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Update 32219 - Plan on moving to northern Florida around November 2019

Update Finally got myself broken in so to speak, at least in regards to real bondage and physical discipline. I like what Ive experienced so far. Still have some questions unanswered but all in due time.

Warning Im a huge introvert. For those who dont understand what introverts are, its not that we dont like the company of other people, we just need some alone time (How much is a sliding scale )). I also dont like saying anything unless I have something worth saying. I have difficulty expressing myself at times both emotionally and physically. If I seem quiet or detached, dont take it to the heart.

I hate how there is only a Trans option. To be more specific Id probably list myself as CDAndrogynous. Procrastination runs in my blood, probably why Im seeking a dominant, possibly to add structure and discipline to my life outside of work. When set to task however, I have a work ethic that is without peer. Apparently I live on both ends of the spectrum.

I listed myself as Bisexual as there is no Bicurious option. Never been with another man before but its one of my fantasies. Those fantasies start at Oral ServiceWorship and would have to develop from there.

I am a complete newbie to the whole lifestyle. Im looking for a pure DS relationship at the moment I guess. Time constraints leave me to only a couple of days out of the month. While lacking in experience, I have a wardrobe that would make a lot of women jealous. Over two dozen heels in various colors and styles (all 4+ of course), several dresses and skirts that are too short for their own good, and dozens of accessories (chokers, stockings, socks, lingerie) My largest short coming is probably the fact that I have almost no practical ability with make up. It doesnt help that I am mostly blind in one eye, so I can only do my own eyes if I want to look like that guy from A Clockwork Orange.

The thought of spending the day being feminized, chainedroped, and spending the day providing sexualdomestic service, being disciplined, verbally abusedteased, and being left on edge both physically and mentally is very appealing to me.

Im interested in that fine line that separates submission, servitude, and ultimately slavery as well.

Oh, and I bake some mean cookies.

I will not accept blind friend or chat requests. Im not here to collect friends like pokemon or online cyber. I also will not respond to first time messages looking to hook up. Craigslist exists for random blowjob encounters.

Some people have commented that I have attitude or dont sound like a sub. I like to talk to someone Ive never met as a person, with the respect that we BOTH deserve. Dom or Sub were all human. Only from interacting and ultimately meeting should someone be expected to submit to someone else, at least thats my opinion. On one hand its said that submission is given, on the other its said that submission is taken. Id like to think its not so black and white and somewhere in the middle for both to find.

There's always a debate on what a sissy is. I found this diion and it's pretty accurate for me:


I think you are more suited to being kept as a submissive fetish sissy. When most people talk about a shemale they mean a girl who has a cock - a girl who uses her cock... A frilly fetish sissy is something else entirely. A fetish sissy is not even allowed to have a cock - we call it her clitty and we treat it like a clitty - keeping it in locked chastity. The more needy (horny) a fetish sissy gets, the more she becomes controlled by her clitty and quite quickly she finds herself doing utterly humiliating things to please her superiors without so much as a whimper - in fact, she often begs for more of the same. She is overwelmed with the desire to suck cocks or be bent over to be butt fucked to obtain her erotic pleasure. To become a submisive creature that wants men to subjugate her and use her to satisfy all their sexual desires and perversions. Using her and sissifying her as a sexual toy for their pleasure and orgasmic release. Her oral and anal slut holes just cock receptacles to be filled with hot cum. A sissy sexslave as it were, obediently doing everything she is told no matter how humiliating it might be. Her desire for utter and total submission and humiliation compels her to obey without question.

If you google shemale, youll be directed to sites of TS girls fucking males. If you google sissy, youll find frilly little creatures, often dressed in extremely fetish feminine attire getting fucked by a strap-on cock or a real mans cock. Often the sissy is on her knees submissively sucking a mans cock like a good sissy cumslut. I think you are the latter. I think you are a submissive fetish sissyslut.

I think what you need is to have every trace of male left in you removed until you are hopelessly feminine in the most exaggerated ways possible. Totally transed into a hot sexy slave bitch, then dressed, displayed and used as one.

Your clitty needs to be locked away and the only way you would be allowed to find orgasmic relief is by being penetrated with stiff hungry cock or a dildo. Your libido and lust turned inward, your slutty desires only satisfied by phallic anal insertion or a mouth full of hard cock. Soon you will find your hips wantonly grinding up to meet your penetrator to attain your orgasmic femme sissy relief. Soon you will crave the company of dominant horny males seeking to use you as a cock slut for their pleasure and perversions.

Now picture yourself like that - deliriously horny - tightly corsetted, locked in a chastity belt with large butt plug stretching your rosebud and filling your bottom, dressed in frills, garters, nylons, panties, petticoats, short revealing skirts, fetish leather or rubber, open ass hobble skirts, locked in the steepest stiletto high heels or ballet boots, ribbons, satin, latex and lace, often humiliated even in public. Often kept in some form of restrictive bondage, your will or choice to resist your male suitors completely removed. Forced to submit to horny men orally and anally on a regular basis, transed into a willing and wanton cocksucking cumslut sissy Does that sound like you? Yes it most certainly does.


== Results from ==
100% Rope bunny
100% Degradee
97% Submissive
91% Voyeur
86% Exhibitionist
86% Masochist
78% Slave
71% Experimentalist
69% Non-monogamist
67% Pet
50% Brat
37% Boy/Girl
37% Ageplayer
34% Primal (Prey)
30% Vanilla
27% Switch

Been awhile since I took some recent pics. New outfits in. Was feeling pink today.

Started adding some PVC item's to my wardrobe, up loaded new pic(s)

So I just realized while taking some new photo's, and looking at old ones, that I don't like my smile. Or maybe I just need to practice. But every pic that I have with me smiling has gone right to the delete bin. They either don't look sexy or just don't look right, at least to me.


Maybe I'll go practice. And no I'm not sad, so don't even ask!

Uploaded some new photo's from my first real bondage experience. I learned quite a bit and that I have a quite bit more to learn and figure out about myself. Thanks to D for being so helpful while he painted my ass and thighs red.

I just wanted to give a quick thanks to Restraint4tgs. He has been very open and helpful to someone who is new to this lifestyle. Its a nice change of pace from all the guys who want to take me to a motel and use my holes in the very first message. A simple hello goes a long way guys :)