Welcome to your undoing.

Alpha female, head B*** in charge, an Empress building an Empire -- in blatant rebellion of the patriarchy.

I exist to be served by those who are inevitably my inferiors -- especially those so called 'alpha men'. What's an alpha male to an Empress fully aware of her power?

Rare and classic beauty, INFJ personality, highly intelligent and articulate, tenacious, witty, athletic, and incredibly influential. Hypnotherapist. Mind reconstruction. Life Master.

Many are compelled to pursue me, few will ever be granted the privilege of encountering me.

Sacred, divine, a 1 of 1.

Not even a picture is needed as you read these words you can feel my power through each sentence. Imagine being allowed to kneel at my feet.... imagine having the oportunity to obey my commands. Female supremacy is not role play. Men are meant to be led by powerful women. Do not approach with the intentions of fulfilling your egotistical desires. Humbly and authentically present yourself to me with a brief introduction on why you should be considered as one of my subordinates.

I seek to own loyal servants who are eager to do my bidding and essentially make my life easier as a whole.

Only those who are local (LA area or willing to relocate) and of equal intellectual caliber will catch my interest.

Attention to detail is key.To spark my interest, tell me why you believe in female supremacy, and how you envision creating more ease in my life. Don't forget to acknowledge my outlined skills and interests.

4/2/2024 11:26:18 AM

What annoys me more than anything is people who don't read. I know you're not used to people like me who are straightforward and values every second they have, but get on my level or leave me alone. I created a detailed profile to spare the need to repeat myself or waste valuable time. I know exactly what I want and I know exactly what I don't want. If you lack the cerebral firepower to comprehend an Alpha Fem of my caliber, that's your problem. Don't approach me if you didn't read my profile. Stop expecting me to go out of my way, repeat myself, overexplain, or lift a finger for that matter. I'm SERIOUS. I am seeking the path of least resistance ONLY. My life will be easy breezy no disruptions moving forward. 


As a full time artist and creative maker, I support myself 100%. No side jobs, hustles, or schemes. Therefore, come correct or don't come at all. Getting all of these messages from beta men expecting me to go out of my way. If you want your fantasy fulfilled, seek elsewhere. It's ALL ABOUT ME. It's MY WAY OR GET TO STEPPIN. If you don't drive, don't even bother. If you are poor or struggling financially, mentally, emotionally, or physical, skip me. If you can't keep yourself together, aint no way you can add value to my life. I'm grounded. Aware. And capable of continuing ON MY OWN til I find the right ones for the mission. ✌🏽

1/31/2024 6:49:08 AM

Celebrating my birthday the proper way. Being pampered and served. 3 days away :) 

 Age: 20