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Gay Male Submissive, 38,  Washington DC, Washington
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Am a gay active US Marines Colonel [SEAL]. Extremely submissive when sex is concerned. Love extra thick and long cock. Interest: Bondage, Whipping [as hard and heavy even each lash draws blood is OK with me - present limit 360 of such lashes given by Bull whip or Single-tail], Piercing, Sounds, Fisting [love having a fist in my ass], Suspension [in spread Eagle position or both hands stretched above head and both position when suspended, feet off the ground as well as upside down suspension], Being Fucked, Piss, Electro. Have extra liking to chains and handcuff, leg-cuffs. Also love Electro torture and thick long sounds inserted to my penis as long as Master desire. Am willing to serve a REAL Sadistic Master who keep me in chains and in nudity all the time so that I am totally available to serve whenever Master desire - 7/24 throughout the year. Seeking REAL Sadistic Master to serve for life, once found the Right Master then I will resign from the US Marines Corp to serve Master. I am HIV Negative - last test November 2010 [ it is compulsory for all US Marines Officer to be tested every 8 months - A Standard Rule for all Officers who have serve overseas front line duty]. Kindly Note: Apology to all Female Tops/Mistress. I do not serve the Female gender as it is TOTAL TURN OFF for me personally.I do respect you all but I just could not come to term to serve you all. A Thousand Apology from me. I am a total 100% slave seriously seeking an Experience Sadistic Master to serve and to give me 100% pain on a regular basis to his desires. I am interested in: 24/7 Total Power exchange, Anal sex [king size cock - the thicker and no less than 7 inch long the better], Ass play, Blindfold or Leather hood, Bondage, Branding, Tits Torture [Clamps and Heavy weights], Chinese Huge Balls/Anal Giant Monster Balls/Heavy thick steel chains inserted into my ass, Cock and Balls Torture [include Balls Press], Collar [the heavier the better] and Lead/Leash [to be used when taken out and in full view to the public], Confinement/Caging, Depilation/Shaving, Dildos [Handheld & Strap-ons - the thicker / longest and monster size the better]. Discipline, Electro torture [actual electricity currents], Exhibitionism/Sex in Public, Fire Play, Fisting [Single or Double Fisted], Gut Punching, Hair Pulling, Handcuffs/ Leg cuffs/Shackles, Humiliation [in front of others], Klismaphilia [Douching/Enema], Knife and Needle Play, Machine Fuck, Milking {until I am total dry], Oral Sex, Pain, Suspension [either upright position - both hands above head or in a full stretch tight eagle spread position or upside down position for hours], Water Sport/Urine [force to drink piss given/service by others - in full public view], Participating in Erotic Photography and Video, Vibrators and Whips [love Bullwhip and Single Tail or Cat O None Tails with steel hooks attached at the end of each tail]. WARNING: Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this.












 Submissive Male

 Washington DC 


 6' 0"

 172 lbs






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Journal Entries:
10/23/2011 8:19:17 PM

On 20 October I received a telephone call to report to a Master which I had served informing me that I had not report to him twice and if I do not report to him again I would be arrested as I was caught having sex in full public view in a leather bar six months ago which I was let off by serving him from then on. I had already serve him several times already. I informed him that due to my duty roster I could not make it the two previous times but he decline to accept my excuse and was firm that this time I had to make it happen as he had arranged for some of his friends to come as well. The date to report was set on 21st the next day as I had to report to his office at 2 p.m. On 21st. I had to arrange another officer to take my duty throughout the weekend as the excuse I gave was that I had to attend to some urgent family matter and I had to depart for New York by 1 p.m..So I was running late and dash over to the Master office who was in the Police Force. Upon arrival at his office, I was taken to the Interrogation room and in the room was his sergeant. Both of them ordered that I was to have a full body search to see whether I was carrying any illegal drugs or arms. I was made to strip down and the search was conducted. After the search I was only allowed to wear my under garment only and handcuff and leg-cuff was in place and immediately march me down to the cell. There I was kept until they are off duty when I was then taken to their private dungeon. The way they transport me was that I was bundle into their car boot. The trip took about an hour and half. Upon arrival I was drag out by my hair all the way into their dungeon. Once in the dungeon, the handcuff and leg-cuff was taken off and ordered to strip down to the loud music playing as if I am a stripper. Unknown to me inside the dungeon already had about 25 more guys. Once off my under garment I was made to face a wall and stand on my toes while those guys came forward and inspect me and I was told not to move an inch. After all the hands moving throughout my body, the Master came forward and drag me by my hair and started to place handcuff to my hands at the back and leg cuff with long chain attached and I could feel that I am about to be suspended. True enough I was suspended with my hands at my back, a position I had never had that form of suspension before. Both my legs started to spread apart exposing my ass. Once in position, my ass was the main target. Master started to fuck me hard and rough for quite some time and followed by men I had never met, at least I was fucked by 20 plus men non stop. As they fuck me I heard Master telling them that I am a slut caught dealing in drugs and that I beg him not to be sent to prison in exchange for sexual services. I was made to suck their cock after they fuck me non stop and also told to clean their cock. After all the fucking which lasted for hours, my ass was so sore and my mouth was tired with their cock driving right into my throat, a huge thick anal hook was inserted into my ass. Master then use the anal hook as a device to suspend me upwards with now my face facing the floor. I scream as my body was lifted higher and higher for the anal hook started to dig in for it really hurt my ass. I was semi upside down and still cock was stuffed into my mouth and ordered to keep sucking them. Some even shoot their load or even have their urine piss into my mouth and told that if a drop is found on the floor, I had to lick up every drop and more punishment will be given for wasting their precious cum and urine. Thank god I manage to consume every drop of cum and drank all the piss given. They laughed and mentioned that I am not only a drug user and a whore as being told but a total slut. The anal hook really dig deep and was hurting my ass. Soon my ass received lashes from heavy beating and I could feel that my ass being whipped. The lashes were given real hard and when each lash given I try not to move as each movement would cause the anal hook to dig into my ass deeper. This went on for hours. After that I was lowered and I could feel my ass dripping wet and came to know that all the lashes given had cut my ass up and I was bleeding. I could see my blood dripping to the floor which I was made to lick up every drop, a total mixture of cum, urine and my own blood. As I lick up all the droppings, the anal hook was removed, I was glad that the hook was taken off but the happiness did not end for then I could feel fist started to invade my ass, for I start getting fists into my ass. It was real sore and the pain started to build up as my ass was so sore from being fucked and getting the huge thick anal hook digging my ass, now the fists started to dig into my ass. I scream as the fist move deeper and deeper. I could feel different size fist moving in and out of my ass. There were two fist that dig into my ass to their elbow level and even tried to pump in deeper, I scream louder as they punch fist my ass in a real rough manner and all in one direct motion. My mouth was so dry due to my screaming as I beg for some water, instead of water being given I was fed with shot of urine and my cock started to receive treatment. For they started to clamp my cock tight and both my testicles was placed in a press and as they tighten the press, I scream real loud and thus my mouth was gag with a huge thick and long dildo and all I could was moan while my ass being fisted, my cock clamped tight and both my testicles being pressed real tight. Then the clamp to my cock was removed and a thick long steel sound was inserted and my cock was fucked by the sound driving real deep into my cock. Not only that, both my tits were clamped with weights added. Pain all over. Tits being weigh down with weights, cock fucked by sound, my balls totally pressed tight and my ass being fisted. The pain was bearable and I could only moan for the dildo in my mouth was so large and strap tight and stretches my mouth real wide and I was in total agony. My arms being stretch out tight towards the back in suspension as causing real pain to both my shoulder with both my legs fully stretched out tight and the fisting driving fists into my ass was rough which swing my entire body forward and backwards which make the fisting getting deeper and deeper into my ass which I could feel the entire arm had reach deep into my ass. I could see men taking video in what is happening to me. When all the fisting stopped, I thought that would be end for my ass to be used but the thought failed, for I feel a really large and long dildo started to invade my ass and Master was driving the entire dildo right into my ass and then strapping it real tight so that I could not push out the dildo. By then I feel exhausted and thought that I could be left alone for a while but that did not happen. The handcuff to my hands were replaced with steel cuffed and then spread out and being suspended in the spread eagle position and thus my body was lifted higher with my tits with weight, my cock with the thick sound strapped tightly, my balls carrying the ball presser, my ass with the huge dildo strap tightly, my entire body in total agony. I was left like that for a while for I hear that they plan to give me more agony and laughter could be heard as well as comment such as ‘give this slut what he deserve’, ‘this slut think that by exchanging prison to sexual flavor he can get off easy’. I do not know what Master is thinking and why he start telling his friends that I am a drug user and a whore. Not long in that spread eagle suspension position, I was whipped, this time I can see at least 6 people holding Bull whip lashing me non stop. Lashes after lashes fell on me as the whip curl round my body, my front and back get cut from each lash given. I could feel blood dripping from the cuts caused by those whip lashes given. The front and back of my body was dripping with my blood. I could not scream as the lashes fell for my mouth was totally gagged by that huge and long dildo stuffed deep into my mouth. Some lashes land to my tits area which causes double pain was both my tits are still clamped with weights attached. The whipping seem to last for hours and I lost count to the number of lashes given which my last count was 180.  