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Hi, Im called Chris, Im a hypersexual polyamorous dominant sadist with interests in Ds Ms and DDlg.

My interests include intensive use, including objectification, humiliation and emotional masochism and consensual non-consent. Mentally my approach is subtle, but I edge towards extreme play.

As a guide I prefer approaches from those in the South west or near there. A serious ongoing relationship would need to be with someone nearby. I own a slave who see me regularly and I have other Ds connections. We are all committed to life-long resilient polyamory (if this is an issue we can still at least talk). My house is equipped with bondage furniture and toys. My main interests include Ds, Ms, service, sexual humiliation, pain, rape play and force.

As a person I am friendly, caring and assertive. I believe you do not have to be sombre to be serious. I am also thoughtful and intelligent (with a variety of intellectual interests from psychology to physics) and so some thoughtfulness is important to me in long term partners.

Thank you for reading this profile. I hope you find what you are looking for somewhere, if not here.

Consent (a poem from one of my slaves)

Tell me what you want. 

Tell me it all.
Speak your truth
And I promise I will listen 
With kindness in my heart.
Your desires are yours and I am touched by your trust.
You are safe to share all this with me.
Ask me.
My answer will be given with care.
Expect nothing of me, except my honesty.
Accept my honesty.
I will ask the same of you.

I said no to the one who had all the right answers
I said no to the one who demanded my attention 
I said no to the one who invaded my personal space
I said no to the one who said I was gorgeous and expected me to be grateful
I said no to the one I said yes to last week
I said no to the one who grabbed my hand
I said no to the one who was ambiguous and shifty
I said no to the one who stole a kiss
I said no to the one who got me drunk
I said no to the one who bought me dinner
I said no to the one who was incredibly good-looking and that’s all
I said no to the one who told me things I already knew
I said no to the one who touched my knee without asking
I said no to the one who didn’t listen
I said no to the one who said I was the one
I said no to the one who thought I was their missing piece
I said no to the one who just assumed
I said no to the one who I just didn’t really like
I said no to the one who got angry
I said no to the one who pinched my arse
I said no to the one who was lying to their lover
I said no to the one who sent me a picture I didn’t ask for
I said no to the one who was pompous
I said no to the one who wanted me all to them self
I said no to the one who didn’t want to take no for an answer

I said no to entitlement
And so did you.

You didn’t move as you spoke, you just looked me in the eyes. 
You wanted and you hoped and I could see your truth.
And I asked you, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to fuck you” you said.
“I want to hurt you and enjoy the pain in your eyes” you said.
“I want to degrade you and use you and make you my slave” you said.

And I gave you my answer.


I pushed her head down towards my cock.

 “Open your mouth and put out your tongue” I instructed as I pointed it towards her face and stroked.

“No” she said uncomfortably, “I told you I don’t do that, I don’t like the taste of cum”.

“No?” I said gently: I saw her cringe in response. “I don’t like that word”

Quickly, I turned her over on to the bed on to her face. Arms were pulled up to the headboard and handcuffed accompanied by the satisfying sound of the ratchet. I could see her stiffen before the first stoke of the cane, but less so for each additional stroke to 10 then 20. I rubbed my hand over her now bruised arse and gently dilated her arsehole with my fingers. The anal fucking was slow and deliberately deep – enjoying her flinches from the pressure on the cane marks, and the feel of my cock so far up inside.

As I came I whispered directly into her ear: “can you feel my cock pour cum into your arse?”

She doesn’t struggle as I un-cuff her, turn her over and push my cock into her mouth for her to taste. I enjoy the look of disgust on her face.

“Say 'yes' next time”, I told her

“Never cover up around me”, I told her

She looked compliant and resigned as she dropped the blouse she’d picked up and sat back down.  

“That’s not all I meant”, I said as I forced her legs wide apart. “Never close them around me again. You will always be open, always sit exposed like a slut. I want to always see your cunt”

The look on her face was now somewhat different.

I was fully dressed, and she was nearly so.  While it was true that I got occasional glimpses of her exposed cunt under her skirt as she scrambled across the floor that wasn’t what excited me: What excited me was the blindfold over her eyes, the small cuffed bar hobbling her feet and the chain joining her wrists. What excited me was the sight of her trying without success to find my boots to kiss, the difficulty she had working out where I was without her eyes and the trouble she had crawling to where I was as I stepped 2 paces to my right.

Later I would hurt her, later I would fuck, bugger and use her.  For now I was just enjoying her struggle.

She isn’t in the most elegant position:  The spreader bar keeps her ankles wide apart, a full 5 feet such that not only her thighs are apart but also her cunt lips. But it’s not her cunt I’m interested in at the moment. She is bent face down over the large beanbag sofa with her head down over the other side and hands in front tied tightly together. A further rope runs from her hands under the bag and attached back to the spreader bar. The overall effect is comfortable immobility (which is my intention) with her arse stuck prominently into the air. Because I don’t want any distraction she has a ball gag locked into her mouth and a complete blindfold tightly over her eyes. Her cunt looks tempting split and pressed against the beanbag and in other circumstances it would be covered in pegs and clamps, but for now I won’t want any sensations distracting what I am going to do to her arse.

