• A slave will fuck you, like for any man
  • A slave will cook for you, like for any man
  • A slave will clean for you, like for any man
  • How does that make you her master?
  • A slave is to be kept in her place as a slave in mind & body.
  • She is a human pet.
  • She will hold no ill temper to you.
  • She will hold no disposition over your authority.
  • She make take time to entrust herself to you.
  • But the last decision a free slave makes is to be enslaved to you.
  • For her to enter your home on equal grounds is improper.
  • She is not a member of your home, though you love her.
  • She is an extension , an object, for your use.
  • She does not expect anything from you, except to guide her, train her, discipline her, and love her.
  • She trust her life and all things encompassed to you.
  • A slave will her submission as to not submit deny her her own will of being.
  • Trust.Respect.Honesty.Love
  • She is human.
  • Teach her how to submit to you.
  • Let her journey into slavery to you be as graceful as the tears she may shed on your doing.
  • Let her joy be the smile of your satisfaction.
  • Let her comfort be the hearthstone of your home.
2/11/2024 3:52:58 PM

She sits but as a mannequin.  


She comes upon my call on fours


She kneels within my summon


Her eyes as loyal face the floor. 


She sleeps upon her bedding


She eats at bowl on floor


Fit  bare like dress of wedding


My name She speaks no more




2/10/2024 3:12:15 PM

you wont find me chatting about. In my waiting. . . . 

2/8/2024 11:40:59 PM


Philosophy and economics to know that I would not be likely to fit

Were smooth as marble, and a classic white. I could see no doors


Had been carelessly knotted back together. The goreans I had seen in

As long as a man's arm, darting out and back, and then, snapping at

Thousands ubar. The soilders, and the Council of his city, had succumbed to

again, bawling out some semblance of a song about the woes of a

had burned with shame, and I sensed the humiliation she felt at having

The officer prodded me with the sword we presumed so, finding

some outstanding stroke of fortune, reach koroba. Would she be city?

Teasing them as to how handsome their new masters would be.

the tent. I remember turning swiftly and seeing for the fraction of a

circling moons, but suddenly the fires disappeared, kicked apart in

I waited, kneeling at his feet, puzzled that he, like the others in his

pied by covered pits, more sharpened stakes being fixed in the bottom

Kazrak caught it

The siege was in its fifty-second day, and the forces of Pa-Kur had

of soilder watching the procession. I ran blindly through the now

to the streets below to rally the dispirited citizens of AR, to call them


2/8/2024 9:46:17 PM

Puppy? no

Why? cause im a human

tho we will be using a walking leash , so I think bowls are appropriate

Not to keen on a kennel when im away but, hmm taking the door off should make for a cozy bedroom space in the corner with right size and cushioning 



 Age: 29
 Manila, Philippines