My entire body was marked with whip lashes. At the end of the whipping while still being suspended, the ball press, sound inserted into my cock was taken off which left the thick dildo in my ass and the tits clamps with weights still in place and was left there suspended. After hours being suspended which all of them disappear and upon their return, they lowered me and took off the tits clamps only and drag me to a bench and had me fully outstretched. This later I found that by placing me in that position they had a motive in mind. I started to hear clanging sound and all my four limbs started to stretched out tighter and tighter for I could hardly move an inch. The huge dildo in my ass was taken out and in place came a thicker dildo attached to a fucking machine and my ass is being fucked by the fucking machine as it drive real deep for I could feel that the dildo is extremely long and thick and the machine is set to a very quick pace and it drive the dildo real deep. The dildo fucking is worst than being fisted for the dildo was much thicker than a man fist and arm. I am totally exhausted and in total agony for I could hardly move and having the dildo invading my ass deep. I could hear them laughing in seeing me suffer. I was being fucked by the machine for hours while some came forward to have their cock suck, driving their cock deep and rough down my throat. While being fucked and sucking cocks, my own cock started to get hard and started to stand to attention and that make them remark that I am enjoying what is happening, so Master started to have long needles piercing my cock and those long needles drive right through my cock shaft and still my cock stood to attention and this make Master to start piercing my both my testicles right deep into each testicle and had the needles stay in place. Still my hard cock stood to attention. For this all the guys made comments such as ‘he is enjoying it, so give him more, and see how he is enjoying’, ‘make him suffer’. So more needles started to pierce both my tits and my entire body. By then my cock started to soften and then they started to laugh. By now my cock, balls and my entire body is fully covered with needles and they left all the needles in place and at the same time the machine still goes on fucking me. After a while they started to remove the needles and they did it in such a way that they drag the needles off real slowly and cause more pain. As they remove the needles I started to count as to how many needles were used, in the end, the result was 948 needles from the front of my body, 56 from my cock and 24 from each of my testicles. Again I was left alone bound tight to the bench for quite some time with the machine fucking me. When they came back, they stop the machine and had a strong hose splashing my body with jets of water and after that they had me totally wired up and most important they had a huge thick steel rod inserted to my cock and also have both my testicles bound real tight with wires, my ass being inserted with a huge thick steel plug, both my tits bound with wire and suddenly jolts of currents came. I scream aloud as I know I am having electro torture. This no small toy as I could feel the actual electricity currents, my body started to buckle and that did not stop them as and I just pass out. When I came around, I could feel shots of piss shooting my body and my mouth being stretch open with a mouth spreader. Then they start fucking my mouth and my ass again. As they fuck my ass, they stop fucking my mouth, they attached a thick hose and drive it deep into my mouth, suddenly a rush of foul smelling stinking water rush into my mouth forcing its way deep into me and thus causing my stomach to blot. Then a wooden plank was place on top of my stomach and I could see men getting ready by standing up on tables and steps. I do not know why. Then suddenly I came to understand for they were getting ready to jump on to the plank and thus causing the water being forcefully pumped into me to rush out through my mouth, ears, nostrils and some through my eyes. This was the worst agony I have tasted. Once the lot of water being press out, the second lot of water is forcefully pump into my body and this carry on for 4 times. For this I nearly pass out again but thank god they stop. After this treatment they stopped and left me alone for a while. When they return, they took turn to fuck me and have me suck and clean their cock. Then they had me suspended again for hours. When Master return he lowered me and told me that all his friends and himself had enjoyed the weekend. Now his friends know who I am and will not arrest me if they see me in any of the drug bust operations held in any bars or clubs as they are all mates of his in the force as long as I keep servicing him or request make by any of them for his and their pleasure than nothing would happen or else I had to prepare for time spent in prison as they have kept a record of me being caught in drug environment. Then he led me upstairs and told me wash up and gave my clothes back. By then I saw that my body is covered in welts from the whipping and piercing and my ass hole was still wide open as it was fucked and fisted by fists, cocks and worst of all those huge thick and long dildos, for I know it will be for hours for my ass hole to close up and days to recover from the whipping. Then I was driven back to base and upon departing he reminded me that I had to report to him a fortnight time or else worst punishment await for me if I do miss the reporting date. To me that was a real painful weekend which deep down I had enjoyed but I did not tell him at least he has enjoyed and had satisfied his desire as that is what my role as a slave had achieve.

Upon returning back to my base quarter, I quickly summon my Orderly [who is also gay] to dress me before my body get infected. My Orderly saw all the welts and said that I must have a hard time and why is it that I did not inform him as well and for that I had to pay for it. So the punishment was to serve him with my sore ass. He fuck me with his 10 inch thick cock real rough for quite time and then make me swallow all his juice and then clean his cock with my mouth. He then left and told me that he will come again tonight to change the dressings. 

12/28/2010 7:37:12 PM

On 28th May this year, had a terrible hard day with real bad reports received from my men in Afghanistan and by 7 p.m. I was so tired that I asked my Orderly to book me for dinner at J & G Steakhouse at 8 p.m. When time came, I went to the restuarant and was given a table which faces the White House Lawn. As I sat there sipping my pre dinner drink, I notice two table away from me a well dress man, clean cut and he look very muscular. As I was in my Colonel uniform, he was staring straight at me and when our eyes met, he gave a real warm smile and nodded his head. I return his greeting. I thought he must be a Poltical Journalist as it was usual at that time the White House Journalists dine there. After having my entree I needed to visit the toilet and I went, not so long after in stroll the well dress man and he stood next to my urinal. I had a slight peek at his meat, my god to my surprise he have a real thick piece of meat, I mean a real thick one. He notice that I was eyeing at his meat and he smile. Before I could utter a greeting word in stroll two other man. The well dress man zip up and left. I was a bit disappointed as I like to know who he is and what his name. Well he may be a total straight guy. When I return to my table, I notice he kept staring towards me and still gave his warm smile. I nodded to him. Well I carried on having my main course and dessert and when time comes I departed as he was still seated at his table. I said to myself, “What a miss in getting to know him”.
As it was Friday, I decided to have a few more drinks and told my Orderly to drive me to Town & Country Lounge which is excellent in cocktail drinks. I sat at the bar and enjoying my drink with my Orderly whom I invited him to join me. Not long in walk the same guy and he sat next to me. I was surprised but happy. Conversation started and we exchanged our names and I found out that he too work in the White House and he is off duty and he stated that he had seen me about there. When I asked what position he is there, he informed me that he is part of the security team there. I was surprised and became on my guard as I knock the idea in seducing him. To my surprised he knew my Orderly too.As conversation carry on, he started to ask quite a few personal question such as whether I am married or not and whether I have any girlfriend at hand. When I told him that I am single and not interseted in the female sex, he did not surprise him at all. We carried on conversation and in the end we parted.
Now on 2nd of July after a Joint of staff meeting with our President which ended at 8 p.m. when I went to the car park, I found my Orderly had disappear and in place was the same guy whom I met at the steakhouse. He open the car door and told me that my Orderly has gone back to the barrack as he wasn’t feeling well. As standard procedure I have to check that, so I phone my Orderly and got the same answer that he isn’t well and he had asked the security team to replace him. What a co- incident - the same guy whom I had a drink with.