I’ve already been working my fingers into her arse hole with thick clear lubricant before inserting the three pronged anal speculum. The surgical steal had been warmed so that there will be nothing to cause her arsehole to tense. I want both it and her as relaxed as possible. “I’m going to stretch your arsehole open as wide I can”.

I turn the thumb screw on the speculum quickly at first and very soon her arse gapes as much as it regularly does after a session of hard arse fucking - and I tell her so. I continue to stretch her further, occasionally stopping and rubbing her cunt and clit. This attention causes her to tense against the speculum and then relax even more, so and I can open her up with less resistance from her anal ring .

My other hand is now stroking my cock and I tell her so. I stop stretching when the speculum reaches its limits. I couldtell her that this means her hole is stretched to around 4 inches, but instead I push my fingers inside the speculum and let her feel them move about. I tell her that her arse looks like it needed filling and feel her shudder in response. Removing my fingers I stroke my cock rapidly until I come, with copious amounts of thick white fluid either filling the middle or her open hole directly or covering the metal sides of the speculum and dripping down to join the rest.

I move around in front of her and removed the blind fold and gag. Her eyes are glassy, unfocussed deep in sub space. “What are you” I ask her. She knows what to reply; in barely more than a whisper she tells me “your anal cum bucket, master”. I present my largest dildo to her mouth which is fully as wide as her arsehole is currently stretched and push it between her lips. She knows what will happen next before I tell her:  “My cum will provide some lubrication and your spit the rest”.

Sometimes it’s all about what you don’t see.

When I have a plan to carry out I can be very anal (sic) about the execution so I got to the cottage a lot earlier than I needed to and had time to prepare in fine detail, even if everything didn’t get used.

I placed the beers on the kitchen counter next to a bottle opener. I wasn’t going to swallow much but  they wouldn’t know that - plus the smell of beer is so evocative when spit over someone and the rest can then be poured. I also made sure to sterilise the wide end of two bottles in the pack (for other uses) along with the toughed full sized wine bottle I’d brought along.

I left rope part tied to a chair and the coffee table as well as over the back of the sofa.  I opened several cable ties and left them in strategic places with different types of gags (both ring and ball) with two rolls of gaffer tape.

I had brought a bible with me selected to be heavy and to hurt. Some thick lube for the bottles and my fist and some fine lube which probably wouldn’t be used much (if you rape someone’s arse it’s important that it hurts somewhat to get the best psychological impact).

On the sideboard I arranged the travel sewing kit obviously with a needle and dark thread pre-threaded sticking out, but in the draw below I made sure the sterilised sutures were easily available when they could not see what I                was really using.

I had marker pens casually placed, a washing basket with pegs for decoration with a camera and video to humiliate.

As I sat down to finish my third pint of iced cranberry juice I finally heard her car arrive. I picked up the knife, turned out the light and waited behind the door.


Her eyes were downcast as I came over her left cheek and mouth her face. “Look at me” I said.

Her eyes glanced upwards but immediately shot down as she saw my expression. I slapped her face hard. “Not my at face, at ME” I growled, “at what comes from me”

I pulled her up by her hair and spun her around to face the mirror on the wall.

“look”, I commanded.

Her eyes saw the line of cum covering her cheek and on the corner of her lips, still pure white and fresh. I waited until I saw her face shiver in disgust and then I pushed her head firmly against the mirrors surface, smearing the cum over it and her. “You had better clean that up” I told her, as her eyes focussed on the smudged white stain on the mirror.

As she moved forward with her tongue I line up my cock and pushed inside her arse.

Todo acto de bondad es una demostración de poderío.

We didn’t have time to play, even though I could see how much she wanted to. I stood up, but stopped her before she could do the same.

“Before you go, I’d like to piss in your mouth”

I watched the look of horror and arousal on her face. She looked up at me and down a couple of times then nodded very slightly. I took out my cock and placed it against her lips. She looked at it briefly and took it inside her mouth. Her eyes were downcast as if ashamed. I pissed a small amount, but even that seemed to be too much for her. As she pulled away and spat the piss onto the floor. In response  I pushed her face down onto the mess she had made.

“you need training” I told her. “From now on each session will begin with you kneeling ready to drink my piss. You will learn to take it in your mouth, over you face and body, inside your cunt and arse and anywhere else I want you to, when I want you to. You will only be allowed to cum with my piss in you”.

Her eyes looked up to meet mine. She nodded slightly.

