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Uncollared and unowned Chastity slave. Slaves like me need to be put under command, trained, and made to serve on our knees, kept in chastity and not allowed to orgasm.

kneeling, knees wide, stripped, plugged and locked in chastity

Stretched on my puppy tail plug..

slaves like me need to be ordered to strip, kneel, and present ourselves for service....
locked in the pillory tonight, gagged, ankles held apart by a spreader, and nipples clamped.....
wishing i was hogtied tonight, spanked and made to serve......
a little self-bondage tonight....locked in my pillory, ankles spread, ass filled with a butt plug ring gagged, and unable to get out until the morning..........


I own my own home, but I do not live alone as I take care of my elderly 84 year old mother who has entry level Alzheimer's. I refuse to see her in a nursing home, as I used to work in them and would never do that to anyone I love. I am extremely loyal, but sometimes not so punctual as I would like to be and can be running late at the best of times.

I read a lot, mostly fantasy novels, and have been playing role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire: the Masquerade, Battletech, and other games like Magic: the Gathering for many years. I prefer Celtic music and heavy metal, bands like Blackmore's Night, Celtic Woman, Loreena McKennitt, and Enya, and then Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Manowar, Amon Amarth, and Trans Siberian Orchestra (who used to be Savatage).

My favorite colors are green, black, and silver. I love Mexican, Italian, Oriental, and American cuisine.

If none of this is a deal-breaker for you, and you'd like to get to know me better, then we can meet for lunch and get better acquainted.


Assume you've known me for years, and we have a wonderful friendship, but you are present when a wagon of newly captured slaves is brought to a private auction, and I am on the chain coffle as the line is led into the auction barn. Do you bid on me? Why or why not?

In preparations now to begin a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2015, from Georgia to Maine, 2200 miles. My durable gear is 98% assembled and weighs less than twenty pounds. Kelty Yukon 50 exterior frame pack, 4 lbs. Kelty Cosmic Down 20 degree sleeping bag/ground cloth/foam pad, 3 lbs. Handmade silnylon tipi tent, 1 lb. Other durable gear including Sawyer water purification bottle and iodine tablets, compass, headlamp, handmade alcohol stove and HEET fuel, sierra cup, bear bag and hoist system, knife, first aid kit, clothing, and other small stuff, less than 10 lbs, for a total durable weight of less than twenty lbs. I'll be using two extendable hiking poles, which allow me to essentially become a quadruped in regards to weight distribution instead of a biped. They help to stabilize on descents and to steady on ascents as well. Because they are helping to mitigate the weight of the pack we don't count their minimal weight into the total carried. Also, one of the poles will be utilized as my tipi center pole.
The tipi itself is six foot diameter, with an octagonal footprint and using only eight ultralight titanium stakes. It has a center height of 3.5 feet and a square footage of 24 feet. It is going to be made of silnylon, an ultralightweight material that is 100% waterproof and which weighs 1.3 ounces per square cut yard, so the tipi total weight with brass grommets on the bottom is under 1 lb. The ground cloth is a lightweight sheet of Tyvek, cut to fit the tipi, and inside the tipi will be a 9 ounce mosquito tipi, made to match the dimensions of the silnylon tipi - this will prevent any creepy-crawlies (and snakes) from deciding to join me on cold nights. The center pole erects inside the mosquito tipi, and the square footage gives me enough room to sleep comfortably and to also have my pack inside with me, as you cannot do with most commercial brand single-man tents and bivys.
My bear bag is a tough drybag, made to contain my food, toiletries, and anything that has a scent that an animal might find tempting. I'll be using the PCT method of hanging it in a tree, which makes use of a 50' long paracord, a single carabiner, and a four inch long piece of 1 and 1/2 inch PVC. When hanging your food bag for the night, first find a tree with a skinny branch at least twenty feet up, and at least 100 feet or more away from your campsite, with no other branches within five feet and no branches underneath it. Take a small nylon bag (about 2x3 inches) and fill it with rocks. Clip your carabiner to it with your paracord attached. Throw this weighted bag over your branch so that you are holding both ends of the paracord. Remove the bag, throw away the rocks, and stuff the bag in your pocket. Thread the PVC pipe onto the free end of the paracord through a pre-drilled hole that goes through the center of the pipe. Snap the free end of the paracord through the carabiner with the PVC below the carabiner, forming a closed loop around the branch. Now attach your food bag to the carabiner and haul it up to the branch and hold it there. Now grab the PVC pipe and slide it as high up the paracord as you can reach (I maintain tension on the line by wrapping the loose end around my foot) and essentially tie a clove hitch by taking the cord where it exits the bottom of the PVC and taking it over the pipe on the right, around the descending line, and back over the PVC to hang on the front left. I then make a bight or loop in the line which passes under itself on the right and around the end of the PVC pipe. This makes a knotless hitch which is easy to undo even if the cord is frozen. Now release tension on the line, allowing the bear bag to descend. The PVC pipe will ascend until the two meet about fifteen feet up at which point the PVC  pipe prevents further descent of the bear bag and leaving only a dangling rope. Ideally your bag should be hanging in free air at least ten feet up and five feet from any tree bole or branch. On the Eastern seaboard the only bear are black and brown, and they do not have the height to reach a properly hung bear bag, but you may still run afoul of cubs or smaller animals that can reach the rope or the bag, such as squirrels, chipmunks, mice, and even rats. The system and bag should be inspected daily for damage or even hung with a small bag of mothballs on the outside to deter scavengers.
My food/consumables weight should bring my total weight carried to between 30-35 lbs. and as I consume my rations that weight will go down. I plan on stopping in trail towns about once every 5-7 days to resupply my rations, and I'll be carrying food with a weight target of about two lbs. of food per day, and carrying dry foods with low to no water weight, such as oatmeal, cream of wheat, Ramen noodles, cheese and crackers, chicken boilloun cubes, instant soup packets, hot chocolate, instant tea bags, Gatorade powder, Snickers bars, granola bars, trail mix, cookies, a can of protein powder, vitamins, and a small jar of peanut butter and flatbread. I will also be eating food when I hit town to keep up with other requirements, such as two or three tins of sardines (which I like) to give me necessary fish oil and Omega 3s. I am leaning towards high calorie foods as well in order to hit or overshoot the 4000 cal/day that most hikers need on a thru-hike just to keep up with metabolic needs. also going with me will be my lightweight Cold Steel Roman Gladius machete, because hiking alone I feel much better having a weapon at hand that I know how to use and have training with, and also because Cold Steel makes some of the best blades on the market.