Once in the car I was asked by him where we are heading and when I told him that I wish to return to the Pentagon Officers Barracks, he suggested whether I would like to join him for dinner at his home. I thought for a moment and decided why not and see what he is up to. Once we reach his home, he greeted me and sat me at his lounge and excuse himself to start cooking the dinner. When dinner was serve, it was delicious but again to my surprise he was just dress in a tight fitting shorts and bare chest showing off all his body muscle. Throughout the meal one of his hand was under the table and I could not see what he was doing. At the end of the meal, he just stood up and I could see that he had a hard on. Without any word exchange, he came to the back of me and ask me to strip off my uniform. I knew what he was up to so I started to slowly take off my uniform but he bark at me that it was too slow and have to have my uniform off in 5 minutes. By the time when I was in total nudity, he just punch me and send me flying across the room and he came forward and pull my hair and later drove his thick cock up my ass and started to fuck me wild. As he was fucking me, he said that he knew from my Orderly that I am gay and always need a cock up my ass and he is complying my needs. Oh Mind, his cock grew inside me and he was pumping his entire cock inside me rough and hard. About half an hour of pumping, he shot his load of juice inside me and started to fuck my mouth and told me to clean his cock well. He took a pair of handcuff and place it lock it to both my hands at the back and ordered me to keep sucking his cock. I did as he asked and after a while he again fuck my ass and this second round was more forceful than the first round. In the end of the fucking I was told to stay put and he disappear and came out with a giant size monster dildo and force that dildo up my ass and told me to keep the entire dildo in my ass until being told to release it. I was made to sit on that giant dildo opposite him while we smoke a cigarette. About an hour and half later, he told me to release the dildo and once the dildo came out he jump on me again and gave me the third round of fucking. By midnight I was fucked by him four times and in the end he told me that all this was arranged by my Orderly as he knew him years ago and my Orderly had told him all my desires and he was selected to fulfill the sexual desires of mine because he had a thick nine inch cock. We finally got dressed and he drove me back and his parting word to me was at anytime I require him, just inform my Orderly and he will be in attendance.
When I return, I found my Orderly sitting in dark and greeted me with “Sir, you have an enjoyable dinner, SIR”. My reply was “Well Done, Sergeant” and with that he left me to go to bed.It was a beautiful evening and I am totally satisfied and am proud to have such a faithful and understanding Orderly.

9/7/2010 10:17:52 PM
My Official Tour to Japan visiting my men station there. This is a TRUE event when I went to Japan visiting all the battalions station there. At the end of my eight week tour I decided to stay in Japan for another week. I asked one of the officers of the 12th Marine Regiment as to which hotel is best and in the midst of the Leather community. He recommend one hotel and even told me that he has some friends working there as well as they are in Leather groups and he will arrange them to contact me. The officer concern knows me for years back home. We had a real close heart to heart talk. Finally he state that arrangements will be made for me. So I left and proceed to the hotel. Check into the hotel and the second day I found a message left for me and advise me that I am invited to a party and the pick up will be at the front of the hotel and he is a friend of the officer whom I had spoken to. When the day approach and to the appointed time, a car drove up, the car has tinted windows and the car door open out came two hunky men dress in full leather and requested that I get into the car. I got in and the door slam and once the door close, I was grab by the men and was told not to make a sound. The car slowed and drove into a basement. Automatic doors silently opened and shut behind the limo which drew to a halt in the middle of a well lit parking area. The doors opened and I was pulled from the car and led to stairs which in turn led to a plush carpeted hall, obviously part of a hotel. They knocked on the door of a room and I was ushered in to a well lit, tiled, jailhouse with stainless steel manacles of every kind hanging from chains around the room. My ropes were released, clamps removed, parachute removed, butt plug removed and for the first time since entering that fateful Shinjuku bar I was entirely free of restraints and implements of torture. I was then ushered into the shower my arms were raised and stainless steel manacles clicked onto my wrists stretching my arms up toward the roof, the shower was turned on full and I luxuriated in the warm water cascading over my body as my jailer washed every part of my body including using a special nozzle with a phallus head that he used to pleasure and wash my insides. He also kissed me passionately and having placed a condom on my cock sucked me until I came, before putting a condom on himself lowering the chains slightly while still keeping me completely at his mercy he fucked me as the water cascaded over us both. A knock at the door heralded the return of my two captors and they supervised my jailers preparation of me for my next ordeal. I was made to stand in the centre of the room and strong leather cuffs were padlocked onto my wrists, ankles, upper arms and upper thighs once padlocked into position you could see that the welded D rings protruding from each meant that any Master could secure me in any position with the utmost ease. Clearly my ordeal was going to continue but the commitment to safe sex gave you the feeling that while these people were merciless and dedicated to cruel and unusual sex you would emerge finally when they and they alone decided to release you to live another day. My wrists were pulled out before me and padlocked together, my arms were lifted and wrists placed behind my neck and fastened to a D ring sewn into a soft but thick black collar which in turn was buckled around my neck. Once again I was secured in such a way as to allow unrestrictedaccess by fingers, implements or whips to every part of my body thedreaded parachute on my balls was attached to a leash meaning the slightest tug set the weights swinging The other D rings were left alone as they concentrated on the refinements of clamping strong metal clamps to my nipples complete with bells and a connecting chain which they threaded through another D ring at the front of my collar so that any movement by my wrists or arms also tended to move the collar and tug viciously at my tits but there was no gag or butt plug which I mistakenly took as a good sign. I was thus naked and so very vulnerable to any man within touching distance but nevertheless grateful to my captors who had rescued me from the park. I was ushered into the hall and marched back to the stairs, the jolting action of going down the stairs tortured my nipples and balls mercilessly as any attempt to slow and ease the pain resulted in lashes across my naked butt and tugs to my leash causing me to jerk forward as I tried to avoid the pain. Once again I was ushered into the Limo with my minders sittingeither side, in contrast to my last ride I felt clean and fresh if apprehensive about my fate The Limo travelled only a short distance through crowded main streets and I was grateful for the tinted windows, it then turned sharply into a side street and parked, my captors helped me out and immediately led me a few short steps into a concrete sky scraper and a lift where one of them used a card to gain access to the top floor some 25 stories up. During the ride they massaged my cock back to hardness and removed the clamps playing my sore nipples back to hardness before re clamping them so that I was fully aroused when the lift doors opened and I was led out onto a roof top garden where a very posh party was in full swing. It was dark every where with subdued low garden lights that allowed you to see where you were going but kept peoplesfaces more in shadow. I could see everyone was male, well dressed and in the main over 50, some in dinner suits and others in leather, with instruments of torture dangling from their belts. I also noticed many wooden frames, stocks, whipping posts even stakes hammered in to the lawn far enough apart that a man could be spread-eagled and stretched face up or down according to the crowds desires. I noticed that no one else was stripped and manacled like I was and from the hungry looks and fondling fingers touching my body it was clear I was to be the nights entertainment. I was quickly hustled by a small crowd to the wooden frame, my wrists were freed and nipple clamps removed as willing hands hoisted me into the air and clipped my wrist cuffs to the chains hanging from the top corners of the frame. They then unceremoniously dropped me leaving me hanging suspended by my wrists although many hands still lingered as the explored my displayed body. I kicked and struggled but my position was hopeless and I knew it. I looked out over the sea of faces and saw a box like contraption being hauled toward me, a shaft protruded from the centre and on top of the shaft was a leather saddle and protruding in turn from the saddle was a thick 8 inch long condom covered dildo. I watched fascinated as it was positioned directly below me. I tried to close my legs but loose chains had been fastened to both my ankle and thigh cuffs which while they were loose enough to allow me to pull myself up some distances by my arms I could not bring my legs together. An electric motor in the box whirred into life and the dildo and saddle rose slowly up until with the guiding hands of willing volunteers, who also liberally applied lubricant, it was pushing at my anus. I struggled and squirmed lifting myself as soon as I felt it pushing me open, I had never had to take anything that big to date and pulled on my wrist chains which lifted me but still the saddle rose and was again pushing at my sphincter. I could go no higher and resigned myself to the inevitable rape when with a cheer the machine stopped, the tip of the dildo was hard against my sphincter but not inside me. I then realised that the real torture was to simply wait and as my arm muscles tired I would in effect rape myself. I determined to hold off but in the space of