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My name is DJ.

I am a Master with 40 years ho only lives to serve! I am retired now from 20 years in the Army and 10 years as a Correctional officer in a maximum security prison. I am in the process of building a church and a new religion. It is a cross between Christian and self sufficiency. Since the Bible allows for more than one mate and the ownership of slaves, that will be part of the religion. If you seek to join a small but loving family, then contact me and we can discuss it further. Also, if you seek a house/farm slave position, be of good health, 50 or younger and want to work hard everyday.

Hello my fellow kinksters.


I am so glad that this site brought back the ability to add new journal entries.


Today's rant boys and girls is...


Does no one want to be an exceptional submissive or slave anymore?


All I get are young gamers who want to escape their pathetic life that they created and live in a basement somewhere. WTF!


Or old guys who were cross dressing back in the day that now list themselves as " Trans" because they think it's cool to do that now.


News flash..just because your fat ass found a dress to squeeze into doesn't make you automatically a Trans.


Being Trans is way more than that and the Trans slaves slaves that I have had and Trans friends I have would tell you the same thing.


It seems like everyone in the lifestyle only wants to have casual play and sex.


They want fantasy instead of the reality and hard work that this lifestyle requires to have a long lasting relationship.


Ok, old man lecture over.


Well for now anyways!

I see people write on their profile all the time that they don't know what to say in their profile box.

This is a site for a job ( Master or slave). Treat it like one.

It's simple. Put who you are, what you seek and what you offer.

Then details about the position you seek or the position you are offering. That's it!

If you want to post pictures of fuzzy cats or sappy poems; that's why God gave people facebook!