The Enema Bag is always hanging in sight, where this one can see it and know it is waiting for me....











True Story.

Several years ago, before I met GoddessErinnyes (who tragically passed away 4/25/13), I spent a good deal of time in self-bondage, and had went to sleep one night chained on my back on a long bench, with a converted bedside commode over my head, with my face flush with the seat, which was now a facesitting/oral pleasure throne. My head was held in place, my hands were manacled and locked to the front legs of the throne, and the seat lid was down, although it didn't matter as I was blindfolded. The keys were hanging on a string from the ceiling within reach of my left hand.


It was summer, and my windows and doors were open, but no one ever comes to my home, so I didn't think anything of it and apparently forgot to shut the main door, although the screen door was shut and latched.


I assume it was about 2-3 am when something woke me, and I listened for a moment and assumed it was one of the cats. A few minutes later I heard it again, and began to get curious, but then I heard what sounded like something large moving in the house, and alarmed now I reached for the keys.


They weren't there.


I realized someone was standing in my room, right in front of me, and then the seat lid went up. I started to ask who it was, thinking it might have been my ex come back to the house as she knew my habits, but I was silenced by the person sitting down on my face.


She quickly tied a string around my scrotum and cock, and I was forced to please Her for over three hours to the best of my ability. She came at least twice on my face.


Eventually She rose left, leaving the keys dangling in such a way that it took some effort to get them free. She never spoke a word, and never removed my blindfold. By the time I got free She was gone, and no one in the neighborhood had seen any strange cars or anyone strange the night before when I made careful inquiries the next day.


I have never found out who She was.


The young man carefully shut the door to his bedroom and turned down the lights. He stepped over to the bed and carefully laid items out on it, including an inflatable butt plug, nipple clamps connected by a short chain, a keyring with several keys, and ten padlocks. He was completely naked, having showered, shaved, and given himself three enemas, the first one a soapsuds enema to clean himself out and then two clear water ones to get rid of the soap. He felt completely empty now, but knew that his ass would soon be filled again, this time with something a little different.

