the maids’ kitchen, so all Kathi uses to cook with, is on open display, easily accessible. I had her put everything she needed, in the way she wanted, then built shelves at a depth and spacing to match, to give a compact, ordered display. See slideshow!

We’ve had several successful dinner parties with both scene and vanilla guests, more are planned. We’ve also welcomed other scene friends, a local scene couple, and Kathi’s cycling friends.

I’ve installed a tiled work surface for crockery and cookware awaiting washing-up, with shelves above for all the crockery, bowls, mugs, tea and coffee, etc. in the scullery.  

I’ve done a lot of wall tiling in the kitchen and scullery too, put in a marble shelf for washing-up liquid, scourers, and other possibly we things, and a rail to hang tea-towels to dry.  

All on the same basis, designing shelves to fit the need. See slideshow!  

I’ve also acquired more new-to-us crockery and cutlery, added to what we had, and will use short-term.  

I put lots aside too, for when we equip the gentry kitchen, as well.

Kathi went to a Womens’ Munch in Lisbon, we both went to an all-night scene Xmas party there, slept before and afterwards in my little van. We now have a place to stay next time.  

We both visited good friends where we’d done pony-play. We’ll stay in touch.  

Then we drove to The BDSM Villa near Porto for their Xmas party, and slept in their dungeon afterwards, a four- hour drive back.  See TheBDSMVilla Xmas party pictures on FetLife!

We went back to The BDSM Villa for a big formal dinner and all-night party there in the New Year, by train. It took five hours. We’ll use the express next time, cut it to four hours. 

Going to scene events was a deliberate decision to get out, meet people who go out too. We now have a much wider circle of active Portuguese scene friends. Particularly the folk at The BDSM Villa. I may use their place for events, one day, if ever I have the enough volunteers.

The next big step forward

I’ll finish tiling, electrics in the maid quarters, once it has a ceiling. The maids will sleep in the attic space above.  

I need to do this for any maids I bring back in September!  

Putting-in this ceiling and the floor above is work that ideally I would have done years ago. But I didn’t know how to do it then, did not have the skills, or the money to pay builders.  

I know how to do it now. I just need the fairly modest cost of materials, €500 or so.  

I need help too, as much of the work has to be done above head height, (hard with my axial spondylarthritis), and ladder work is not safe to do alone. Kathi would help, but it’s not what she’s best suited to do.  

Ideally I’d employ a local tradesman friend. He’s worked for me before and would do it well at modest cost.  

You know I recruit maids! I need help with the building, too; someone more skilled than I am, or unskilled.  

If you can help with this, and also make it here, please get in touch as soon as possible.  

A heartfelt thank you to those who have responded to previous appeals, your help has been invaluable.

One, at least, of those I hope to recruit as a maid here, knows how to take on the day-to-day gardening work, to grow fresh fruit and vegetables for us all in my garden here. More part-time gardeners will be welcome!

I’ve resolved to enjoy the journey from now on, with company, not put my life on hold until it is finished!

A job I have 'on the back burner' is insulating the loft with first a layer of Rockwool, then expanded polystyrene, (leftovers and surplus from external insulation elsewhere, or packaging).  

Then, I'll do the electric wiring for lights and power on the upper floor.  

Finally, cover it with 18 mm OSB boarding.  

I could delegate these tasks to anyone who’ll volunteer and competent.  

It would suit someone who prefers to work alone, pacing themselves. It does not take much training or experience, though it helps to be neat and precise.  

I’ve already put in a drop-down loft-ladder and lighting up there to make this easier. The polystyrene and Rockwool, some boards are up there too.

I hope this scene-setting encourages volunteers to turn out to help!

Once the loft is boarded out, and I have the money, I’ll get the