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My name is Queen Sassy. I am a Domme and a Queen who does not seek sex. TURN OFFS people who write the following in their FIRST message:
how are you
you are beautiful
your pics are amazing
I want to serve you; here are my kinks
may I approach you? Why ask you just did approach Me, those people are ALWAYS far away
you have a blank profile, a profile with only BDSM hobbies, no picture,
outdated, because you are a) too lazy to fix it, b) can't go without access
to your profile for 24 hours (addiction much?), c) Both and whatever
weak excuse you might have
I read your profile. What are your kinks? I thought you had read my profile.
What is the most extreme thing you have done
What will you do to me?
I want you to...
Living thousands of miles away, in another country, or otherwise beyond ideal local locations. My ideal slave or submissive who could be Mine to Own. Should:
1. Have a job or something like it
2. Be able to do yard work,housework,handyman work a plus!
3. Be LOCAL to establish a LTR
4. Be able to drive
5. NOT have any pets
6. Be Non-cig smokers and Non-drinkers
Profile updated: 4-6-2024
4/6/2024 9:07:54 AM

Profile Updates made on 4-6-2024 Hopefully, the Turn Offs help!

4/1/2024 10:12:14 AM

LMFAO...I love it when I am not online for days, and I get blocked for NOT replying better, yet, when I get blocked before I can reply again to your snarky arses ...Put on a happy face!

3/20/2024 9:48:26 AM

When I say I want local people to serve, I mean itIf you write to Me and don't meet My requirementsI do not OWE you a response. My profile clearly states what I want, and ANYTHING other than that goes in the trash can. I get stood up, and I do not expect a WHY. I get ghosted, and rather than be some stalker, I never write them again. It is easy to move on if YOU want to move on!


2/29/2024 1:10:52 PM

Instead of getting mad at Me for knowing what I want, you should look at what you are doing. It is not a submissive's gift to project their fantasies onto a Domme. If you are unsure of what that means, feel free to ask. I'm not sorry if holding My Boundaries upsets you.

1/8/2024 10:30:36 AM

So My profile may not be displaying correctly. I live in East Hartford. Hopefully that helps clear up any confusion.


8/30/2023 8:39:29 PM

I cant answer mail waiting for a profile approval

6/8/2023 6:50:09 AM

I really hate it when submissives and slaves start out with Mistress. I am not your Mistress. I am not even your Domme. I am a Person who might make you Mine but until that day arrives My name is Queen Sassy


11/2/2022 6:09:49 AM

This site never disappoints. How does one create a profile and then seemingly have no idea how to read them???

1/1/2022 10:57:13 AM

Wow, that was the fastest profile approval in a wicked long time. Kudos to CS!!

12/28/2021 2:44:26 PM

Updating this profile, I can be found as THEQueenSassy ... Jan opening of the Dungeon coming soon!!

12/23/2021 11:07:27 AM

Please do not send Me pics, If I want to see you I will ask. The least of My worries is your looks what you have on the inside is what makes you worth getting to know. ONE MORE TIME!!! Do not send Me a pic.

11/20/2021 11:46:25 AM

If you have relocated, mentioning that in your first letter makes it believable, and being able to provide proof that you have indeed relocated is required for Me to believe you. I didn't write My profile the way I did and not mean every single fuckin word.


10/20/2021 8:58:03 AM

I am back and looking forward to meeting LOCAL people who are vaccinated

 Age: 27
 Lome, Togo