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I'm probably breaking some kind of unwritten rule by calling myself a novice dom, but I have always believed in honesty over everything else. I've been involved in the lifestyle for a while and I am looking to go further.
If it sounds like I've just been sitting in front of my computer wanking to porn, let me put that to rest right away. I may be a novice, but I have learned and continue to learn from some of the best. I was an active member in the local scene as a volunteer for a regular play party and for larger events. But I've reached the point where it's time for me to develop who I am as a dom, not just ape somebody else's style. With the end of some personal events and COVID reaching some kind of equilibrium, I'm looking to get involved again. Since my profile on that other BDSM site got deleted, I'll put the explanation for my screen name here. The "Feline" part is painfully obvious: I love cats from the common Felis silvestris catus to the big cats like lions and tigers and have long admired their independent nature and casually brutal grace. The "Ranger" part takes a little more explanation. I am a huge fan of Babylon 5, specifically the Rangers. Part of their motto says, "We walk in the dark places no others will enter; we stand at the bridge and none may pass." It's a little melodramatic but accurate nevertheless.
4/1/2024 6:04:27 PM

Happy Easter!

(Go see the pic I added ... LOL)

1/21/2024 6:45:59 PM

Am I the only one who finds it mildly annoying that you have to update your age manually? {#emotions_dlg.tongue_out}

8/30/2023 5:18:57 PM

As I'm sitting here thoroughly enjoying Metallica Monday on WMMR, it occurs to me to mention something else about my thought process. (See, I told you it was all about me {#emotions_dlg.laughing} ) In the past, it was common to see "If you favorite me without messaging me first, I will block you" on profiles.  Unfortunately, I'm not particularly quick off the cuff. I turn things over in my mind and rewrite several times before my fingers ever touch a keyboard. One of my solutions to that is to favorite a profile, then let my introduction simmer for a few days so that I can stand out from the inevitable avalanche. At least, standing out as more than another "On Ur KnEeS, bIcH" type is the idea. So that's that. By the way, wasn't The Inevitable Avalanche an obscure X-Men character from the 90's?

7/6/2023 6:34:41 PM

So, did everybody have a happy Idiots and Explosives Day?

2/23/2023 5:14:34 PM

Here's more about me (because being a dom is all about me!). I don't often admit it but I do think with the big head more than with the little one. I'm not one to open with my best Terence Stamp

when I email a prospective sub or slave. I will often open with a question about motivation. I don't ask these questions to be critical of your kinks or other choices. Understanding your motivations is a first step toward getting to know you. I'll wait until we're together in person before I tell you what a nasty little slut you are {#emotions_dlg.laughing}

10/11/2022 6:20:27 PM

So here's some more detail (and something to push down my previous whining about the site {#emotions_dlg.laughing} ). My wife and I are both looking for our own play partners, so I guess you could call it an open relationship. She's looking for a friend with benefits, emphasis on "friend," as in somebody she could just as easily talk to about daily minutia as she would give him a blow job. I'm not looking for anything quite so equitable. I'm looking for someone who would indulge me in whatever my twisted mind comes up with, like exhibitionism and public play or breathplay or the "usual" spankings and other impact play. I do have some limits of my own, chiefly scat and blood. Also, even though I might want my slave to show a lot of skin and go without bra or panties while she's with me, I wouldn't insist she do that or anything else that might put her job at risk. Yes, I am definitely looking for in person contact at least once a week.

My wife and I also have an agreement that we meet each other's play partners and basically vet them. It's not like we're conducting interrogations, it's just determining if we all get along and if there are any red flags.

11/3/2021 6:41:53 PM

Well, Halle-fucking-Berry, something finally works here! ... Maybe. We'll see if this posts. Just in case it does, it's been a long time since I was able to update my profile. Feel free to send me a message and I'll fill you in. Happy perving!

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