He turned to the left and opened the door to the small cage on the floor beside the bed. It was about three feet square, an almost perfect cube, constructed of strong two by fours and heavy metal bars with a locking door. It was mounted on rolling casters, well-oiled, and could be moved around easily. Inside were restraint straps cleverly bolted to the bars that would make it almost impossible to move once a slave was in them, including ankle and thigh straps, a thick leather belt, upper arm and wrist straps, and a ring to attach a hood to in order to immobilize the slave's head. The hood would also blindfold and gag the slave as well.

He picked up the inflatable butt plug, quickly lubricated it, and bent over the bed, spreading his legs far apart as he reached around to insert the plug. Taking a deep breath he slowly let it out as he pushed the plug against his sphincter, easing it slowly in and taking short breaths as he did so. The feeling of being stretched open intensified as the plug went in deeper, and then there was the sudden feeling of tightness again as his ass closed over the large end of the plug and squeezed shut around the narrow end. The base of the plug was now sealed tight against his ass, and then he took the pump in his hand and gave it four slow squeezes, feeling the plug inside him inflate with each pump. He gasped as he did so, feeling it swell inside him, uncomfortable but not painfully so. His discomfort was increased by the feeling of his cock trapped inside its chastity cage, trying to attain a full arousal, but the cage was far too small for that. His hands went to the cage anyway, gripping it and pumping the cage a little in an effort to obtain some pleasure, but all it did was frustrate him to no end and increase his arousal.

Trying to calm down he shut his eyes and took several slow breaths, willing himself to not concentrate on the feeling of being helplessly violated by the plug in his ass. He was only somewhat successful, and he then picked up the hood and shook it out. It was a heavy leather hood, with attached blindfold and heavy leather ballgag, both of which could be fitted in place on the hood with two snaps on either side. It opened in the back and was closed by means of eyelets and lacing, and it took him a minute to open it enough to get his head inside and then tighten the laces so that the hood conformed tightly to his head.

He opened his mouth with some difficulty and worked the large ballgag inside and then secured it with the side snaps. He attached the blindfold on one side only, letting it dangle to the left, and then placed the padlocks in the cage in a small pile. There were four sets of two, each color-coded, and two padlocks with their own colors. On the keyring was six keys, each one color-coded to the locks. He then placed the clamps over his nipples, feeling the beginning pain as they closed on his flesh.

He took a moment to make sure the front door was unlocked, and then returned to place a cloth cover over the cage, tying it down on all sides except the front. Once the cover was on he opened the door to the cage and then placed the keyring on the bed into a tiny pocket sewn onto the outside of the cover. He sat down on the floor in front of the cage and then lifted himself into it backwards, sliding all the way to the back until he was sitting against the bars of the cage. The cover made it dim inside, and he leaned forward slightly to pull the door shut and then closed the latch. Reaching down to the cage floor he picked up one of the padlocks and placed it through the latch, and then took a deep breath as he squeezed it shut. He was still able to get free at this point he mused, as he tied the front corners of the cover down and leaned back - he knew he could still reach the keys in their pocket.

He started with his feet, buckling each leather restraint around his ankles and putting a padlock through each of the locking buckles. The thighs came next, pulling his legs out tight against the sides of the cage. These too were locked shut. He then took the waist belt around and secured it, pulling himself tight against the cage, and locked it as well. Next came the hood, securing tightly in the back, and then the left upper arm and wrist, also locked. This was the final step, he knew, and he had already prepared the last two restraints with sections of string so he could tighten them with his other hand. He quickly secured those string ends to the cage in reach of his left hand, and then slid his arm through the upper restraint, pulling it tight with his left hand while he placed the padlock with his right. The wrist was the last restraint, and he secured the blindfold first, plunging himself into darkness. He slid his hand through the loosely secured wrist manacle and pulled it tight with the string. He was holding the final padlock in his right hand, and he struggled for long minutes to insert the lock tongue through the locking buckle, missing again and again, working through it with patience and the process of elimination until he finally felt it slide home. His hand was cramping a little , and he let it rest for a few minutes before turning the lock so that the tongue rested against the manacle and then pushed it shut.

He was completely helpless now, and his chastity cage was full with his restrained cock, quite uncomfortable at this point given how aroused he was. He squirmed a little, experimentally, but he could move only scant milimeters in any direction. He could only make tiny sounds around the gag and couldn't see a thing. Time went by, and he was helpless, aroused, filled by the plug, and in pain from the nipple clamps. Then he heard the front door open.

I lost the dearest person to me last night - my Mistress passed away after an apparent heart attack at home. I performed CPR until the paramedics arrived and She passed at the hospital forty minutes later. My world is empty and bereft of any meaning.