a few minutes found myself lowering and impaling myself on the dildo while some of the men clapped and others whipped my stretched torso. Once I was fully impaled and sitting on the saddle it was lowered slightly to fully stretch my arms, my ankle chains were also adjusted pulling me down tighter and my thigh chains were tightened pulling my legs out further and ensuring nothing restricted the dildo from impaling me to the fullest extent. Once again I heard the motor whirr into action and to my horror, this time it began to vibrate and move down and then back up pumping me with mechanical precision as my own cock stood proud and twitched with desire, despite, or perhaps because of, the helplessness and cruelty of my position. I abandoned all attempts at self control, threw back my head and begged for mercy as I rode the sensation. I felt the whips thrashing my naked buttocks, chest, back and thighs. I felt a hand wanking me and as I came with a powerful spurt, I saw a dinner suited gentleman catch it in a shot glass. My head slumped to my chest as I hung there while the saddle was lowered and the dildo withdrawn leaving me naked, stretched and available both inside and out. Various members of the club, both obvious leather clad masters and dinner suited gentlemen now availed themselves of my body and tried out their toys. Different dildos both vibrating and still, carved ivory, stainless steel, leather and rubber were used on my arse and every variety of nipple torture was applied to my tits as I hung helpless before them. Every so often someone would apply their own whip and I would cry out with the pain. Although my body weight was partially supported by the chains at my thighs my arms were aching from being stretched above me and I was grateful when some of the crowd decided they wanted to bring me down from the frame, which they did. I was then hustled to another large frame where I was bent over a bar height adjusted to be just above my cock, so that my feet were standing flat on the ground when my ankles were pulled apart and shackled by chains at the bottom of the frame. My thighs were then also chained to the sides of the frame ensuring I had no freedom of movement for my legs and my arse was spread wide and available. My wrist cuffs were then also chained to the sides of another frame some four feet in front of the other but this time at waist height. I was now bent over with my back horizontal to the ground with my arse presented and my arms stretched out to either side and slightlyforward of my torso. From the top centre of the forward frame a steel collar lined on the inside with soft leather was lowered on a chain, opened and the clicked shut around my neck it too was fixed at lower waist height and chains stretched to either side of the frame to hold it in place. Once again I could not move a muscle and a small stiff leather topped stand was placed under my chin forcing me to keep my head and face up. Nipple clamps were re applied with the bells and a linking chain, the weight, and swinging of which, kept my nipples on fire. The weighted parachute was still dragging at my balls which also ached from this torture and the way my legs were stretched out to thei fullest extent made my arse feel particularly open, empty and vulnerable. It was becoming particularly clear to me also, why I was not gagged, apart from the fact that my cries 25 stories up in the open air served only to amuse my captors, it was obvious that the purpose of my current position of restraint, was to allow unhindered access to my arse and mouth, cock, balls, nipples and indeed all of my body for members to fuck or play with, torment or torture at their leisure. Scatter cushions were thrown on the ground around and under me and men slowly began to gather, in couples and alone, drinking, laughing and while some sat around and under me, others began playing with my body. The smell of the leather trousers now standing directly in front of me was intoxicating and as he held the zip out, I obediently attempted to lower it and open his fly. He had to assist me loosening the chain holding up my steel collar and removing the stand under my chin to allow me to move my head up and down and free his cock from the leather trousers, the job done his hard cock thrust out and he slid a condom over it and then slowly thrust himself down my throat as I felt another hard condom covered and well lubricated cock ramming up my arse. I felt used and abused but the restraints were reasonably comfortable and every now and then when my mouth wasn??t being used,I was offered a drink and slaked my thirst eagerly, sometimes it was beer and sometimes whiskey and often the small leather chin stand was replaced to force my head up and make me watch my tormentor preparing himself to face fuck or rape me. Suddenly I felt my ball parachute and clamps being removed and my own cock and balls licked to hardness, a condom was applied and I bucked as I was sucked by someone who also flicked idly at my sore nipples, while some else applied a whip to my back and shoulders as he fucked me and yet another thrust hungrily in and out of my mouth. This continued until the men tired of fucking me and drifted away to other parts of the roof top garden to admire the view or find each other. One man however remained on a cushion close in front of me and kissed me passionately while reaching underneath and pinching my nipples. I kissed him back and relaxed as much as I could given the vulnerability of my position. When he stood up and offered me his condom covered cock I pleasured him long and hard and as I did he ran his hands along my out stretched arms and down my body stroking me all the time as he came in my mouth. I desperately wanted him to buy me and take me home but he was pushed away by three leather clad rope masters carrying a bag of course hemp rope. They released me from my chains and dragged me back to the original four posts in the middle of the lawn where I was thrown on my back on the ground. My wrists were then connected to chains at the bottom of the posts either side and pulled hard apart stretching my arms once again, however my ankles were then lifted and attached to chains much higher on the same two poles and anchored far apart. This left my head and shoulders secured on the ground but the rest of my body hoisted and inverted, with my arse hole pointing directly into the air and my legs stretched wide apart to allow easy access to my arse, cock and balls. The rope masters then set about tying and separating my balls with thin cord, leaving the skin stretched as my cock hardened and my balls were trapped stretched not only away from my cock but also separated. They also set about tying ropes which at this point certainly were superfluous, that is at the wrists, ankles, thighs and above the elbow. All were of multiple turns and each were finished with another rope forming a loop not dissimilar to the ring in my leather restraints, all of which seemed superfluous given the helplessness of my present bondage. Another man appeared with a large wax candle some 12 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter, one end was flat with a wick protruding from he end and the other was carved in the shape of a very thick cock which ran straight for six inches and then narrowed considerably to 1 inch diameter before immediately going back to 2 inches. I knew before the lubrication was applied that this was to be rammed down my arse and so it was, with my sphincter quickly tightening at the narrowest point, holding the candle vertically between my legswhile invading and stretching my insides. They lit the candle with much ceremony which drew the people back to the spectacle of a naked slave well secured being tortured and they subtly adjusted the chains on my ankles to ensure the hot molten wax dripped on to the stretched skin of my cock and balls or should I jerk hard in my bondage, it flicked on to my nipples. I had a perfect view of my own torture. I could watch the candle burning lower and the molten wax burning harder as it continued to spill on my most sensitive organs without any ability to move or stop the torture. The club members loved it and clapped every drop as I tried desperately to avoid the pain. This particular torture whilst started by the rope masters, was not all they had in mind and although it went on for nearly an hour until most of the audience drifted away, they waited patiently for my ordeal to end before releasing me from the chains and then tying me, using the afore mentioned ropes at ankle, wrist, thigh and upper arm. They tied me savagely on a bridge over the artificial Carp pond, against poles, staked spread eagled on the lawn and dangling from the trees, utilising every rope they had and always rendering me utterly helpless and at the mercy of any one wanting to molest me. When they finally released me, dawn was breaking, and while all of the cruel ropes were removed the leather cuffs were not and my hands were still chained behind my back as I was handed to the one man I had hoped would claim me, the man who had kissed and loved me so well, when I was chained for sucking and fucking simultaneously earlier in the night He put a large silk robe on me which hid my nakedness and the fact that my wrists were padlocked together behind my back, gave me a pair of sandals for my feet and ushered me toward the lift. Once we reached the ground he gently took my elbow and ushered me to his car, he drove a short distance to his home and again ushered me up the stairs and into a sparsely furnished house. He then removed the robe and the padlock leaving me free for the first time. I embraced my liberator and we showered together before going to bed in a large double bed completely free of any form of restraint for the first time. I was exhausted and slept very soundly. I awoke to the feel of some one sucking my hard cock. It was my liberator and once again I was free of restraints. We passed a pleasant morning and I eagerly agreed when my liberator suggested we go to the beach. Upon return from the beach, I went back to my hotel and my back was hurting like mad, still bleeding for I had to dress to leave as my transport to pick me up for my trip home. Throughout the ride to the base for my flight home, I was in agony and blood from my back sip through my uniform and when I board the plane, many pairs of eyes were seen directing to my back but few make any comments except my Orderly asked me whether I am all right as blood is seen on my back. My answer was just short, "I am OK" and he just return a smile for I knew that he knew what had happen to me.

