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I am a hopeless romantic who wears his heart on his sleeve...

I am very traditional in some of my values and very modern in others.

I can play vanilla but I much prefer the kinky side of things...

What I am looking for is very specific but incredibly rewarding with the right person...

I am very friendly and belief in being polite and respectful in my messages but please dont be fooled just because I dont start my messages with kneel bitch doesnt mean I dont know how to command respect. I just prefer to earn it on my own merits rather than demand it!

My ideal partner

Is someone who wants to be treated like a queen outside of the bedroom, I like to cook and go out for meals, wine and dine my partner.

I also love to go on adventures and book romantic weekends away.

Sometimes I just want to snuggle in bed or watch a movie with you on the sofa...

I also want someone who needs to be treated like a complete whore in the bedroom or pinned up against the kitchen wall by her throat.

Who will accompany me on these romantic nights out wearing nothing but stockings and suspenders under her dress because thats all I let her wear!

Someone fiesty and a little bit bratty but completely submissive.

I also like to buy outfits for my partner picking styles and dresses that I want to see them in, so I want someone who doesnt mind having to dress up and I mean ordinary clothes not all just fetish wear!

I have a love of bondage, humilaition and a whole other raft of fetishes! And I want my partner to be interested in these as well even if she doesnt have much experience with them.

I am a gentleman but not always a gentle man...

So I want someone who not only wants all the normal aspects of dating but also needs to be thrown around and man handled in the bedroom, fucked roughly and left a broken mess on the bed.

Before being held tight and made to feel like the most beautiful and important girl in the world.

So if this appeals to you...

Please get in touch, Id rather talk first and meet go for socials and build a connection than dive straight into bed with you.

Well it's been an odd week, I've learnt things about myself, found scars from past relationships. Discovered I'm still too willing to compromise on things that are important to me. So moving forward I want to be monogamous, I've done open relationships and it's not for me, now I want something that's just mine. This is might conflict with recent conversations I've had with people but after some introspection I've decided this is what I need

