I am sub. I am needy of guidance, discipline and praise, of attention, and touch.

I may not need it 24/7 but I need to know that its there when I do
I do not play casually or randomly,? nor have I interest in cams or online,? I seek someone who is local enough for a long term Ds relationship filled with in person exploration experiences

While the profile is not made as a couple, I am currently in an a-sexual marriage. My spouse neither plays a role in what I do, nor do I rub his face in my sex life, though he is very much aware that I have intimate relationships outside of the marriage.?
Hard limits: illegal, under age, animals, bodily waste, blood excluding menstrual, extremes; true degradation and humiliation, intense pain, branding and mutilation, sounding and milking machines
7/26/2023 4:11:15 PM

just for clarification purposes,  I am actually located within the town of maricopa,  outside the phoenix and surrounding areas sprawl,  though copa seems to be doing a bit of it's own.  i miss yuma terribly and all that I left behind but can't seem to let go of..

1/15/2023 7:33:30 AM

Recently someone asked me in an email what five principles I would offer to submissives wanting to get into the lifestyle...

first and foremost, you always have the right to stop ANYTHING at ANYTIME if you dont feel comfortable with it

consensual means you both agree to and want it without coercion

the best and healthiest relationships, not just within the lifestyle, are those with open, honest, non judgmental conversations that take place throughout ...not just before or after scenes

casual bdsm, giving someone you dont know or trust the ability to destroy you, is about as safe as taking a ride from a stranger down a dark isolated road, it could easily be the end of your life

go into it with an open mind, you dont have to know what you like or have an interest in and might learn some things you thought you didnt like you actually do, but if you know there are things that you never want to try, voice them and expect them to be respected, not all dominants are the same and those who dont respect hard limits are not true doms

1/6/2023 9:28:49 AM

thoughts from the peanut gallery 

i am sure that it is the insulation of the internet that inspires such trollish behaviors but the attempts at baiting are truly pointless. 

i know my true nature, and my place within a mutually gratifying Ds relationship, and my partner never has reason to question or doubt my submission to him.  that being said,  I am not particularly submissive to others,  strangers with whom I have never engaged in conversation, family who would take the opportunity to walk all over me, etc, I  am respectful to all but am not everyone's submissive. 

i do live my life in service to others,  caregiving and family household management,  but again,  my most true and strongly alpha submissive personality is only visible to the one individual to whom i freely grant possession of myself to. 

should you read this and think,  well she isn't really a submissive at all,  or she should be on some other site, or I'm going to tell this bitch what is really up, please move on to someone else's profile,  perhaps they are better suited to your interests..

i wish you all much luck and safety in your endeavors. 


 Age: 25
  New Jersey