8/25/2010 6:48:43 PM
What a coincidence. On July19th 2010, I had to attend a Security Meeting with 8 other countries Defence personal and at 9.00 a.m. I walked into the Pentagon Conference Room, almost all the delegates had already arrived except 2 countries. Ten minutes later in walked the 2 countries delegates and two of the delegates was very familiar looking and they were from Germany, and I was cracking my head as to where I had met them. The second delegate who sat behind the main delegate was eyeing me all the time. I felt real strange and still I could not recollect where I had met them. During morning coffee break, the second delegate who sat at the second row which I will call him Mick came forward and started conversation with me and all the time he eye me straight to my face with a single blink. Then he moved over to his superior whom I will call him Joseph and whisper to his ears and then both turn around towards me and raised their coffee cups and gave a smile. I return the distant greeting. In the end we just march back to the conference room. So at lunch time, I was surprised that both of them had requested the previous sitting arrangements to be switched from the United Kingdom delegates sitting next to me to theirs. Joseph started the conversation and suddenly he whisper to my ear, ?Glad to see you Laurie?. Laurie is a name I had used when I was in Munich last year when I was playing around with some Leather Masters. I was taken by surprise as ?Laurie? is seldom used by Masters whom I had served in United States except when I am on R&R overseas. The conversation got more interesting as Joseph asked how my service to Master and whether I had enough of it. My reply was that work is extremely hectic and not enough time for my personal activities. I was then told that they are staying with a friend of theirs who stay close to Pennsylvania Avenue NW and they would like my company during the weekend before their departure. So we arranged to meet on 23rd evening after the end of the conference. Was told that their friend?s residence is quite close to my Pentagon Officers Barracks and the White House. I was informed that I do not require to bring along my Private Orderly who act as my personal security guard. I will be quite safe in their company and both gave a real evil smile and they wink at each other. Throughout the entire week I still could not recollect where I had met both of them and that really frustrate me. So by the time comes - 23rd as informed that I will be picked up at the entrance of the Pentagon Officers Barracks as where I stay it is a security restricted area. When time comes I stood by the guard house and on the dot a black limousine arrived, the driver got out and open the back door and I got in. I was surprised that already 3 other men were sitting inside the limousine. Hardly driven a hundred metre, as all the limousine windows were tinted, 2 of the men without a word utter just grab me by the arms and started to strip me while the 3rd had his huge palm covering my mouth and utter to me ?Not a sound or you are dead?. I struggle but to no avail as bothy men were stronger than me and it took no time for them to totally strip me bare and in the end a black leather hood was pulled over my head and I could feel a pair of handcuff was locked to my hands at the back and then both my legs were locked with leg cuffs. We drove for quite some time and all the time, I could hear all the 3 men uttering ?We are having some fun this weekend? and they laugh all the way while I was push to the limousine floor and all of them had their legs over my body. Suddenly the car came to a halt, the limousine door open and I was dragged out and carried by one of the men over his shoulder for quite a distance and at the end I was thrown down to a wet and slimy cold floor and straight away I was pulled and dragged and I could feel chains were placed on my handcuffed hands which they switched to place two sets of cuffs on my hand - one cuff to each hand and then attached it to chains as I could hear the sound of chains. After that I could feel my entire body was lifted up and slowly suspended upwards and with me dangling up in the air. I was cold as I feel the cold air and I was in total nudity. Suddenly I heard some German speaking and laughter and of a sudden I hear ?We have an American Colonel spying on us and we had caught him and is now in our hands?. My God is what I was thinking at that time that I had fallen to a trap set up by the German to obtain more information from me. What a fool I was was not to have more check on Mick and Joseph before I accepted their invitation for I thought that they must be one of the Masters I had served before when I was on R&R in Munich. It too late now but have to face the outcome. After a while being dangle up in the air which I knew that I could not escape I preserve all my energy and did not move an inch. Suddenly a pair of hands grab my balls and pulled downward and I could feel my balls being bound tight. As the binding was made, my cock got harden and stood to salute position and that drew a chorus of laughter. Not long I again feel weighs were placed to my bound cock and it got heaver and heaver until I scream but to no avail. My screaming was stopped when I hear someone drawing a step ladder towards me and felt a pair of hands removing my leather hood and then my mouth was forced opened with a huge dildo plug forced into my mouth. I am gagged. To this I struggle as the weighs attached to my balls were causing tremendous pain and the move I move the pain was getting worst. Then two pairs of hands caught hold of my legs and I felt that the leg cuff was taken off and in placed both my legs were stretched out apart and secure tight and now I am in a total spread eagle suspension position. Now with the hood off I could see who was in front of me and torturing me. It was Mick, Joseph and 4 other men whom I had not met or even know their name. I could see that I am dangling in a stone walled like dungeon with hell of a lot of chains hanging and on one side of the wall were various equipment of torture and the other were a huge range of whips while at the far end was a bench, X Cross and a wire mesh chain web like suspension net hanging with a huge fucking machine clearly placed in the centre of the room. I knew that it would be a hard weekend I had to face these 6 men. All of them were bare chested and only wearing leather chaps and all of them are extremely muscular and I could see that none of them have thick cock less than 8 inches in length. All of them seem to be German as they speak fluent German among themselves. They seem to enjoy seeing me suspended in that position. One of them came forward and mounted the step ladder and started to apply clamps to my tits and then attached weighs at the end which stretches my tits downward and causes huge pain. After a while all of them started to whip me in all directions as they place themselves all around me. Each holding different form of whip and I just could not miss any lash they delivered. The worst was the whipping given by Joseph who uses a 12 foot long Bullwhip as his lashes were given hard and heavy and each lash cut my front and back the same time as the whip coil round my body. From his way of whipping I suddenly recall the Master I met in Munich in one of the Master?s residence whom I had served, for he was one of the friends invited over that week. His technique in whipping has not been forgotten as he whip mercilessly and I had consider him to be one of the most sadistic Master I had served. The whipping took about two hours non stop and by then I was covered in my own blood. I was in total pain and could not even have the strength of utter a sound. After a while buckets of cold water was splash over my body to wash of all my blood and then I could feel salt applied and rubbed all over my body which gave me great pain, I just moan with pain and could hardly struggle, not even an inch. I was so exhausted when they lower me but that did not end, for they dragged me towards the wire mesh network and secure me in tight spread eagle position, real stretch out tight. I thought that I could have a rest to regain some energy but to my surprise I find that I am in for the one of the torture I fear most, the German Electro torture. Now I know what the wire mesh is for. Apart from being bound with all my arms and legs fully stretched, barb wire were binding my chest, arms, ass and legs which each move the barbs will dig into my flesh deeper and at the end if each section of the bondage was attached to a cranker which electricity is crank up and the level of voltage is control to the number of turns. That is used by the SS during the Hitler era. Very few have survived this horrible torture. I was trained and informed by the US Marines Training time that the taliban like to use this torture to their captives. I did not expect that I would be tortured in this torture. I fear and I started to swear and abused them that they are not human. They just laugh and said that they know that I like to serve Sadistic Master and now I am facing some. The first four cranks sent my entire body buckle and the number of cranks increase I just scream and in the end they had to gag me again which I started to muffle my moans and groans as I was totally exhausted and my entire body buckled. That did not stop them as they started to bound my cock and balls with the barb wire and even inserted a huge cold steel dildo up my ass and started to give the worst electro torture and in the end I pass out. When I recover I found myself being bound tight on a bench face down with my arms fully stretched but both my legs were suspended spread out wide. Only my upper body was resting on a real low rough wooden bench. I could not see what is happening behind me and all I could hear were ?he has awaken?, ?Now give the slut more?, ?Let me fuck him first? and so on as there is a debate as to who fuck me first. I don?t know as I could not see who were arguing. Suddenly I felt a huge thick cock invaded my ass without any lube. The cock just push its way in, in one full force while another cock invaded my mouth with the person grabbing my hair and he just shove his cock inside me with great force and had his cock all the way down my throat and started to pump with great force. After a while I could feel a different cock fucking me and this goes on, one after another for a while. Suddenly I felt another object started to invade my ass the same time as the cock fucking me. It was stretching my ass and I gave a scream and without considering my mouth suddenly close up and thus my teeth bit the cock invading my ass. Of a sudden, a wack came down on my face and a voice shouted ?Don?t you dare bite my cock, you slut?. Blow after blow fell on me. After the blows stopped, I could sense the person whose cock I accidentally bite was whipping my back without any mercy as my ass was still being invaded by others. The whipping stopped but a pair of hands I could feel getting