I love rules, rituals, protocol but my motivation for these is half things that psychologically affect a slave and half things that get me hard. Come to think of it, affecting a slave psychologically get’s me hard as well so maybe it’s the same thing! I have some basic rules that I expect a submissive to follow (where appropriate) from the moment they first meet me:

Basic Rules

  • Always dresses or skirts in my presence, never trousers.
  • Never wear panties.
  • Your cunt lips should be free from hair. Pubic hair can be left on the mons to begin with, I will decide later if that look suits you or if you should be completely shaven
  • Be explicit and never use sexual euphemisms. Say ‘cunt’, ‘arse’, ‘cock’, ‘fuck my arse hard’ etc. If you find that feels embarrassing or uncomfortable so much the better.
  • Any fluid deposited in your mouth should be swallowed unless I tell you otherwise
  • Any fluid deposited on your face, tits cunt or other part of the body should be left until I tell you to clean it off.
  • You must ask permission to orgasm: sometimes I may refuse.
  • Always call me ‘Master’ or ‘Sir’. In public ‘Boss’ may be acceptable or simply don’t use my name.
  • I don’t use ‘safe words’ or other forms of code. If you don’t like something I want you to tell me in plain English.
  • Do what I tell you and always ask permission. ‘No’ is not an acceptable answer on its own.

 I sometimes get criticized about these - that they are too ‘old fashioned’ or I shouldn’t expect a submissive to follow rules right from the start. There are lots of ways to practise kink and since the submissives I meet or play with are likely to be in tune with my type of kink I don’t see the validity of these complaints.

I’d always liked hurting cunts. Literal cunts, you understand, not the names I might use for slaves sometimes. Since hurting a submissive always gets me hard, hurting their cunt prepares the way symbolically and physically for me to fuck them -  as well as making that fucking painful in itself, which pain I can see and enjoy in their eyes as I cum.

A few years ago I’d been flirting online with a few people about the times in the past I had hurt cunts in such a way as to bruise them. I realised I’d never set out to cause such bruises. Tits, arses, thighs etc. - but never cunts. That’s why I had her tied and gagged on the floor, with legs spread almost too wide and everything vulnerable.

I used the heavy leather crop on her first. She soon realised that today her cunt was my soul target and I could soon hear the cries through the ring of the gag. It didn’t take long for it to look reddened and swollen especially where I’d caught her labia directly, but despite my hardest blows there was no sign of bruising. It was however, wide open and wet. I pushed the head of the crop roughly into the opening and fucked her with it for a while, just to enjoy her discomfort while I did.

I switched to my favourite tawse, a heavy brown buffalo hide affair just wide enough to hit her whole cunt lengthwise with each blow. I didn’t always hit her in one direction, sometimes varying my strokes from each side crossways until soon spots of bruising began to appear on her labia both major and minor. It wasn’t enough for me. I tossed the tawse aside and used my hand, smacking her cunt rapidly and as hard as I could. The bruising soon came fully to the surface, until a dark purple bruise almost covered all of the flesh in that area, and beside it.

This was what I wanted. I stopped hitting, knelt and pushed my cook hard into her. She was soaking; both her cunt and her face (from the tears). I fucked hard, listening to her cries and watching her face to enjoy her pain. I wanted to hurt her forever. But soon I pulled out, stood up and came over her face.  As I looked down I could see cum dripping into her mouth from the ring gag and smeared amongst her tears on her face. I looked directly into her eyes and sighed.

The cafe was full enough that the noise of conversations stopped anyone over hearing us. In fact the only sign that anything untoward was going on was her lipstick that had been slightly smudged in just the way I’d told her to, subtly at one corner. We chatted and sipped coffee until we had both drained our cups then I looked her in the eyes.

“I can imagine my fist deep inside your cunt”  We had not touched yet.

I waited for red to rise in her cheeks and then leant forward as if to kiss her but instead spit directly on to her cheek.

“Now pay the bill” I said.

“I need to piss” I said.

Even before the full reaction to those words appeared on her face I had grabbed her hair and pulled her stumbling towards the bathroom. Dropping her onto her knees in front of me I started to piss. Instinctively she lifted her hand to protect herself as a stream of warm urine hit her face and splashed over the front of her body. I stopped and slapped her hard around the right side of her face. “


Her hands disappeared behind her back as she’d been taught and she lifted up her head. I could see how much she hated this by the way she shook as my piss washed the dried semen from her cheek. The ring gag kept her mouth open as I moved my cock next to her lips and pissed directly into her mouth,  gently and forcefully lifting her head every time she tried to turn away. Shaking turned to sobs and to outright tears as piss dribbled from her mouth and she choked a little as it became impossible to swallow quickly enough. Her tears made my cock hard until there was just a fast jet of pee went directly into her throat.

I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. I turned her around to remove the gag and pushed her head towards the tiled floor. “lick up my piss” I softly ordered. Bent over, still sobbing she began to lick the floor. My cock lined naturally up against her already used arsehole and I thrust it in to the hilt. I began fucking her hard, knocking her mouth against the tiles as she tried to keep licking. To emphasise my point I pushed her head right down into the puddle of piss and held it there as I fucked. I felt her orgasm strongly but didn’t let go until I had completely finished.

I left her curled up on the floor on the floor, washed my hands and sat on the corner chair. After a few moments I told her to get up and clean up the mess. She returned quickly carrying a floor mop and began to clean. Her eyes were downcast and there was an air of quietness about her offset only by the bright red flush across her face. I stoked my cock slowly as I appreciated the element of service in the scene before me.