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Recently ended a 6 year engagement: Friends only currently. FAQ Yes I'm real. No, I'm not interested in being a live in slave Yes, I'm aware I've got pretty *inseert feature here* No, I'll not play games that are physically or mentally harmful. No, i won't move in the next 24 hours to be with you. I'm more interested in the person vs the penis. I'm not actively seeking a LTR though that's what I want at the end of the day. 24/7 isn't feasible for me with dr appointments, school, etc. Kink is the icing on a great general relationship cupcake. If you're down with relaxed slow no pressure you're welcome to message me .

6 Minths Post

6 months post break up.

Post world upside down

post everything.

The what if is strong for some reason 

If I'd come home early and just started packing, said i know you've been cheating, I'm done.

If I'd stopped fighting sooner.

If If If

All of them don't matter, it's done now.

I am sorry I put you to the side

I'm sorry your drinking got so bad
I'm sorry we lost us.
I'm sorry I wasn't enough.

These messages are desperately i don't even have words

What I'm looking for since I've gotten.a slew of messages


Right now: friends to talk with and learn new things from. I've no desire to be owned, collared, a live in slave or slut, bred or otherwise or to fullfill some fetish quota.


I'm hear to learn from others experiences with far more knowledge than mysrlf to help me figure out what I might enjoy in person with the RIGHT person


Not sure if this will pop up. Profile is under approval for uploaded pictures. I'll be back no worries