hold of my balls and pulled downward and then a cold feeling of a steel rings was placed to my balls. It was real heavy but that did not stop for my balls were placed to a press and I could feel it being tighten. It came to a stage I just could not take anymore, I scream but the press was tighten further. It was left like that but I could feel more weighs were added to my balls. The motion of the fuck cause my balls to swing. Thus it caused more pain. The fucking stopped but instead I could feel fist was invading my ass and it got to the stage that I got punch fisting mercilessly and each fist enter my ass got deeper and deeper and this went on for hours, I could feel at least 3 different pair of fist was fisting me due to size of the fist. It got to the stage that I could feel my ass hole was so widely open and that two fists were fisting me the same time. This went on for quite some time. All I could do is to moan and groan but this anger one of them who came and gag me saying that he is sick hearing my voice moaning. My moaning was muffle. As I am being fisted, I could feel my lashed back being pierced and needle after needle were applied. It started with my back, then both my arms and followed to both my thigh and my entire leg. When it finished, I could feel that the ball press removed but the weighs remain intact hanging off my balls. Suddenly without any warning, I could feel my testicles were pierced. The person who is doing the piercing know how to deliver pain as he pierce my testicle real slow. I could count at least 4 needles went through each of my balls. After that, it was the turn of my cock and I could feel the needle piercing through my cock shaft from right to left. At least 10 needles to my entire cock length and then my cock head is the final touch to them. I counted at least 14 needles to my cock head which came from different directions. They not satisfied, they had a thick long sound inserted into my cock and I could feel the entire length driving in deeper and deeper and finally it was bound tight to avoid the sound to fall off my cock. I was left in that situation for quite some time with my back, cock and balls being covered with needles and my ass being fucked by a fucking machine with an attachment of a real huge giant size monster dido which fuck me real hard to have the entire length of the dildo invading my ass and fast motion. While all this is happening I could see three of the four men whom I do not know was below my body piercing the front of my body. After they had piercing the front part of my body, they just sat in front of me and started to abuse me verbally and slapping my face hard.In the meantime, I could see Mick and Joseph standing in the far end of the room smoking their cigar and watching the entire process of me being tortured. Mick was holding a video camera and Joseph was telling him what to do and what angle to take. They seem to enjoy the entire scene as Joseph came forward and release my gag and had his thick long cock taking the place of the gag to my mouth. By then I was thirsty and could not do anything as I was bound in such a way I could hardly move. After Joseph fuck my mouth he ended in shooting his load down my throat followed by a hot stream of his piss which washes all his cum right down my throat. After Joseph came Mick and followed by all the other four. I could hardly consume any more piss which I allow the piss fall to the ground. I heard shouting that the piss is to be left there as later I had to lick up every piss drop. My arms and legs started to ache but what then, I was just left bound in that position. I was left like that for hours until the time of the removal of the needles. They did it real slow, dragging the needle out very slow to enhance the pain. Sometimes just one needle but other time two or three needles the same time at different part of the body.. When all the needles were removed. I was released from my present bondage position and three of the men got hold of me and dragged me and bound my hands above my head and started to suspend me and I was suspended at least three to four feet off the ground with both my feet free from bondage but before they left me they added more weighs still attached to my balls and I could feel as the weighs are added, my balls seem to fall off from my body and it kept swinging. I think at least 30 kgs of weighs were hanging and it was an agony. Of a sudden, they disappear and I was left suspended and the room light was switched off. It was silence all round and I could only hear my own moans and groans. They must have retire and for me I was left suspended. I do not know when or how long as I had drop off for short time and the pain to my balls and both my arms were driving me crazy. Then I heard a slam of steel door open and in walked all six of them. Two of the four men whom I do not know were bare naked while the rest were bare chested wearing the chaps exposing their jewels. One of them said that it was time for my breakfast and I thought that they will let me down and offer me some food, instead what it meant was another merciless whipping. This time the lashes were given even heavier than the first time and the pain is much more right from the first lash as all the lashes land over the previous lashes and thus cause the cut to open up again. Again I was covered in blood. By now I know it was Saturday morning. They take turn in whipping me non stop and if I were to utter a sound when the lash is given, another 10 lashes is added. By now my body is in a wreck state, not a good piece or area of my body is left unmarked. My ass is so sore from the violent fisting and the invasion of that monster size dildo. That did not bother them at all. Blood and sweat covered my entire body. After hours of whipping, again buckets of cold water was splashed over my body. The next thing I heard was ?When are your friends arriving??. Then the answer was ?Anytime now?.Then I heard ?Give the slut the electro treatment before your friends arrival?. There was a great roar of laughter. I thought to myself, ?Oh God, not that electro torture again?. I was immediately lowered down and dragged by four men by both my arms and legs towards the steel web hanging at the other end of the room. I gave all my strength left the final struggle before reaching the web but to no avail as the four men were very strong. I was over powered and I was finally bound again to the web by barb wires. This time they started with 8 huge cranks and the current was horrible, my entire body buckle and wave after wave of electro current came, I just scream and sweat pour all over my wet body which added more pain when the current is delivered. I really fear this German SS Electro torture. Fear is one thing but nothing can be done as I am in their hands. I lost count of the number my body buckle. Again I pass out. This time when I came around I found that I was wearing a heavy steel collar placed and locked to my neck and the other end with some sort of thick chain is attached to the wall while both my hands were handcuffed to the back and my feet were free. I was laying on the cold stone floor. Faintly I could hear voices as I was too weak to move, I just lay there still to recover some energy and strength. I was so hungry and dying for a drink but I could not see any forth coming. All I could do is to lick up the water and piss drops left on the floor to quench my thirst. After that I tried to find any piece if wire which I can use as a key to unlock the handcuff and the steel collar attached to me. But I could not. All those barb wires used to bind me seem to have disappear. I thought to myself if only I can find just a short piece I can use what I had been trained by the Marines to unlock and obtain freedom. I saw a coil of wires hanging on the other end of the wall and I crawl towards that end but to my disappoint the chain attached to my collar was too short and I could not reach it. I was frustrated. After a while I heard footsteps coming and saw at least 3 more men came into the room and all were dressed in full leather. All of them seem to be German too as they spoke very fluent German to each other. One of them came over and grab hold my hair and lifted me face up and he looked down on me and just said ?Good meat? and released me letting me slump right down to the floor. The next thing I found out that he unbuckle his leather trouser and expose his cock. It was huge and thick and without a word he turn me over with his legs and aimed his his cock to my ass and started to fuck me violently while the rest just stood there watching. Not for long, after that hunky German fucked me, Joseph took his turn, then followed by Mick and the rest. For all of them fuck me real rough and merciless, driving their entire length of their cock deep into me. While one is fucking me, I had to clean the previous fucker cock and they took turn and in which the first German and Joseph fuck me twice. After all the fucking, they unlock the other end of the collar chain and forced me to stand up while three of the men grab hold of my balls and pulled it downward and started to bind my balls tight with thin wires and in the meantime one of them started to stroke my cock to make it rock hard and then bind the cock tight as well. After all the binding I could see huge heavy weighs were attached to the end if the wire and ordered that I had to stand up straight. At any time I bend my knee, I get a real hard lash from one of them. I was drag out by the steel collar with my balls swinging with the heavy load attached. Once out I could see a naked hooded man bound and was kneeling in the garden but to my surprise, the house I saw was one of the houses I had been before and it belongs to one of the German General attached to the German Embassy. I think they notice that I saw the house and one of them spoke in German and suddenly a leather hood was produced. Before the hood was place over my head, they install a mouth spreader on me and then had me hooded. The mouth spreader stretches my mouth real wide all round and causes a lot of discomfort. I suddenly felt a thick and long cock shaft through the mouth spreader and my cock too was pushed through another mouth spreader and then both my thighs were bound to a face while my face was bound to another person thigh. Once that was done, my hands were released from the handcuff but instead some sort of iron cuff took it place as I could hear the clicking sound and was then suspended. This time I could feel additional weight as if another person too is being suspended together with me, I was right as I was suspended upside down with my legs attached to some sort of iron cuff which hurt when being lifted upwards. There my cock is in somebody?s mouth and his cock is in my mouth and my head could hardly move an inch backwards for it was tied to the person legs. We must be in a 69 position. The other person must be suspended upright while me being upside down. Also the weighs attached to my balls stretches my balls downward and my