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Looking for a Master, Mistress, Couple.
It's felt empty without a owner and the Steel ring around its neck, wrist and ankles. As its life it is Looking for that Total Surrender to be Consumed and Possessed with a new owner. As Mindless Property and a Object. A slave becomes a slave ONLY through the efforts of her or him Master or a Mistress. It a Fetish Performer / model Content Creator. Its a US Green Card Holder. Aussie Born & Bred from a Scottish family. It is a Striking Red Head with even more Striking Scottish Blue Eyes, 54 E cup Breasts and added 695CC Anatomical Silicone Breast implants and its with a fully Shaved Pussy. Divorced Since Feb 2016. It is free from that stage in its life. This slave is Property and a Object. A Rubber Fuck Doll and Pony Girl. Binding it and fullfilling its sole purpose of it's existence is to Serve and Obey it's owner with every fiber of it's being. With a Life time of Service. It as a slave owns nothing and is completely dependent upon it's Owner's and it's sole purpose in Life is to serve it's Owner's only. It as a slave knows it's not about it. It has no want's, wishe's, need's or desire's, it's about it's Owner's. It knows what Sacrifice truly is. It will lay it's life at its owner's feet with such dedication. **It's a slave that loves to wear Eternity steel ring collars and wrist and ankle slave rings, Metal wrist and ankle shackles, Calf length riding boots, Thigh-high boots, Corsets, Bondage corsets, Fishnets, Nylons, Thongs, Latex, Gimp rubber encased, PVC, Leather, Wetlook, Catsuits, Opera gloves, Pony gear, Body harnesses, Chastity bra and Chastity belts with dual plugs, Bondage shock collar, Bondage choke collar, Hoods, Tracking chips, Ballet boots locked etc.** **(Vital Statistics) of slave** Dress Size: 22 Shoe Size: 10-11 Collar: 18.4 YOUR STATE: CA COUNTRY: USA YOUR AGE: 55 YOUR WEIGHT:264.4lbs YOUR MEASUREMENTS: 54, 46, 48 BRA SIZE: 54E YOUR HEIGHT: 6'1 YOUR GENDER: Intersex Bi Female EXPERIENCE IN BDSM: Very Experienced, 37 Years In Lifestyle, Served x7 Households AU,CO,TN,CA,WA,TX. WHAT KIND OF SLAVE ARE YOU: Old Guard Trained, Rubber slave, Pony Girl. WILLING TO SIGN SLAVE CONTRACT: Yes TATTOOS: x4 WILLING TO RELOCATE BY OWNER: Yes WILLING TO RELOCATE BY SELF: No ONLINE ONLY: No REAL TIME: Yes 24/7 SLAVE NOTES: Domestic /Service Orientated Slave / High Protocol, Lactating, Pain Training etc. **(It Training)** **It has lived this Lifestyle for 37 years with Honor.** **And served x7 households. Proudly** **It's a Old Guard trained, Full Service, Domestic, Sexual, High Protocol female slave, Rubber slave, Pony Girl** **Corset Training, Former Lactation Training, Pain Training, Reprogramming /** **Hypnosis Training.** **(Limits)** It has few limit's as a female slave. **No animals, No incest, No toilet, No watersports, No fisting.** **Slave Registry 264-358-852** **SLRN 958-383-020** **SZN: 523644** It was Formally Trained and completed an apprenticeship under her for 4 years. as Switch Lifestyle Pro Dominatrix. It had to learn everything about being a bottom to know how it felt to be on the other side of Whip. Ma'am owned a professional dungeons with 30 others Mistresses. > > This is a complicated It believes in the following ... * It is possible for an experienced potter to take a quality clay, mould it, fire it and create a cup, mug, plate or whatever one desires. * It is difficult/impossible to take a course mud and turn it in to quality clay. * It is impossible to create pottery of any beauty or class from course mud. Thus ... * It is possible for a Mistress or Master to take a person who has the heart of a slave, and train them to become a beautiful person. * To do the same with someone who does not have this natural start is difficult and, with the case of strong willed people, impossible to turn them in to a slave of any quality or beauty. It believes that is true, but that there is also another which couples it. What is a potter without clay? How is a potter to be respected when he has only course mud to work with? A reputation as a skilled potter is achieved only by producing works by which others can judge their skill. So, It conclude; A Mistress or Master only becomes a Mistress or Master through the efforts of their Ex Military female Trauma Surgeon. It Flew out to the Ukraine March 4th 2022 and joined March 7th 2022 as a Ukraine Foreign Legion and Territorial Defense of Ukraine Volunteer soldier. It's Been thru alot in it's life after x 8 Deployments Iraq and Afghanistan Military - Medical / Nurse / with a EMT-B background. It's Served 20 years Army Active Duty x8 deployments Iraq and Afghanistan and 10 years with the US DOD Iraq and Afghanistan x 4 deployments. **(Medical Details)** Extreme Combat PTSD. Ukraine Foreign Legion and Territorial Defense of UKraine Volunteer Soldier. After 2 months deployment It got injured further as a Medical Officer and Medical Drector in a Battalion in Ukraine. After a cruise missile attacks in March 13th and May 2022 Yorivi and Lyviv. Ukraine. It has arrived back to the states May 12th 2022. It had Right knee Surgery May 12th and 3 months recovery it has gone thru a second Right Knee surgery. Due a Total Knee replacement surgery. 1st Breast Surgery August 2023 and 2nd Breast Surgery September 2023 from chest Trauma. It was a Ex Explosive Firearms Dog Handler in California. On Medical Leave at present after a On Duty injury 06/02/2021 right knee meniscus tear as a Explosive firearms Dog Handler. It based in CA and worked as a Dog Explosive/Firearms handler. **It still pulls its weight in its duties in the households fully.** **And it isn't a burden as a slave and shouldn't be on any owner.** **It has a Battle Buddy who is its Specialist Service Dog (Doberman/ Rottweiler).** **For Military PTSD. He Passed away December 28th 2022. **(Interests)** It Interests it has lived if Owner Desires- Camping, Fishing, Motorcycle Riding, Horse Riding. Etc Leather Craftman Fetish and Kink Maker and Manufacturer Sydney, Aust. Colorado, USA. Past Owner Fetish Store Selling Corsets etc

