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This is me You have probably read in at least a hundred other profiles about how wonderful the guys are, so I wont bore you to tears by doing the same. First, Ill tell you about my bad side and, if you are still interested, you can find out for yourself, about the many good things about me. I am restless and too impulsive, I cry like a girl when I watch sad movies, I curse a lot when Im angry and, being a night owl, I stay up very late, most nights. I dont like dishonest people or people that are insincere. I love life, hungry to learn something new every day, and laugh heartily at a joke, even if it is directed at me. I able to spell words that contain more than five letters, and feel that life is too short to be anything but happy most of the time. We can discuss anything else when we meet face-to-face. Our first date We dont really know each other yet, so lets keep it simple with a chat over a cup of coffee, or a walk along the beach. I am trying my best to be physically fit. I would love to be on a spanking diet.

Submission isnt something Ive had much experience with, but its something thats interested me for a few years now.

I would love to find a woman who is confident in herself perceptive of others. Someone around my age and who I get along with well in everyday life is important to me, as well as someone whos chatty and wants to build a relationship outside of BDSM. Im preferably looking for something longer term,optimistic, as I have little interest in meeting people as a one time thing.

BDSM wise, my overall desire naturally lies in being submissive to my partners desires. This means that I gain more from my partners enjoyment, rather than specific activities. That being said, I do have my own particular interests, including pegging, edging, king and other types of control. This list is much bigger, but it would be nice to talk with you about it rather creating a long list here!

Just a side note I am willing to entertain most ideas, but I am not into the idea of significant physical pain, so please take this into account if this is a sticking point.

If you do want to chat, whether its because youre interested or you simply want to talk about mutual likes, please get in touch! I would love to be train as a perfect pussy eater. I am very outgoing and spontaneous.

Femdom should be about finding joy and pleasure in a dynamic that suits you and your partner(s). Not about fixing a sub's sexism- not that it would work anyways.

Most people I've talked to say that their desire for femdom predates knowledge of femdom, or of sexual arousal. While some people may have a more concrete "I'm into femdom because of a specific reason" most people I interact with like it because they like it. Vanilla people don't have to have reasons to like vanilla sex.