cock is in somebody mouth, it causes my balls to ache more. I wanted to shoot my load but unable for my cock was bound so tight and it was agony for me unable to release my load. We were left suspended in that position for some time. The other suspended person seem to struggle a bit and thus cause his and my body to swing in all direction which added more pain to my balls. We could not pull away from each other as we were bound together with sharp barb thin wire and the slightest move or struggle the barbs would dig deeper into our body. After a while I felt my ass was stuff with heavy huge chain and I could feel the coldness of the chain. It must be hours that we were suspended that way and for me being suspended upside down, I had to move every few minutes to make sure my body blood do not rush to my head and that cause the barb wire dig deeper to my body. It was an agony all round. The torturers must be enjoying themselves as I could hear laughter and a string of German voices. The cock in my mouth was deep down to my throat as it must be a huge thick one and all I could feel it move very slightly down my throat. I do not know how long but the pain is getting worst and suddenly I felt the whip again coiling round my body. They must have used the 12 ft. Bullwhip as whipping goes, I could feel my cock being bitten by the other person but for me I could not and unable to bite his cock in return. He must be with a different mouth spreader or his spreader did not spread his mouth as much as my spreader do to me. My ass became the target for most of this round of whipping. After this round of hard whipping, I could hear the other person crying. By the time we were lowered down and separated but I was again strung up and suspended again but this time both my arms and legs were spread apart in a spread eagle position and with more weighs added to my hanging cock. The heavy chain stuffed inside my ass was forcefully drag out and in place a huge butt plug had taken its place. I was left suspended for quite some time. Suddenly I was lowered to a huge drum of water and lifted out again and down to the drum of water, over and over again. I thought I will be drowned, I tried to hold my breathe but to no avail as in the water it was longer than being lifted out. They knew I was holding my breathe so they left me in the water longer. When lifted out, I could hardly catch my breathe, down I go again. This carry on for a while and they seem to loose interest that I did not respond or beg them to stop so they had me out of the drum and suspend me again. The weather changed and it began to rain and I was left suspended in the rain and it was cold.When the rain stopped, they came out and lowered me and drag me back and removed my hooded and this time they had me bound face down to a rough wooden bench and with my knees bent and bound tight, they started to fuck me again. After they had they fun they used the fucking machine to fuck me with an attachment of a giant size dildo and I could feel the length of the dildo as it drive straight into my ass in rapid speed and that really open my ass hole real wide, worst than taking a fist. As the machine fuck me, tons of hot wax was pour over my back. After the wax treatment they came and turn me around and started to whip my cock and then started to insert a thick and long sound inside my cock and using the sound to fuck my cock. They drive the sound into my cock with great force and all in one single stroke and this carry on for a while and then they just tie the entire sound permanently to my cock and just left me in that position. By now I had just sighted my cock and balls, they are blue black and swollen to twice the size and my cock is twice its thickness as well it is hard and standing up fully erected for my cock and balls had gone through piercing, electro torture, whipping and tons of hot wax pour over. Both my cock and balls from the slightest touch I just could not take it as the pain was horrified. I do not know how long as my cock with the thick long sound inserted all in and the pain got worst and I could hardly move for I was bound tight with thick heavy chains. When they reappear, all of them were fully dressed in leather and each had either Bullwhip or Single Tail hanging from their belt. They came in and release me from the fucking machine and had the thick sound pulled out of my cock. Then they hose me down with a strong jet of cold water , still wet I was led out by the collar and approach a limousine with the boot open. Before they push me into the boot, they place handcuff to my hands and cuff it to the back, leg cuff to my legs, large butt plug to my ass and a dildo mouth gag to mouth, then they just carry my entire body and dump me inside the limousine boot. Off we went and I do not know where. I was totally in full nudity. About half an hour drive, the limousine came to a stop and I was ordered out of the boot and being led into a building which turn out to be Club house. In there were quite some leather men, I was led to the end part of the room and the leg cuff was removed, in place leather cuffs took its place and without a word my entire body was thrown forward and my legs were being moved upwards, for I was being suspended upside down. Then some sort of placard was hanging around my neck. For a while I was left like that until some leather men came and lowered me down a bit and my cuffed hands were being stretched backwards and my body is in a ?L? shape. Then I could feel my ass being invaded by cock and I being fucked, The fucking was non stop as those men took turn. After one man fuck me the next took its place while I had to clean the cock up when the cock is forcefully inserted into my mouth. Some even gave their piss while I am cleaning the cock which I had to drink all the piss. My ass became sore but the fucking did not stop, I lost count as to how many men fucked me. Suddenly the fucking stopped but in place I was fisted by huge big fist and I could tell at least 6 pairs of fists were fisting me as the fist size differ. After a while it was fist and cock in my ass the same time and this went on for sometime. As they fuck me, they gave hell of lot of verbal abuse such as ?Fucking Pig?, ?Slut? ?Worthless piece of Shit?, ?Whore?. After all the fucking and fisting, I was again suspended upside down and this time my ass was used as a Dart board as they started to aim darts towards my ass and they roar with laughter when a dart get its aim to my ass or any part of my body. This was worst than my body being pierced as the darts get real deep when it took its aim. I could not scream due to the mouth gag still in place. They had their fun and it ended up with at least 20 darts stuck to the back of my body and I could feel blood flowing and dripping down. In the end, they came and pulled the darts off and left me suspended there until departure. This time I was place again in the boot but the boot was covered with Black Plastic sheets and Mick said that I cannot stain the limousine with my blood and if a drop is seen in the boot, I am in trouble and told to lay still. Upon arrival back to the house I was led back to the room and chain to the floor via my steel collar, my hands were still cuffed at the back and the leg cuff to my legs were placed and I was left like that. At least I am not suspended again. My entire body ache and I just drop off to sleep, it was a long painful day. I knew it was another day past as we return from the club as it was early morning, say 7.30 or 8.00 a.m. for I hear voices of passer by and they ordered me to get into the boot fast before any police sighted us. I was kicked awake as Joseph, Mick and the 3 others stood over me. It was Joseph who kicked me and ordered me to wake up. I was too exhausted to even move an inch so Joseph gave me a few more kicks and I struggle to get up but the chain was too short, all I could do is to be on my knees. Once I was on my knees, Mick grap hold of my hair while others unlock the lock at the other end and I found my self being dragged by the hair towards a rack. I was placed and locked to the rack with my hands fully out stretched. Then something of bamboo with ropes attached were placed between my fingers. My god, I thought to myself, they have the finger torture which had been used by the German SS, which a torture device created by the Chinese. I was not wrong, soon they started to tighten the ropes and I feel the bamboo sticks started to close up and the pressure on my fingers was horrify and I started to scream. They seem to enjoy my screams and I hear those 3 men saying ?Give it to him more, more and see how he can take the pain?. I could see Joseph and Mick on opposite side turning and pulling the ropes and I started to sweat, my fingers seem to be dislocated and I started to scream ?STOP, please? but to no avail as they tighten more and more. Finally after a while they loosen and suddenly without any warning, the ropes were tighten and this was horrible. They did that a few times and stop. By then all my fingers were swollen. They then hose me down with buckets of cold water and ordered me to get dress. Once released from the rack, I could hardly lift my clothings to get dress as all my fingers were in great pain and when I started to wear my trouser, it was an agony to my cock and balls as they were so swollen for I was wearing tight trouser when I started to meet Joseph. Once dress, I was taken to the limousine and driven out of the house but was drop off two streets away from where I was picked up and told to get a taxi back. I stagger and got a taxi and went back to the Pentagon Officers Barracks and straight away I summon my Orderly to come and dress my wounds as I could not reach all the lash marks on my back. Thank god that my Orderly already knew my desires and all he could do was to dress all the lashes marks and he was shock to see my cock and balls swollen to double the normal size. My ass is so sore when he touches it when cleaning. While cleaning my ass he gave me a smile and got his cock out and started to fuck me. That was a reward to him to dress all my wounds. He finally told me that I was lucky that the my direct reporting Officer is out of town or else I am in deep trouble if he were to know the state I am in. He took his time in fucking me, even my ass was so sore I had to accept what he is doing to me. After his fuck, he went and he went to get me some food as I was so hungry, for I had not eaten since 18th and today was 21st. afternoon. After the meal, I just went off to sleep in the nude. Until today I still do not know who those 3 others who had torture and fuck me with Joseph and Mick. He took his time in fucking me, even my ass was so sore I had to accept what he is doing to me. After his fuck, he went and he went to get me some food as I was so hungry, for I had not eaten since 18th and today was 21st. afternoon. After the meal, I just went off to sleep in the nude. Until today I still do not know who those 3 others who had torture and fuck me with Joseph and Mick.