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9/15/2023 9:17:57 AM
The Meaning of a collar

The collar is one of the firsts to come to mind when we think about leather in its simplest functional form. Yet whether a collar is fastened on ones own neck or seen adorned by another, it always evokes a deep response, but what is the cultural meaning behind the collar – and why does it get our hearts racing without fail?
The collar has been a key piece in the process – as it easily transcends worlds without losing its radical potential.

In fashion, the collar is an enduring symbol of pushing boundaries. It’s been part of the subcultural dress code since the early days of the punk movement. Collars served as a finishing touch to outfits already ridden with safety pins and chains – at times, in line with the community’s resourceful spirit, those were the actual sturdy dog collars from pet shops. Collars were a fitting accessory for self-proclaimed underdogs – and a nod to sexual subversiveness as a part of broader nonconformity.

The collar has a deep significance in the BDSM and kink community as the ultimate symbol of power exchange. Worn around the neck, it signifies the submissive role or exploration of submissive desires. It is a foundation for collaring ceremonies (and since recently, self-collaring) which celebrate relationship dynamics and identities, a crucial asset for play, and a fun way to toy with these ideas maybe for a few hours at a party. Getting a collar for yourself or accepting a collar as a gift from someone else can be a sincere gesture of romantic connection – or simply an act of self-love and being open to new types of experiences.

When the buckle closes around your neck – that sweet tight pull and release – the collar stops being an and becomes an invitation to explore a different mindset or role, play with the energy it brings you and see where it takes you. Whether combined with clothes or on its own, wearing a collar can be intriguing, arousing, moving, comforting or even thrilling.

A perfect collar combines the visual ect of form and functio, with texture, sturdiness, and the quality of materials from which it is crafted. Wearing a collar is an embodied experience rooted in psychology and sensation. Our necks are sensitive and vulnerable, a precious vessel for nerves and arteries, a place that holds erotic tension. A collar is a reminder of human fragility, connection, commitment, and the courage to show up as your authentic self.



5/15/2023 10:28:03 AM

Well it is Trying to place some tasking together to keep focus on towards Folsom Fair kink fair in San Francisco September 2023 to get it Fancysteel Pony Harness and Head halter and bit and Reins, Pony HoofS boots, full Tack together, Rubber catsuit, Fancysteel chastity belt again all saved up for.

So the concept of await it third UKraine war surgery doesn't Beat it down. 