You enter the hotel room ahead of me trembling with fear and arousal at what's to come... I follow swiftly behind you, the door barely clicks shut as I grab you from behind. My arm tight around your neck. I grab your hands and you feel the cold metal of cuffs encircling your wrists the clicks letting you know you are completely helpless... I walk you to the edge of the bed and pull you down by your hair. So you are bent over the bed face down in the duvet. I force you to spread your legs, which is made even harder by the ridiculous high heels you are wearing. You feel me slowly start to lift the hem of your dress, I scratch the back of your thighs as I reach the top of your stockings. I push your dress higher exposing your bald and dripping cunt. Being aken to a fancy resteraunt in no knickers clearly agrees with you I say out loud making you blush. I lift your skirt all the way up exposing your bare arse the only bit of colour is the jewelled butt plug I made you insert before we left the resteraunt. You squirm even more feeling like an eternity passes before you feel my first strike rough and passionate, I strike you over and over with my bare hand warming you up before removing my belt leaving some impressive marks to remind you later who you belong to! And as you start to cry and sob into the bed covers... I decide I can take no more as I roughly pull the plug from your arse and replace it with my cock in one swift and deep movement. Savagly fucking your tortured hole until you can take no more and your screams push me pass the edge as I cum inside you. Later you smile thinking how lucky you are sat in a warm bubble bath a glass of wine in your hand being fed chocolates by your new dominant. You protector and abuser...
Foreword Apologies in advance, anyone who has previously read anything I've written will know my written tends to meander around the point as I chase my thought process around in circles. As a guy who suffers from the exact opposite of premature ejaculation, reaching climax was always difficult for me solo and in some cases almost impossible with a sexual partner. The first time I made a girl orgasm though was a revelation, I knew cumming could be fun but I never knew until that point you could reduce someone to a mumbling, dribbling wreck simply by making them cum over and over. When I learned how to push her over the edge that night I never wanted to stop, I became amazed how quickly I could bring her to orgasm and just how many times. I soon lost count when we got into double figures!! And what was more intriguing was that I could even make her cum against her will and she loved every moment of it, hours later when she finally recovered and gained the ability to speak coherently again. She told me how amazing it was and that she wanted to do it all again. And we did it all over again and again. Naturally things happened and went our seperate ways. But something had awoken in me, though the fires of other sexual desires I found my own lust. I adore exploring a new partners body, spending hours learning what arouses and teased them, where to touch to keep then on the edge of ecstasy for hours on end or that exact touch that would bring then to a shuddering crescendo the moment I wanted them to! I have been lucky enough to find a partner in crime is venture, who loves exploring a females body probably more than I do and is certainly happy pleasing she until her jaw aches :) This obsession also partly accounts for overly large and ever growing collection of toys. I have been understood guys who afraid if toys in the bedroom or who feel inadequate in their presence. I have wands because the way she moans and screams with delight is music to my ears, I have dildos because my fingers, hands and tongue get tired and yet sometimes you want her to feel slutty and full And I have a Fucking machine because it can be oh so sensual and sometimes it can pound her for hours and hours on end ripping orgasm after orgasm from her body - trust me guys if you can make a woman experience multiple orgasms over and over until she just about passes out from endorphin rush, you have a partner who will eat out of the palm of your hand!
So not only does this site crash constantly but now it losses messages and reports incorrect log in / log off times Come on CS I know things can t be easy but surely they can be better than this?
Wow that was a blast from the past :) albeit short lived!
I wish I could find a girl who goes down as often as this site :)
My Account of Last Night Waiting in the hallway, I ignored the knock at the front door, waiting till after the second knock, just long enough for doubt to grip her further. I opened it and ushered her inside, closing the door I was on her in an instant she took a wild swing at me not wanting to go down without a fight, her hand print on my face barely registering as my hand gripped her throat and constricted. She was late and I demand to know why? I didn't care but it served my purpose as I kicked her feet from under her, my hand around her throat still pinning her to the wall. A small taste of what was to come... Moments later we were in the living room enjoying tea with everyone else, I kept casting scornful looks, wanting the surreallity of it to sink in. I ignored her jibes, nothing more than the yelps of a helpless pup trying to make it's self look bigger as it's predator loomed. Her demanour turning to ice as I asked for a private word. In the study I had her alone, tonight I wasn't her friend or lover but her abuser, my actions reflecting this I had her alone, helpless and took full advantage. She tried to react and fight back as I came at her, feeble atempts that were quickly cut down as the first of my blows connected. My fist coiled in her hair which I used to drag her down. My boot connecting with her body, a barrage of kicks before I placed it upon her head pinning her to the floor. She offered no resistance only sobbing her tears mingling with blood as the private word I requested before proved to be nothing more than a tirade of verbal abuse. On my command she Kissed my feet before licking her blood from the floor that moments before I had split. The darkness washing over me now, I was angry was this the best fight she would offer? She was submitting too soon but not to me, to her own arousal. Dragging her upstairs I brought her into the bathroom holding her under the now cold and dirty water I had left from my earlier bath. She fought back but I was ready and egar for it once again over powering her and kicking and beating her back till she was subdued. Several times I held her under the filthy water, her clothes ripped from her body and cast to a corner of the room. I was going to cleanse the slut from this whore. Continuing to drown her she offered little resistance I ran my hand between her legs which she instantly soaked allowing me to smear her own filth all over her face. I assualted her pyshically and verbally further before tiring of this game. Throwing her a towel I gave her a minute to sort herself out. Returning I snatched the towel from her and roughly dried her myself commenting that she was too useless to even dry herself properly. I dragged her along by her hair once more but in a manner that forced her to walk on all fours. Once in the bedroom I pulled her onto her feet tormenting and goading her into retaliating. I was toying with her now, she offered little challenge as I knocked her down and my assault began a new. After placing her in cuffs locked behind her back. I secured and locked a collar around her neck complete with lesh. I wanted her to feel less than human. she barely had the energy to stand as I through her on the bed and fucked her roughly. I could see the fear and hate in her eyes she was battered bruised and broken and more turned on than ever before, desperate for the violation I was subjecting her too. I told her over and over how she was trash, offering to dispose of her and put in her true place amongst the trash outside. She spat at me and I squirmed inside having finally goading her and yet I was furious how dare she! Putting up an almighty struggle I marched her downstairs and out into the backgarden chaining her to wall before cooling my hot headed whore off with the garden hose! ...I have only just begun to explore the darkness with her...
As My other account EvilNoodle seems to have been sacrificed to the CM server gods I have copied everything to this account.