2/9/2010 3:24:17 PM
MY SYDNEY MARDI GRAS 2009 TRIP After waiting for 6 months my R&R application had been approved after all the channels and even the FBI checking, so I quickly booked my military flight and the next thing I quickly email the Aussie Master that I will be coming. His instructions is to meet at a Cafe in Oxford Street and I had to wear a tight shorts without any underwear, boots and bare chest. That will be a problem for me as I am travelling in Military flight, I had to be in uniform. Even on arrival to get Military transport from base to city, I still need to be dress in my uniform. Time is the problem as there is hardly one and a half hour to arrival to the meeting place. I had to think fast as to where to change. On arrival and then the trip to city I had only twenty minutes left, I saw a Hotel opposite the Cafe where I am suppose to meet Master, I dash into the hotel and used the washroom and quickly I changed. Just in time and left two minutes I quickly cross the road and sat at the Cafe. Hardly my seat was warm, in came three muscular leather men and they approach me and we exchange the code given and was ordered to follow them out of the Cafe. Once out we walk down the road and back to an alley and not far was a van. The moment we reached the van, two of the leathermen got hold of my hand and twisted them to my back and down came a pair of handcuff. The next thing was my shorts was pulled down and another set of leg cuff was placed on my legs and then the door of the van was open and I was pushed right in. Once in the van, a hood was placed over my head. Then the trip started. It was a long while. By then I did not know where we are going. Finally the van stopped and I was dragged out of the van and being led toward trees and grassland which I could feel and was then I was suspended. Then a bark was heard, ?DOUCHE THE PIG WELL?. From then onwards, I felt my ass being invaded by a thick hose and a rush of water enter my ass and I was douched. That took about half an hour or so. I was lowered from my suspension and was roughly dragged to another place and there I was suspended upside down and left like that for a while. I tried to swing a bit to keep my blood flowing but I just could not as they bound me real tight with both my legs and hands fully stretched out. All I could move was my head, so I kept my head moving. I was sweating hard as I felt the heat of the sun hitting me so I knew that I was suspended in the open. I start to get thirsty so I yell out for water. No reply for quite some time, suddenly I felt both my hands bondage was loosen and then I felt they were being push to my back and lock together. Then I felt I am being lowered, I just feel great that I am off the suspension before long I felt that I was being lowered to a tank of water and my entire body was submerged in water and I tried to hold on my breathe and not long I started to drink in the water, I struggle but without any use, I was brought up for a second or so and down I went again. When I was up I could hear a few voices saying, ?There is your water to drink, slut?. This went on and on, up I came and down I went . By the time they had the water torture done, they left me suspended in the heat again. I could not see anything as the leather hood was over me and again I felt the heat of the strong sun. I kept swinging my head and this time I could swing my body, but the more I swing my legs started to hurt as it is taking my entire body weight. I started to moan. I do not know how long I was suspended and by the time I was lowered, I was dragged through the ground and finally down some cold stone steps and then I was lifted up and bound to a steel frame. I knew that there were at least 6 men as I heard different voices talking and laughing. I was left bound to the steel frame with both my legs off the ground. Then all went quiet for quite some time and suddenly I felt hands all over me, my cock and balls were squeezed hard and bound real tight after some stroking to make my cock hard. Then I felt that my cock was in somebody?s mouth and my ass was being rimmed. For a while my cock was sucked and ass being rimmed, without any hesitation my ass was invaded with a giant size dildo and it started to fuck me and then I realised that I am being fucked by a fucking machine while I am bound suspended upright. The dildo went all the way. Then I felt needles piercing my tits and then my entire body front and back while being fucked by the machine. It was a total agony as I felt at least 500 needles were pierced to my body and the worst was to my cock and balls as the needles went through the cock shaft and needles went directly right into my testicles. By then I was moaning real loud but was finally gagged. With all the needles intact to my body and my ass being fucked, they left me. It was hours before they came back and when they removed the needles, they did it really slow and causing more painj, I scream through the gag. When all the needles were removed, I felt hot wax poured over my entire body, I wanted to come but could not as my cock was so tightly bound. It was a total agony. They lowered me and bound me to a bench and then they took turn in fucking my ass and making me suck another man cock the same time. If I stopped sucking, I was punched. I could feel the sizes of all the cock fucking me and at least 10 men had me, some were real rough and take quite some time before they come and they made me licking all the cocks covered in cum totally clean. By then my ass was so sore and so is my mouth. They even double fuck me and had two cocks in my ass. After all the fucking, one men started to fist me without any lube applied and he just forced his big fist inside my ass and started to punch fist me. He kept saying, ? That is what you like, slut so take it? and he force his fist right up my ass and pushing his arm right into me. I started to scream bit that did not stop him as he fist me even harder. When he finished another fist took its place and then another and another. This went on until I counted eight different fist had fisted me. By then I was totally exhausted and my ass was so sore. Then they left me. I do not know for how long I was left bound to the bench as I was so tired and fell asleep. I was awaken by a hard slap to my ass and I was released but told to put on a leather jock strap. When I finished, my hands were again bound to the back with a pair of handcuff, my legs with leg cuffs and then a steel collar was placed to my neck which the collar was attached to some chains. The gag to my moth was removed but the hood remain. I could not see anything but was led out and told to get into the van and was told that I am going to the Mardi Gras. Once reach Oxford Street, I could hear loud voices, the van stopped and was told to get out. When I got out, my hood was taken off but my hands were still handcuffed to my back. A steel collar was placed to my neck with a chain attached. I was led to the street and it was quite humiliating as people turn and see me being led. Watch the parade and then was taken to the Ball but they all took to the dance floor except I was ordered to sit on the floor watching them dance. Quite a few leathermen came and talk to them and then I was led out to the back. There I was ordered to serve those leathermen. They made me suck their cock and then at the same time, I was fucked. This went on for a while and then I was led back to the van and the hood was placed back to my head. On arrival I was dragged out of the van and then was suspended again and this time I was suspended in a spread eagle position and the jock strap was taken off. Instead weights were tied to my balls. My tits had clamps on and then I feel lashes landed on me. I felt my whole body was on fire and could feel blood dripping over my back. . After the whipping, they left me alone suspended and I could feel the cold wind. I knew I was suspended in the open. After a while I was taken back inside and led to the bench and was bound facing upwards. I could feel my cock and balls bound with wires and my ass was stuffed with a huge cold dildo. Suddenly I felt shock and wave after wave of electro currents pass through my body. I started to scream as the voltage increases, beg them to stop but it fell on deaf ears. Every minute was like hours and my body was buckling and my ass was like on fire. Suddenly the torture stopped but instead thick sound was inserted into my cock and was fucking my cock. I scream aloud as the sound was driven more and more inwards. I started to shoot and was ordered to stop shooting my cum but I just could not. While the sound torture was carrying on, my ass was again being used. Cock invaded my ass and was fucked real rough and they took turn fucking me non-stop. Again I had to clean their cock after they fuck me. This time some even piss on me and make me drink their piss. They called me names. I was aching all over from the whipping and now my ass was so sore. Once they finished fucking me they had my ass fill with a huge giant size dildo and had it tie real tight so that I could not spill out. I was released and led to a small cage and was pushed into the cage and there I remained. They disappear and I was left alone in the cage. Hours passed and suddenly a hose of cold water was directed towards me, this woke me up. I was brought out from the cage and again led and this time I was bound to the wall. I was whipped again, the lashes landed on the previous markings and this led to more pain and the cuts were re-opened and more blood dripped over my body. After the whipping I was left alone and I could hear more people arrived. I was taken out and ordered to suck cocks. While I am sucking cocks, my ass was again being used. I could feel the different cock sizes and at least 15 cocks had fucked me. My ass was so sore from all the fuck I got previously and now all these fucking again. By then I was so exhausted that I could hardly move. Then I was ordered to get dress and was driven to the city. On arrival, I had to find a hotel and had to change back to my uniform and proceed to base for my return journey. It was quite an embarrassment as at the back of my uniform there were some blood stain being shown from the whip lashes marks. When asked, I just told them that I had an accident and had my back received cuts from a broken door.That really stopped the men asking further questions as to how I had blood on my back. It was a real exciting trip down under and now I am flying back to work again.

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