4/11/2023 4:06:30 AM

128 Basic slave Rules

  1. i will serve, obey and please my owner.
  2. Above all else my primary focus shall be to please my owner hoping that He finds me pleasing in all that I do, whether i am in His presence or not. my owner knows of my potential, learning more about me in each day i am with Him. He trusts that i will act in accordance with what He perceives of my potential - He knows what is best for me and how important it is that i set a good example for other females who may be present around me.
  3. i worship my owner 
  4. i worship my owner body.
  5. The power of my owner fills me with awe. Just the sheer thought of Him or the hearing of His voice gives me strength.
  6. To receive pleasure i must earn it.
  7. i worship my owner whip.
  8. i trust my owner responsibilities, Her skills, Her hunger and needs, and Her concern for my safety, my emotional, psychological, social, sexual, and physical health.
  9. i am nothing more than an of great value - an instrument owner will use to draw out His pleasures.
  10. i will ask my owner for permission to satisfy whatever need i have before acting on it.
  11. my body and mind are the property of my owner 
  12. i must always give thanks to my owner for all i am given immediately after receiving what He has given me, for such things are gifts or privileges granted to me by Him.
  13. i must be both specific and explicit in my speech.
4/5/2023 5:47:06 AM

Well its a different thing now for therapy and to make better quality bondage gear again with a guarantee that no store or fetish maker Gives. As alot dont stand by there workmanship as it is a skilled craftsmans that if it makes quality gear of the best leather and hardware it should out last your slave or submissive. If it doesnt it has failed. So it guarantees to always replace free of charge restraints and other bondage gear it makes.

It see so many out there making quality bondage gear and charging ridiculous prices. It wanted a Pony Harness and the price was Ridiculous $1500. It has to laugh.

Well, the 2nd order of it Leather working tools have arrived from Amazon.

Give it the third time in it life Rebuilding its Leather making workshop.

And in the next fortnight, got a third order that has to go in. And that should see it. Build the tools and the workshop that it needs to start making. What It needs And wants And to rebuild it inventory.

it uses the highest grade harness US latigo leather as used in the Saddle and Harness industry on the market and heavy metal hardware, Post screw rivets and with reinforced with leather sewing machine for extra strength for secure durablity.

4/5/2023 5:13:00 AM

Well, it thought it was heading back to Australia by. February. To spend about three months between. The Gold Coast, QLD. And Sydney. It was invited by another dom to spend time on his horse ranch out there, just to recover and to focus on.

Where It need to be, whether the enticement might be to stay, and not go back to the US.

Time can only tell. It don't see myself anywhere for some time. So trying to find my feet. So many dominants that don't understand how to really truly have a slave.

It's been difficult after It lossing Rosco My PTSD service dog.

And then four months under consideration to the rubber doctor. Who turned out to be? Someone that has a lot of issues. And having a lucky escape. It allowed him. To get inside it. To imprint on it. And Royally **** **** it.

His clear deions  was mind **** It had a hard decision to make. Wether except the crimes that he committed. And that he was willing to commit further the atrocities. It was hard to walk away from him.

Even though, as his rubber slave, he wanted to make it an accessory to his crimes and put it at risk.

As a former medical surgeon. In the military. It had a moral obligation. And it own code of honor which conflicted with his to Do No Harm to those that as Surgeon we are there to heal the sick and the affirmed.

4/5/2023 5:05:48 AM

Scared off the Dom that It was presently Under consideration too.
A Civvie that he didnt keep it confidence and discussed things about it without checking with it first Especially about it Military deployments and active duty.
He went to a friend as a sounding board he trusted that person told him that he should run away as fast as he can because of what it has been involved with and committed too on its old life. How fucked up it is mentally and physically because of wars deploying and willingness to sacrificing its life for the greater good to make a difference.
He told his friend that It works as a Prostitute to survive after another Dom it sacrificed its careers for to be totally focused on him and later he was found out to be a closet serial killer.
And all the medical treatments and surgerys ahead of it.

He turned out to be a frightened little rabbit that breaching it trust was the betrayal was so big he knew It couldn't forgive him.

4/3/2023 2:09:34 PM

Presently screening and vetting 43 prospective owners from US, UK, Australia.
Two are former military.
They are the first two it has gone to voice communication. Most presently.
Building up trust is a very important before even a physical meeting to see if they truly know how to have a real slave.
Its cautious after being in this Lifestyle for 37 years.
And being a former Collarspace mentor and Collarspace admin.
Dealt with far too many craziness and right nutters.

1/30/2023 2:10:44 AM

It Posted on it profile a small number of edited photos by the LA photographer that did the Photo Shoot in San Fransisco with it. 

1/24/2023 12:16:43 AM

Have a professional photographer Boudoir and Bondage shoot in San Francisco tomorrow at 1100am.

Looking forward to it.

1/4/2023 8:44:00 PM

Well it is excited tomorrow it has it photo shoot consultation over phone for the upcoming Boudoir photo shoot session makeup, hair, wardrobe for a new Portfolio and its addition into a San Francisco Magazine. This is definitely my year finally after all the lose and tragedies experienced.

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